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Will the wig band hurt the hair?

Tuesday, 7 September 2021 10:35:38 Europe/London

Many people who want to wear a wig are always worried about whether wearing a wig will hurt their real hair. There are many kinds of wigs and they don’t know how to choose. Where can I buy real hair wigs, will it hurt my hair? ?

the wig will hurt your real hair depends on the material and individual differences of the wig. If the wig is made of microwires, it will easily react with the scalp and the hair may fall out; the real wig is pure human hair after treatment, so the hair will not fall off.

Wearing a wig generally does not cause allergies, but people with sensitive physique should not wear it. In addition, wigs can also affect the skin of the head. Patients with skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema may worsen their condition if they wear wigs. They should be worn after the skin disease is completely cured.

In addition, because of the hot summer weather, wearing a wig is not conducive to sweating. Therefore, when choosing a wig, the person who wears a wig should choose a wig with good quality and a ventilation net, which is not suitable for long-term wear.


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How to keep the wig moist?

Tuesday, 31 August 2021 05:03:22 Europe/London

No matter what type of wig you buy, you must consider proper maintenance methods. If you don't care properly, you will lose the clarity and the lesions will be very dry and tangled. How to maintain the best shape of the wig, and most importantly, how to try different looks? Well, today is your lucky day, because in this tutorial you will learn how to keep your wig moisturized.

Okay, so, first of all, we need to divide the hair into several parts. You can also divide it into two parts, whatever suits you.

Before we do anything, take some gel and put it in an empty container. Now add some water and mix it with a small brush. Continue for a few minutes and it should become like a flowing gel. This is the consistency we want.

Now pick up the spray bottle and start spraying your hair with it. Basically, we want to soak all fibers with water. Take a moment to run your fingers through the strands and make them wet while spraying.

After the hair on one side gets wet, take the paddle brush and brush away all the tangles. This should make the wig very smooth and silky. Don't worry, if you feel that the fiber is drying, you can use the water spray again. Keep them moist and brush off all tangles.

Next, take out the gel we made earlier in the container and start applying it to wet hair. You can use a small brush or your fingers to make sure you don't miss any parts and get any final single strands.

If you feel that your hair has started to dry, don't worry, you can use water spray in all steps. As I said before, this is not a hard and fast way to get a wet appearance. Feel free to improvise whatever you want. Just don't forget to let me know what suits you best.

Once one part of your hair looks like what you want, just repeat the same process on the other side.

Finally, you may want to use a brush to make the front part look natural. That's it, you have got the moist look you want. Now use the styling spray you use and set the hairstyle where you like.

Remember, this is not a permanent change to the wig. Once you style your hair with the spray, trust me it will not go anywhere. It can maintain a damp appearance for a long time. The most effective time for this method for me is about 5 to 6 hours. I know that this is a long time. You can use this method before you go out, so you don't have to worry about your wig all night.

After a few days it will look dry again, you can simply repeat the process again to get a damp look or wash off all the dirt and start making a new look. This is the fun of wigs, isn't it? Tell me in the comments what you think of this method, is it useful to you, do you like the final look? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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What is the proper tightness of the wig mouth

Monday, 23 August 2021 10:52:28 Europe/London

I wear exciting, short wigs, mushroom heads, because I have a lot of hair, and I have long hair. I want to fasten it when I buckle it tightly. I am afraid that the hair will fall out, but when I feel that I buckle it in the right place, My short wig always shrinks upwards, so that the top of my head is empty, and I keep pulling it down. I don’t know if I’m loose, maybe it’s fastened, and how tight is the wig’s mouth. Ah, won't you let the wig slip up?

1. Loose the adjustment buckle as much as possible. The adjustment buckle has something to do with the wearing stability, but it is mainly to adjust the comfort produced by the fit. The comfort of wearing the wig is very important, and it should be beautiful and comfortable;

2. The main determinant of the upward movement of the wig is the shape and way of folding your hair, especially long hair. The shape is not much to say, it is not difficult to imagine which shape is the most stable to wear; method: refers to the specific method of tucking long hair into the hairnet, it is recommended to try to divide the hair into three parts, braid them into small braids and wrap them around the head , Then fix it with a small hair clip, and then wear a hair net-hair cover;

3. Try a small hair clip on the easy sliding part to fix the wig to your own hair.

4. This one is definitely not the hoped answer. I have also written it from a professional point of view for reference: the hair cap of the wig cover has a size. For long hair, especially those with a lot of hair volume, if the hair cap size is small, there will often be problems encountered.


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What happens if I wear more real hair wigs?

Thursday, 12 August 2021 08:26:34 Europe/London

Bob Style Lace Front Synthetic Wavy Wig

Real hair wigs are not chemical fiber wigs! Real hair wigs are high-quality wigs that are hand-knitted one by one by professional workers on a special net base material. The human hair wigs brings together many advantages such as lightness, breathability, real effect, and obvious age reduction.

If you wear real human hair for a long time, it will have no nutrition, and the hair will be dry and split. Therefore, when buying a real human hair wig, you need to take care of your hair every time you wash your hair, and you must have professional hair care products that nourish your hair.

Choosing a professional hair replacement shop will give more professional washing and care methods, and also provide videos to facilitate learning, so that customers can take care of their hair when they go home. Of course, it is also relatively simple, no matter how good the real hair is, no matter how good the treatment , Hair basically has a life span of more than five years and cannot be as new as new, so it is basically 5 years or so to change to a new product.

The role of real hair wigs is to cover gray hair, increase hair volume for thinning hair, bid farewell to baldness and hair loss, real hair wigs can be solved by replacement. The only "disadvantage" should be that the price is expensive, but it is beautiful, young, and self-confidence is back. This is an intangible value. The image is really important. There is very little difference between having hair and no hair. 5- 10 years old, so the advantages greatly outweigh the "disadvantages".


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How to clean and care for cosplay wigs

Monday, 26 July 2021 10:26:38 Europe/London

In order to make the wig more in line with the requirements of the COS character, you can buy the wig back to trim yourself in order to make the wig more suitable for you. But how to take care of anime cosplay wigs has become a headache for many cosplayers. The following I will teach you how to take good care of cos wigs.

1. Wigs can be washed with cold or warm water, when washing with the general shampoo on OK can be combined with the general conditioner.

2. Wash clean wig try not to use the hair dryer, firmly can not use high temperature wind blow dry! Blowing can only be done with cold air! Use a dry towel to gently absorb the excess moisture on the wig and then put it in a ventilated place to avoid damage to the wig caused by direct sunlight.

3. Don't comb the wig immediately after washing, you should wait for the wig to dry before combing.

4. For cosmetic purposes, to create more style. You can spray gel water, wax or other styling agents used for real hair on your wig, but this will make it sticky, so you must wash it afterwards.

5. Use a comb for wigs, or an anti-static comb, not a plastic comb or a piece of comb to comb!

6. Curly hair basically do not use a comb, curly place every time with a good hand after finishing can be.

7. If the wig with a long time knotted bad comb do not pull, you should spray the wig special non-oil maintenance fluid and then slowly and carefully geographic open. No wig care solution pro, you can use clothing softener with water to use, the effect is also good.

8. The use of wig special non-oil care solution, can make the wig become soft and shiny and can prevent static electricity, so that the wig has been kept moist as just bought back!

9. Longer wig comb when the wig will be divided into long sections, from bottom to top comb, must be light, be patient.

10. Usually do not wear it in the original packaging, when you want to wear it, shake it will be restored.

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How to use round brushes

Tuesday, 13 July 2021 10:47:43 Europe/London

Round brushes come in different sizes and styles. The diameter of each brush affects the style. Smaller diameters are better for tighter curls and waves. Larger round brushes will produce looser curls and flips. For longer hair, you may need a larger brush. When choosing a round brush, be sure not to choose one with any epoxy resin ball tips. These seemingly harmless beads can cause significant damage to synthetic or human hair wigs.

If you are one of those people who picked up a round brush and hair dryer around the age of 12 and never looked back, then you may not understand the hair styling dilemma - the challenge. However, we can tell you from experience that not all women are born with the ability to wield a round brush like a pro.

For many of us, the struggle to control the household well is real. It involves tangled strands, aching arms, and - often - quite a bit of cursing. So, after spending years trying to figure out how to use a round brush, we decided to change all that. We've been watching the top hair experts at work, asking them for advice, and taking careful notes. Now we've finally figured out where we've gone wrong over the years. Read on to learn how to use a round brush like a pro.

1. Air dry first

If you hate using a round brush, chances are you've tried using it on soaking wet hair and it didn't work well. Blow-drying your hair before it's 80% to 90% dry has proven to be a waste of time and energy. If your hair is not dry most of the time before you start blow drying, it will take a long time to complete the style, which means your arms will be tired and there will be a lot of frustration.

2. Choose your round brush

Not all round brushes are created equal, and not all brushes guarantee the same results. The material and density of the bristles as well as the size of the brush are all factors that affect the final result. While vented metal round brushes help to enhance heat when styling, hog bristle brushes are typically stronger, denser and will create more tension when pulling hair, which will ultimately create more volume and lift. In terms of diameter, round brushes follow the same concept as your curling iron: the larger the diameter of the brush, the greater the curl. Unless you're a pro, don't mess with a brush that's too small or you'll risk getting your hair tangled in the bristles. Need some advice? Try one of the following or keep scrolling to see some of our favorites.

3. Change your angle

You know how your stylist is constantly moving while blow-drying your hair? Well, continuous movement is important. Sure, you know you can't just blow-dry your hair in one place and expect perfection, but you may not be changing the angle of your brush as often as you should. Try this technique for beginners: start with a round brush at the root and roll it down to the end, following the brush with the heat from the blow dryer. Once you've mastered this, change the way you angle the brush toward the ends of your hair. After lifting the roots, instead of always holding the blow dryer horizontally, flip the brush vertically. When you go to add a soft, natural wave, give it an extra wrist twist or twirl. One important thing to keep in mind: No matter how you move the brush, always keep the nozzle of the blow dryer parallel and angled downward so you can distribute the heat evenly through the hair without mussing the cuticle.  


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How to pull out a wig

Monday, 5 July 2021 10:45:38 Europe/London

Wigs can help us with many problems. You have thinning or balding hair, wear a wig. You want to change your hairstyle, you don't need a haircutting tool, get a wig, etc. When wearing a wig, we often don't want people to know. Therefore, they try to make the wig look natural. One of the most common ways to do this is to pluck the wig. Why plucking? Pre-pulling a wig gives you a natural looking hairline. There is a cut between your head and the wig (the small interval where the wig ends and the forehead begins) and plucking is necessary in order to get a smooth transition and lovely baby hair.

We often think that all we need to pluck a lace front wig is a lace wig and scissors. In reality, we also need a polystyrene foam wig holder, pins and tweezers to simplify the process.

Now, it is time to remove the wig.

First, try to keep the shape of your head as a guide. Pull and hold the hair back in front. Remember to tie the hair tightly around your head so that you can see where there is more density and where there is less.

Next, take a little mousse and start applying it around your hairline. The mousse will help the hair look a little sticky, which makes tweezing easier. 

Thirdly, make sure to dry your hair as drying makes it easier to see what the hairline looks like at this point. You can continue to move it little by little by dividing it into 3 or 4 sections as you pick. The first key when plucking is not to pluck the hair in the same area, so you should always move up and down. Always use the tweezers carefully and don't concentrate on any one area for too long as overuse can lead to bald spots. 

Finally, after you have finished creating your natural hairline, recreate some baby hair, which will look more natural than the wig comes with. This will make the hairline look very natural and your wig will be ready to wear. 

When you don't have a mannequin: for some people this may be difficult, but it is not. If you do not have a mannequin available, remove the wig directly onto your head. This is done by holding on to your laces so you don't over-pull. For some people this is a preferred method because with the wig on your head you know exactly where you want your hairline to be. 


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Learn this, do not worry about wig comb can not be!

Monday, 28 June 2021 07:11:27 Europe/London

The knot is a common problem, you can first spray on the wig care solution, and then try to slowly comb, to use a steel comb, from the bottom of the comb, a little upward, if it is very difficult to sort out the dead knot, you need to cut it directly, to avoid rolling bigger and bigger, of course, this still requires patience, if it is curly hair, generally with the hand can be tidied.
Also in general use it needs to be noted that.

Impressive Wavy Long Capless Synthetic Wig

1. Try not to approach high temperature, because the relationship between the material wig is not resistant to high temperature

2. Wigs can not be dyed, if you need to trim can ask a professional stylist to trim the finishing hair

3. Wig is generally 1-2 months or so wash 1 time can be based on the frequency of MM wear

4. Cold water or warm water cleaning, wash with the general shampoo on OK with the general conditioner

5. Wash the wig as clean as possible do not use hair dryers and other high-temperature wind blowing dry, the application of dry towels to gently absorb excess moisture on the wig and then put to the ventilation to avoid damage to the wig caused by direct sunlight

6. Do not comb the wig immediately after washing should wait for the wig to dry before combing

7. The use of wigs special comb (shop price varies) can not use plastic comb comb oh!

8. Curly hair basically do not use a comb, the volume of the place each time with a good hand after finishing it can be

9. If the wig with a long time knotted bad comb do not pull, should be sprayed with a wig special non-oil maintenance fluid and then slowly and carefully geographic open.

10. Pay attention not to spray the wig on the water, hair wax and other styling agents used in real hair so that the wig will become sticky

11. The use of wigs special non-oil maintenance solution (use method is also very simple: take before gently spray a few times on the wig can be) can make the wig become soft and shiny and can prevent static electricity, so that the wig has been kept moist state just like when you buy back!

12. Wigs can be tied up, just can not be tied up too high or their real hair below will run out oh!

13. The longer wig comb time to wig divided into long sections, from the bottom to the top comb, must be light, to have patience

14. In the finishing process of wearing a small amount of hair loss is a normal phenomenon


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Why Choose Colored Wigs

Monday, 21 June 2021 10:31:01 Europe/London

Classic Lace Front Wavy Synthetic Wig

It's the start of a new season, and there's no better way to enter summer than with beautiful new hair. Whether you want a new wig hairstyle for 2021 or you want to keep up with the latest trends, we've got you covered with our favorite natural wigs and hairstyles for 2021, as well as the most gorgeous hair colors for 2021.

You can never go wrong with a stylish colored wig. A colored human hair wig will make you look and feel chic every day. Based on some of the best styles, many inspired by celebrities, lace front wigs allow you to look and feel stylish at an affordable price.

First time wig wearers should stick with wig colors and styles that are close to their current style and color. This will help them get used to a slightly different look and make the transition between styles more comfortable. For a natural look, choose a wig that is the same shade as your natural hair, or one shade in. This means the wig is more likely to suit your warm or cool color. If in doubt, go slightly lighter, as darker colors can overwhelm the face. Use a color chart or color ring to match the wig to your natural color. Before you buy, do some research on the different materials used to make wigs as well as wig caps, heads and bases to find the best wig for you.

If you live in a sunny environment and plan to purchase new wigs more frequently, choose a human hair wig that can be re-colored or a lighter colored wig that won't fade quickly. Still not sure which wig color to buy? No problem! Remember, you're not permanently dying your hair, you're just buying a wig! You can always buy a new one (or recolor it if it's a human hair wig). If you need some extra help choosing the right color for you, please send us an email. Remember, it can be fun to try different wig colors. A new color is a chance to become a new you!

If you are buying a natural hair wig online, or if you want to keep the texture of your hair but change the color, length or thickness, choose yneed New Arrival Color Wigs, which comes in a variety of colors to choose from. Such as honey blonde wig, 613 blonde wig, highlight wig, burgundy wig, gradient wig, and others you want. Wigs made of 100% Remy hair (i.e. original human hair, top quality), no shedding, no tangles, can be re-styled, dyed, permed, durable, reusable, long lasting, good hair care. No chemical treatment, no harm to health, 100% soft human hair, so you can wear it in many special occasions. Makes you more beautiful and charming. For more cutting edge beauty articles to help you look and feel your best, please visit our blog.


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What types of big wavy curly hair are there?

Wednesday, 16 June 2021 08:55:33 Europe/London

Big wavy curly hair has loose casual type, both sides of the big wave plus Qi fringes, irregular big wave, bangs natural big wave and so on, as long as the overall hair perm into big wave can be considered this kind of hair, just fringes and details of processing will be a little different. With different bangs, hair colour will make big waves of curly hair effect a big change, and temperament will also have a large difference.

1.Scattered casual type

Stunning Long Synthetic Lace Front Wavy Wig

This hairstyle will give people a kind of loose and casual feeling, but in fact it is very temperament and rhyme, through the hair bundle to do the fluffy, so that the line of sight can enlarge the face, so the face will look very small, and then the hair from the inside to the outside of the Tang early layers Tang early fluffy feeling, it is very natural and feminine.

2.Big waves on both sides

Elegant Human Hair Wavy Lace Front Wig

It does not have too much modification, is simply both sides of the hair perm into big waves, but will make people look very noble and temperament, adding a flattering and type steel, but also look very elegant, but must let the hair is more shiny, while the hair to have elasticity, create some air sense to let the top of the head of hair volume increased, it seems more full.

3.Irregular big waves

Charming Long Wavy Synthetic Wig For Women

It will be from the hair 2/3 of the position to start rolling, and then made not too regular big waves, bangs on both sides can be a little outward, it is very small woman taste, curvature just right after and very elegant, and there are some gangster effect, with a suitable bangs after, it will be very casual and refreshing, if it is the middle part is very goddess.

4.Natural micro waves with bangs

Wonderful Lace Front Long Wavy Human Hair Wig

This hairstyle has a very unique rhyme, you can have medium bangs or oblique fringes, the former is very fresh, the latter is very charming, with a good match after the face is small very small, plus the natural big waves lining the skin, very aesthetic feeling. It will also make people idle sweet and know how to look romantic as well.

Share the most fashionable hair styles with you all the time


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How to remove wig tape

Monday, 7 June 2021 10:52:50 Europe/London

With regards to wig tape, you should know how to remove it. At ewigsfr, we always recommend that you remove your wig at the end of the day to keep it in place for as long as possible. Wearing a wig for a long time is completely different to opening and closing it at the beginning and end of the day, so make sure you get some advice if you plan to wear your wig for a long time.

The easiest way to remove wig tape is to use a solvent or alcohol-based adhesive remover. Using a cotton ball soaked in solvent or alcohol, gently wipe along the hairline where the tape is located to release the adhesion. Slowly lift the wig until the tape loosens easily. Don't force it - if it still sticks, continue to use the adhesive remover until it loosens.

Once the wig has been removed, you can use the adhesive remover to remove any remaining sticky substance from the skin. A microfibre towel will help to remove any residue from the inside of the wig. We recommend showering and moisturising after this so that there is no adhesive remover left on your skin or hair.

For even more cleanliness, follow our guide to washing a human or synthetic wig!


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Would you buy a headband wig or a regular lace wig?

Monday, 31 May 2021 08:06:29 Europe/London

Human hair wigs are essential for your everyday life, here are some differences between headband wigs and regular lace wigs.

1. Fitting

Headbands are easy to put on, simply put it on your head to secure the headband behind your ears and use it. No glue, no ties and easy to adjust, just use velcro. Regular lace wigs require glue, cutting off the lace edges, some different steps to put on the head, and to adjust it, you need to take it off and brush the hairline again, then adjust it with glue. A regular lace wig is considered more complicated than a headband wig. Headband wigs are friendly to wig beginners.

2. Hairline

Headband wigs allow you to reveal your hairline and you can only use your hairline if you wear a headband wig. Regular wigs come with a choice of three hairlines, pre-pulled, natural and widow's peak, so you can choose your preferred hairline without having to deal with your hairline. Regular wigs give you more hairline options. Headband wigs allow your scalp to breathe and give your hairline a more natural look.

3. Price

Headband wigs are priced friendly for those with limited funds. Both headband wigs and regular wigs are 100% human hair, but headband wigs are more competitively priced, so you can choose the one you like. Regular wigs are more expensive than headband wigs. Affordable headband wigs for every girl.

Whichever wig you choose, we are always on hand to meet any of your needs, looks or hair ideas. If you want fuller, longer hair or just want to change your look, we have it for you. Happy shopping!

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Signs you need to change your shampoo

Monday, 17 May 2021 10:22:59 Europe/London

Nice Blonde Monofilament Straight Long Wig Without Bangs

Today, most quality shampoos are designed for specific hair types. There may be a variety of reasons why the texture or nature of your hair may change. For example, your hair may behave differently in different seasons or at different ages. You may need to reconsider your choice of shampoo if you notice some of the following signs.

Your hair has become curlier than before, or has become more tangled or difficult to control. This may indicate that your hair is not getting enough moisture, or that the shampoo is stripping your hair of its natural oils.

Your hair lacks the volume or shine it needs. If your hair is dull and shapeless even after regular washing and conditioning, your shampoo may not be working properly. Depending on the needs of your hair, you should switch to a volumising or strengthening formula.

The texture of your hair can change in unwanted ways, as if it becomes greasier or drier than it was. While you can blame the changes in your hair on changing environmental or weather conditions, you still need to adapt your shampoo to your hourly needs.

Dandruff does not go away or become more aggressive. This may be a sign that the fungus that causes dandruff in your hair is becoming resistant to the anti-fungal agent in your shampoo. You should ask your doctor about alternative anti-dandruff shampoo options

Yneed has quality and very cheap wigs. Whether stylish cosplay wigs or natural lace front wigs, you will find all kinds of styles, colors and lengths.


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Why is it important to focus on blonde wigs?

Wednesday, 12 May 2021 08:35:00 Europe/London

Blonde wigs can help hair wearers to get a whole new look. Different women think they look younger and richer with blonde hair. Being distinctive and dull or completely hidden, blondes are light. This means that blonde hair should be able to withstand the ill effects of various fades and fading associations. The once-in-a-lifetime cycle of primary hair loss is useful because it is the most important aspect of human hair that Mary has enhanced. However, this does not mean that hair usually remains abnormal after being hidden. As long as it is regular, this is usually unusual.

Our hair is sensitive to certain areas (such as water, sunlight or impurities) that are reliably ready to thicken our plates. If there is a blonde wig in there, things will get even scarier. In addition, styling and styling will keep your locks dry and unaffected by light hair. Try not to leave out the subsequent sections; we have some clues that blonde wigs go out in a blaze of glory as core time passes.

1: Conditioning and deep conditioning

We're a bit like a real wig care programme, especially those deep treatments. It fills your hair with sadness and keeps it out of the strands and provides another sense of shine. Considering the fact that your conditioner may be the key conditioner lasting 7 days could be a key part of this connection - so stress that you haven't skipped a beat since then.

2: Keeping your wig hydrated

As you know, removing dust or covering up faint shadows from our tendrils is an exceptionally serious cycle. As the skin of the nail polish is held in it, this steals the spread of the various oils and grows hair in it. The wig shows that the hair is arranged by the supplier. Concentrates and oils cannot be maintained at this point. To help restore dry, curly hair, we recommend using a powerful, strong cosmetic with its excellent compliments to prevent breakage.

3: Protect your wig from heat

Yes! Retreating from the manual blower, especially during the dryer, by lining up the low heat style upper is fundamental. Adding ridiculously warm styles to your hair at the height of your make-up can actually hurt your shine and keep it in harmony. This is a reliable option to keep hair out of heat styling for a short period of time, to become reliable for a short period of time, or to style wigs during the plate-making process. If you are cursed by the use of a heat setting system (in a way that is equivalent to the individual); insist that you simply have a great deal of protection on file before the style is designed. Do not back out of any deep processing!

4: Dry shampoo

During extensions, a dry shampoo is recommended due to the use of hair extensions and wigs. As the later years approach, hair dryer shampoos still show great interest in all hair types and designs. Some drowsy couples therefore highlight lighter tones for them (acceptable for blondes). Make sure you have the opportunity to fit in the all-important dry hair shampoo.

The yneed shop's advice on blonde wigs is useful. Any questions you have about blonde wigs can be shared with us in the comments below.


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Why do celebrities wear lace front wigs?

Thursday, 6 May 2021 10:55:45 Europe/London

Celebrities and other social media personalities undoubtedly have a wide variety of appearances and hundreds of makeovers, as their Instagram and other social accounts that share pictures show. They have given rise to the popularity of lace wigs, particularly lace front wigs, as their instant makeover. Why this wig is your favourite celebrity choice.

1. It is a lightweight wig that feels comfortable

Beauty should not feel uncomfortable. I have heard and read many negative comments online and online where some people feel "embarrassed" when wearing a wig. I can only say two things: either they have the wrong size hat or they have chosen a wig type that does not meet their fashion and comfort needs.

This wig is made from a lace mesh front with some stretchy material to provide a comfortable cap that usually makes the head feel lighter. Comfort is one of the most important considerations given to you when choosing the right wig. Take this wig out with your social circle for regular outdoor activities without feeling constricted!

2. Instantly change the look without having to make real changes

Let's be honest: no matter how much you grow out of your boredom with your real hair, you still don't want to make any harmful changes to it. You just know you have that sound on your head that tells you not to put your hair through salon fever.

3. Your new hairstyle looks more natural

A unique feature of the lace front wig is its invisible hairline feature that makes it stand out from other types of wigs. The lace mesh it has is attached to the front of the hair that touches the forehead, which is what gives the wig its realistic look. What's better, you ask? It provides the natural look that celebrities love because people do mistake them for having a real hot hair makeover!

It is healthier and better if you can still have your real hair out in public still. These days, no matter how dated your hair looks, it will always be your natural and unique style. With a wig, all you need to do is secure your hair (as long as it looks both flat and smooth from the top) and you can wrap it in a lace wig of your choice.

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Buy wigs online: what kind of wigs are good

Wednesday, 28 April 2021 09:48:21 Europe/London

Technology is evolving, and wigs are now an outdated concept, the use of real hair to give customers a customized weave technology, is the best alternative to wigs, YNEED wig online take us to see why weaving technology is the "best wig".

1. What are the disadvantages of traditional wigs

If you have used traditional wig products, must be impressed by its stuffy, easy to slide shortcomings, wear than imagined uncomfortable. Traditional wigs have three major drawbacks: first of all, the comfort is very poor, especially poor quality wigs, completely breathable, easy to cause dermatitis, wear it feels like a steam sauna, summer is a nightmare; secondly, traditional wigs easy to slip off, not moving when okay, as long as the vigorous movement can feel the risk of wigs falling off, the wind is a little more to cover your head with your hands; third, easy to be seen, even the best wigs The best wigs are not necessarily suitable for everyone's actual situation, close up is still easy to see, especially men with hair loss, use this product is absolutely do not want someone to be able to see, out of fear, very affect the state of people.

2. Weave - a new technology to completely replace wigs

The shortcomings of traditional wigs make many people who like wigs very disappointed, in the latest technological developments, advanced hair weaving technology can be the perfect solution to these problems. Weave technology, using real hair as the hair, using a pure hand weaving process precision weave in the bionic scalp net, and then the bionic scalp net with a special articulation fixed in the human scalp, after the hair weaver trimming and care, from the appearance of the wig is completely invisible traces, close up also not the slightest flaw. Weave technology is not only the perfect solution for men's hair loss and thinning hair, but also for women's need to change their hairstyle with equal ease, and it is more realistic, comfortable and firm than wigs, so you don't have to worry extra about it no matter what the occasion.

3. In summary, the best wigs are, in fact, advanced hair weaving technology. Although it is not your own hair, with real hair and advanced technology, you can achieve a realistic look and feel as indistinguishable from your own grown hair. For those who have been looking for a premium wig, weaving technology is exactly what you need.


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What are the rules for swimming with wigs

Monday, 19 April 2021 09:29:24 Europe/London

Life doesn't have to change after you start wearing a wig, you can do everything before you start wearing a wig. Yes, even swimming. You can wear your wig in swimming pools, lakes and beaches. Follow our wig swimming rules and you can go from being a warning babe on the beach to wearing the confidence of a pool dancer's wig. Should I wear a wig for swimming? Will it damage my wig? What if it falls out? These are real concerns that can revolutionise a relaxing day in the sun in just a few seconds, leaving you feeling insecure and self-conscious.

Cheaper is better

At this time of year, the best may not be the best. As we mentioned before, overexposure to chlorine and salt can damage synthetic and human hair. One way to address the damage is to provide the wearable with the care it needs. This involves thoroughly cleaning and conditioning your wig or toupee to eliminate all harmful substances and replenish the moisture lost in the process. Having said that, we still strongly recommend the use of artificial hair on human hair for two reasons. One, artificial hairs are lighter and hold their shape better when wet. Secondly, they are much cheaper.

Beware of chlorine and salt

Both chlorine and sea salt can dry out wigs, curl hair fibres and damage wig caps. That's it...

Chlorine:When was the last time you went swimming in a pool and it made your skin look better? We guess the answer is never. That's because chlorine is a harmful chemical that can damage your skin and hair, including synthetic hair.

Salt water: It will make your wig look as good as new. It helps your wig retain its fresh shine and keeps your wig cap soft. Salt, on the other hand, draws the moisture out of the object. If your wig spends too much time in salt water, the hair will lose moisture and start to become brittle and the cap will weaken.

Stock up on waterproof wig glue or tape

Standard wig glues, tapes, wig liners and straps cannot withstand large amounts of water. If you go swimming with your usual wig glue, don't be surprised if things start to change. Make sure you buy waterproof wig glue or tape so you can enjoy the surf without having to worry about looking good. Remember to make sure you allow the adhesive to dry completely before entering the water. If you're still in doubt about the effectiveness of the adhesive, try wearing a swim cap to save yourself some worry. Depending on the type of water activity you are doing, accessories such as hats, bandanas can also serve the purpose. Please take care when removing your cap or any other hair care product so as not to pull on your wig.  


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How do you know someone is wearing a wig?

Tuesday, 13 April 2021 09:34:51 Europe/London

As the wig manufacturing industry continues to evolve through innovative hat designs, the use of lighter fabrics and better hair positions, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine whether someone wears a wig. For me, I can always see how perfect the hair on my head looks.

During my cosmetology school, I took a separate course on how to receive hair extensions, styling and modify hair extensions, including hair extensions, fusion (hot and cold), and weft binding. I also learned a lot about creating custom wig caps. Therefore, people who encounter hair loss problems can wear wig caps and add hair extensions to them to get a perfect seamless look. As a result, I may be better than others. It is much better to tell if someone is wearing a wig.

Normally, unless the wig or hair extension is super obvious to me, I don’t pay much attention to it. However, if the color of the hair looks too perfect, the lines of the hair and how the ends fall off, I might decide that the person wears a wig.

To be honest, I like all the additional hair from wigs to every type of hair extension. I never judge anyone who wears additional hair. In fact, I found that fashion is forward and trendy. There are many ways to judge, but unless you work in the hairdressing industry or work in the hairdressing profession, it may be difficult for ordinary people to judge whether someone is wearing a wig.

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Color your wig with the latest popular colors in 2021

Tuesday, 6 April 2021 09:39:52 Europe/London

A new season brings new trends and new ways of dyeing and highlighting your hair. If you want to change the color, you are not the only one. With the rise of family hairstyles this year, there is no more time to reinvent yourself than now. If you are still not satisfied with going to the salon, don't worry, you can easily reproduce many of these appearances by dyeing your hair at home. (If you are a novice, please rest assured, we provide you with our favorite home hair dyeing techniques). So we ask top hair dyers to understand the requirements of our customers and the shades they think will continue to be popular in 2021.

Now, you can use the lace front wig to get a new hairstyle, because with the widespread use of clothes and shoes, the hair dressing has also been greatly developed. Growing trends include curls, straightening, stripes, highlights, blondes, gradients, and more such fashions that can make your personality elegant and stand out in other occasions.

Many women prefer to choose blonde wigs with different styles and colors. If you spend more time outdoors, these wigs are also best for protecting natural hair strands from direct sunlight. Some people like to use wigs because they can help them change their appearance without damaging their hair.

You can get the best quality lace front wigs that look like natural hair, and daily wigs are the best manufacturer of wigs of different materials and styles. Now, changing the look with some amazing hairstyles is no longer a problem, just wear a lace front wig to get an amazing look.


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Disadvantages and advantages of long wigs

Thursday, 1 April 2021 03:44:49 Europe/London

In order to look your best, you wear a wig. Wearing a wig may be necessary, but changing the appearance for a period of time or just one night may also be a matter of choice. Today we will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of long wigs.

Fashion Lace Front Wavy Remy Human Hair Wig


Long wigs are easier to maintain. Unless you have long silky perfect hair when you wake up, you will like it because you don't need to color or style it. Yes, you have to comb and sometimes wash, but compared to long hair, you have less work. Long wigs do not have these common hair problems: dryness or split ends, lack of bulk, oily roots, etc. With long hair wigs, you can have all the qualities of having beautiful long hair without maintenance.


Although there is no irritation or discomfort, the wig can still keep the head warm, especially when the hair is long, making it uncomfortable in the summer. In addition, it is impractical to hang long wigs in crowded places, such as carnivals, days spent in the pool, performances and other occasions.


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Tips for brushing a messy wig

Wednesday, 24 March 2021 08:29:02 Europe/London

Here are some practical tips on how to brush your wig without damaging it.

-After washing your wig, deep condition it. A conditioning mask must be used once or twice a week.

-Using a wide-tooth comb is better than brushing the wig as this will help prevent further damage

-comb your wig twice or three times a day, especially before going to bed

-When handling your wig, do not use products containing alcohol as this will dry out the wig's hairpieces and make them more prone to tangling.

-Sometimes braid your wig rather than leaving it loose or in a high ponytail.

Spending time and money on wig maintenance is never a waste. In addition, learning how to comb your wig is one of the best ways to treat it properly and can also help you save money. So, hopefully after this article, you will know the best way to comb your wig.

And, if you want to reduce the chances of tangles, we recommend using a human hair wig as it is made from 100% human hair, which in most cases is your natural biological hair.If you are confused about choosing a reliable place to buy your original human hair wig, please visit the yneed website.  On our website you can find the best quality wigs that are made from a combination of 100% and Vietnamese human hair for a long lasting natural look. In addition, our 24/7 service team will provide you with professional help. So, if you need help, please feel free to drop us a line.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to find more like it, please follow our blog!

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How to reduce the bangs of a wig

Friday, 19 March 2021 09:47:36 Europe/London

There may be many reasons why you might want to use scissors to cut the bangs of your wig. They may have sneaked into your eyes too many times. Maybe you have seen a great new style and suddenly coveted the fringe edge. The wig may be shortened a bit and stand directly on your head from the box. Or you just need to change, and you need to change now. Regardless of the reason, the steps of cutting bangs into wigs or adjusting existing bangs are easy to perform, and you will soon have an updated look!

Simple tools and simple preparation will prepare you for success.

Collection tools: a pair of sharp scissors, a full-length or appropriate-sized mirror, several clips and a wig comb.
Fix the wig on the head as usual, taking care to make sure that the wig is straight and aligned correctly from side to side, directly on the hairline.

Separate the required parts of the bangs. Depending on the look you are after (you may need thick bangs or fine bangs), please start with the smallest angle and then return.

Clip the bangs together briefly to collect all the remaining hair into a ponytail or clip so that it will not be in the cutting area.

Here comes the fun! Remember to walk slowly-an inch or ¼ inch is a good starting point, because there is no feeling of looking back! If you want to cut bangs from a full-length hair cutting, first remove most of the length you need to make it easy to manage, and then proceed with care.

Loosen the bangs and carefully check the alignment of the wig to ensure that it has not shifted during the trimming and collection stages.

Comb the bangs to make them smooth and free of tangles.

Gently pull the entire beating part apart, tighten the distance between the index finger and the middle finger of the non-dominant hand, and pull it away from the forehead. Remember that when you do not hold your hair, the hair will bounce back and appear shorter.

Use scissors to carefully cut the edges of the bangs at a 45 degree angle. This will ensure that the bangs are flat and minimize easy-to-identify errors in flat cuts.

Continue to cut with small scissors until the entire explosion area is cut off.

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How to maintain natural curly hair

Friday, 12 March 2021 08:58:55 Europe/London

Fashion Lace Front Curly Synthetic Wig

Unlike straight hair, curly hair tends to lack moisture and dry easily, making it difficult to care for. Hair follicles affect the amount of curls in the hair. People with curly hair tend to have more ovoid or asymmetric follicles. Of course, this is determined by your genetics. If you want to add more elasticity and shine to your natural curly hair, we will break it down into tips and tricks needed to keep your hair healthy. For curly hair, you will always want to focus on products that help increase moisture in your hair and avoid any hair products that dry out or make your hair too heavy.

1. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

Look for shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for curly hair. Although you may not want to wash your hair every day, when you wash your hair, use a mild shampoo that contains mild cleansers and added conditioners. If your hair is oily or dirty, you should still use a stronger clarifying shampoo every 1 or 2 weeks. Be sure to use conditioner after shampoo to help lock in moisture.

2. Hot or cold water?

Hot water tends to strip the moisture from the hair and dry the hair. Washing your hair with cold water and avoiding hot water will help you maintain moisture and strength. Rinsing your hair with cold water will also help seal the epidermis of the hair.

3. Choose the right brush or comb

Curly hair is usually dry and fragile, and breaks easily when combed or combed. Try brushing or combing curly hair in the shower to avoid damage. Start the knot with the wide tooth comb. You can also comb while the conditioner is still in your hair to make combing easier and make sure that the conditioner covers all strands.
When choosing a hairbrush, invest in high-quality brushes with natural bristles instead of plastic. Wild boar bristle brushes can help spread natural oils from the scalp to the ends of the hair. Another option is to not use brushes or combs at all. If curly hair is particularly bouncy, try using a leave-in conditioner and then tilt your fingertips on wet hair.

4. Heat setting curly hair

Most hair stylists will advise you to let your curls air dry, because using a hair dryer will loosen your hair and damage it. If you want to use a hair dryer or straighten it with a straightener every once in a while, it is important to use some kind of thermal insulation spray or treatment before use. Look for sprays containing silicone or keratin to seal the stratum corneum and make it more resistant to heat damage.

When drying, researchers recommend that you keep the hair dryer 6 inches from a trusted source from the surface of your hair. You can add a diffuser attachment to the hair dryer to help limit the heat directly applied to the hair.


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3 ways to care for your hair extensions in spring

Tuesday, 9 March 2021 08:41:25 Europe/London

Here's the thing about dry skin and even drier hair, you have to look after your own extensions, but don't get me wrong, spring is a beautiful time to put away the jumpers and put on bright colours again, sandals and even shorts too however, the change of season can have such an impact on your skin and new born hair that it can be hard to look after your extensions. Especially after you have got used to the winter regimen to keep your hair looking good. So here are some tips to help you make the transition this spring after a long, cold winter.

Change your shampoo, Yes, any shampoo and conditioner you start using in winter to protect your locks will definitely be too heavy for the dry and strange weather of spring. Remember to let it's time for your hair to emanate from its winter shell and get the soft sunshine. Make sure your shampoo and conditioner are light but full of moisture.

I can't say that.... Spring may be beautiful, but it's also dry! It's important to keep your hair hydrated, in fact I follow a moisturising regimen in the morning and evening. Be sure to use a moisturiser that is not too heavy, especially if you use it twice a day. It is vital that you don't over-wash your hair in spring ...... ( that washing your hair strips it of its natural oils and washing your hair in already dry conditions can often have serious consequences. Therefore, rather than washing together, it is better to wash too much. This will keep your hair clean, but always protected and never shedding. Simply skip the shampoo and then go straight to co-washing to condition your hair as usual. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

I know we're all excited about spring outfits, pool parties and sun dresses, but one thing that must be kept in mind is that changes in the weather can affect your hair extensions. Summer is on its turn and winter is here. We may have autumn seasons all year round, so let's reset our mindset for this season and start a new hair care regimen today. In spring, don't use your winter hair habits to care for your hair. Virgin hair can be expensive and after making such an important investment, you want to make sure you protect them every season.

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The best way to look after your blonde hair

Thursday, 4 March 2021 08:57:09 Europe/London

Whether you are going for a platinum, polished or blonde colour, it is important to note that there are a number of things you should do in order to maintain vibrant Russian blonde hair. Most experts give the impression that one of the golden rules for looking after blonde hair is to build it up to a lighter shade over time to eliminate any form of damage. Having reached this plateau, i.e. having achieved the desired lightness of hair, you should use the appropriate products as well as these application techniques in an effort to keep the hair bright, light and beautifully shaped. Take care of your blonde hair by paying attention to the following points.

1. Choose the desired conditioner and shampoo

We recommend that you buy a shampoo designed to care for and protect blonde hair. To avoid any form of brassiness in blonde or white hair, you should use a product that uses purple at least once or twice a week.
You should use shampoos and conditioners that are designed to help cool unwanted warmth while softening the strands and then adding shine to colour-treated natural and blonde hair.

2. Make sure you keep your blonde hair hydrated

If you don't have naturally blonde hair, it means your hair is damaged and thirsty at the same time. Provide your hair with nourishment on a daily basis. Make sure you apply a facial that leaves a sealable finish and repair the scales with a moisturising mixture.

3.Keep hair protected from heat

Most colour treated blonde hair is treated with hot tools or other heat treatments. Avoid using heat tools on your hair to avoid damaging it.

4. Try to protect your hair from the sun

The best immediate protection from the sun is a scarf and hat, but if your hair will be exposed to direct sunlight, use a product with a UV filter.

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Why people like to wear lace front wigs

Tuesday, 23 February 2021 04:01:56 Europe/London

Lace front human hair wig is a kind of wig, designed to create a replica of human beings growing naturally along the hairline. Lace front wigs are made from high-quality Chinese, Indian or even Virgin Remy human hair (no matter which one you choose), these hairs are tied to the fragile lace bottom.

After understanding what a lace front wig is, the question of why people like to wear a lace front wig is here!

Front lace provides the wearer with the versatility needed. It has different styles, colors, and can be set in different styles in different ways, which increases why people regard it as natural hair because it gives you a natural look.

The hairline of frontal lace looks like natural hair and is mainly used for black women. The lace front wig is carefully designed to blend with the wearer's skin tone, making natural hair along the hairline look similar.

The lace frontal is very durable and very durable, thanks to the material (lace) used for its production. Among various wigs, the front wig is the best in terms of air permeability.Lace frontal lobes are difficult to spot because they blend well and adhere properly when trimmed. When putting on a lace front wig, you don’t need to worry about being caught.

The benefits of lace frontal lobe are not limited to your appearance, but can also be used as a preventive measure for natural hair. They help protect your hair from natural irritating factors in the environment, and also protect your hair from our hair treatments to achieve the desired appearance (dyeing, heating, blowing, etc.).

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Why add a wig to the hair

Friday, 19 February 2021 09:34:49 Europe/London

A few months ago, I was talking about wigs with a friend of mine. She told me that she really likes having such hair accessories in her hair library. After talking, I decided to give it a try. Of course, I was a little worried about wearing it for the first time, but I decided to try it out at the local park on weekends and then test it properly at work on Monday. Fortunately, I am praising and questioning where the girls in the office can buy the Bob-style wigs I wear. I am lucky to have a friend guide me to the best place to buy a wig, and these are some of the reasons why I suggest you add a wig to your hair.

Special event

Personally, I don’t want to change my style every day, because I don’t want everyone to know that I use a wig. That being said, I'm just trying on a new wig for a special event. Think about it, you will buy new clothes, new shoes and new jewelry for special events, so why not buy a new wig and match your hairstyle to match your clothes?


For me, the biggest thing when buying my first wig is to have confidence in my hairstyle again. As a black woman, I do have thick hair, sometimes even neat hair, but there are some small baldness, which often makes me feel very conscious. Thankfully, my friend recommended a website that sells real African American hair, which actually means that after application, it’s only slightly different from my usual hairstyle, which means I get The appearance you want without much shock. change.


Another advantage of wearing a wig is that it does not need to pay attention to your hair every day, which can save a lot of time. I don’t recommend that you buy a wig only under this premise, but doing so will give you an extra few minutes a day to focus on getting to work on time, rather than ensuring that your hair looks beautiful.

Fresh Ideas

My obsession with wigs is beginning to manifest a little more and I am now trying out new styles. The YNEED website has a huge range of different wigs for you to try from bob style to lace front wigs, celebrity wigs to wigs that you part yourself, whatever you are looking for, you can find it here. Buying these beautiful wigs means that you can switch your style in a heartbeat, feel great and look great.

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Are you doing your wig care right?

Wednesday, 3 February 2021 03:28:58 Europe/London

Do you have a wig? Perhaps you could read this article. Wig beginners are often faced with the tricky question of how to make a wig look as natural as possible and how to avoid the basic mistakes that spoil others' experiences, especially given the price tag. Based on the answers of experienced wig wearers, today we bring you the biggest mistakes to avoid when starting your wig journey.

1. Cutting off too much lace

Cutting your lace wig before cheap is simple, but there are tools that are important. Tools such as clips, wig heads and tape measures are probably your best bet. It is important not to fix cut too much lace, so you need to pay special attention to this detail. When you need to do this, cut the lace carefully and make sure you don't cut the lace with a single knot at the hairline. 

2. Over-pulling the wig

Wig beginners will end up over-pulling their wigs and will eventually tear the lace. When you pluck unevenly, it means that some parts of the deep wavy hair look as if they have holes in them. To avoid this mistake, we recommend that you order a pre-pulled hairline lace instead of pulling it yourself.

3. Not performing the base

It is very important to know some basics when starting your wig journey. Glues, elastic bands and combs are part of the basics to achieve a good experience. Some lace wigs for human hair will require you to use a certain amount of glue, while for the clumsy, you will need to use an available comb to hold it in place. And, don't forget to use the strap used to adjust the size of the cap and flatten your hair. 

4. Let your hair underneath fluff up

It is vital to take care of your natural hair and ensure that it is coordinated with your wig. If it is not sufficiently smoothed out, you can see it even under the wig and it may even look as if there are bumps on the top of your head. Having said that, you need to get used to this habit and consider how your own hair will affect the wig you use.

5. Choosing the wrong size

Choosing the right size is very important and you should be extra careful in this regard. Choosing a smaller size than you need will leave marks on your head and can cause headaches. On the other hand, choosing a larger wig than you need may feel too uncomfortable, even sliding backwards like a 30 inch full lace wig 613 , which means there is a risk of showing your socks.

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How to respond "Are you wearing a wig?"

Friday, 29 January 2021 09:28:35 Europe/London


Wearing a wig is a personal journey, which varies from person to person. Although some people are very confident in wigs, some are just starting out and are not ready to talk about their wigs publicly. Some people may look at your wig and ask directly if you are wearing a wig. Whether they are rude or out of curiosity, if you happen to encounter this situation, please don't panic and consider the following answers.

1. Ask them why?

At least this is not a rude answer. You have the right to know their intentions. This is the most polite way to understand why they want to know.

If the person asking the question is a close friend or family member, you can ask them why. They probably think your wig looks great and very natural! They may notice a recent change in hairstyle, or they may be surprised that you are wearing a wig completely. Most people will be interested in wearing a wig because it is not a frequently discussed topic (although it should be discussed), and may even ask you for advice on where to buy a wig.

If the person asking is a colleague or a stranger, you can decide how to ask them why they ask. You can say it jokingly and then laugh at the situation, or you can explain more directly that they suddenly asked a very personal question.

Never take it as your responsibility to answer other people's questions, especially when answered by strangers. If you have an answer that suits you, please share it with others, otherwise please don't share it.

2. Yes, this is my hair.

Now, before you say "Hey, that's not true!" Please think twice. When you buy anything, it belongs to you; the same goes for cars, phones, clothes and wigs. It's your hair! You spent time choosing between artificial wigs or human hair wigs, the construction type, style, length and color of the wig cap. Your wig looks great, so it's something to be proud of.

3. Yes, I like it.

Wearing a wig is not ashamed. If you don’t mind people knowing that you are wearing a wig, please tell them! The more we talk about wearing wigs, the less shame we suffer from wearing wigs. Therefore, if you are like us, proud of the beautiful wig you put on, and hope the world knows it, please let the world know!

For some strange reasons, wearing a wig is usually considered taboo by some people. It's almost like using some synthetic locks to change your natural appearance, this is a "dirty secret". but why? In the past, wigs were mainly worn by bald men to hide hair loss. However, nowadays, people are turning to wigs for a variety of reasons. Women suffering from alopecia can choose to wear one to enhance their self-confidence, as do women who have hair loss due to other medical reasons. Some people just treat them as fashion items. No matter what the reason, there is absolutely no shame in wearing a wig!

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Why you shouldn't sleep with wet hair

Tuesday, 26 January 2021 08:36:12 Europe/London

If you take a shower before going to bed, you may wonder if sleeping with wet hair is a problem. Is sleeping with wet hair really harmful to you?

1. May cause severe hair breakage

Hair is most fragile when wet, so it is not surprising to hear that sleep makes hair wet. When tossing and spinning, friction will make the hair break more easily than dry hair. You might think that air drying is better than heating, but is it true?

2. Makes you cold

If you sleep in an air-conditioned room, or at the peak of winter, sleeping with wet hair will make you feel colder. Stop trembling by drying your hair properly. For real enjoyment, you can even blow dry socks, pajamas and sheets to make them comfortable and comfortable.

3. You will spend more time styling your hair

There is a reason for the term "bedside"! When the hair dries, it is in place. When you sleep, your hair will twist into various strange styles, and if it dries out during sleep, your hair will also dry out.(wigs) Usually, the most serious offenders are the top of the head and the ends of the hair. The only way to smooth your hair is to spend a lot of time trying to re-styling it by re-wetting your hair, using heating tools or suffocating it to death with sprays and gels-not the natural choice you want.

4. Bacteria growth

If we all know one thing, it is that the combination of water and warmth equals the rapid growth of bacteria. Imagine how many bacteria will grow on the pillow if you sleep with wet hair! The warmth of the head will make a damp pillow an ideal breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mold. You might think that changing the sheets frequently will help, but the moisture from the hair will penetrate the pillow. Do you really want to rest your head on a bacterial paradise every night?

5. Causes dandruff

The warmth of the head and prolonged damp hair can cause bacteria and fungi to multiply on the scalp and pillows. Sleeping with wet hair will also cause natural oils to peel off from the hair, because natural oils are easily absorbed by the pillow fabric and absorb excess water. (human hair wigs)The combination of bacterial growth and natural oil loss will make your scalp more prone to dandruff. Who wants it?

6. Make your hair darker

When water is absorbed from the hair into the fabric of the pillow, natural oils are also absorbed. Without these oils, your hair will look dull and dry. Dehydrated hair is also more likely to break. Remember, there is a big difference between hair that feels dry to the touch and hair that is dehydrated with natural oils.

7. Can cause hair loss

Can you believe it? Sleeping with wet hair can cause hair loss, and more specifically, scalp ringworm. Scalp ringworm is a fungal infection caused by a warm and humid environment. It is extremely contagious, so please pay attention to washing everything that comes into contact with the scalp. We would rather have long hair than lose it!

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Why wear a wig cap?

Saturday, 23 January 2021 03:39:31 Europe/London

For people wearing wigs, whether to wear a wig cap before wearing human hair wigs is a common question. Some people think that it is better to wear a wig cap before putting on a human hair lace wig. Others think that whether it is a lace wig or a full lace wig, it is uncomfortable for women to wear a wig cap under the wig. In fact, whether to wear a wig hat or a cheap human wig depends on personal preference, and there is no definite answer to this.

The wig cap is a net worn under the wig. It has different materials and colors, such as black, brown or gold, to adapt to different comfort and appearance requirements. People at any stage of hair loss can enjoy the benefits of a wig cap, but this does not mean that everyone likes it. Then why don't you wear it?

Wig caps are important in wig installation, but they are not required. Wearing a wig hat varies from person to person.

For customers with complete hair loss: 

1. The wig cap can be used as a protective layer between the scalp and the wig. Wearing a wig cap can protect the scalp from the friction of wearing a lace wig. Prevent itching and discomfort after wearing wigs

2. Wearing a wig cap is very important when the scalp is sensitive. The soft and breathable wig cap ensures that your scalp is comfortable and breathing well. It can avoid damaging sensitive scalp. 

3. Another important function of the wig cap is that it can keep your 100% human hair wig in the correct position and will not move. The head with complete hair loss will be slippery. If the human hair wig is worn directly on the head, it may cause the woman's human hair to slide back and forth. Then, you will feel terrible wearing a wig. In this case, wearing a wig cap can protect your lace front wig and full lace wig from slippage and make you more confident in the wig. 

For women who have their own hair: 

1. Like hair loss women, wig caps can be used as a protective layer between your own hair and human hair. Unlike women with hair loss, wigs are suitable for women who have hair and can protect their natural hair. Avoid friction when wearing real hair wigs. Long-term friction can cause your hair to split ends and knots. It is best to wear a human hair wig on a soft wig cap to avoid rubbing your hair. 

2. If your own hair color is different from the wig, the wig cap will help you cover all your hair and make the wig grow from the scalp, making your wig more natural. Otherwise, if your own hair color is different from your best human wig, the fringe hair will make your wig unnatural. 

3. Because the hair should be braided before wearing a lace wig, the wig cap can completely cover the entire scorpion and make the hair level. Straight hair can show the best effect of wearing cheap wigs.

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Disadvantages and advantages of long wigs

Thursday, 14 January 2021 08:59:51 Europe/London

This style of wig has qualities and faults, discover them in the lines below:


Long wigs are easier to maintain. Unless you have long, perfectly silky hair when you wake up, you will love it because you do not need to color or style it. Yes, you have to comb and sometimes wash them, but you will have less work than with long hair. Long wigs also do not have these common hair problems: dry or split ends, lack of volume, oily roots, etc. With a long wig, you can have all the qualities of having beautiful long hair with less maintenance.


Despite not being irritating or uncomfortable, wigs keep their heads warm, especially when they are long, which makes them uncomfortable in summer. In addition, a long wig is not practical to wear in crowded places where it can hang and on occasions such as: carnivals, days at the pool, shows.

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Do you want to buy a new wig in 2021?

Wednesday, 6 January 2021 09:45:09 Europe/London

Women want to look great all the time. Our hair has something to do with that! Deciding and buying a new wig is an important step towards perfection! Different wigs and hair types on wigs can make all the difference to the look. To make your hair look better, try buying a new wig to thicken it up, change the style or colour, or just look better!

Some people will buy wigs rather than taking the time to get the right wig. The right wig not only fits, but also depends on the material the wig is made of. Human hair wigs are the best! Whether you are looking for a monofilament wig, a lace front wig, a hand-tied wig or a hairbrush, you can find plenty of places to buy them online. But can they help you buy the right one?
What kind of wig do you want? Full lace, 360 degree front, lace front or natural hairline wig. What type of uncapped cap do you want?

Density is very important, the least usable density is 90%, similar to human hair at 130% and 200% of the density worn by a star. The more open space you get, the more comfortable the wig will be, as more air can pass through. 360 front and lace front wigs are better for girls who want more density and volume.

Synthetic wigs are made from fibres that look and act similar to human hair. These hairs have a different shine. A real human hair wig is a wig that you can style, colour and do anything with your own hair. They last a long time. These are more expensive and require maintenance that other wigs do not require.

Firstly, you need to know your measurements. To measure your wig, start at one end of your forehead and wrap a tape measure all the way around. The smallest head is less than 20 inches and wears an extra small cap, the largest head is larger than 22.5 inches and uses a large cap.

There are more decisions to make when buying a new wig, such as length, style or front lace or ....... This gives you some idea of what to expect before you decide to buy a wig. There is more information on the internet to help you get started.

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Some reasons to wear a wigs

Wednesday, 30 December 2020 08:09:54 Europe/London

Nowadays, wigs can look as natural as your own hair thanks to the innovation of stylist and the various creation and installation methods of wigs. They are becoming a more viable styling choice for customers all over the world, and there is a reason.

1. Protection

Constantly styling and dyeing your natural hair can cause damage to your hair. Just like all these ultraviolet rays from the sun. Resting your hair while letting your wig do all the work is another benefit you can't beat.

2. Convenience

The worst thing is to deal with hair styling every day. This is especially true for people like me who are not morning people, but have work or life that requires you to wake up and leave the house within a certain period of time. Wigs provide you with the ability to get up and go-just make sure they are safe.

3. The disguise of hair loss

Many women suffer from hair loss or thinning hair. Whether because of chemotherapy, hair loss, or unfortunate genes, hair loss can be devastating for a woman. Wearing a wig or hair accessory can often provide a much-needed boost in self-esteem!

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What to do before measuring head size

Friday, 25 December 2020 04:01:13 Europe/London

The first mistake people make is to measure their head while the hair is not sliding back or falling.

Taking the right steps before measuring can provide you with accurate dimensions. If your hair is very long, gather your hair into a low ponytail or braid it into a braid (corn row straight back).

If you have short hair, press the hair down with the product, and then put on a wig cap to put the hair down further. Once the hair becomes a wig, start measuring the head.

To determine the size that suits you, please measure your head size with the following measurements.

If you don't have time to groom your hair for head measurement, just separate the hair. Separating the hair can remove excess hair.

For the forehead to back measurement, create the middle part while dividing the hair in half.

Start this part from the front of the hairline and end at the nape. Guide the tape measure along the part to be measured. For ear-to-ear measurements, create a horizontal section on top of the head, and then separate the upper and lower halves of the hair.Pass the tape through the head to make the correct head measurement.

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How to prevent wigs from sliding backwards

Tuesday, 22 December 2020 07:46:00 Europe/London

There's nothing embarrassing about wigs. If you don't have that much hair, or want a specific look, then wearing a wig is your most practical solution. However, most of us want to keep our hair extensions a secret. Therefore, we are always looking for specific solutions that will help us to keep our wigs in place. Adhesives are a great way to ensure that your secrets are not revealed, but using them in the right way can make a big difference.

To prevent your wig from sliding backwards, follow these tips.

-Make sure your scalp, forehead and hair are oil-free before wearing a wig. Also, never wear a wig on a sweaty scalp or forehead. Oil and sweat will make the adhesive difficult to work with. It may not last long and may roll back before you realise it. To remove oil from the hairline, use 91% alcohol.

-After removing the oil, allow the alcohol to dry thoroughly before applying a scalp protector.

-Make sure you flatten your hair as much as possible before applying the wig. This will help your wig to lie flat, look natural and stay glued in place. For this reason, all wig users must wear a wig cap.

-When your lace wig is too small or too big for your head. If your wig does fit your head, you must constantly work to keep it in place. Even if you use a high-quality adhesive, you are still not sure about the rollback. Therefore, when ordering a wig, make sure that you take the correct measurements. Take three measurements to confirm the size.

-One of the most common problems faced by most wig users is the constant lifting of the lace at the back of the neck. This happens because the lace is larger than required. Put the wig on and look up at the ceiling. If the lace goes beyond the crease at the back of the neck, it will be larger than required. Cut off the excess lace from the back so that it fits perfectly on the back of the neck. If unsure, seek professional help. If the lace is larger than required, rollback may be a common problem.

-When wearing a wig, bend your head so that your chin is as far down as possible. This will ensure that your collar pillow area remains bonded.

-If the side corners are too long, they will slide back when you try to make a pony or a head. Make sure they don't extend down into your face. Reduce excess sections. If you are a new wig user or unhappy, please seek professional help.

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Won't you get stuck in hair that looks like hay?

Monday, 30 November 2020 09:13:12 Europe/London

Cool, I'm neither. A really simple way to make your hair's life easier is to cut down on shampoo. Unless you really need to, consider washing your hair every few days instead of every day. Less frequent shampooing means that your body's naturally occurring oils, which condition and protect your hair, will work longer, giving your hair much-needed moisture. When you do shampoo, be sure to pick a product that will cleanse your hair, but not deprive

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How to Cut Long Hair at Home

Thursday, 26 November 2020 08:00:28 Europe/London

Due to the new crown epidemic (COVID-19), many barbershops have been forced to close, but hair is getting longer and longer. This is a great time to cut your own hair at home, you may be desperate for your trimming skills, let us help you avoid a DIY disaster, we asked our barbers for their advice on cutting long hair at home, first check out this guide....

1) Make sure your hair is dry and straightened, as this will ensure that it's completely even. Sit on a balance chair in front of the mirror.

2) Divide your hair in two with an imaginary parting from the center of your head.yneed wig

3) Using a comb, slide half of your hair down with your fingers - keeping the comb horizontal. It's important that you keep your head level and your body still, because any movement will result in an uneven cut. That's why you shouldn't even cross your legs in the salon
4) Keeping your fingers and comb level, use the scissors of your choice - preferably sharper than the kitchen ones - to trim the ends of your hair using the point technique. This technique cuts into the hair, rather than across it, allowing for a more forgiving, textured line. If you're feeling confident, you can trim horizontally to get a solid blunt feel. But remember, it's important that we only cut the ends, it's an isolation SOS (Save Our Splits) trim - not a haircut! If you are confident, you can cut off the ends to give your hair a more textured look.

5) Repeat this action on the other side.

6) To gauge if you have achieved an even cut, sit flat and close your eyes. We close our eyes and use our sense of touch as a guideline because our sight can sometimes throw us off. Touch your hands from head to head, top to bottom, down the sides of your head, keeping the hair between your fingers and your hands parallel. Your hands should finish at the bottom of the hair at the same time. This means it's a balanced hairstyle. If it's not, don't be alarmed, just trim the longer side to match accordingly.

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Why do more people like custom wigs?

Wednesday, 18 November 2020 07:41:06 Europe/London

Customized wigs are tailor-made according to the size of the head shape, just like our custom suits and ordinary clothes, you get what you pay for; all organizations that can customize wigs have mature technical experience and complete post-guarantee services. For example, I want to trim my wig to better fit my head shape when my hair grows. Ordinary barbershops do not think it is the same as usual because they do not have relevant work experience. As a result, the wig wears inappropriately after trimming. In addition, customized wigs can be tailored according to the color of the hair and the direction of hair growth. This is also the advantage of customized wigs, which can fully ensure that the wig and its own head shape are perfectly matched.

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How to dye the wig?

Thursday, 12 November 2020 07:24:35 Europe/London

Fiber wigs are made of lubricated uncomplicated dyed plastic fibers, and while there is no way to make a wig thin in color, there are ways to make it darker or richer, as summarized in detail by the wig shops below.

1:If you want to greatly alter the color of the wig, buy liquid fiber hair dye of the color you want and add a gallon of water to dissolve four ounces of the dye. Hair to hair dye for at least 45 minutes. Continue this process until you reach the color you want.

2:If you expect the wig to be softer, a bottle of color bleach lotion can handle it. To make the hair color evenly, pour the drifting lotion into the spray bottle.

3:If you want your hair to have fun and have colorful streaks, you can use a dye comb Mark or durable dye fixing agent to dye the hair one by one. Start at the roots and adopt the dye fixative to make the messy hair fixed.

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Can wigs be shaped with hairspray?

Friday, 6 November 2020 08:33:20 Europe/London

There are two types of wigs, ordinary and advanced. This article is about high-end products made from real human hair.

Real human hair wigs can be shaped with special styling liquid or hairspray, depending on the type of hairstyle. Free-style hairstyles can usually be washed and combed and dried. Special fashion hairstyles need to be dried with a hair dryer.

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Does it fall off when you dance with a wig on?

Friday, 30 October 2020 07:41:28 Europe/London

No matter what kind of wigs has its correct way of wearing, wig hair piece wearing basic into clip or sticky, as long as the correct way to wear after, or very solid, simple sports, running, playing basketball and so on are not off, as for dancing will not fall off, may depend on what dance, overly intense try to avoid!

In accordance with the right way to wear will not fall off, wigs have two ways to wear, one is glued, one is clip fixed, glued products for bald or hair loss area is too large, dance around the circle for fear of falling off on the glued, glued before washing the scalp on the oil and sweat, so that the product and scalp more fit. Clips need to have their own hair around, is stuck on the roots of their own hair, fixed on it. Both methods are fine for normal movement.

Silver Flat Brush

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How to trim the hairstyle of the wig purchased online?

Monday, 26 October 2020 09:54:13 Europe/London

With the improvement of people's quality of life, more people choose less harmful wigs, and wearing wigs has become a popular daily necessity. Wearing a wig can not only prevent perm and dye from damaging the body, but also maintain personal image.
In general, many hairstylists don't take wigs, because if they make a mistake, they would rather be conservative than take risks.

But as long as we determine the amount and length of the hair ourselves, and they only do trimming, then the cut will definitely not be bad. Except for very thick hair, it is generally not recommended to thin hair because it will get hairy. The hair cover is full head, the distribution is the same as that of a person's own long hair, and it can be thinned and trimmed. Wig trimming is actually the same as real hair. You can go to the repair shop to trim it after wearing it, but be careful, especially for curly hair. The original texture and curl are likely to be destroyed when trimming. In fact, some wig brands can customize wigs according to your personal situation. Yneed wig shop is tailored to tailor the most suitable hairstyle for you, and the hair quality is also very elegant.

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What is the difference between wig glue and clip?

Friday, 16 October 2020 08:58:16 Europe/London

These are two different ways of wearing, depending on your actual situation.

1. Scope of application: The clip is used for any hair loss group. The viscose is especially suitable for men with scarce or Mediterranean style and scars.

2. Comfort: The clip is generally okay to use, not suitable for sleeping, and people who frequently travel and exercise. The viscose is like a natural growth, and you can't even feel the shampoo when you use it. Sleeping, swimming, and sports can be used.

3. Naturalness: The overall effect of the clip is very good, and the effect of single glue is more realistic because it is directly attached to the scalp without any distance.

4. Economical: It is recommended that customers use viscose to produce considerable economic benefits. For customers, we emphasize that the late cost of glue is a little larger than that of clips.

5. Convenience to wear: It is easier to master the viscose of the wigs than the clip.

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I don’t know how to wear a wig

Saturday, 10 October 2020 10:17:25 Europe/London

The method of wearing a wig is facing the mirror. First, comb your hair straight, holding the wigs with both hands on the temples. When you start to wear it on your head, you should move a little forward. When you look at the mirror after you have put it on , And then press the head with both hands, so that the hair sleeve moves backward to the proper position. Depending on the width of your forehead, wear it in an appropriate position. Wide forehead, longer in the court, pull down the edge of the wig slightly when wearing, with a certain amount of hair curtain as a foil; narrow forehead, shorter in the court, when worn, the edge of the wig is slightly upward, but not too much Go up, leaving a few hair weaves as a foil. It is better to use the headgear tightly at the initial stage, because the headgear will be looser than the original after the use time. When you want to take it off, remove it from front to back.A great resource is they can help you acquire a good sense to pick the High Quality human hair wigs that best suits you

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Should I choose to wear the wig well or not?

Wednesday, 30 September 2020 10:17:47 Europe/London

Wigs are loved by many people and disliked by many people. Tsk tsk tsk, when you wear it, you are young and beautiful, and the spirit is real! Tsk tsk, the wig is too dark, the hair is too much, and I feel uncomfortable when I laugh, and the person looks like a dummy!

Hesitating between wearing and not wearing. I chose several different opinions. If you get too much cheer, the "truth is hard to tell" is successful, and there are scruples about the offspring: will others think that you are too fashionable?

In fact, wigs are not a patent for middle-aged and elderly people. It's also used by young people and famous actors. Lively and cute, cheerful, relaxed, casual...not to express "I use a wig", they are relatively more able to bear the eyes of others. Change the design and mood.

Yes, you can't care about accusations and praise. Wigs are suitable for a bit of joking spirit. My hair goes with me. There are party activities, gorgeous debut. One day's scenery, pleasant hours. If you praise it, you don't need to say much. Want to be casual, scarce and scarce and beautiful, to put it bluntly, Cang Sang has carved a face with meaning.

Why is a wig not like a metaphor for the road of life? Feel free to choose at will, that is the best. Beauty comes from the heart, wisdom is beauty. Wigs, whether to wear or not?-Everything is up to you, even if you have a mentality, you have to make decisions. This is the weapon and equipment that contemporary clothing, food, housing and transportation grants everyone a happy play. Some of them are like banknotes, not for promoting your depression, but for the joy of learning to apply.

Whether you are looking for human hair wigs, wig, a clip on or maybe all of them have some fun, start your search at

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How long can men's human hair wigs last?

Sunday, 27 September 2020 09:27:34 Europe/London

Men's human hair wigs can be used for more than 3 years if they are worn every day, because they are real human hair, as long as they pay attention to maintenance. It can be maintained for a long time, and the effect of wearing for a long time will not have any effect!

High-end men’s wigs are made of pure hand-made real hair, and generally have a service life of three to five years. The specific conditions vary from person to person, such as frequent wind and sun, high frequency of shampoo, and untimely nutritional care. It will shorten the time of use, if careful care, good care habits, and correct wearing methods can appropriately extend the time!

It usually takes more than a year, and some hair friends have brought it for almost three years. Although men’s wigs themselves are durable goods, if you want to wear them for a long time and extend their service life, you should take care and care as the prerequisite. The key points are not to wear them when you sleep, wash them regularly, spray care solution after washing, avoid sun exposure, and reduce strain .

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The correct way to wear a wig

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 08:59:29 Europe/London

First, comb the fake hair smoothly. (The method of combing is very particular, and there is a specific introduction in the maintenance of the wigs below) Then, start wearing it. Both short hair and long hair are worn in the same way, but long hair should be assisted by someone. Otherwise, unless you use a card silk, wearing the hair below is equivalent to suicide.

If there is a hairnet to completely tuck the hair into the hairnet, try to use a tighter one, otherwise it will be easy to expose real hair. Lower your head, find the middle part of the front end of the wig, and press the front of the bangs with your hand. If you have long hair, turn the hair forward, and then pull the back end of the fake hair to completely cover the real hair.

Then grab the hair that fell in the front and slowly put it in the back. Straighten up and let the wigs vertical, especially the long hair! Then, please comb the fake hair. The method is the same as before. If you have hair longer than 1M, please do with the help of others, otherwise it will get messy. If there is static electricity, use a comb dampened with water to dry, and then comb gently.

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Advantages of hair block and headgear

Wednesday, 16 September 2020 04:08:03 Europe/London

Generally speaking, the hair block area is smaller than the headgear, and it is relatively cheaper. It has good air permeability and is convenient to wear. The headgear has a large area. It is time-consuming and labor-consuming to process. The processing and price of the wigs is better than the hair block. The headgear is more realistic after wearing, the overall effect is good, and the connection with real hair is good, so the hair block and the headgear have their own advantages.

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What are the main points of choosing a wig

Friday, 11 September 2020 04:57:19 Europe/London

In today's era, wearing wigs has also become a trend. It is more comfortable to wear on the head and looks lifelike. It is almost invisible to wear a wig. Therefore, wigs are welcomed and loved by many people. However, because there are so many types of wigs on the market, the shoulder-length wig manufacturers tell everyone that they should master the following points in order to be able to select satisfactory products.

1. To view the net cap

If you want to make your wig fit your scalp better and look real without revealing any flaws, you should first cover your original hair with a net cap, so when buying a wig, you should check the net first. The quality of the cap. If the wig product is of better texture, then his network will naturally have a good skin-friendly feeling and the force of the whole head is relatively uniform, which can play a good fixing effect but will not feel uncomfortable. So you can bring it yourself and feel it yourself, it will be more reliable.

2. Check your hair and bangs

Generally speaking, a good wig is made of human hair wigs, so it should be distinguished by hair to see what kind of material it uses. According to the wig manufacturer, the effect of fake hair is very realistic, it will not be excessively luminous or reflective, and it is softer when used, it is not easy to knot or lose hair. At the same time, you should also observe the bangs. The better the quality of the wig, the easier it is to take care of the bangs.

3. Look at the ears and the front net

Of course, in order to be able to bring the invisible hair cover to produce better results, you should observe a lot of details when buying, such as where to go and the position of the ears, to see if it fits and does not look like a wig. And know which of the better manufacturers of invisible hair also introduced that there should be a layer of pure cotton towels in these positions, which can make the wearer feel very comfortable and will not feel uncomfortable after wearing it for a long time.

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Wig piece and wig cover which is good

Tuesday, 8 September 2020 09:55:14 Europe/London

The two products are designed for different groups. The wig piece is suitable for people who have lost hair but not completely. You can make a piece on the head, and it can be connected with your own hair to create a very real practical effect. Wigs are more suitable for people who have no hair or have hair loss after radiotherapy. This type of situation only wears wigs, and the actual effect is very real.

Hair piece or hair cover is the difference of area, if it is bald or all white hair, you must cover your hair, then you must choose a full head cover. If it is scarce, bald, or a small amount of white hair, you can choose hair pieces.

Reissue is a purely hand-made processing technology. It uses a live version of the hair. In actual effect, it is also the most authentic and comfortable product in the wigs. There is a standard. The smaller the size, the lower the area. Of course, you will be able to urinate. Lighter and more breathable.

But usually because of the bald head or all the white hair, sometimes people do not choose, be sure to choose the full head, if you want to choose the film (the block), choose the film (the block) as much as possible. It is not necessary to have the full head.

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How to put the wig when not wearing

Thursday, 3 September 2020 09:14:41 Europe/London

When the wig is not worn, use a steel hair comb (not a plastic comb) to comb it along the original shape, and then put it on a special wigs holder or hang it on a hanger hook. If you don’t use it for a long time, please put it in a box and use a plastic bag to protect it from dust. Don’t be squeezed during storage. Wigs are not easy to get dirty, but also pay attention to maintenance and regular cleaning

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What to do if the wig becomes curved

Friday, 28 August 2020 08:40:56 Europe/London

What to do if the wig straight hair is accidentally bent, you must not pull it straight with your hands, it is easy to short hair. If you are too lazy to clean it, you can cover the wigs with a towel soaked in it, and it will be straightened after it dries naturally.

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How to make a wig soft and not frizzy?

Tuesday, 25 August 2020 04:21:02 Europe/London

There are many kinds of wigs, including high-end human hair material and low-end fiber hair material. If it is real hair wigs, it is necessary to do daily maintenance, do more molds, and spray more care products to make it soft and not frizzy, which will appropriately extend the service life. If it’s a low-end fiber hair product, just let it go, because it can’t be absorbed even with care products. This product is aimed at people who occasionally wear it. For long-term wear, you have to choose real human hair wig products, the effect is more real natural!

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Can high temperature silk wigs be hot?

Friday, 21 August 2020 09:36:33 Europe/London

The high-temperature silk wig made of artificial hair made of all imported materials has a feel and appearance that look exactly like real hair. The materials are environmentally friendly, safe, and of good quality and lifelike. The price of wigs made of real human hair ranges from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, which is expensive and low cost performance. Therefore, in addition to some real hair control, it is the best choice to choose a high-temperature silk wig that can be ironed.If you are interested or if you just want to buy wigs, you can take a look into our website ->, our wig style so much, there is always a what you want, are you like, come on!

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The advantages of real wigs

Wednesday, 19 August 2020 04:50:24 Europe/London

Real-person wigs look exactly like your own hair. As long as you choose the shape that suits your face, others won’t be able to see it. The second advantage of real-person wigs is that they won’t wear out like ordinary wigs. It is the same as our own hair, no matter how long it is worn, it will not wear out.Whether you are looking for human hair wigs, ¾ wig, a clip on or maybe all of them have some fun, start your search at More information About wigs uk, please visit us on our website.

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Artificial wig cleaning

Wednesday, 12 August 2020 10:02:17 Europe/London

When washing artificial wigs, you must be careful not to wash them with a dressing machine, and do not use warm or hot water when washing by hand. They must be washed with cold water.

After soaking up the water with a towel, comb and shape with a comb, dry in the shade (do not comb with a comb during washing), and never expose to the sun, because this type of wig is shaped after high temperature treatment, and once exposed to heat, it It will be deformed, so store it away from heat sources (such as air conditioners, heaters, hair dryers, etc.).

Wigs are also part of the beautiful appearance and also need to be kept clean at all times. Wearing a dirty, greasy wig is not a pioneer of fashion, it will affect the overall image.More wigs content can be found on the web:

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Wig color for yellow skin

Monday, 10 August 2020 03:56:27 Europe/London

Suitable wigs hair colors: chestnut, darker brown, black and red.

People with yellow skin can choose darker browns or blacks and reds in their hair color choices, which will set off your skin to look fairer and more complex.

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Water temperature requirements for washing wigs

Wednesday, 5 August 2020 10:28:24 Europe/London

There are also requirements for the water temperature used for wigs, the water temperature should not be too high, warm water is more appropriate (about 20 degrees is appropriate, but not higher than 25 degrees) or cold water. In order to better care for the wig, you can dissolve some acidic care solution in the water.

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Will the wig hair piece fall off for dancing?

Friday, 31 July 2020 08:32:08 Europe/London

No matter what kind of wigs has its correct way of wearing, the wearing of wig hair piece is basically divided into clip or viscose, as long as it is worn in the correct way, it is still very strong, simple exercise, running, playing basketball, etc. It won't fall. As for whether you will fall off the dance, it may depend on what dance you dance. Try to avoid excessively intense dances!

According to the correct wearing method, it will not fall off. There are two ways to wear the wig, viscose and clip. Viscose needs to shave the hair of the sticky product to make the product and the scalp more compliant. The clip needs to have its own hair clip around it. Just fix it on the roots of your own hair. With these two methods, normal exercise is no problem.

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Wig care details

Monday, 27 July 2020 08:26:13 Europe/London

1. Try not to get close to high temperatures when handling wigs, because most wig materials are not resistant to high temperatures. Chemical fiber wigs cannot be dyed yet.

2. Be gentle when combing the wig. After combing the wig, you only need to tidy it up. Generally, the combs used for wigs are relatively sparse, and the method of combing diagonally is better.

3. In order to prevent the wig from falling off, some friends will use a hairpin to clamp the wig, but you need to be careful not to use too much force to prevent damage to the net cover. You can use a hairband instead.

4. Don't tie up your wig, or your real hair will come out.

5. When combing a longer wig, divide the wig into several lengths, comb it from bottom to top, be light, and be patient.

6. If the wig has been used for a long time and the knots are not good for combing, do not pull it forcefully. You should spray the wig with special non-oily maintenance fluid and then slowly spread it out carefully.

7. Use special maintenance fluid for wigs.Whether you are looking for human hair wigs, ¾ wig, a clip on or maybe all of them have some fun, start your search at More information About wigs uk, please visit us on our website.

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What to avoid when cleaning human hair wigs

Friday, 24 July 2020 09:35:45 Europe/London

1. Be gentle when cleaning.

2. If it is long hair, comb the hair first and then wash it, so as not to break the hair after combing.

3. Turn the hair sleeve over and wash when washing, to prevent the human hair wigs from drilling to the opposite side.

4. After each wash, you need to use a conditioner or hair mask to maintain the softness and gloss of the hair.

5. Do not wash the real hair wigs too frequently. If you wear it every day, it is recommended to wash it once every 7 to 15 days in summer and 15-30 days in winter.

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How to wash high temperature silk wig

Wednesday, 22 July 2020 04:49:40 Europe/London

First of all, after taking the wig home, put it on the dummy head or jar as much as possible. Don't put it randomly, otherwise it will be easily deformed.

Usually wigs are cleaned with conditioner. If the wigs are dirty, they can also be cleaned with shampoo. Do not use too hot air to blow dry, so as not to burn or deform the wig. Finally, wipe the water with a towel, hang it on the veranda to dry in the shade, and put it in a box for storage. You can also comb the hair along the original hairstyle and put it on a plastic rack.


After soaking up the water with a towel, comb and shape with a comb, dry in the shade (do not comb with a comb during washing), and never expose to the sun, because this kind of wig is shaped after high temperature treatment, and once exposed to heat, It will be deformed, so store it away from heat sources (such as air conditioners, heaters, hair dryers, etc.).

Wigs are also part of the beautiful appearance and also need to be kept clean at all times. Wearing a dirty, greasy wig is not a pioneer of fashion, it will affect the overall image. The frequency of cleaning depends on the temperature, air quality and personal perspiration. If the weather is hot, you must wash it after two or three days of wearing it. Those who don't wear wigs often should wash them every half a month.Whether you are looking for human hair wigs, ¾ wig, a clip on or maybe all of them have some fun, start your search at More information About wigs uk, please visit us on our website.

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How to choose cos wig

Saturday, 18 July 2020 09:49:35 Europe/London

Facing the dazzling variety of wig products on the market, the quality is uneven, and some wigs can be seen as “wigs” at a glance. When everyone looks up and down with your strange eyes, that feeling is very embarrassing. Or learn to choose a high quality wig!

At present, there are three types of wigs on the market: chemical fiber, real hair, chemical fiber and mixed hair.

1. The common type is chemical fiber, which is cheap and has a "fake" effect. Unless you are a cosplay video game player or a catwalk model, wearing a wig of this texture in real life is not suitable for shopping.

2. Real people are often used in film and television dramas, and the price is more expensive.

3. The mixed type of chemical fiber and real hair is the most suitable wig in life, which can achieve the effect of being fake and real, and the price is more than 200 yuan.

If you want to choose a wig with a more avant-garde style and exaggerated colors, then you should choose a good wig hair quality, otherwise the fluffy grass is on the top of the head, but it will greatly reduce your sense of quality and others will be embarrassed!

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Wig cleaning articles

Thursday, 16 July 2020 10:49:20 Europe/London

1. Straighten the hair first, otherwise it may damage the wig.

2. Pour the shampoo into the water and stir it evenly. Warm water at about 20 degrees is more suitable. Then, soak the wig in the water for a few minutes, gently rub it, and rinse it with clean water.

3. Pour the appropriate amount of conditioner into the warm water and stir, soak the wig in the water for about ten minutes and rinse it with warm water.

4. Shake the water and let it dry naturally in a ventilated place.

5. You can organize your hair after completely drying.

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Choose a satisfactory wig coup

Monday, 13 July 2020 10:49:24 Europe/London

Common sense for buying wigs: In fact, the raw materials of wigs are difficult for ordinary consumers to judge. Good man-made fibers are specially researched for making wigs, and can not be replaced by ordinary fibers. The fiber materials used for high-quality wigs should take into account the section of the human hair, strength, gloss, thickness, toughness and elasticity, and also prevent static electricity. Only wearing this kind of wig is realistic and fashionable. 

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How long does it take to customize the wig

Friday, 10 July 2020 09:23:13 Europe/London

Customization is to measure the head mold to obtain the actual hair loss size of the customer, and then order the factory to customize.If the hook is fast, then it will be rough, and the effect will not be very good; if the hook is slow, it will be delicate, and the direction of the hairstyle will be good; it needs to have good vision and serious workers within the age of 35 to do well! Hooking "real hair wigs sets" is almost the same as making crafts, they are all carefully crafted! In addition to the 30-day hook, the customization process also includes the time for material selection, mold making, and round-trip logistics. It is generally about two months, which is a long time.

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How to pick a satisfying wig

Thursday, 9 July 2020 10:54:21 Europe/London

In fact, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to judge whether the raw materials of wigs are good or bad. Good man-made fibers are specially researched for making wigs, and can not be replaced by ordinary fibers. The fiber materials used for high-quality wigs should take into account the section of the human hair, strength, gloss, thickness, toughness and elasticity, and also prevent static electricity. Only wearing this kind of wig is realistic and fashionable. Some wigs are also very good from the surface, the feel and color are satisfactory, but they will deform and fade after washing or storage, which is the most common problem for ordinary consumers. If you want to choose a wig of excellent quality, you can get a clear brand or buy it at a counter in a large shopping mall. Pay attention to whether the wig you want to buy has a phone, dealer, or manufacturer address, whether there are qualified standards, and whether there is a washing label or logo. Unclear products must be low-grade or counterfeit products without quality assurance. From the point of view of raw material cost, the price of high-quality wigs is generally around four to five hundred yuan, and the wigs used for domestic and imported raw materials should generally be sold for around two hundred yuan. Consumers should choose carefully when buying, and try it on many times to feel comfortable Then decide to buy.

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How to style a human hair wig

Tuesday, 7 July 2020 10:43:53 Europe/London

If you want to take care of your wigs yourself, please follow the suggestions below:

1. Put the wig on the wig support. Use electric rollers or hairpins for processing.

2. Use a wide-tooth comb to comb out the twisted wig.

3. Put the electric reel or hair dryer in the mid-range and continue to treat the wig evenly for 12 minutes.

4. Before removing the hairpin on the wig, the hair should be allowed to dissipate heat.

5. Gently comb the dissatisfied parts and apply treatment with conditioner.

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Can the wig be tied up

Saturday, 4 July 2020 07:52:17 Europe/London

Wigs can be tied up, but you can't tie them too high or your real hair below will run out! When combing a long wig, divide the wig into several lengths. Comb from bottom to top. It must be light and patient. It is normal to have a small amount of hair loss during the finishing process. Usually put it in the original packaging without wearing it, and throw it away when you want to bring it back.If you are interested or if you just want to buy wigs, you can take a look into our website ->, our wig style so much, there is always a what you want, are you like, come on!

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Use of wig care solution

Friday, 3 July 2020 10:05:32 Europe/London

The popularity of wigs has also driven the use of wig care solutions. Wig care liquid is used when combing wigs. It is a special maintenance liquid specially used for wigs. Spray the care liquid evenly on the wig cover, and then comb it with a special comb. Wig care liquid is generally best sprayed once every 2 days. Before washing, first use a special comb to gently comb from top to bottom to clean the dust. Then put the wig into warm water with detergent and soak it for 10 minutes, then gently rinse the wig by hand. Rinse the wig with clean water again, and finally soak in the wig care essence for ten minutes, rinse with clean water. Then wipe gently with a towel to absorb moisture, hang it in a ventilated place to let it dry naturally, and then use a curling iron to fix or blow shape.A great resource is they can help you acquire a good sense to pick the High Quality human hair wigs that best suits you

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How to wash chemical fiber wig

Wednesday, 1 July 2020 10:26:45 Europe/London

It has the characteristics of no deformation, but it cannot be rubbed by hand when washing, otherwise it will stick together. Washing method: soak the wigs in warm water and soak it in warm water containing shampoo for 5 minutes; lightly press in the shampoo water to remove dirt and rinse the foam with water; soak the wig in water containing conditioner Rinse with clean water for 5 minutes; carry out fake release and lightly press on the towel to absorb moisture; comb through and smooth, dry naturally, and then return to the original state after drying. Before wearing the wig, the hair should be combed as a whole, with wooden combing tools as the main method. Don't comb a large area after wearing, only make local simple adjustments.


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Take care of long wigs and short wigs

Monday, 29 June 2020 04:36:41 Europe/London

1. Short wig: Grab the position of the inner net and shake it up and down a few times to restore the overall shape of the wig.

Long wig: Use one hand to hold the wig's inner net, and shake it up, down, left, and right. The wig will drop some floating hair at the beginning of the treatment, and it will not appear after a few treatments.

2. After adjusting the wig, adjust the adjustment button on the back of the head, and adjust it according to the size of your head;

3. When wearing a wig, press the front bangs with your hand, pull it under the back of the head, and pull the inner net to the root of the neck;

4. Use a comb to gently comb the surface of the short wig to make it more fluffy and natural;

Straight hair with long wigs can be cleaned with a comb, and curly hair can be managed by hand.


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Wig cleaning method

Wednesday, 24 June 2020 04:10:31 Europe/London

Consumers must pay attention to the use of warm water when cleaning wigs, because whether it is too high or too low water temperature is not conducive to its maintenance, or even directly shorten its service life. In addition, the wig should be soaked for at least five minutes after being put in warm water. Machine washing is strictly prohibited when washing, because the strong rotation of the washing machine will cause the wig to fall off or spread out. Choose the method of manual scrubbing to learn to control the intensity, if too much force will cause damage to the quality of the hair.


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Choose your wig color for darker skin

Monday, 15 June 2020 08:45:38 Europe/London

Suitable wig hair color: golden, light brown or bright color.

Because the skin color is dark, try to use a bright color, plus the highlighting effect is better, but it should be noted that the highlighting color is preferably light brown.

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Will wearing a wig be allergic?

Sunday, 26 April 2020 08:20:13 Europe/London

Wearing a wig generally does not cause allergies, but those with more sensitive constitutions should not wear them. In addition, wigs will have a certain impact on the skin of the head. People who originally suffered from skin diseases such as dermatitis and eczema may make the condition worse, and wait until the skin disease is completely cured. In addition, the summer weather is hot and wearing wigs is not conducive to perspiration. Therefore, when choosing a wig, the wearer should choose a good quality wig, preferably with a breathable mesh, and should not wear it for a long time.

All kinds of wigs provided by yneed are tested high-quality wigs uk with quality assurance and will not cause discomfort other than their own problems.

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Wie man eine Perücke natürlich trägt

Friday, 24 April 2020 08:16:11 Europe/London

Zuallererst sollten Sie Ihr Haar mit einer Kapuze umwickeln, um zu vermeiden, dass Ihr Haar, insbesondere Pony, freigelegt wird. Wenn Sie eine perücken verwenden, sollten Sie auf die Farbe Ihres echten Haares achten, nicht trennen. Perücken sollten die an der Perücke haftenden Staubhaare mit einem Kamm abbürsten und müssen regelmäßig gereinigt werden. Trocknen Sie die Perücke nach dem Reinigen mit einem trockenen Handtuch, trocknen Sie sie dann mit einem Fön oder stellen Sie sie zum natürlichen Trocknen auf einen Ständer, was nicht nur der Gesundheit zuträglich ist, sondern auch die Lebensdauer der Perücke verlängern kann. Perücken sollten auch gewaschen und beim Lagern auf den Ständer gestellt werden, um ein Falten zu vermeiden.

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Quels sont les avantages des vraies perruques

Thursday, 23 April 2020 08:29:23 Europe/London

Les vraies perruques de cheveux sont faites de cheveux humains sains. Ce sont nos propres cheveux, traités avec un acide spécial, sains et semi-purs. Les vraies perruques cheveux naturels sont confortables à porter, bien faites et ont une texture claire. Il n'y a pas de sensation de lourdeur après les avoir portées. Vous pouvez le porter tous les jours sans aucun fardeau!

De plus, les vraies personnes utilisent les perruques depuis longtemps. En raison du matériau, les vraies perruques humaines ne sont pas sujettes aux frisottis.L'aspect et la couleur peuvent rester inchangés pendant une longue période et sont relativement stables.Après les soins, ils sont très faciles à lisser. Par conséquent, tant que les soins sont bons, ils peuvent être utilisés pendant trois à cinq ans n'est pas un problème.

Le point le plus important est que les vraies perruques de cheveux peuvent être variées. Il peut également être teint comme des cheveux humains. Par conséquent, vous pouvez sortir tous les jours avec des formes différentes. Il peut être décrit comme à la mode et polyvalent! De plus, les vraies perruque de cheveux sont réalistes et naturelles.En général, après l'avoir porté, vous ne pouvez pas voir que vous portez une perruque, qui est la même que vos propres cheveux! Maintenant, il semble que les vraies perruques de cheveux ont de nombreux avantages, donc si vous aimez la beauté, choisissez de vraies perruques de cheveux!

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Was soll ich tun, wenn sich meine Perücke nicht kräuselt?

Tuesday, 21 April 2020 08:40:20 Europe/London

Nach längerem Gebrauch der perücken war das gekräuselte Haar nicht mehr gekräuselt. Wie kann man Abhilfe schaffen, wenn die Perücke nicht gerollt ist? Heute werde ich Sie dazu bringen, mehr darüber zu erfahren. Es hängt davon ab, ob Ihre Perücke gegen hohe Temperaturen beständig ist. Wenn das Perückenmaterial gegen hohe Temperaturen beständig ist, können Sie direkt einen Lockenstab verwenden, um Locken zu machen, oder in einen Friseursalon gehen, um Locken wie Haare zu machen.

Auffallend Wellig Kunsthaar Spitzefront Perücke

Achten Sie darauf, die Temperatur des Lockenstabs anzupassen. Hochtemperaturhaar kann einer Temperatur von 180 bis 200 ° C standhalten. Der Vorgang ist der gleiche wie bei echtem Haar. Achten Sie nur auf die Temperatur. Wenn das Material nicht gegen hohe Temperaturen beständig ist, kann es nicht gewellt werden. Es wird empfohlen, relevante Personen in Fachgeschäften zu konsultieren.

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Une perruque frange adaptée à un visage de diamant

Monday, 20 April 2020 07:39:26 Europe/London

Ce type de MM en forme de visage devrait rendre Liu Hai plus docile. Garder une frange bien rangée rendra les lignes du coussin facial. De plus, la frange ne doit pas être trop élevée, elle doit être suffisamment longue pour compléter la partie inférieure de la forme du visage, en utilisant des formes géométriques pour rendre la forme du visage plus colorée. Vous pouvez essayer de couper un coup avec des pommettes surélevées en diagonale, ce qui est non seulement à la mode, mais a également un grand effet sur la modification de la forme du visage.Voir plus de perruque à:

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Choose a wig according to age

Friday, 17 April 2020 07:49:31 Europe/London

1. Age is around 16 ---- 25: Choose non-mainstream, full-hair silhouettes and stylish personalized hairstyles to show younger charm more tenderly.

2. Age is around 25-35: In the choice of hair style, it should be trendy but not alternative, reflecting the trend, simplicity, sense of strength, three-dimensional sense, showing the elegant and professional hairstyle of women.

3. Around 36 ----- 45 years old: the choice of hair style is rich in layering, rounded and smooth contours, rich curves, and the hair color is gorgeous and calm, with a few strands of properly selected hair style, which can be reflected A mature, stylish, calm, wise, calm, gorgeous and elegant style, whether it is the line, silhouette or color matching of the hairstyle, should reflect this feeling.

4. Age 60 or above: The key point for the elderly to choose a hair style is to highlight and strengthen the full outline. The outline should be round to reflect the rich and full spirit.Participate now and Click here to buy wigs uk

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Stellen Sie professionelle Perücken für alle bereit

Thursday, 16 April 2020 08:20:47 Europe/London

Mit der Entwicklung der Wirtschaft und der Verbesserung des Lebensstandards der Menschen wird das Streben der Menschen nach Mode immer offensichtlicher, und es gibt immer mehr Menschen mit Haarausfall, die einen großen Einfluss auf das Image der Menschen haben. Daher werden perücken immer beliebter und von allen geliebt. Um ihr Leben bunter zu gestalten, wählen die Menschen verschiedene Perücken, um ihrem Leben Farbe zu verleihen. Chemiefaserperücken, Mechanismusperücken, Echthaarperücken, handgefertigte Perücken, personalisierte Modeperücken, immer mehr Perückennomen, Perückensorten und Perückentechnologie sind in das Leben der Menschen eingetreten und haben auch die kräftige Entwicklung der Perückenindustrie vorangetrieben!

Perücken als Dekorationsgegenstand haben verschiedene Menschen unterschiedliche Bedürfnisse nach Perücken. Die meisten jungen Mädchen kaufen nicht ihre eigenen Frisuren und die Länge ihrer Haare, also kaufen sie die Perücken, die sie mögen, im Internet und in Perückengeschäften. Ihre eigene Frisur, Haarfarbe und Länge schmücken Ihr Leben mit bezaubernden Farben. Einige Menschen mit Haarausfall wählen Perücken aus chemischen Fasern, um ihre Verlegenheit über graues Haar und Haarausfall zu decken. Der Kauf einer Perücke kann weißes Haar bedecken und die Verlegenheit von Haarausfall vermeiden. Es ist eine gute Sache, Ihr Image zu ändern. Die allgemeinen chemischen Perücken bestehen jedoch aus Kunstfasern und Nylonnetzsätzen, die von industriellen Montagelinien hergestellt werden. Der Prozess ist relativ rau. Die Frisur wird auch von der Maschine nach Hochtemperaturkompression hergestellt, und es ist unmöglich, die Frisur der Perücke in der späteren Zeit zu ändern. Da es sich bei allen um die industrialisierte Herstellung von Chemiefasermaterialien handelt, ist das resultierende Haar trocken und unangenehm, sodass die Menschen das Gefühl haben, es sei eine Chemiefaserperücke Die chemischen Elemente stimulieren und schädigen direkt Ihr Haar und Ihre Kopfhaut, was zu einer Beeinträchtigung der Haarqualität und einer Kopfhautallergie oder sogar zu Haarausfall führt. Die Lebensdauer allgemeiner Perücken aus chemischen Fasern wird bis zu drei Monate lang deformiert und versengt und kann nicht mehr verwendet werden.

Wowperucken sind ein professioneller Perückenhersteller, der Ihre persönliche Perücke für Sie kreiert, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie sich nach dem Gebrauch nicht verformen, sondern auch weich und bequem, professionell Ihre eigene Frisur kreieren.

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Les poupées américaines mignonnes aiment aussi porter des perruques

Wednesday, 15 April 2020 09:10:59 Europe/London

Depuis que la fille de David Beckham a commencé à jouer aux poupées américaines, les nouveaux jouets ont complètement joué. Ce jouet mignon est généralement appelé la poupée américaine ou la poupée de 18 pouces, sa hauteur est généralement de 18 pouces.

Il joufflu, souriant, a l'air très sain, naïf, vif. Que les adultes ou les enfants aiment beaucoup les poupées américaines de 18 pouces. Vous pouvez le changer en beaux vêtements, chaussures, perruque, le mettre habillé comme vous le souhaitez.

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Can the wig be washed with water?

Tuesday, 14 April 2020 08:59:14 Europe/London

Wigs are generally not easy to get dirty and do not need to be washed frequently. If you bring them every day, you should wash them for 2-3 months. If you do n’t often wear them, you can wash them for more than half a year. Here ’s a summary. .

Before washing, use a coarse-toothed soft brush or a thin-toothed wooden comb to gently comb from top to bottom to clean away dirt and dust. Then put the wigs into warm water with deep detergent (water temperature 25 ^ 30 ^ C), soak for 10 minutes, gently rinse the wig by hand, rinse with a comb to remove the sticky objects on the wig. Note that you must not rub the wig in water, and the wig will fall off and break in the following year. Finally, rinse the wig with clean water, brave towel to gently wipe the moisture on the wig, apply a little milk to the wig, hang it in a ventilated place to dry naturally, and then fix or blow the hair with a curling iron. If it is not used frequently, it must be sealed in a plastic bag.

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Soins de perruque pour hommes

Monday, 13 April 2020 08:05:33 Europe/London

Les perruque pour homme doivent également prendre soin de leurs soins quotidiens. Le soin des perruques pour hommes vise principalement à une meilleure conservation des perruques. Il nous oblige principalement à:

1: Essayez de ne pas vous approcher de la température élevée, car les perruques sont très fragiles, une température trop élevée causera des dommages inutiles aux perruques!

2: Si la perruque est utilisée pendant une longue période, il n'est pas facile de la coiffer. Ne la tirez pas fort. Vaporisez un liquide d'entretien non huileux pour les perruques, puis peignez-la lentement.

3: Il est facile d'utiliser la solution d'entretien non grasse pour la conversion de la perruque.Vaporisez-la sur la perruque avant de la porter et peignez doucement la perruque.Cela peut prendre soin de la perruque anti-frisottis et antistatique. Il est très important de prendre soin des perruques pour hommes.

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Männer können auch Perücken tragen

Wednesday, 8 April 2020 10:19:52 Europe/London

Frauen brauchen nicht nur Perücken, um sich zu schmücken, Männer brauchen auch Perücken oder Perückensets. Die von Frauen getragenen Perücken sind Frauenperücken, und natürlich tragen Männer Männerperücken oder Jungenperücken. Im täglichen Leben tragen Frauen häufig Perücken, aber nicht viele Männer tragen Perücken.

Das Tragen einer perücken für Männer ist eigentlich sehr einfach. Sie müssen Ihr Haar nur mit einem Haarnetz bedecken und dann eine Perücke tragen. Manchmal wird sogar ein Haarnetz nicht benötigt. Wenn Sie lange Haare haben, können Sie die schwarze flache Haarnadel eines Mädchens verwenden, um die Haare so zu halten, dass Haare und Kopfhaut befestigt sind, und dann eine Perücke tragen. Solange die Perücke eine geeignete Größe hat oder die Karte fest sitzt, fällt sie beim Tragen nicht ab. Einige Perücken haben doppelte Gummibänder und doppelte Haken im Inneren. Solange niemand stark zieht, ist es in Ordnung zu rennen und zu springen.

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There is no way to send a wig

Tuesday, 7 April 2020 09:24:21 Europe/London

Operation method without wig with wig:

1. Use a thin iron headband to lift the bangs headband (the headband should be tight and not loose);

2. Then divide the hair near the ears and the back of the neck into a few pinches with the small rubber band, and use a black iron clip to clip the wig.

3. Finally, stretch the wigs slightly round and wear it from back to front.

Romantic Discount Human Hair Wavy Wig

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Les perruques ont-elles besoin de soins réguliers

Thursday, 2 April 2020 08:44:02 Europe/London

Les perruques achetées par des magasins de perruques professionnels peuvent être renvoyées régulièrement pour être nettoyées avec des produits de nettoyage professionnels. Si vous l'avez acheté dans une petite boutique, vous pouvez utiliser un shampooing hydratant. Faites d'abord tremper le morceau de cheveux dans de l'eau froide pendant quelques minutes, puis ajoutez 2 gouttes de shampoing après avoir changé l'eau.Mélangez bien les bulles à la main, et enfin placez-les dans un endroit aéré pour qu'elles sèchent naturellement.

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Unterschiedliche Stirnbreite, unterschiedliche Perücken

Wednesday, 1 April 2020 09:31:24 Europe/London

Unter normalen Umständen sollten Sie zuerst die Breite Ihrer Stirn berücksichtigen. Wenn Ihre Stirn im Gerichtssaal länger ist, Ihre Stirn jedoch breiter, sollten Sie beim Tragen einer perücken den Haaransatz nach unten ziehen.Wenn Ihre Stirn im Spielfeld kurz ist, Ihre Stirn jedoch schmal, müssen Sie das Perückenhaar leicht anheben.

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Can wigs be supplied normally during the epidemic?

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 10:01:23 Europe/London

During the epidemic, the supply of raw materials and production of wigs in our factory were relatively stable, and the supply of goods was basically not affected. At present, the resumption rate of the factory has exceeded 98%, which can fully guarantee the supply of goods.

In addition, mature supply chains have become the key to securing supplies during the epidemic. In terms of raw materials, chemical fiber raw materials are produced by our own manufacturers, and human hair reserves are also sufficient, and there is no problem in meeting production needs.

During the epidemic, logistics was difficult, and how long it took to receive the goods after the order was placed is a matter of great concern to consumers worldwide. Our company's products cover consumers in more than 150 countries and regions, and the sales performance in the United States, France, and Germany is relatively outstanding.

At present, the domestic logistics has basically returned to normal. In terms of international logistics, we mainly use commercial logistics. On average, 3-5 days can reach the United States, France and other major European and American countries. Affected by the epidemic in Europe and the United States, there may be a slight delay, but generally it can be delivered within 7-15 days.

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Puis-je faire une perruque

Friday, 27 March 2020 07:55:11 Europe/London

La forme d'une vraie perruque de cheveux humains est très simple.Tout d'abord, découvrez le tourbillon des cheveux.Vous devez diviser les cheveux en fonction de la frontière et de la direction des cheveux. Pour le coiffage, vous pouvez appliquer des produits coiffants tels que de l'eau en gel, de la laque pour cheveux, de la cire et de l'élastine.Après avoir maîtrisé ces compétences, vous pouvez facilement en prendre soin à la maison.

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Achten Sie vor der Reinigung auf Ihre Perücke

Wednesday, 25 March 2020 07:24:01 Europe/London

Muss ich aufpassen, bevor ich meine perücken wasche? Die Antwort lautet: Ja, es ist am besten, sich vor dem Reinigen darum zu kümmern, um es einfacher zu machen. Sie können eine spezielle Perücke verwenden (Sie sollten nicht so oft wie möglich Plastikkämme verwenden, um hängendes Haar zu vermeiden). Kämmen Sie vorsichtig von oben nach unten, um den Schmutz und den Staub in der Perücke zu lösen und deren Sauberkeit zu gewährleisten.

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Taking care of damaged wigs

Tuesday, 24 March 2020 08:09:50 Europe/London

If you encounter hair wigs break, damage, dry frizz, knotting (don't pull it hard to prevent breaking the hair), you can spray a wig special treatment solution on it, and then comb much better. But it's better not to wash and comb more, because this will damage the wig very much.

Cuties should not wash the wig too often, it is best to wash it once a month to prevent the hair from falling.

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Puis-je porter une perruque en nageant?

Monday, 23 March 2020 08:39:17 Europe/London

Ce problème a également été discuté lors d'une conversation avec un client l'autre jour. Elle aime beaucoup nager. Elle doit nager une fois tous les deux jours, et parce qu'elle a les cheveux clairsemés, elle porte une fausse porte tous les jours, de sorte que chaque fois qu'elle nage Je porte toujours une perruque pour nager.

Quand j'ai vu ce problème pour la première fois, ma première réaction a été que je pouvais bien sûr nager dans une perruque! Les perruques que nous fabriquons sont toutes 100% en cheveux humains, ce qui n'est pas différent de nos propres cheveux, nous mettons généralement nos cheveux à l'eau et bien sûr, ce n'est pas un problème de porter une perruque! Mais si vous y réfléchissez à nouveau, cela semble un peu différent.

Tous les jours, nous allons nager bien sûr pour nager dans la piscine, mais la piscine nécessite des bonnets de bain pour entrer dans l'eau. Nous portons généralement des perruques après avoir enveloppé tous les cheveux avec un filet à cheveux. Si nous portons une perruque, Remettez un bonnet de bain, c'est vraiment trois couches à l'intérieur et trois couches à l'extérieur, c'est trop de mal.

Si vous n'avez pas de cheveux, les ewigsfr perruques que vous portez sont généralement en silicone antidérapant. Le silicone antidérapant est parfaitement adapté à une utilisation quotidienne. Cependant, si vous enfilez un bonnet de bain, vous pouvez sentir le risque de tomber. Ça devrait aller, mais c'est assez gênant.

De plus, une grande quantité d'eau de désinfection est ajoutée à l'eau de la piscine, ce qui affectera la qualité des cheveux. Ce n'est pas grave si ce sont vos propres cheveux, après tout, il y a un apport en nutriments pour les repousser, mais la qualité des cheveux de la perruque est affectée de manière irréversible. Comme ma cliente me l'a dit, ses perruques perdent souvent des cheveux et ont une courte durée de vie, car elle porte souvent des perruques pour nager dans les piscines.

Par conséquent, vous pouvez porter une perruque pour nager dans la piscine tous les jours, mais comme c'est gênant et mauvais pour les cheveux, il n'est vraiment pas recommandé de porter une perruque pour nager dans la piscine.

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Kaufen Sie eine Perücke: wie man die Kopfgröße misst

Friday, 20 March 2020 06:52:44 Europe/London

Um eine geeignete perücken zu kaufen, ist neben der Frisur und der Haarfarbe, die zu Ihrem Gesichts- und Hautton passen, auch die Größe der Perücke sehr wichtig. Woher weiß ich also, welche Perückengröße für mich geeignet ist? Dazu müssen Sie Ihre Kopfgröße selbst messen. Die spezifischen Schritte umfassen Folgendes:

1. Die Größe von der Stirn bis zum nächsten Kreis des Hinterhauptknochens. Der Hinterhauptknochen ragt aus dem Hinterhirn heraus. Bei der Messung sollte er im vertieften Bereich unterhalb des Hinterhauptknochens positioniert werden.

2. Die Länge von der Stirnhaarwurzel bis unter den Hinterhauptknochen

3. Die Länge des oberen Endes der Ohren um die Oberseite des Kopfes

4. Der Abstand zwischen den beiden Stirnwinkeln

5. Tragen Sie eine Perücke zwischen den Haarwurzeln beider Ohren. Tragen Sie sie vor dem Spiegel. Halten Sie die beiden Enden der Perücke mit beiden Händen und tragen Sie sie auf Ihrem Kopf. Wenn Sie in den Spiegel schauen, müssen Sie darauf warten. , Und dann halten Sie das Oberteil mit beiden Händen, die Haarmanschette wird zurück in eine geeignete Position bewegt.

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Tips for repairing split ends

Thursday, 19 March 2020 07:57:54 Europe/London

Hair that is too dry, undernourished, often using an overly alkaline shampoo, sun exposure, and inappropriate dyeing, perming, and hair dryers can cause split ends. When you encounter split ends, you should take the following measures:

(1) Cut off the fork. When cutting hair, cut it flat with scissors at a distance of 2 cm from the fork, do not cut diagonally, and do not use a razor.

(2) Choose a shampoo that is suitable for your hair, and then use conditioner to wash your hair. Pay special attention especially after perming and dyeing.

(3) Normally, the combing action should be light. It is best to use a pig's bristle brush for proper combing to help evenly distribute the fat on the entire hair.

(4) Try not to wear a hair curler to sleep, and not too tight.

(5) Don't perm too often, use as little hair dryer as possible.

(6) Avoid direct exposure for too long in the sun.

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Qu'en est-il des enchevêtrements de cheveux synthétiques?

Wednesday, 18 March 2020 08:14:12 Europe/London

Si elles sont utilisées pendant une longue période, les perruque artificielles s'emmêleront et seront difficiles à coiffer. Afin de ne pas endommager la perruque, il est préférable de ne pas étirer durement les cheveux artificiels. Vous pouvez vaporiser votre perruque avec un conditionneur spécial, puis l'aplatir soigneusement.

L'utilisation fréquente de revitalisant spécifique aux perruques peut améliorer considérablement la texture des cheveux, aider à garder les cheveux doux et brillants, antistatiques et humides, comme les nouveaux cheveux. Veuillez ne pas vaporiser de revitalisant, comme de l'eau en gel ou de la pommade, sinon cela augmentera la difficulté des soins capillaires.

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Warum viele Leute gerne Perücken tragen

Tuesday, 17 March 2020 08:25:52 Europe/London

1: Das Tragen einer perücken kann eine Rolle bei der Änderung des Aussehens spielen. Das Ändern der Frisur ist einfach und bequem und spart Zeit.

2: Kann Dauerwelle, Haarfärbemittel und Haarschäden am Haar vermeiden;

3: Sie können die Kosten für Frisuren und das Bleichen von Haaren im Friseursalon sparen und die Kosten senken.

4: Die Perücke kann nach Belieben gewechselt werden, um Haarschäden durch häufige Haarschnitte im Friseurladen zu vermeiden.

5: Sie können verschiedene Haardesigns ausprobieren und unterschiedliche Moden kombinieren, sodass das Tragen von Perücken bei Menschen immer beliebter wird.

6: Kann alle Ihre Haarprobleme lösen: Haarausfall, weniger Haare, Glatze, weißes Haar usw.

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How to take care of short wigs

Monday, 16 March 2020 07:09:41 Europe/London

Comfortable Human Hair Wavy Capless Wig

1. Grasp the buckle position of the inner net, and shake a few more times up and down to make the wigs as a whole fluffy and restore its shape.

2. After adjusting the wig, first adjust the adjustment buckle on the back of the head and adjust it according to the size of your head circumference.

3. While wearing the wig, press the position of the front bangs with your hands, pull it under the back of your head, and pull the inner net to the position of the hair root of your neck.

4. Gently comb the surface of the wig with a comb to make it more fluffy and natural.

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Quelques conseils pour porter des perruques

Saturday, 14 March 2020 06:45:13 Europe/London

Beaucoup de jeunes filles auront plus ou moins une ou deux perruque.Parfois, nous sommes fatigués de notre coiffure immuable tous les jours.Nous voulons changer de look pour changer notre humeur, mais nous ne pouvons pas supporter de couper nos cheveux longs. Cette fois est très pratique;

Ou si nous allons à certaines fêtes et que nous devons nous habiller magnifiquement, nous pouvons également porter une belle perruque pour nous donner un nouveau look devant les autres;

Il est également possible que nous venions de couper un cheveu, la coiffure n'est pas très belle, il n'y a pas de place pour un remède, nous devions d'abord porter une perruque, lorsque les cheveux sont longs, vous pouvez aller couper votre look préféré à nouveau, pas besoin de perruque. Donc, une perruque est aussi une chose que les filles utilisent pour s'habiller !!

Alors, quelle est la meilleure façon de porter une perruque? Bien porter une perruque nous rendra naturellement beaux et changera notre style. Préparez d'abord une perruque. C'est la première étape du port d'une perruque.

Soyez prudent lorsque vous placez le filet à cheveux sur la tête, ne tirez pas sur les cheveux, car le filet à cheveux est élastique, si vous ne faites pas attention, vous serez coincé avec vos cheveux. Après vous s'il vous plaît, soulevez le filet à cheveux. Laissez la résille s'étirer, faites attention, essayez de mettre les cheveux sur le côté, près des oreilles, de la frange et de l'arrière de la tête, et mettez-les tous dans la résille un par un, assurez-vous de porter Aucun cheveu n'est exposé pendant la perruques, ce qui affectera l'apparence.

Si vous avez les cheveux longs, vous devez insérer la queue des cheveux longs. Le filet à cheveux ne peut pas être utilisé pendant longtemps car il est élastique. Si vous l'utilisez pendant une longue période, l'élasticité va empirer et il sera difficile de couvrir les cheveux. Après avoir terminé le filet à cheveux, vous pouvez porter une perruque. Lorsque vous portez une perruque, ajustez la hauteur de manière appropriée, puis fixez-la avec une pince. C'est OK!

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Wie man am stärksten Perücken trägt!

Friday, 13 March 2020 04:06:29 Europe/London

Das Tragen einer perücken ist eigentlich sehr einfach. Es ist nichts weiter als Clips und Kleber. Beide Trageverfahren sind derzeit auf dem Markt üblich. Der Clip besteht darin, Clips zum Festklemmen Ihrer Haare und des Clips an der Perücke zu verwenden. Er ist sehr stark und Sie müssen sich keine Gedanken über Stürze machen, aber diese Methode eignet sich nur zum Ausdünnen der Haare Es gibt andere Situationen, die zutreffen! Viskose ist ein Film, der Kopfhaut und Perücke zusammenklebt. Er ist auch sehr stark, für Menschen ohne Haare geeignet und kann auch als Rücken verwendet werden!

Spitzefront Lockig Echthaar Perücke

Es hängt davon ab, ob der Kopf voll oder über Kopf ist. Gehen Sie entsprechend unserer Kopfform in den Laden, um ihn vor Ort zu probieren. Die meisten können direkt eingenommen werden. Die meisten Produkte auf dem Kopf haben Elastizität, aber es gibt auch eine sehr gute. Der Kopf ist individuell gestaltet. Die Seiten dieser vollen Kopfbedeckung sind nicht elastisch, sondern die dünne Pu am ganzen Kopf. Dies ist sehr dünn, passt gut und das Trimmen der Frisur ist sehr real. Es gibt nur zwei Arten von Clips und Viskose auf der Oberseite des Kopfes, und im Laden gibt es jemanden, der Ihnen das Tragen beibringt. Normalerweise kann der Clip in weniger als 10 Sekunden getragen werden, und der Kleber ist auch sehr einfach. Wenn Sie einen alten Kunden haben, können Sie ihn nur mit der rechten Hand in einem Schritt ausführen. Der Text ist komplex und die Szene ist auf einen Blick leicht zu erkennen.

Klassisch Wellig Kunsthaar Dauerhafte Spitzefront Perücke

Perücken werden in drei Typen unterteilt: Perücken, Haarteile und Accessoires. Bevor Sie eine Perücke tragen, müssen Sie Ihr Haar zuerst mit einem Haarnetz (mit Ausnahme Ihrer kurzen Haare) umwickeln und dann entsprechend der Position der Perücke auf den Kopf legen. Passen Sie die echthaarperücken an die entsprechende an. Positionieren Sie Ihre Frisur. Es gibt zwei Möglichkeiten, das Haar zu fixieren: Viskose und Druckknopf. Beim Tragen der Viskose muss das Haar zuvor an der Ersatzposition rasiert und anschließend mit einem speziellen Film oder Kleber in die entsprechende Position geklebt werden. Anschließend können Sie die Frisur anordnen. Das Befestigen der Schnalle ist viel einfacher: Platzieren Sie den Perückenblock dort, wo Sie die Haarmenge erhöhen müssen, öffnen Sie die Schnalle und befestigen Sie sie an Ihrem eigenen Haar. Am besten arrangieren Sie die Frisur. Das Tragen von Accessoires hängt hauptsächlich von den Bedürfnissen der Frisur ab, und die Accessoires können an der entsprechenden Position fixiert werden und die Frisur kann entsprechend den Bedürfnissen der Frisur angeordnet werden.

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Tips for wearing wigs

Thursday, 12 March 2020 08:37:38 Europe/London

Step 1: Divide the hair into two layers, the line should be clear.

Step 2: Use both hands to fasten both sides of the hair piece first.

Step 3: Fasten the hair clip in the middle with one hand.

Step 4: Adjust the average under the upper layer of hair.

Full Lace Human Hair Long Length Wavy Wig

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Conseils pour porter de longues perruques

Wednesday, 11 March 2020 07:50:28 Europe/London

(1) Tenez les cornes des deux côtés de la perruque avec vos mains, mettez la perruque de l'arrière vers l'avant et avancez pour ajuster la position de port sur le front;

(2) Ajustez un peu en arrière et en bas pour rendre la perruque aussi naturelle que possible;

(3) Ajustez la forme générale des cheveux avec un peigne et le bout des doigts après les avoir mis.

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Herren Perückenreinigung

Tuesday, 10 March 2020 08:46:36 Europe/London

Das Waschen von Männerperücken wird gelernt. Wenn Sie die Perücke waschen, legen Sie die Fälschung zuerst in warmes Wasser (vorzugsweise 20 bis 30 Grad) und lassen Sie sie etwa 3 Minuten lang einweichen. Eine Überhitzung des Wassers verkürzt die Lebensdauer der Perücke. Verwenden Sie während des Reinigungsvorgangs eine kleine Menge weiches Shampoo in Kombination mit manuellem Schrubben. Wenden Sie nicht zu viel Kraft an und lassen Sie es nicht lange einweichen. Werfen Sie es niemals in die Waschmaschine. Dadurch kann die Perücke direkt abfallen.

Im Allgemeinen können hochwertige Perücken aus echtem Menschenhaar gestrickt werden. Sie können daher einige Haarpflegeprodukte verwenden, um die Brillanz der Perücken nach dem Waschen zu erhalten, z. B. Conditioner. Wenn Sie jedoch längere Zeit keine Perücken verwenden, stellen Sie sicher Gründlich mit Wasser abspülen und keine Haarpflegeprodukte auf der Perücke belassen.

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How to clean wigs?

Monday, 9 March 2020 09:07:36 Europe/London

It varies according to personal use and area. If used daily, it should be cleaned once every 5-7 days. When cleaning the product, remove the glue in advance, use a special shampoo for real hair, about 5 grams are dissolved in pure water at about 40 degrees, soak for 5 minutes and comb by hand or a large plate comb (sparse comb) along the direction of the hair , To achieve the purpose of cleaning hair, do not rub the bottom of the net to prevent loose hair buckle, causing hair loss. After cleaning it all, rinse it with water, blot it dry with a towel, and place it on wigs stand to dry naturally in the shade. Try not to use a hairdryer.

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Sélection de filet à cheveux

Friday, 6 March 2020 07:38:10 Europe/London

Le choix du matériau du filet est également un facteur lié à l'effet du port d'une perruque, et il affecte également le sentiment de l'utilisateur. Le choix du filet à cheveux fait principalement attention au confort et à la respirabilité du matériau du filet. Il est préférable de l'essayer lorsque vous l'achetez. Si vous vous sentez mal à l'aise, tirez sur la bande élastique pour le sentir. Observez attentivement si le cuir chevelu est bien simulé.

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Warum spalten sich deine Haare?

Thursday, 5 March 2020 03:43:49 Europe/London

Es gibt mehrere Gründe:

1. Das Haar ist zu lang

2. Dauerwelle und oft heiße Luft blasen

3. Waschen Sie Ihre Haare zu oft mit starker alkalischer Seife

4. Die körperliche Gesundheit ist nicht sehr gut und einige für das Haarwachstum notwendige Nährstoffe sind unzureichend.

Perücken online, billige Perücken -

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Les perruques pour hommes fonctionnent bien

Tuesday, 3 March 2020 07:49:18 Europe/London

Pour que les perruques pour hommes obtiennent de bons résultats, il est préférable de trouver une agence de confiance pour les personnaliser. La taille du magasin physique est appropriée et les matériaux peuvent être sélectionnés au hasard. Le dernier est la coiffure. Le bon effet dépend de la coiffure. Chu Tianying perruque Le créateur estime que la chose la plus importante pour les perruques pour hommes est une coiffure décente, proche de leur image d'origine. Cela facilitera l'acceptation par tout le monde. Un coiffeur professionnel communiquera plus avec les clients. Selon la forme du visage, le tempérament, l'occupation et l'âge du client Conçu selon les exigences du client, pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats.

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Salon first condition and then shampoo

Friday, 17 January 2020 03:47:46 Europe/London

For some severely damaged hair, the first condition is to avoid shampoo damage.Hair care first is to reduce the damage from hot

water or pulling later. After a short hair care, a protective film will be formed on the hair. Then, when washing hair, Salon mostly pays attention to the cleanliness of the scalp instead of the hair, and finally uses the hair mask again. MM with severely damaged hair can also refer to this method for care at home.

For more information on human hair wigs please visit:

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Mode Perücke

Thursday, 16 January 2020 03:52:49 Europe/London

Modische perücken stellen höhere Anforderungen an Frisuren und sind im Allgemeinen eher für Kunden mit weißem Haar geeignet, die häufig Haare färben und ihre Frisuren ändern.

Viele Kunden von Modeperücken verfolgen neuartige, veränderbare und vielfältigere Frisuren, die für verschiedene Anlässe geeignet sind. Frisuren sind daher die erste Wahl.

Das Tragen einer stilvollen Perücke muss Ihr Haar fixieren, daher ist eine Netzkappe in der Regel etwa 1-2 cm besser geeignet als der eigene Kopfumfang.

Viele Mode-Perücken eignen sich für unterschiedliche Anlässe, so dass die perücken nicht lange getragen wird. Die technischen Anforderungen für jede medizinische Perücke sind hoch. Daher sind die Prozesskosten häufig günstiger als für die medizinische Perücke. Wenn sie jedoch lange getragen wird, wird dies ebenfalls empfohlen Wählen Sie ein atmungsaktiveres Handwebverfahren.

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Comment choisir une perruque homme?

Wednesday, 15 January 2020 03:57:42 Europe/London

Les perruque homme et les perruques pour femmes ont des utilisations différentes. Les perruques pour femmes changent généralement de coiffure, de sorte qu'elles ne prêtent pas beaucoup d'attention à la simulation, au confort et à la durabilité de la perruque. Les perruques pour hommes doivent être authentiques et confortables car elles doivent se rendre à différents endroits Et vous devez le porter tous les jours. Il existe environ deux types de perruques pour hommes, l'une est une perruque locale et l'autre est une perruque pleine longueur. Les concepteurs de perruques Chutian Yingge recommandent aux hommes de choisir des perruques locales autant que possible car les coiffures des hommes sont plus courtes. En particulier, les deux cheveux et la racine des cheveux doivent être traités très courts. Les perruques dans ces parties ne sont pas aussi bonnes que leurs propres cheveux longs. Il est préférable de choisir des perruques locales s'il y a des poils sur les côtés et le dos. S'il n'y a pas de cheveux du tout, Si vous avez des cheveux, vous ne pouvez choisir qu'une perruque complète.

Lors du choix des perruque pour homme, nous recommandons de vraies perruques humaines.L'authenticité des vrais cheveux humains ne peut pas être obtenue par des cheveux synthétiques de haute imitation, suivis de la technologie capillaire.Les perruques pour hommes ont des coiffures plus courtes, et certaines nécessitent même des cheveux plats. Les perruques entièrement tricotées à la main sont fabriquées en crochet un par un, imitant la croissance naturelle des cheveux.

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How to choose the best wig for you?

Tuesday, 14 January 2020 03:45:33 Europe/London

Wigs are different from shoes and have a fixed size model, so it is best to buy wigs in person. It is not recommended to choose the form of online shopping.

The size should be appropriate, and whether the position of the corner of the wigs exactly matches the corner of the wig. The best wig material is a wig made of real hair. The color of the hair is the same as or similar to your own color. If it is black straight hair, it is better to choose natural black hair that has not been dyed black. The base of the wig (the bottom of the layer of machine hair) is preferably a thin fabric with good air permeability and not very smooth. Very smooth base, not easy to wear stable on the head.

At the same time, when choosing a wig, pay attention to whether your face shape is suitable for the wig. Generally speaking, round face is not suitable for wearing Qi bangs wigs; long face is not suitable for short hair, the thickness of both sides should be adjusted appropriately.

Finally, when buying a wig, it's best to bring a friend and ask the friend to help observe whether the wig is natural and good-looking.

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Wie man eine synthetische Perücke umformt

Monday, 13 January 2020 06:49:42 Europe/London

Sie fragen sich vielleicht, ob Sie Ihr Haar beim Kauf neu formen können. Nun, es kommt auf das Material der Perücke an. Sie können die Stile von echthaar perücken und Haarverlängerungen nach Ihren Wünschen zurücksetzen, es ist jedoch besser, Haarverlängerungen und Haarverlängerungsstile nicht selbst neu zu synthetisieren. Synthetische Wolle enthält normale Temperaturfasern und Hochtemperaturfasern. Normaltemperaturfasern können nicht eindringen, aber Hochtemperaturfasern können bei der tolerierbaren Temperatur des Haares eindringen.

Wenn Sie eine künstliche Perücke wirklich neu designen möchten, müssen Sie die Anweisungen sorgfältig befolgen oder sie an einen Friseursalon senden, um professionelle Hilfe zu erhalten, da ein Fehler die Perücke vollständig zerstören kann. Sobald Sie den Stil Ihrer Perücke geändert haben, können Sie möglicherweise nicht mehr den ursprünglichen Stil wiederherstellen. Wenn Sie sich nicht sicher sind, ob Sie den Stil einer künstlichen Perücke ändern möchten, empfehlen wir Ihnen, eine Perücke im gewünschten Stil zu kaufen.

Wir sind seit mehr als zehn Jahren auf die Herstellung von perücken spezialisiert.Wir haben reiche Erfahrung in der Entwicklung und Herstellung von Perücken.Unsere Hauptprodukte umfassen verschiedene Arten von Haarverlängerungen und Perücken.Willkommen Sie mit uns in Kontakt.

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Wie gehe ich mit dem verwirrten Kunsthaar um?

Saturday, 11 January 2020 03:53:32 Europe/London

Die synthetische perücken verheddert sich und kann bei längerem Gebrauch nicht leicht gekämmt werden. Um die Perücke nicht zu beschädigen, sollten Sie das Kunsthaar nicht mit Gewalt dehnen. Sie können die Perücke mit der speziellen Pflegeflüssigkeit einsprühen und dann vorsichtig glätten.

Durch häufiges Verwenden der perücken kann die Haartextur erheblich verbessert werden, und das Haar bleibt weich und strahlend, antistatisch und feucht, genau wie das neue. Bitte sprühen Sie KEINEN Haarconditioner wie Gelwasser oder Pomade ein, da dies die Schwierigkeit der Haarpflege erhöht.

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Men's Wig Care

Friday, 10 January 2020 03:52:16 Europe/London

It mainly includes the cleaning of wigs and the care of wigs. Among them, the cleaning of wigs is the most important. Specifically, the cleaning of men's wigs has the following steps:

1: Before washing, first comb the wig with a special steel comb to comb off the dirt and dust.

2: Soak the wig in warm water (20 ° -30 ° C) for about ten minutes. Do not rub it by hand to avoid hair loss.

3: After washing, add conditioner and soak for 5 minutes, then rinse with fine water.

4: Don't wring dry after washing, flat wig on a dry towel, and let it dry.

5: Hang in a cool place to dry naturally and avoid direct sunlight. Do not use a hair dryer to dry.

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Dois-je laver ma perruque régulièrement?

Thursday, 9 January 2020 07:01:00 Europe/London

Beaucoup de filles aiment acheter une variété de perruques, car cela vous permet d'essayer différents styles et de créer différentes images, ce qui peut également vous aider à trouver plus facilement le style de coiffure qui vous convient, en laissant un plus beau look Coiffure. En ce qui concerne le soin des perruque, en fait, tout le monde devrait y prêter plus d'attention.La première chose à faire est de répartir les perruques dans une position fixe, ce qui est non seulement pratique, mais maintient également l'état de la perruque.

Un autre point est de le laver régulièrement et de le laver comme de vrais cheveux sur la photo, ce qui assurera non seulement la qualité de la perruque, mais aussi une meilleure apparence une fois portée.

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La perruque peut-elle être lavée en machine

Wednesday, 8 January 2020 03:57:25 Europe/London

Ne pas utiliser de lavage en machine. Cette situation peut être évitée pour les perruques plus longues, mais certaines filles atteintes d'un cancer paresseux avancé ont toujours l'impression que les perruque courtes sont jetées et lavées. Cela ne devrait pas avoir d'importance. Ne suffit-il pas de s'adapter à un mode doux? C'est totalement faux. Assurez-vous de les nettoyer à la main, et il existe un moyen. Essuyez-le d'abord avec une petite quantité de shampooing et n'oubliez pas de ne pas le peigner avec un peigne particulièrement dense après le rinçage. Après avoir peigné avec un peigne à dents larges, laissez-le sécher à l'air naturellement et ne le séchez jamais au soleil!

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Wie man gefärbtes Haar pflegt

Tuesday, 7 January 2020 04:03:02 Europe/London

Haarfärben ist eine Frisiermethode, die viele Menschen ausprobiert haben, und gefärbtes Haar hat keinen Glanz oder Farbe, die schwer zu pflegen sind. Wir müssen also die richtige Pflege nach dem Färben verstehen.

Wir wissen möglicherweise nicht, wie unser perücken beim Färben gefoltert wird, weil die alkalische Komponente in der Färbecreme die Haarschuppen auf der Haaroberfläche öffnet (die Schuppen auf dem Haar dehnen sich mit dem Alkali aus) und die künstlichen Pigmente in die Kortikalis des Haares gelangen Die Schicht bildet zusammen mit einem Teil des natürlichen Pigments eine gewünschte Farbe.

Darüber hinaus wirkt sich die Creme beim Färben der Haare stark zerstörend auf die Schuppen auf der Haaroberfläche aus. Wenn sie nicht richtig gepflegt wird, fallen die Schuppen der Haare ab, es kommt zu Wasserverlust, rauen Graten und zu Glanz- und Elastizitätsmängeln.

Daher sollte eine chemische Reinigung der Haare während der Behandlung vermieden werden. Täglich sollte ein Shampoo mit weicher Basis und mildem Charakter verwendet werden. Shampoos und Conditioner zum Färben von perücken können Pigmentpartikel stabilisieren und es schwierig machen, sie schnell zu verlieren. Darüber hinaus beschleunigt die Hitze des Haartrockners auch die Pigmentausscheidung. Tragen Sie daher vor dem Haarblasen einige Haarzubehörteile mit Haarpflegemitteln auf, um die Stabilität des Pigments im Herzen zu erhalten. Weitere Ratschläge, insbesondere für Patienten mit Haarausfall, versuchen Sie, Ihre Haare nicht zu färben.

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How to wear the wig so that it does not fall off?

Monday, 6 January 2020 06:51:15 Europe/London

The main reason is to wear the wigs better so that the wig can be better fixed.

Specific method steps:

First of all, we have to put on a hair net (also known as a hair net ~). Put it on your neck first, and then pull it up to put on the real hair.

Then, pull the net back up. When pulling up, pay attention to check whether there is coverage around. If it is not covered, you need to make adjustments. After covering it, fix the hair net with a small hair wigs clip and organize the overall effect.

Secondly, put on the wig, grasp both sides, and put your head down.

Finally, press and look in the mirror while seeing if there is any imbalance. Do the whole thing a bit, and adjust the overall effect.

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5 choses que vous ne pouvez pas faire avec une perruque

Saturday, 4 January 2020 04:00:10 Europe/London

Les perruques peuvent facilement vous aider à changer votre forme et à en prendre soin très facilement, mais vous ne devriez jamais faire les cinq choses suivantes à votre perruque, ce qui la blessera également.

1. Si la perruque est attachée depuis longtemps et n'est pas peignable, ne la tirez pas trop fort. Vous devez vaporiser une solution d'entretien non grasse pour la perruque et la peigner lentement et soigneusement.

2. Veillez à ne pas vaporiser de gel cheveux, de cire capillaire et d'autres agents coiffants pour les vrais cheveux, car cela rendrait la perruque collante.

3. Utilisez une solution d'entretien non grasse pour la perruque (la méthode d'utilisation est également très simple: il suffit de la vaporiser quelques fois sur la perruque avant de la mettre) pour rendre la perruque douce et brillante et éviter l'électricité statique, afin que la perruque reste toujours humide Comme quand je l'ai acheté!

4. La perruque peut être attachée, mais elle ne peut pas être attachée trop haut, sinon les vrais cheveux en dessous s'épuiseront.

5. Lorsque vous peignez des perruques plus longues, divisez-les en plusieurs longueurs et peignez-les de bas en haut. Soyez sûr d'être léger et patient.

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Oily Hair Care

Friday, 3 January 2020 03:30:20 Europe/London

The scalp is tightly connected to the skin of the face. For people with oily skin, the secretion of the oil glands of the scalp is generally relatively strong. The secretions are oil and fat-containing substances, and they quickly spread to the roots of every strand of hair. So people with oily hair. Even just after washing my hair. The head will soon become oily again. Some people have acne on their face during adolescence, and their hair is very oily. This is because their sebum is secreted too much; but as they get older, the endocrine glands change and the situation changes, but this is not absolute, so you may have oily skin and hair all the time.

Many people with oily hair have thinner hair. If the entire head is greasy, the hair will look alive and inelastic and not beautiful. Experts believe that people with oily hair are better off eating greasy foods, eating more fruits and vegetables as much as possible, and drinking more water than ordinary people, which will help reduce sebaceous gland secretion. In addition, it is necessary to wash your hair every day. Even in summer, when the weather is very hot or windy, you can wash your hair every day, but you must choose a very mild shampoo. For conditioners, it is best to use it. With shrinkage effect. Helps shrink scalp pores and reduce sebum secretion. For example, you can use your own hands to dilute vinegar with a basin of warm water and then use it to rinse your hair. This can reduce oil and make your hair more shiny. For conditioners, remember to apply it to your hair and not to your scalp.For more information about human hair wigs, there are lots of online stores for long wigs in the Internet that you can always ask questions. A great resource is they can help you acquire a good sense to pick the High Quality wigs that best suits you.

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Was tun wenn die Perücken zusammenkleben?

Thursday, 2 January 2020 04:04:11 Europe/London

Ziehen Sie nicht fest, sprühen Sie eine nicht-ölige Pflegelösung für Perücken und dann langsam und vorsichtig.

1. Versuchen Sie, sich der hohen Temperatur nicht so weit wie möglich anzunähern, da das Material nicht gegen hohe Temperaturen beständig ist.

2. Die meisten perücke können gefärbt werden. Wenn Sie schneiden müssen, bitten Sie einen professionellen Stylisten, die Frisur zu schneiden.

3. Die Perücke wird normalerweise alle 1-2 Monate gewaschen.

4. Waschen Sie in kaltem oder warmem Wasser. Verwenden Sie zum Waschen ein normales Shampoo. Es kann mit normalen Conditionern verwendet werden.

5. Verwenden Sie möglichst keine Hochtemperaturluft wie einen Fön, um die gefälschten Haare zu blasen, und trocknen Sie den Überschuss vorsichtig mit einem trockenen Handtuch ab. Stellen Sie die Feuchtigkeit an einen belüfteten Ort, um direktes Sonnenlicht zu vermeiden und das falsche Haar zu beschädigen.

6. Kämmen Sie die perücken nicht unmittelbar nach dem Waschen, sondern warten Sie, bis sie trocken ist, bevor Sie sie kämmen.

7. Verwenden Sie für Perücken einen speziellen Kamm (im Handel erhältlich) .Verwenden Sie keine Kunststoffkämme.

8. Kämme werden grundsätzlich nicht zum Locken von Haaren verwendet. Nachdem Sie die einzelnen Stellen gelockt haben, können Sie sie von Hand arrangieren.

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Puis-je utiliser des perruques sans solution de soin?

Tuesday, 31 December 2019 03:54:12 Europe/London

En fait, il est préférable d'utiliser une solution de soin pour la perruque. Bien sûr, il n'est pas bon de l'utiliser trop. Il est également normal d'utiliser la perruques pendant une longue période. Il est difficile de la changer une fois qu'elle apparaît. Lavez d'abord avec du shampoing puis essayez avec une planche à repasser.Une fois les cheveux coiffés, le repassage sera plus lisse.Enfin, l'utilisation du liquide de traitement rendra la perruque plus souple et brillante.

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Straight wigs are not suitable for current hairstyles

Monday, 30 December 2019 06:38:10 Europe/London

Some friends have changed their hairstyles more often, so the straight wigs they bought before are no longer suitable for their current hairstyles. What should we do? Can we use hot wigs too? In fact, whether a wig can be hot depends on what it is made of. If it is hair wigs with a material such as plastic wire, it cannot be hot.

Of course, if it is wigs made of real hair, everyone can burn it as they like. However, if our own hair is often hot, the hair quality will be ridiculous, not to mention that it is made into wigs and no nutritional hair? Therefore, after we iron the wig, don't forget to care for it, such as applying some essential oil to it.

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Vielzahl von Perücken zu verwenden

Friday, 27 December 2019 03:35:32 Europe/London

1. Entsprechend den Anforderungen des Benutzers kann die perücken wie ein Haar geschnitten und gefärbt werden, und eine zufriedenstellende Frisur kann arrangiert werden.

2. Wenn Sie es jeden Tag tragen, können Sie die Knorpelrippenbürste und den dünnzahnigen Holzkamm verwenden, um die Frisuren vorsichtig nach Ihren Wünschen zu kämmen.

3. Wenn Sie es längere Zeit nicht benutzen, halten Sie es mit einer Haarnadel in Richtung der Welligkeit.

4. Nehmen Sie die perücke vor dem Zubettgehen ab und sorgen Sie für die Belüftung.

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Comment prendre soin d'une perruque en queue de cheval

Thursday, 26 December 2019 03:43:04 Europe/London

Une belle queue de cheval est le signe d'une fille belle et vivante. Alors, comment prendre soin de votre perruque queue de cheval? Aujourd'hui, parlons de la façon de prendre soin de la perruque en queue de cheval.

1. La perruque n'est pas facile à nettoyer, vous n'avez donc pas besoin de la laver fréquemment, lavez-la une fois par jour pendant environ 1 à 2 mois. Avant le lavage, peignez la perruque avec un peigne.

2. Rincer à l'eau, ajouter le revitalisant et le tremper dans de l'eau tiède pendant 5 minutes, peigner et lisser, puis rincer à l'eau.

3. Absorber l'humidité avec une serviette sèche, l'accrocher dans un endroit aéré pour sécher naturellement et éviter la lumière directe du soleil.

4. Après séchage à 80%, peignez le type de coupe avec un peigne.

5. Utilisez la solution de soin sans rinçage et séchez-la naturellement pour assurer l'effet brillant de la perruque.

6. Pour les perruques, vaporisez d'abord la solution de soin des perruques, puis utilisez un peigne en acier pour peigner un peu de bas en haut. Ne tenez pas les cheveux et peignez-les violemment.

7. S'il n'est pas porté pendant une longue période, peignez-le d'abord, vaporisez-le avec une solution de soin pour le sécher et mettez-le dans la boîte.

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How to wear men wigs

Wednesday, 25 December 2019 03:58:52 Europe/London

1. Put the hair net on the neck (the one with the elastic band is below) and then pull the hair net to the top of the head. Most of the current wigs are not divided into yards, because there are buttons in the hair sleeve to adjust the size. Adjust the size of your head to the proper size of the men wigs, and plug the back hair into the net

2. Turn up the bangs of the wig and start wearing the wig from the front of the head

3. Put on a wig and adjust the position, pay attention to the position of the bangs

1)After you put on the wig, there is actually a job that can help you to add points: trim the wig according to your face and style. Everyone's face shape and style are very different, and further trimming can make the wig fit you better.

2)The effect of the men wigs to modify the face shape is very strong, you can make a clever story when you set up your hair: a round face can fix the hair to the middle of the head; a longer face shape can be fixed symmetrically on both sides. In this way, there is a seamless decoration effect after wearing a wig.

3)Wearing fake bangs is worried that there is actually a good prop to help solve the problem. Wearing a beautiful hair hoop at the connection of the wig can cleverly cover the dividing line and also line the fresh temperament of the bangs.

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Glattes Haar Perücke kämmen

Tuesday, 24 December 2019 06:40:05 Europe/London

Gewöhnliches kurzes Haar ist nichts zu sagen, nur von oben nach unten kämmen. Bei langem Haar besteht die Kämmmethode darin, von unten nach oben und von unten nach oben zu kämmen. Nach unten kämmen, abschließend von oben nach unten kämmen, direkt von oben nach unten kämmen.Wenn die perücken ein wenig geknotet ist, können Sie sie nicht durchkämmen, auch wenn sie wirklich durchgekämmt ist Abgezogen.

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Puis-je repasser ma perruque

Saturday, 21 December 2019 09:42:35 Europe/London

La meilleure réponse est "non". Les perruque permanentes provoqueront des boucles, des brûlures et des dommages, tandis que les vraies perruques seront plus gravement endommagées car elles ont été traitées. Si vous voulez ajouter de la perruque ondulée, bouclée, etc. à votre perruque, il est préférable de demander aux professionnels de la faire fonctionner, ils ont les bons outils, la technologie et les connaissances. Si possible, vous devez apporter votre perruque chez un coiffeur ou un styliste pour changer le style de la perruque.

Cela dit, si vous n'avez pas le temps ou l'argent pour changer le style d'une perruques à chaque fois que vous allez chez le coiffeur, voici quelques façons spéciales de changer le style d'une perruque à la maison.

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What to do after knotting the wig

Friday, 20 December 2019 03:47:31 Europe/London

1. Put the wig back into its original packaging without wearing it, put it on the net, and lay it flat!

2. Although the wig can be washed, it is not recommended to wash it often, it is usually washed once every 1-2 months!

3. The wig should be washed with cold water and normal temperature water. Soak it with a foaming shampoo for a while, then rinse it with water! Be sure not to rub it with your hands, and gently knead it. Easy to wash with conditioner, if you want to rinse with water, the flow must be thin!

4. Do not wring after washing. Do not use a high temperature wind blower such as a hair dryer to clean the wig. Use a dry towel to gently absorb excess water from the wig and hang it in a cool, dry place.

For more information about human hair wigs, there are lots of online stores for long wigs in the Internet that you can always ask questions. A great resource is they can help you acquire a good sense to pick the High Quality wigs that best suits you.

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Wie pflege ich meine Perücke?

Thursday, 19 December 2019 07:06:38 Europe/London

Mit der Entwicklung der Gesellschaft schenken die Menschen ihrem persönlichen Image mehr Aufmerksamkeit und hoffen alle, ein schönes und schönes Image zu schaffen und mehr Liebe und Aufmerksamkeit von anderen zu erhalten Es erfordert viele Aspekte: Für Mädchen ist es wichtig zu lernen, wie man sich kleidet, Kleidung zusammenstellt und Frisuren auswählt. Diese drei Hauptteile können nicht ignoriert werden.

Heute spreche ich hauptsächlich über Frisuren. Es gibt viele Frisuren für Mädchen, und alle sehen gut aus, so dass sich viele Mädchen verheddern. Zu dieser Zeit erscheint eine Perücke, um den unterschiedlichen Bedürfnissen von Mädchen gerecht zu werden. Die Perücke ist zwar sehr gut, aber einige Mädchen wissen nicht, wie man sich darum kümmert, um Unordnung zu vermeiden. Sie werden es wissen, nachdem Sie es gelesen haben.

1. Perücke Position

Wenn Sie eine Perücke tragen möchten, können Sie Ihren Lieblingsstil auswählen und viele Stile kaufen, solange Sie möchten. Einer der Nachteile von Perücken besteht jedoch darin, dass sie leicht zerstört werden. Das erste, was zu tun ist, ist, die Fälschungen zu verteilen und sie nach dem Tragen gewöhnlich in eine feste Position zu bringen, damit sie nicht durcheinander gebracht werden.

2. Waschen Sie die Perücken regelmäßig wie echtes Haar

Viele Mädchen kaufen gerne eine Vielzahl von Perücken, da Sie auf diese Weise verschiedene Stile ausprobieren und verschiedene Bilder erstellen können. Dadurch können Sie auch leichter den Frisurenstil finden, der zu Ihnen passt und einen schöneren Look hinterlassen Frisur. Wenn es um die Pflege von Perücke geht, sollten alle mehr auf sie achten: Das erste ist, die Perücken in einer festen Position zu verteilen, was nicht nur praktisch ist, sondern auch den Zustand der Perücke beibehält.

Ein weiterer Punkt ist, es regelmäßig zu waschen und es wie echtes Haar auf dem Bild zu waschen. Dies wird nicht nur die Qualität der Perücke sicherstellen, sondern es wird auch besser aussehen, wenn es getragen wird.

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Nettoyage et entretien de la vraie perruque de cheveux

Wednesday, 18 December 2019 03:53:14 Europe/London

Les vrais cheveux humains ont une bonne perméabilité à l'air et une bonne absorption de l'humidité, un confort confortable, une grande justesse, une longue durée de vie, peuvent être remodelés, ont un point de fusion élevé et ne sont pas faciles à coller (faciles à entretenir). Pour les vrais perruque cheveux naturels, il est préférable que les cheveux lisses de la fille (cheveux lisses - les extrémités des racines ne soient pas mélangées, les écailles des cheveux soient dans le même sens, et les cheveux sont plus naturels et lisses) sans décoloration et repassage. Cependant, il a un coût élevé et un style faible.S'il s'agit d'une perruque purement faite à la main, le prix sera plus cher.

Les vraies perruques cheveux naturels sont faites de vrais cheveux, vous pouvez donc choisir les produits de soins capillaires habituels lors du nettoyage et de l'entretien.Les opérations spécifiques sont les suivantes: d'abord, mouillez soigneusement les cheveux avec de l'eau tiède, shampooing doucement les cheveux, ne les frottez pas dur, rincez-les Appliquez ensuite le revitalisant ou le masque capillaire uniformément sur les cheveux, laissez-les pendant 15 à 20 minutes pour laisser les cheveux absorber les nutriments, puis rincez-les. Enveloppez les cheveux avec une serviette sèche pour absorber l'humidité, posez-les sur le support de perruque et peignez-les. Laissez-le sécher naturellement ou portez-le sur votre tête avec un sèche-cheveux.

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What is the particular type of wig?

Tuesday, 17 December 2019 04:00:26 Europe/London

Wigs can be divided into hair sets, partial hair pieces, straight hair bundles, curly hair bundles, and buns.

The partial hair piece can add the finishing touch to the original hairstyle and make the hair fuller. However, it should be noted that if you choose a local hair bundle, you must choose a color that is the same as your own hair color or looks coordinated, so that you can modify parts of the hair and increase the overall saturation and fashion sense.

Hair tresses of different lengths and curls can be created in different styles according to different occasions. Hair styling can quickly modify the shape of the face and quickly change the style of the image.

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Wie sammle ich Perücken?

Monday, 16 December 2019 04:01:48 Europe/London

Viele Leute wissen nicht, wie sie es aufbewahren sollen, nachdem sie eine perücken getragen haben. Es ist leicht, sich im Verpackungsbeutel zu verformen, und es ist schwierig, ihn zu lagern.

1. Kaufen Sie einen Gummiball und legen Sie ihn auf den Gummiball.

2. Finden Sie zwei Holzbretter zum Zusammenkleben und setzen Sie sie direkt auf, wenn Sie sie nicht tragen.

3. Du kannst einen falschen Kopf selbst basteln. Wenn du ihn anziehst, kannst du nicht nur Perücken sammeln, sondern auch Spaß haben.

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Wie trage ich eine Perücke?

Thursday, 12 December 2019 03:59:41 Europe/London

Da ich perücken verkaufe, stellte ich nach Kontaktaufnahme mit vielen Kunden fest, dass die Leute Perücken im Allgemeinen falsch einschätzen. Ich denke, dass Sie sie nach dem Kauf einer Perücke direkt auf dem Kopf tragen können. Wenn sie nicht gut ist, liegt es an der Perücke. . Die Perücke zeigt an, dass ich diesen Topf nicht tragen möchte! !! Tatsächlich ist dies nicht der Fall: Die allgemeinen Perücken der mittleren bis oberen Preisklasse bestehen aus echtem Menschenhaar, daher unterscheidet sich die Natur nicht wesentlich von unserem eigenen Haar. Sie können Ihren Pony auch mit einem Clip oder einem Lockenwickler kürzen. Im Allgemeinen kaufte ich eine perücke und hatte keine Styling-Behandlung. Ich legte sie sanft auf den Kopf, und niemand würde gut darauf aussehen.

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Peut-on laver une perruque en fibre?

Wednesday, 11 December 2019 03:54:12 Europe/London

Les perruques fibreuses ne sont pas déformées pendant le lavage, mais elles ne peuvent pas être frottées à la main pendant le lavage, sinon elles colleront ensemble. Méthode de lavage: Après avoir trempé la perruque avec de l'eau froide, faites-la tremper dans de l'eau froide contenant du shampoing pendant 5 minutes; appuyez légèrement sur l'eau du shampooing pour enlever la saleté, rincez la mousse avec de l'eau; faites tremper la perruque dans un conditionneur contenant de l'eau 5 minutes, puis rincer à l'eau; retirer la fausse serviette et l'appuyer doucement sur la serviette pour absorber l'humidité; peigner doucement, sécher naturellement et revenir à son état d'origine après séchage.

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Wie man Perückenprodukte wäscht

Tuesday, 10 December 2019 03:49:01 Europe/London

1. Reinigen und glätten Sie das Haar vor dem Waschen (vom Schwanz aus nach und nach ausbaggern, sonst kann es das Haar beschädigen).

2. Drehen Sie die Produktkappe vor dem Waschen um.

3. Gießen Sie eine angemessene Menge neutrales Shampoo in warmes Wasser (ca. 20 ° C) und rühren Sie es gut um. Tauchen Sie das Produkt 5 Minuten in Wasser, reiben Sie es vorsichtig ein und spülen Sie es dann mit Wasser aus.

4. Eine angemessene Menge Conditioner in warmes Wasser gießen und gut umrühren. Das Produkt 10 Minuten in Wasser einweichen und mit Wasser abspülen.

5. Klopfen Sie die Wassertropfen vorsichtig mit einem Handtuch ab oder schütteln Sie die Wassertropfen vorsichtig, um das Haar natürlich zu kämmen, und legen Sie sie an einen belüfteten Ort, um es natürlich zu trocknen.

6. Beenden Sie das Produkt, nachdem das Haar vollständig trocken ist.Wowperucken -8% für alle perücken bestellungen

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Porter une perruque

Monday, 9 December 2019 06:43:10 Europe/London

Lors du choix d'une perruque, faites d'abord la perruque de la même taille que la circonférence de la tête du porteur. S'il est trop petit, il affectera la circulation sanguine de la tête et provoquera des maux de tête et des étourdissements. S'il est trop grand, il manquera de sécurité. Basé sur le modèle approprié, en fonction de la largeur du front, portez-le dans une position appropriée. Grande quantité, court, tirez légèrement le bord de la perruque lorsque vous le portez, avec une certaine quantité de rideau de cheveux comme support; quantité étroite, court court, lorsque vous le portez, le bord de la perruque est légèrement vers le haut, mais ne doit pas être trop vers le haut , Laissez une petite quantité de rideau en arrière-plan.

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A few tips for wearing a wig

Saturday, 7 December 2019 07:19:59 Europe/London

The process of wearing a wig is also a technical task, a process of making perfect. The effects of wearing a wig and not wearing a wig are completely different. Here are some tips for wearing wigs. For example, after wearing the wig, the front hairline and the earrings on both sides will expose some of their own small hairs to slightly cover the wig layering, which will look very natural. After putting on the wigs, touch the small ears on both sides of the wig, and the small ears on the two sides are exactly opposite the corners, which means that your wig is wearing properly. Other friends said that wearing a wig would make the head look big. Generally, this kind of problem occurs because the hair in the hair net is not plugged evenly, rub it more, and evenly break the hair. It may also be that the wig is too thick. In this case, it can only be said that the business is conscientious and full of materials. In this case, you only need to go to the barber shop to thin your hair slightly.If you want to learn more wigs, you can click on the web:

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How to protect the scalp when wearing a wig?

Friday, 6 December 2019 03:52:01 Europe/London

After wearing a wig, the scalp is heated because it is like wearing a thick hat on the head, and heat is a catalyst that can accelerate the metabolism of the scalp. As a result, the scalp is prone to sweating and secretes more oil, making it greasier. People with a tendency to increase dandruff may experience more severe symptoms with wigs. Therefore, those who wear wigs are advised to wash their heads once a night to remove greasy and dirt on their heads to protect the scalp and hair clean and hygienic.You can buy cheap wigs from yneed and get Fast trade, Delivery Fast at

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Can I rub my hands while washing my wig?

Thursday, 5 December 2019 03:46:52 Europe/London

Do not twist by hand when washing. Hair sets that are often worn are usually washed once every two or three months. Before washing, first comb the wig with a comb, and then wash it with a diluted conditioner solution. Never use both hands to twist and twist, let alone fake foam in the washing solution. Use your hands to gently rinse the foam above the hair in the direction of the hair, then dry it. Do not expose to the sun.Know more about long wigs , wigs for black women and more, Please go to:

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Hair Wig Care

Wednesday, 4 December 2019 04:00:41 Europe/London

It has the characteristics of soft hair, elasticity and strong authenticity. But it will be deformed after washing and it needs to be shaped.

Washing method: Soak the wig with water, soak it in warm water containing shampoo, and gently rub it with hands to wash the dirt. Rinse the foam with water and then use conditioner to care. After washing, wig out the wig and dry it with a dry towel. Press to absorb the moisture; place the wig on the wooden support and comb through. According to the needs of the hairstyle, it can be coiled to make a flower or blow the hair. Hair wigs need to be reshaped after each wash. Various combing tools can be used according to the needs of the hairstyle. Most of the hair wigs should be shaped on the bracket, but during the operation, they should be put on the wearer's head repeatedly to see the effect, so that the hairstyle is suitable for the face shape.

There are two types of wigs: full wigs and half wigs. Wearing a full set of wigs can shape your favorite hairstyle, such as braids and ponytails. When wearing a half-length wig, you should pay attention to the coordination between the real hair wigs. The wig cannot be shorter than the original hair. Do not leave a horn and master the angle to achieve the effect of false real.

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How Can I Wash My Wig?

Tuesday, 3 December 2019 06:33:08 Europe/London

1. Gently brush the wig thoroughly with a wig brush.

2. Add one tablespoon of wig shampoo to a sink filled with cold water.

3. Immerse wig for one minute and agitate gently. Do not rub.

4. Rinse the wig gently in cold clear water twice or until thoroughly rinsed.

5. Blot the wig gently with a towel. Do not squeeze or wring.

6. Apply conditioning spray very lightly over wig, spraying 10-12 inches from the wig.

7. Allow the wig to air dry on a slender object like a can of hairspray or a shampoo bottle covered with a hand towel. Styrofoam heads may stretch the cap.

8. Do not use a hair dryer. Air dries only. You may gently style the wig with your fingertips.

9. Brush wig only when completely dry. Do not allow the wig to dry in direct sunlight.

More hair wigs content can be found on the web:

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How Can I Measure My Head?

Monday, 2 December 2019 03:28:16 Europe/London

With a tape measure, begin at the front of your hairline and wrap the tape behind your ear to the nape of your neck around to your other ear until the tape meets again at the front of your hairline Average Wig size 95% of the population will fit the average wig size. The comfortable elastic/cloth material stretches and fits head sizes from 21.5”-22.5”.Know more about long wigs , wigs for black women and more, Please go to:

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Bald Wear Guide

Friday, 29 November 2019 03:39:47 Europe/London

Es gibt keinen kahlen Kopf. Achten Sie darauf, dass die Größe der perücken mit der Größe Ihres Kopfumfangs übereinstimmt. Sie können auch alle Schritte des Tragens eines Haarnetzes vor sich weglassen und die Perücke einfach auf Ihren Kopf legen. Da der kahle Kopf jedoch nicht mit einem Clip befestigt werden kann, können diejenigen, die Angst haben, instabil zu sein, ihn mit einem Klebefilm oder Klebstoff tragen.

Das Tragen von Perücken muss langsam geübt werden. Wenige Hühner sehen gut aus, wenn Sie anfangen, Perücken zu tragen. Die Methode, eine Perücke zu tragen, ist nicht statisch. Sie können langsam herausfinden, welche Methode am besten zu Ihnen passt, je nach den Eigenschaften Ihres Haares.Wowperucken -8% für alle perücken bestellungen

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Hinweis zum Tragen einer Perücke

Thursday, 28 November 2019 03:52:07 Europe/London

Perücken verwenden oft Kämme, um Staub und Haare von den perücken zu entfernen, und sie müssen regelmäßig gereinigt werden. Das Reinigen von Perücken stellt eine wichtige Aufgabe bei der Pflege von Perücken dar. Schließlich unterscheiden sich Perücken von echten Haaren. Achten Sie beim Waschen von Perücken auf Folgendes:

Eines ist, warmes Wasser zum Waschen von Perücken zu verwenden. Lassen Sie die Fälschung zunächst in warmem Wasser (15 bis 30 Grad werden bevorzugt) und lassen Sie sie etwa 5 Minuten einweichen. Wenn die Wassertemperatur zu hoch ist, wird die Lebensdauer der Perücke verkürzt.

Zweitens ist es unmöglich, Maschinenwäsche zu verwenden, da die perücken alle von Hand hergestellt werden. Die starke Drehung der Waschmaschine kann dazu führen, dass eine große Menge von Perücken herunterfällt oder sogar herunterfällt.

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Comment entretenir une perruque

Tuesday, 26 November 2019 03:35:05 Europe/London

1. La perruque doit être douce pendant le peignage, ne tirez pas la racine des cheveux avec force. Lorsque vous soufflez sur vos cheveux, la chaleur du vent ne doit pas être trop forte. Avant de définir la coiffure, portez-la sur la tête du client pour en vérifier l’effet afin que la coiffure réponde à ses besoins.

2. Le port de la perruque doit être coordonné à la couleur de la peau. Dans le cas de vos propres cheveux, essayez de choisir la couleur identique ou proche de la couleur de vos cheveux. La couleur de la peau blanche doit être composée de perruques brunes et marron clair, la couleur de peau noire doit être choisie pour les perruques foncées noire et brune, la couleur de peau jaune doit être choisie pour les perruques marron foncé, la participation aux soirées de maquillage et les autres activités doivent être basées sur la couleur de maquillage et l'éclairage, choisir une perruque en harmonie avec elle Rouge, jaune, orange-rouge, fuchsia, etc.

3. Traitement des bords des cheveux: Lorsque vous portez une perruque, laissez vos propres cheveux sur le bord de la perruque et effectuez un traitement coiffant unifié sur les cheveux et le bord de la perruque lors du peignage.

4. Position de port: Lorsque vous choisissez une perruque, commencez par la faire de la même taille que le tour de tête du porteur. Si elle est trop petite, cela affectera la circulation sanguine de la tête et provoquera des maux de tête et des vertiges. Si elle est trop grande, elle manquera de sécurité. Basé sur le modèle approprié, portez-le dans une position appropriée en fonction de la largeur du front. Large quantité, long court, tirez légèrement le bord de la perruque lorsque vous le portez, avec une certaine quantité de rideau de cheveux comme support; montant étroit, court court, lors du port, le bord de la perruque est légèrement orienté vers le haut, mais ne doit pas être trop orienté vers le haut , Laissez une petite quantité de rideau de cheveux en arrière-plan.

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Perücke benutzerdefiniertes Wissen

Monday, 25 November 2019 07:04:23 Europe/London

Wenn es sich um eine Sonderanfertigung oder einen Versandhandel handelt, achten Sie darauf, die Kopfgröße beizufügen. Die Kopfgröße enthält die folgenden Hauptteile.

1. Von der Stirn bis zur Größe des unteren Hinterhauptbeinrings, wo der Hinterhauptbeinknochen beim Messen in das Hinterhirn hineinragt, die Vertiefung unter dem Hinterhauptbein lokalisieren.

2. Länge von der Stirnhaarwurzel bis zur Unterseite des hinteren Hinterhaarknochens

3. Die Länge der Oberseite des oberen Endes der beiden Ohren umgeht die Oberseite des Kopfes

4. Der Abstand zwischen der Stirn und den beiden Ecken

5. Tragen Sie eine perücke im Abstand zwischen den Ohren und den Wurzeln der Ohren. Sie sollten die Perücken selbst tragen. Halten Sie die beiden Sätze von Haarärmeln in beiden Händen. Wenn Sie anfangen, sie auf dem Kopf zu tragen, sollten Sie ein wenig nach vorne gehen. Halten Sie dann die Oberseite mit beiden Händen fest, und der Ärmel wird nach hinten in die richtige Position bewegt.

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Wigs for Oblong shaped face

Saturday, 23 November 2019 07:29:31 Europe/London

The Oblong shaped face has an elongated rectangular shape featuring a long straight cheekline. The wig style you choose should add width to help minimize the vertical length of your face. Look for wigs styles that are short to medium in length with longer top layers such as wedges and graduated bob cuts. Chin and shoulder length looks that turn under or flutter out also work very well to add width. Straight across bangs, feathered bangs, or half bangs with side parts soften the forehead. Layered styles in medium and longer lengths with wavy and curly textures will flatter the face and neck while obscuring the straight long lines of an oblong face.Know more about long wigs and more, Please go to:

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Affect the wig to wear "true and false"

Friday, 22 November 2019 03:47:29 Europe/London

It is the size and wearing method of the wig that affects the wig wearing "true and false". First of all, the size should be suitable. Generally, the wig has an adjustment buckle to adjust the size. It can be adjusted within 1 cm. If the difference is more than 1 cm, the wig will bulge a bag. Wearing a technique is actually the key to whether a wig can be worn or not. It is a top priority. Especially the young ladies who wear wigs with long wigs, must put their hair into the hair net, and must evenly spread the hair, otherwise there will be a big lap after wearing the wig. Wearing the technique requires the younger sisters to explore more and more, choose the position of the hairline according to their forehead length and width, and see how to wear the most natural.

The last one that affects the wig "true and false" is the wig shape. Generally, there are wig layers in front of the wig, so it is not recommended to divide the bangs shape, and it is easy to expose the delamination of the wig. In fact, you can only choose a high-end lace inner net or pu glue (also called bionic film) intranet, these two intranets are also the internal network often used in costume TV series. Usually wear a light air to trim the bangs, stylish and natural.If you want to learn more, you can browse the wigs uk web:

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Optical head wearing wig guide

Thursday, 21 November 2019 04:00:39 Europe/London

There is not so much to wear the bald head. It should be noted that the size of the wig is consistent with the size of the head circumference. The steps of the front hair net can also be omitted. Simply put the wig on the head. However, because the bald head cannot be fixed with a clip, it is feared that an unstable partner can wear a film or glue.

Wearing a wig, I have to practice slowly. I almost didn’t wear a wig and I wore a good-looking chicken. The method of wearing a wig is not static. You can slowly find out the method that suits you best according to the characteristics of your hair.You can buy cheap wigs from yneed and get Fast trade, Delivery Fast at

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Should pay attention when washing wigs

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 07:28:39 Europe/London

Wigs should be used to comb off the dust that sticks to the wig, and must be cleaned regularly. Cleaning the wig is an important job in maintaining the wig, but the wig and the real hair are different after all.

1. It is necessary to use warm water to wash the wig. First, soak the fake in warm water (15~30 degrees is better) for about 5 minutes. When the water temperature is too hot, the life of the wig will be reduced.

2. It is not possible to use machine washing, because the wigs are made by hand, and the strong rotation of the washing machine may cause the wig to fall off or even be scattered.You can buy cheap wigs from yneed and get Fast trade, Delivery Fast at

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Wigs wear and maintenance

Tuesday, 19 November 2019 04:07:42 Europe/London

1. The use of non-oily maintenance fluid for wigs is also very simple: just gently spray a few wigs on the wig beforehand to make the wig soft and prevent static electricity, so that the wig stays moisturized. Just bought it back!

2. The wig can be tied up, but it can't be too high or the following real hair will run out.

3. When comparing long wig combs, divide the wig into several sections. Comb from bottom to top, be light, be patient.

4. It is normal to have a small amount of hair loss during finishing wear.

5. When you don't wear it, put it in the original packaging. When you take it, you will return it to the original state.Know more about long wigs , wigs for black women and more, Please go to:

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Note: Wigs Tips

Monday, 18 November 2019 04:04:03 Europe/London

1. Although the wig is a Japanese hair, it is different from the real hair, so it is not close to high temperature, and it can not be dyed.

2. Usually put it back in the wig bag after wearing it, put on the wig protection net, put it flat, put the wig stand on the bracket, cover the plastic bag to prevent dust

3. Although the wig can be washed, it is not recommended to wash it frequently, unless it is too dirty, it should be taken out.For more information about Celebrity Wigs, there are lots of online stores for long wigs in the Internet that you can always ask questions. A great resource is they can help you acquire a good sense to pick the High Quality wigs that best suits you.

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Die Vorteile einer Herrenperücke

Friday, 15 November 2019 03:35:21 Europe/London

Die Vorzüge von Herrenperücken und der Komfort der Kohäsivität machen das Streben der Männer nach einem breiten Spektrum von perücken aus. Einige Männer wählen aufgrund ihres müden Images oder der Bedürfnisse am Arbeitsplatz auch eine Mode, die zu ihrem eigenen Stil passt. Jedes Jahr wählen mehr als 2 Millionen Chinesen eine Modeperücke, die zu Ihnen passt. Handeln Sie für Ihr zweites Image?

Das erste, was die Hauptlast trägt, ist Ihr Image. Die Bedeutung des Images eines Menschen ist offensichtlich. Ob es sozial oder liebevoll ist, ist ein sehr wichtiges Bindeglied. In der realistischeren Welt von heute haben Männer entweder Geld oder sehen gut aus und fühlen sich gut. Nur diese beiden Punkte können das Objekt finden, aber wenn das grundlegendste Selbstbild nicht vollständig genug ist, was sollten Sie in Zukunft tun?

Und eine Perücke kann Ihre Stimmung ganz anders machen, ein guter Anfang, um den Beginn Ihrer Persönlichkeit hervorzuheben, nicht nur im Sinne der eigenen Wiederherstellung ist die vorherige Glanzperücke auch sehr praktisch zu reinigen, etwa 3-4 Tage, um einmal zu reinigen Ja, bei der Reinigung muss das Wasser etwa eine Stunde lang in warmem Wasser eingeweicht werden, damit es sterilisiert und die Gesamtstruktur verbessert werden kann. Nach dem Waschen das Wasser mit dem Kamm glätten und trocknen. Die Reinigung ist sehr einfach. Mit einer perücken wird Ihr Image vielfältiger und Ihre Kommunikation wird breiter. Wenn wir uns mit guten Freunden treffen, kann es manchmal zu müden Gefühlen kommen. Im Unsichtbaren fühlen sich einige Freunde müde. Und je besser der Freund ist, desto wahrscheinlicher ist es, dass es passiert. Dies hat jedoch keinen Einfluss auf die reale Interaktion. Die Erschöpfung wird durch die visuelle Monotonie verursacht, die ein Langzeitbild unabhängig vom Geschlecht mit sich bringt. Wenn Sie möchten, dass Ihre Frau bevorzugter ist, können Sie sie durch eine Modeperücke ersetzen.

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Wie man die Länge der Perückenknalle bestimmt

Thursday, 14 November 2019 03:59:48 Europe/London

Die Breite der Pony ist fest und das Folgende ist, um die Länge des Haares zu bestimmen. Bevor Sie in den Friseurladen gehen, lernen Sie am besten, wie man ihn zu Hause trägt, und warten Sie, bis der Laden nicht mehr herumwirbelt und keine Zeit mehr hat. Setzen Sie die perücken auf die Haare, nachdem die Pony benötigt werden. Blasen Sie es auf 80% (denken Sie daran: Die Perücke sollte gekürzt werden) und die Länge muss bestimmt werden. (Hinweis: Sie können das Haarteil in der normalen Position etwas 2 cm hinten tragen, nur für den Fall, dass es leider kurz geschnitten und in der normalen Position getragen wird.)
Der Luftknall schlägt vor, die oberen Augenlider so zu schneiden, dass die Krümmung mit einer Schiene oder einer Rolle oder einer hohlen Rolle hergestellt wird.

Französisch Pony zu den Augenbrauen nach unten, natürlich gibt es auch lange Französisch, nach ihren eigenen Vorlieben, Haarspitzen sind gebrochen, nicht einheitlich. Der perücke ist ausgequetscht und die Französin ist faul. Das normale Qi Liu Hai befindet sich zwischen den oberen Augenlidern und den Augenbrauen und behindert das Sehvermögen nicht.


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Conseils d'entretien de perruques

Wednesday, 13 November 2019 04:09:41 Europe/London

J'ai acheté une perruque mais je ne savais pas comment la maintenir, c'est un problème rencontré par de nombreuses perruques. Es-tu pareil? Aujourd'hui, Xiaobian vous apprend des astuces sur l'entretien des perruques à la mode, vous permettant ainsi de maîtriser facilement le secret de la beauté.

I. Séchage naturel

Après le nettoyage, vous ne pouvez pas utiliser la machine à laver pour la sécher, vous ne pouvez pas utiliser le sèche-cheveux ni l'exposer au soleil. C'est la méthode la plus correcte pour sécher avec une serviette sèche, puis le sécher naturellement.

2. Le shampooing doit être doux

Utilisez une petite quantité de shampoing doux en vous lavant à la main. Ne forcez pas trop et ne laissez pas tremper trop longtemps.

3. Absolument pas disponible dans la machine à laver

La forte rotation de la machine à laver peut faire tomber la perruque beaucoup ou même la disperser.

4. Stocker les perruques pour qu'elles soient ventilées et respirantes

Bien que les perruques ne soient pas de vrais cheveux, leur respirabilité pendant le stockage doit également être prise en compte, sinon l'humidité et le shampooing peuvent corroder facilement les perruques.

5. Laver les perruques à l'eau tiède

Lors du lavage de la perruque, plongez d'abord le faux dans de l'eau tiède (environ 15 à 30 degrés Celsius) pendant environ 5 minutes. Lorsque la température de l'eau est trop chaude, la durée de vie de la perruque est réduite.


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Wählen Sie eine Perücke entsprechend der Qualität der Perücke

Tuesday, 12 November 2019 06:51:53 Europe/London

Eine echthaarperücken, normalerweise eine Perücke aus 100% Echthaar. Viele Händler geben jedoch nicht den Haargehalt an, so dass es für Kunden schwierig ist, ihn zu unterscheiden. Heute zeigt Ihnen Xiaobian, wie man erkennt, ob es sich um eine echte Haarperücke handelt.

Auf dem chinesischen Markt ist in letzter Zeit eine Reihe von gemischten Hochtemperatur-Seiden- oder Protein-Seidenperücken aufgetaucht, die auf Haarstylingprobleme zurückzuführen sind. Diese Art von Perücke, die an Chemiefaserhaaren teilnimmt, ist das häufigste Problem das einfache Verknoten. Da die Chemiefaser keine Elastizität aufweist, wirkt sich dies auf das Verknoten aus, solange das perücken einen geringen Verlust aufweist, und das Verknoten ist nicht leicht auszubaggern und das Haar ist leicht zu fädeln. Machen Sie einfach eine Metapher wie ein kurzes Haar wie das Haar eines scharfen Bruders, langes Haar wie ein goldener Löwe! Und genau genommen ist diese Art des Mischens von chemischem Fasermischhaar keine echte Haarperücke.


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Nettoyage de perruque artificielle

Monday, 11 November 2019 06:46:00 Europe/London

Lorsque vous lavez artificiellement, veillez à ne pas pouvoir utiliser la machine à laver. Vous ne pouvez utiliser ni eau chaude ni eau chaude pour la lessive. Vous devez la laver à l’eau froide. La procédure est la même que pour les perruques cheveux naturels. Après avoir utilisé une serviette pour absorber l'eau, peignez-la avec un peigne, séchez-la à l'ombre (ne la peignez pas avec un peigne pendant le processus de lavage) et ne l'exposez pas au soleil, car ces perruques sont façonnées par un traitement à haute température une fois exposées à la chaleur. Sera modifié, alors éloignez-vous des sources de chaleur (comme les climatiseurs, le chauffage, les sèche-cheveux, etc.)Les Yourswigsfr perruque en promotion vous attendent


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What is the main wigs care?

Saturday, 9 November 2019 03:21:36 Europe/London

In general, the care of wigs mainly includes the care of wigs, the care of wigs and the storage of wigs. Here are some ways to introduce the wigs for you in these aspects.

First of all, it is the care of the wig. The care of wigs is mainly to comb the wigs: use a wig-specific comb (anti-static) to comb the wigs lightly. The wigs should be combed before use. After putting on the wigs and combing them a little, you can use the oblique side combing method when combing the wigs.


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Medium long hair wig-the best choice for girls

Friday, 8 November 2019 04:01:33 Europe/London

Marvelous Lace Front Long Wavy Human Hair Wig

The right hair style will make the whole person look very comfortable, but also provide the effect of providing temperament and changing the image. However, if the hair style is not right, then it will be counterproductive. Therefore, hair style has become a compulsory course for many beauty lovers, especially MM. However, the hair wigs suggest that you don't have to worry about it, because we have wigs to help solve the problem! A wig is put on, the new styling will come out immediately, if you feel inappropriate or want to change your hair, you just need to take the wig off.

Choose a good quality wig and the correct long wigs hairstyle, handle the bangs, fluffiness and hair flying, and feel like real hair. There are also wigs, wigs, etc. in the wig, and a lot of choices. We can choose according to our own needs. The wig is really a good choice when the hair is not long or short. Although it is sometimes seen by some sharp-eyed people, it is a wig, but its shape is really strong, you can give beauty to you and many non- Mainstream wig lovers have an addiction.


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Pick men's wig tips

Thursday, 7 November 2019 06:37:52 Europe/London

Already a very common decorative item in life, especially for fashionable men, the following experts from Jinan Laurel wig give you a detailed summary of how to choose a men's wigs?

1. When choosing a man's wig, be sure to choose a wig according to the characteristics of your face, skin color, facial features and body. Don't follow the trend aesthetically. After all, it is not suitable for you. It is the most important thing for you. And before you want to know what hairstyle you want to wear by wearing a wig, it is the most important thing to subvert the past or to adapt to yourself.

2. If the men are simple and only want to participate in some animation and real-life activities, you can choose a cheaper wig fabric or a combination of real hair and fiber wigs. These activities are generally biased and visually exaggerated. The effect, without biasing the fidelity of the hair. If you are a hair loss person who wants to buy it, you can choose a real hair, real hair hair wigs look realistic, and real hair contrast can achieve a real effect; now popular fashion wig, appearance is realistic The hair style is changeable. For example, the non-surgical "implantable" hair-increasing method uses 100% real hair, which is a natural choice for the beauty and hair loss patients. Therefore, it is not a real hair wig that is better than a silk wig, depending on the specific hairstyle. In general, the filaments have a good curl memory and are suitable as raw materials for curly hair.

3. When choosing a man's wig, you should pay more attention to the details of some crafts. See if the wig can be re-shaped and can be cleaned normally. The good quality wig can be cleaned normally, so when we pick the wig Be sure to distinguish the pros and cons of the wig. In addition, before wearing a wig, you must first wear the hair net to wear a doc, so that the overall look will be harmonious.You can buy cheap wigs from yneed and get Fast trade, Delivery Fast at


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Can the wigs be washed with water?

Wednesday, 6 November 2019 03:57:04 Europe/London

Wigs are generally not easy to dirty, do not need to wash often, if you take it every day, about 2-3 months to wash once, if not often take more than half a year to wash, let me summarize the cleaning method of wig.

Before washing, first use a coarse tooth soft brush or a thin toothed wooden comb to gently comb the top and bottom to clean the dirt and dust. Then put the wig into warm water with detergent (water temperature 25~30 °C), soak for 10 minutes, then gently rinse the wig by hand, rinse with a comb to remove the sticky material on the wig.

Note that you must not wig the wig in the water, and the wigs fall off and break. Finally, rinse the wig with clean water, brave the towel to gently absorb the moisture on the wig, apply a little hair to the wig, hang it in a ventilated place to dry naturally, and then fix it with a curling iron or blow it. If you do not use it often, you must use a plastic bag to seal the collection.


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How to use the wigs cap

Tuesday, 5 November 2019 04:01:35 Europe/London

Wigs are now a lot of fashion people and hair loss people choose to change their hair style and cover their products. Many friends who pay attention to wigs will pay attention to this problem. The most commonly used wigs are elastic adjustment and fixed clips. Of course, there are also invisible patches. The hair is fixed in a glued manner.

Mesh-Like Wig Cap

1. The hair net is opened at both ends, and the hands are supported by the development net, which is laid down from the top of the head to the neck.

2. With the head of the net lock facing down, hold both ends of the lock without the seam, pull down the net and know that all the hair is covered.

3. Adjust the end of the lock to the handle behind the hairline to put the wigs evenly out, and fix it behind your head with a small clip, not on the top of your head.

4. It is best to fix the front, back, left and right. If you use a word clip, the hair net will be firmer. After completing the above 4 steps, it will be basically completed.


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Hair quality wig washing method

Monday, 4 November 2019 06:24:43 Europe/London

Hair wig with soft hair, elasticity and strong authenticity. However, it will be deformed after washing and needs to be shaped.

Cleaning method:

1. Soak the wigs with water, soak it in warm water containing shampoo, and gently rub it with your hands to clean the dirt;

2. Wash off the foam with clean water and then use conditioner to care;

3. After washing, wig the wig, press it with a dry towel, and absorb the water;

4. Put the wig on the wooden support and comb it smoothly. According to the needs of the hair, the coils are made or blown.

Hair wigs need to be reshaped after each wash, and various grooming tools can be used according to the needs of the hairstyle. The shape of the hair wig should be mostly carried out on the bracket, but it should be repeatedly placed on the wearer's head during the operation to see the effect, so that the hairstyle is suitable for the face.More wigs uk content can be found on the web:


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Friday, 1 November 2019 03:51:43 Europe/London

Die populären Elemente von Mode-Perücken fördern auch die Verwendung von Perückenpflegelösungen. Viele Perückenliebhaber möchten auch wissen, wie man perücke pflegelösungen verwendet. Tatsächlich ist die Verwendung von Perückenpflegelösungen die gleiche wie die, die wir selbst verwenden. Wie pflegen wir unsere wahren Haare, dann ist die Verwendung von Perückenpflegelösung eine Wahrheit.

Die Perückenpflegelösung wird beim Kämmen der perücken verwendet, und die speziell für die Perücke verwendete nicht-ölige Pflegelösung wird gleichmäßig vor und nach der linken und rechten Seite auf die Perücke gesprüht, und die gesamte Perücke wird zu etwa 80% angefeuchtet, um glatt gekämmt zu werden.


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Perruque de queue de cheval et vrais cheveux se marient parfaitement

Thursday, 31 October 2019 03:35:53 Europe/London

Perruque Superbe Lace Front Longue Cheveux Natureles

La queue de cheval perruque est un morceau de perruque très facile à utiliser, beau et très facile à porter, faites attention aux éléments suivants, vous pouvez faire la queue de cheval perruque et vos vrais cheveux parfaitement combinés!

1. Si vous portez une perruque en queue de cheval, il est recommandé de garder la couleur et la longueur de la perruque compatibles avec les vrais cheveux lorsque vous choisissez une perruque, sinon cela ne sera pas naturel.

2. Avant de porter une fausse queue de cheval, il est préférable de vaporiser un spray hydratant qui rendra la perruque plus souple.

3. De nos jours, la création d'une fausse queue de cheval se fait principalement sous forme de perruques à cheveux longs enveloppées dans de vrais cheveux. Ainsi, pour améliorer les véritables perruques, vous pouvez jeter un coup d'œil aux vrais cheveux et les utiliser comme rênes. Les vrais et les faux cheveux sont attachés ensemble.


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Worauf achten Sie, wenn Sie im Sommer eine Perücke tragen?

Wednesday, 30 October 2019 03:36:09 Europe/London

Obwohl das Tragen einer Perücke sehr schön ist, können wir durch das Tragen einer Perücke die Form sofort ändern und gleichzeitig die Stimmung ändern. Aufgrund des heißen Wetters im Sommer gibt es jedoch immer noch einige Orte, an denen man aufpassen muss, wenn man eine Perücke trägt.

1. Die Sommerhitze ist zu heiß, um die Zeit mit Perücken zu verkürzen, was zu einem Hitzschlag führen kann.

2. Die derzeit auf dem Markt erhältlichen Perücken sind meistens Niedertemperaturfilamente, und die Niedertemperaturfilamente sind entflammbar. Daher müssen die Perücken feuerfest sein und die Perücken der Proteinfilamente sind flammhemmend.

3. Perücken sollten nicht zu eng getragen werden, da dies leicht zu Kopfhautbeschwerden führen kann.

4. Perücken sind schwer zu kontrollieren und können Kopfhautallergien verursachen.

5. Tragen Sie weniger gefärbte Perücken. Die nationale Standardperücke hat einen Formaldehydgehalt von weniger als 75 Gramm pro Kilogramm. Unter den reduzierenden Bedingungen dürfen sich die aromatischen Amine nicht in den Rohstoffen zersetzen, und aromatische Amine können Krebs verursachen. Also für diejenigen, die Haare färben, ist auch eine Erinnerung, färben Sie keine Haare.

6. Kaufen Sie die Perücke und waschen Sie sie mit Wasser, um Allergien auf der Kopfhaut vorzubeugen.Wowperucken -8% für alle perücken bestellungen


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Est-ce que les perruques peuvent être coupées ou colorées?

Tuesday, 29 October 2019 06:19:40 Europe/London

Perruque Elégante Lisse Lace Front Cheveux Naturels

À l'heure actuelle, il existe trois types de matériaux capillaires sur le marché, et les prix vont respectivement du plus bas au plus élevé pour la fibre chimique, la fibre chimique / cheveux réels et les cheveux réels. Les premières perruque de cheveux de rayons ne sont pas assez réalistes. Si vous achetez de telles perruques, ce n’est pas du Cosplay que vous pouvez jouer avec elles. Parce que cette perruque est très "fausse", elle est facile à voir en un coup d’œil.

Avec l'avancement de la technologie et l'introduction de technologies étrangères, la fibre chimique a également évolué pour devenir le fil Kani Karen, fil à haute température, fil mat, etc. À l’heure actuelle, la perruque en soie chimique peut également atteindre le niveau de réalisme. Les vrais cheveux sont les plus chers, des milliers de personnes, ne conviennent pas à la vie, principalement aux acteurs.

Les perruque peuvent être de taille en fonction de la forme de la tête ou des préférences personnelles de MM. Il est tout à fait possible de couper les cheveux lisses et la frange, mais les boucles ne sont pas recommandées pour la coupe, car même les coiffeurs professionnels sont faciles à rompre l’effet de style. (Petit conseil: Importé Kani Karen n'est pas une personne réelle, ne peut pas être teint à chaud, à éviter!)


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Suchen Sie sich die richtige Perücke aus

Monday, 28 October 2019 03:52:08 Europe/London

Haarausfall ist nicht schrecklich, es ist schrecklich, wenn man sich die Haare auszieht, aber keine geeignete Lösung findet. Bei Haarausfall fühlen sich die meisten Menschen tatsächlich schlecht um ihr Herz, aber sie können diese Tatsache kaum akzeptieren. Obwohl die meisten Menschen ein Herz von Schönheit haben, aber schließlich Haarausfall, gibt es keine gute Lösung.wowperucken -8% für alle perücken bestellungen

Und manche Menschen werden ihr Bestes geben, um etwas zu werfen, wie zum Beispiel Lebensmittel, die angeblich Haarwachstumseffekte haben, wie zum Beispiel schwarzer Sesam. Oder kaufen Sie eine Vielzahl von Medikamenten auf Ihrem Kopf, in der Hoffnung, dass die endlosen Ebenen wieder schwarz werden. Seine eigene Kopfhaut ist jedoch nicht sehr umstritten, und die Erschöpfung der Methode hat keine Wirkung.

Im Allgemeinen haben viele Menschen hier bereits aufgegeben, und sie haben begonnen, ihre Haare zu ignorieren und sie auf ihre eigene Weise laufen zu lassen. Aber ich kann die Augen von Fußgängern auf der Straße nicht ausstehen. Wenn ich jemanden treffe, der nicht freundlich ist, zeige ich heimlich auf den Rücken und mache mit meinen Freunden meine eigenen Witze. Dies macht viele Menschen nur ungern einkaufen gehen, und nach und nach von der Sonne düster.

Wählen Sie einfach eine geeignete perücken, um diese Mängel zu vermeiden. Eine passende Perücke sieht sehr realistisch aus und es gibt kein Gefühl des Ungehorsams, wenn sie auf dem Kopf getragen wird. Bei der Auswahl der richtigen Perücke müssen Sie sich nicht mehr um die Diskriminierung auf der Straße kümmern. Es ist auch bequem zu pflegen, ohne irgendwelche haarentwickelnden Medikamente anzuwenden, die sich auf Ihre Gesundheit auswirken.

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5 things you can't do with a wig

Saturday, 26 October 2019 07:34:14 Europe/London

The wigs can easily help you change shape, and it is very easy to take care of, but you should not do the following five things for your wig, it will hurt it.

1. If the wig is worn for a long time, do not pull it hard. You should spray a special non-oily maintenance liquid for the wig and slowly comb it carefully.

2. Be careful not to spray the styling gel on the wig, such as the styling agent used in real hair, which will make the wig sticky.

3. Use a non-oily maintenance solution for wigs (the method of use is also very simple: gently spray a few times on the wig before putting it on) to make the wig soft and bright and prevent static electricity, so that the wig stays moisturized. Just like when you just bought it back!

4. The wig can be tied up, but it can't be too high or the following real hair wigs will run out.

5. When comparing long wig combs, divide the wig into several sections and comb it from bottom to top. Be sure to be light and have patience.Know more about long wigs , wigs for black women and more, Please go to:


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How to choose female wigs

Friday, 25 October 2019 04:57:55 Europe/London

Today, there are many kinds of wigs sold in our country, which are graceful and graceful: there are long hairs that are draped from the top of the head to the shoulders or longer; there are different semi-long human hair wigs styles; and there are hair strands, curls, waves, and verticals. Or on the head, combed into a ponytail, long and short wigs. The realistic wigs of various shapes have reached the real artistic situation with false and chaotic. You only need to choose and wear according to your face and body shape, you can receive the effect of beautifying the appearance.

When choosing a wig, you'd better choose a real hair, hand-made or semi-hand-woven. These wigs are light, compliant, and comfortable to wear. The color of the wig is close to natural hair color.

When using a wig, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. If your hair wigs is made of real hair, you should hand it over to the hairdresser for cleaning and haircuts. If your wig is made of rayon, use a special shampoo attached to the wig to dissolve it in cold water, then immerse the wig in it, rinse it, dry it, or spray a special hair spray to make it Restore the original shape.Know more about long wigs , wigs for black women and more, Please go to:


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How to care for wig blinds?

Thursday, 24 October 2019 04:45:00 Europe/London

Whether it is pure human hair wigs of man-made fiber, it will be polluted and dirty after being used for a long time. Therefore, it is best to sew a hair net in the hair sleeve before using the wig, which is helpful for fixing and easy to clean. 

Wigs are usually worn 4-5 times. Before washing, use a coarse tooth soft brush or a thin toothed wooden comb to gently comb the top and bottom to clean the dirt and dust. Then, put the wig into warm water with detergent (water temperature 25-30 ° C). After soaking for 10 minutes, the wig is gently rinsed by hand. When rinsing, the comb on the wig can be gently combed with a comb. Be careful not to leave the fake in the water, otherwise it will cause the wig to fall off and break. Finally, rinse the wig with clean water, gently blot the water on the wig with a dry towel, and hang it in a ventilated place to dry naturally.Know more about long wigs , wigs for black women and more, Please go to:


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What are the yneed common hair color of wigs?

Wednesday, 23 October 2019 05:02:20 Europe/London

Many people don't know how to choose the color of the wigs when picking the wig. The reason may be that they don't know what the current color is or what color is suitable for them. It may also be that the colors and their names are not right. The picture helps everyone solve this problem!

Choose the wig that suits your hair wigs and choose the color that suits your skin color. The MM with a fair complexion can choose light brown or brownish yellow; the black color MM chooses black or brown yellow; the skin color yellow MM chooses maroon. And dark brown and so on. If you need to touch the light when wearing a wig, then choose wine red, yellow, orange red, purple red and so on.


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Ways to clean the wigs

Tuesday, 22 October 2019 07:30:38 Europe/London

Soak it in cold water, add a little common shampoo, gently squeeze it, remove it, use a towel to stick it outside, blot it dry, and hang it in the shade The place is air dried. Nothing, don’t wash your wigs casually, this thing is washed once and life is short...

Many wigs give a hair net when they buy. This thing is easy to throw, it can protect it from chaos when you don't use a wig.

After each use, carefully store in the cabinet. Please carefully lay it flat to avoid folding and avoid heavy pressure, otherwise it will be deformed. Don't let your pet close to it.Know more about long wigs , wigs uk and more, Please go to:


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Do you really pick a wig?

Monday, 21 October 2019 04:43:09 Europe/London

Nowadays, more and more people use wigs. Many people are getting scarcer due to stress. Some women who are beautiful are not satisfied with their hairstyles. They want to dress themselves with wigs. But, do you really know how to pick the wig correctly?

First of all, in the process of picking the wig, you must pay attention to whether the human hair wigs is matched with your face. If you don't wear it, it will be very awkward. Also pay attention to whether the color of the wig is compatible with its skin color and hair color. If you have a dark complexion and choose a red wig, it will look very strange. In fact, many people are counterproductive because they do not choose the right wig for themselves.

All in all, picking a wig is also a matter of learning. When choosing, be sure to pay attention to whether this wig is really suitable for you. It is very important to understand your face and skin color characteristics clearly. The selection is good, the wig will undoubtedly add a lot of points for you. If the selection is not good, the effect of the final display may be difficult to say.2019 new wigs for sale yneed will give you 8% off for all orders code: S2019


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Wie ist die Perücke schmutziger und schmutziger?

Friday, 18 October 2019 05:10:07 Europe/London

Der heutige soziale Druck ist sehr hoch und Kahlheit ist zu einem ganz normalen Phänomen geworden. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt hat das Auftreten von perücken den Menschen geholfen, dieses Problem gut zu lösen. Die Perücke ist jedoch kein echtes Haar und kann nicht durch Waschen der Haare behandelt werden. Daher ist die tägliche Reinigung von Perücken ein Anliegen vieler Menschen geworden. Wie sollen wir uns um die Perücke kümmern?

Zuerst müssen wir die Perücke stützen, und es ist am besten, die Haube freigeben zu lassen. Danach können wir den kleinen Kamm, den wir normalerweise verwenden, von der Wurzel bis zum Ende nehmen und die Perücke gut sein lassen. Denken Sie daran, tauchen Sie die Perücke nicht direkt in heißes Wasser. Wir können Shampoo in kaltes Wasser gießen, es gleichmäßig mischen und an das Wasser senden.

Nehmen Sie nach ungefähr der Zeit eines Liedes die perücke heraus und massieren Sie die Perücke sanft mit Ihrer Hand. Gießen Sie den Conditioner in das Wasser und lassen Sie die Perücke drei Minuten im Wasser einweichen. Benutze danach ein trockenes Handtuch, um das Wasser der Perücke abzutupfen und trockne es langsam. Freunde, die Perücken tragen, können sich daran erinnern, die Perücke einmal pro Woche zu pflegen.Wowperucken -8% für alle echthaarperücken bestellungen


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Echthaarperücke Reinigung und Pflege

Thursday, 17 October 2019 05:02:05 Europe/London

1. Kämmen Sie das Haar vor der formellen Reinigung mit einem losen Holzkamm oder einem Stahlbündel.PS: Wenn Sie keine echthaarperücken tragen, belassen Sie diese im festen Frisierrahmen, damit die Perücke länger hält und die Perückenform beibehält.

2. Bereiten Sie das Reinigungswerkzeug, einen Wasserteller und eine spezielle Perücke für die Perücke vor.

3. Drehen Sie die Perücke von innen nach außen, um die Perücke im Inneren freizulegen.

4. Nachdem Sie die Perücke in die Wasserschale gelegt haben, drücken Sie sie vorsichtig mit der Hand, damit die Perücke vollständig benetzt ist.

5. Nehmen Sie die spezielle Pflegelösung für die Perücke heraus und sprühen Sie die entsprechende Menge Pflegelösung entsprechend der Wassermenge auf die Hand.

6. Legen Sie die Handfläche vorsichtig auf die Perücke.

7-8 Die Pflegelösung wird gleichmäßig über die Perücke verteilt und die Perücke wird von Hand niedergehalten und vollständig ins Wasser gelegt.

9. Denken Sie daran, die Perücke nicht zu waschen.

10. Perücke nicht kneten.

11-12 Halten Sie die Perücke mit beiden Händen ca. 2-3 Minuten lang.

13. Drücken Sie die perücken zusammen und ersetzen Sie sie durch einen Teller Wasser.

14. Legen Sie die Perücke in sauberes Wasser, waschen Sie den Rückstand und wiederholen Sie es mehrmals.

15. Trocknen Sie die Perücke nach dem Waschen und achten Sie darauf, dass Sie sie nicht einklemmen.

Das Echthaar auf der Kopfhaut kann die Nährstoffversorgung des menschlichen Körpers erhalten, während die Perücke keine Nährstoffversorgung aufweist.Um den normalen Glanz der Perücke zu schützen, kann nach jeder Pflege ein wenig Haaröl auf die Perücke aufgetragen werden. Wenn die perücken längere Zeit nicht benutzt wird, sollte sie nach dem Waschen in die Schachtel oder den Modellkopf gelegt werden, um eine Plastikhülle hinzuzufügen, die die ursprüngliche Frisur beibehält und das Eindringen von Staub und Bakterien verhindert. Achten Sie darauf, kein warmes, heißes Wasser zu verwenden. Sie müssen mit kaltem Wasser waschen.

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Collection correcte de perruques

Wednesday, 16 October 2019 07:48:51 Europe/London

Beaucoup de gens portent des perruque mais ne savent pas comment les collecter, ils sont mis dans le placard, ils deviennent poilus après une longue période, ils sont déformés dans le sac pendant longtemps. Si vous achetez un faux modèle, le prix est trop élevé, que devriez-vous faire? Voici un bon moyen de vous apprendre combien de temps cela peut être fait pour quelques dollars.

1. Vous pouvez acheter une balle de caoutchouc lisse à l’endroit où vous vendez des articles de sport, à peu près de la taille de votre tête.

2. Ensuite, trouvez un panneau de contreplaqué ou de bois et collez-les ensemble avec de la colle 502. Il est pratique et simple de simplement mettre la perruque sur le "modèle" fait maison.

3. Si vous voulez rendre votre modèle plus parfait, vous pouvez peindre à la main un joli visage, quelles expressions peuvent être, habillez ce "modèle" fait maison, il ajoutera beaucoup de plaisir.Les perruques en ligne chez nous:, est un bon choix pour vous.


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Tragen eines Perückennetzes

Tuesday, 15 October 2019 07:47:19 Europe/London


Wickeln Sie das echte Haar in das Haarnetz, um die perücken kopfförmiger zu machen. Hauptmerkmale: Tragen Sie es von vorne nach vorne, tragen Sie es vorne und ziehen Sie es dann langsam zurück, um sicherzustellen, dass sich unterhalb des Haaransatzes keine gebrochenen Haare mehr befinden. Halten Sie die beiden Ärmel der Haarärmel mit beiden Händen fest. Wenn Sie anfangen, sie auf dem Kopf zu tragen, sollten Sie etwas nach vorne gehen. Wenn Sie den Spiegel getragen haben, halten Sie den Kopf mit beiden Händen fest und schieben Sie den Ärmel zurück in die richtige Position. wowperucken -8% für alle perücken bestellungen

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Comment porter des perruques à cheveux longs

Monday, 14 October 2019 07:27:38 Europe/London

D'abord, les filles devraient prendre le filet à cheveux dans la perruque et le mettre sur le cou, puis retirer les cheveux de derrière le filet à cheveux.

Ensuite, si vous avez une frange, mettez votre propre frange dans le filet et ajustez la frange.

Ensuite, placez un peu les cheveux derrière le cerveau dans le filet pour cheveux, ne le faites pas trop brouillon, les cheveux entiers sont à l'arrière du cerveau.

Ensuite, j'ai commencé à porter une perruque, et porter une perruque doit également commencer par l'avant, puis ajuster le tout après l'avoir mise sur la tête.

Après avoir porté la perruque, vous pouvez la modifier correctement, par exemple pour obtenir une pince à cheveux, une tache, etc., afin que la perruque soit plus réaliste.Les perruques en ligne chez nous:, est un bon choix pour vous.

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Short hair wig

Friday, 11 October 2019 07:38:08 Europe/London

Short Lace Front Straight Remy Human Hair Wig

The cute Bobby wig, the original Bobby, plus the bangs buckle and hairtail curvature to modify the face, makes people feel fresh and sweet.

This wig is a long wavy wig, the classic air-style bangs, very close to the real hair, very realistic and natural, light brown hair fashion sense!

This is a very typical short hair, very suitable for students, full of hair and seven willow sea, are playing soft and sharp tools.

A relatively low-key natural hair color short hair wig, mainly breeze, with a bow tie hair band, immediately flexible.

This short hair wigs should be highly recommended to you! In general, short curly hair is easy to get older. You can see from this short wig that short curly hair can also be filled with young girls, ah! This is a very wide wig, thin bangs, straight hair, natural brown, very natural short and medium wigs.Want to know more about human hair wigs -


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Teach you to clean the wig easily

Thursday, 10 October 2019 07:33:59 Europe/London

The wigs has been worn for a while and must be cleaned.


1. Before washing the wig, be sure to comb the hair smoothly, and gradually comb upward from the tail, otherwise the hair may be damaged.

2. Turn the wig hat in turn, pour the appropriate amount of moisturizing shampoo into warm water (about 20 °C) and mix well. Soak the wig in water for 5 minutes, then gently rinse and rinse with water.

3. Pour an appropriate amount of conditioner into the warm water and mix well. Soak the fake water for 10 minutes and rinse with water.

4. Use a towel to gently pat the drops of water, or gently shake the drops of water to comb the hair naturally, and place it in a ventilated place to dry naturally.

5. After the hair is completely dried, the wigs will be sorted out.

TIPS: Different wig materials have different precautions. Chemical fiber hair can't be washed with hot water, can't be set with hair dryer or other tools, don't expose it to direct sunlight; real hair can be lightly shaped and can be used Hair to increase fluffy (medium long hair); chemical fiber and real hair mixed hair can be washed with shampoo instead of shampoo.More hair wigs content can be found on the web:


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Wearing short hair wigs detailed steps

Wednesday, 9 October 2019 05:04:18 Europe/London


Step 1: Remove the double-headed hair net and use both hands to open it.

Step 2: Put the hair net into the neck from top to bottom.

Step 3: Then pull the hair net up to the top of the head until the edge of the hair net is at the hairline.

Step 4: Then tie the tail of the hair net.You can buy cheap wigs from yneed and get Fast trade, Delivery Fast at

Step 5: Adjust the hairline, make the hair in the hair net even, and fix it with the black clip in the back of the head.

Step 6: Take out the prepared short hair wig and comb the wig with a comb.

Step 7: Hold the front hairline position of the wig with both hands.

Step 8: Take the wig from the back to the front.

Step 9: Finally, use your fingers to adjust the position of the wigs hairline, so that you can complete the whole process of wearing a short hair wig.


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Extension de cheveux de perruque

Sunday, 6 October 2019 12:43:36 Europe/London

35Cm Extension Lisse Mi-Longue De Cheveux

1. Commencez par ouvrir la petite agrafe noire située en haut de la mèche.La pince utilisée pour la mèche est généralement en acier inoxydable et présente une certaine élasticité. L’ouverture aura un bip sonore; à certains endroits, on l’appelle également un clip.

2. La seconde consiste à se peigner les cheveux, les cheveux négligés ne sont pas propices au port de l'extension des

3. Attachez une partie de vos cheveux en haut et fixez le clip noir ouvert à la position souhaitée.

4. Posez les cheveux attachés et, enfin, pour des raisons de beauté et de dissimulation du morceau de cheveux, vous devez peigner à nouveau les cheveux avec la perruque du morceau de cheveux avec un peigne.

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Perücke kopf größe

Monday, 30 September 2019 08:05:53 Europe/London

Die Kopfform umfasst die folgenden Hauptteile.

Ausdrückliche Spitzefront Wellig Kunsthaar Perücke

1. Von der Stirn bis zur Größe des Beckenknochens, wo der Hinterhauptbeinknochen beim Messen in das Hinterhirn hineinragt, lokalisieren Sie ihn unter dem Hinterhauptbeinknochen.

2. Die Länge von der Stirnhaarwurzel bis zur Position unter dem hinteren Hinterhaarknochen.

3. Die Wurzel des oberen Endes beider Ohren umgeht die Länge der Oberseite des Kopfes.

4. Der Abstand zwischen der Stirn und den beiden Ecken.

5. Tragen Sie eine perücken im Abstand zwischen den beiden Ohren vor den Wurzeln und tragen Sie sie im Spiegel. Halten Sie die beiden Seiten der Haarärmel mit beiden Händen. Wenn Sie anfangen, sie auf dem Kopf zu tragen, sollten Sie etwas nach vorne gehen. Halten Sie dann die Oberseite mit beiden Händen fest, und die Hülse wird nach hinten in die richtige Position bewegt.Weitere perücken finden Sie unter:


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Quel matériau est bon pour les perruques?

Sunday, 29 September 2019 08:15:39 Europe/London

Véritable cheveu humain: il est fait de vrai cheveu humain transformé, sa fidélité est élevée, son toucher est le même que celui d'un vrai cheveu et il n'est pas facile à nouer, il peut être brisé, teint et brûlé et il est facile de changer de coiffure. Cependant, le prix d'une personne réelle est plus élevé et doit être maintenu avec soin.Les perruque en ligne chez nous:, est un bon choix pour vous.

Perruque Full Lace Lisse En Solde

Fibre chimique: Elle est constituée de fibre chimique et peut être divisée en fil basse température, fil haute température et fil protéique. Le fil à basse température est principalement utilisé pour façonner et fabriquer de fausses franges, le fil à haute température est principalement utilisé pour la mise en plis de coiffures, la main en soie protéinée est proche des vrais cheveux et la fidélité est plus élevée.

Compétences optionnelles: une perruque de cheveux complète peut être intégrée à vos propres cheveux, haute fidélité, mais le prix est plus cher, plus de mille dollars, convient aux personnes avec de bonnes conditions de famille, veulent poursuivre le véritable diplôme, mais aussi le prix Perruque en soie de fibre optique et de fibre chimique en option abordable; si vous voulez seulement changer vos cheveux ou le cosplay à l'occasion, vous pouvez directement choisir la perruque en fibre chimique, à un prix abordable, pour un style de coiffure.

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Kann eine Perücke direkt am Kopf getragen werden?

Friday, 27 September 2019 04:46:19 Europe/London

Da ich perücken verkaufte, stellte ich nach der Kontaktaufnahme mit vielen Kunden fest, dass die Perücken im Allgemeinen von allen falsch eingeschätzt wurden. Nachdem ich eine Perücke gekauft hatte, musste ich mir keine Gedanken darüber machen, sie direkt zu tragen. Wenn sie nicht gut ist, liegt es an der Perücke. . Die Perücke sagte, dass ich diesen Topf nicht tragen will! ! Hhh ist nicht so. Die durchschnittlichen Perücken der mittleren bis oberen Preisklasse bestehen ausschließlich aus Menschenhaar, daher unterscheidet sich die Natur nicht wesentlich von unserem eigenen Haar. Es ist weich und weich. Wenn Sie gut aussehen möchten, müssen Sie sich darum kümmern. Verwenden Sie eine Schiene, um einen Clip zu klemmen oder eine Rolle mit einem Lockenstab zu rollen. Kaufen Sie im Allgemeinen eine Perücke zurück und ist eine Perücke, die nicht geformt worden ist, direkt tragend weich auf dem Kopf, niemand trägt schönes.

Modisch Echthaar Wellig Spitzefront Perücke

Und das Tragen einer Perücke ist auch eine technische Tätigkeit, ein Vorgang, der den Meister macht. Der Effekt, eine Perücke zu tragen und keine Fälschung zu tragen, ist völlig anders. An dieser Stelle möchte ich Ihnen einige Tipps zum Tragen von Perücken geben: Nachdem die Perücke getragen wurde, sind der vordere Teil des Haaransatzes und der Teil der Taubheit auf beiden Seiten einem kleinen Flusen ausgesetzt, um die Perückenschicht zu bedecken, was sehr natürlich ist. Nachdem die Perücke angelegt wurde, berühren Sie die kleinen Ohren auf beiden Seiten der Perücke. Die kleinen Ohren auf beiden Seiten befinden sich genau gegenüber den Ecken, was bedeutet, dass Ihre Perücke getragen wird. Es gibt auch kleine Partner, die sagen, dass die Perücke beim Tragen sehr groß aussieht.Im Allgemeinen tritt diese Art von Problem auf, weil das Haar im Haarnetz nicht gleichmäßig verteilt ist und das Haar gleichmäßig verteilt und verstreut ist. Es ist auch möglich, dass die Perücke zu dick ist. In diesem Fall kann nur gesagt werden, dass der Händler gewissenhaft und voller Materialien ist. In diesem Fall ist es nur erforderlich, zum Friseursalon zu gehen, um die Haare ein wenig zu verdünnen.

Ich möchte Ihnen auch sagen, dass Sie nicht versuchen sollten, eine perücken zu kaufen, die in der Mitte gespalten ist, da die Perücken im Mittelteil leicht die Delamination der Perücke erkennen lassen. . Wenn Sie das Mittelteil kaufen müssen, wird empfohlen, ein Modell mit Knospen-Siebdruck oder Pu-Kleber zu kaufen. Diese beiden Arten von Perücken, die denen in Kampfsport-Dramen ähnlich sind, sollten relativ realistischer sein, und die aktuelle Arbeit ist im Allgemeinen unsichtbar.

Es gibt auch eine Art Embryonenhaar, die sich auf eine Perücke bezieht, die vor dem Verlassen der Fabrik nicht geformt wurde. Da das Haar mit den abgeschnittenen Pony und der Form reserviert ist, wird es dicker. Die Freiheit dieser Perückenform wird viel höher sein. Die gewünschte Form kann nach Belieben zugeschnitten werden, und es ist am besten, sie beim Zuschneiden zu tragen, damit die Gesichtsform besser zu Ihrer eigenen Frisur passt.Weitere Perücken finden Sie unter:

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Porter des perruques

Thursday, 26 September 2019 07:49:47 Europe/London

Le port de perruque ne provoque généralement pas d'allergies, mais il est préférable de ne pas les porter pour les personnes plus physiques. En outre, la perruque aura un impact certain sur la peau de la tête: si une personne souffrant d'une maladie de la peau telle que la dermatite ou l'eczéma porte une perruque, cela peut aggraver la situation et attendre que la maladie de la peau soit complètement bonne. En outre, il fait très chaud en été, le port de la perruque n’est pas bon en cas de transpiration; le porteur doit donc choisir une perruque de bonne qualité lorsqu’il choisit une perruque, de préférence avec un filet respirant, et ne doit pas être porté longtemps.

Perruque Lace Front Splendide

Comment les filles portent-elles des perruques naturellement et magnifiquement? Tout d’abord, vous devriez couvrir vos cheveux avec un couvre-chef afin que vos cheveux ne soient pas exposés, en particulier la frange. Si vous utilisez une perruque, faites attention à la couleur et à la couleur de vos propres cheveux, ne soyez pas hors de contact.

Les perruques doivent être utilisées pour éliminer la poussière qui adhère à la perruque et doivent être nettoyées régulièrement. Après avoir nettoyé la perruque, séchez-la avec un chiffon sec, puis séchez-la avec un sèche-cheveux ou posez-la sur le support pour la sécher naturellement, ce qui est bon pour la santé et peut prolonger la durée de vie de la perruque.

Gardez les perruques propres et placez-les sur le support pour éviter de les plier.Les perruques en ligne chez nous:, est un bon choix pour vous.

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Notes d'usure de perruque

Wednesday, 25 September 2019 07:31:17 Europe/London

Lorsque la beauté est dans les cheveux, ne mettez pas le scorpion tressé sur le dessus de la tête, car l'endroit où le plat sortira sera bombé! Vous pouvez utiliser un peu plus de clips pour le service que vous souhaitez créer, et vous risquez de vous sentir un peu dérangé au début, mais vous vous y habituerez bientôt. Lorsque la beauté est apportée, il faut mettre un peu de patience lentement!Pour plus d'informations sur les perruque, veuillez visiter:

perruque cheveux naturels

Ce qui précède décrit comment porter une perruque pour les cheveux longs. Venez apprendre à porter une perruque aux cheveux longs. La perruque de yourswigsfr est un cheveu humain de haute qualité qui n'a pas été teint ni chez vous ni ailleurs. Après de nombreux procédés spéciaux, elle conserve non seulement les avantages du vrai cheveu, mais garantit également l'uniformité de la couleur. Sensation douce et confortable.

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Comment entretenir les perruques

Tuesday, 24 September 2019 07:29:25 Europe/London


1. L'action de toilettage doit être légère.

La manche de la perruque doit être peignée avant utilisation, après quoi elle peut être peignée un peu. Pour peigner la perruque, il est préférable d'utiliser un peigne relativement fin: lors du peignage, il faut adopter la méthode du peignage latéral oblique, le peignage droit n'est pas possible et l'action est légère.

2. N'utilisez pas de pinces à cheveux.

Afin d'empêcher le vent de souffler sur la perruque, certaines personnes préfèrent utiliser une pince à cheveux pour maintenir la perruque. Cependant, le clip ne doit pas être utilisé trop fort. Sinon, il est facile de briser la perruque de la perruque. Par conséquent, n'utilisez pas de pince à cheveux, vous pouvez utiliser une bande de cheveux décorative pour fixer les cheveux sur la perruque.

3. Ne frottez pas avec les mains pendant le lavage.

Les pinces à perruque qui sont souvent portées sont généralement lavées tous les deux ou trois mois. Avant le lavage, peignez la perruque avec un peigne, puis peignez avec une solution diluée de conditionneur pendant le lavage. N'utilisez pas les deux mains pour vous tordre et ne pouvez pas laver la fausse mousse dans le liquide de lavage. Utilisez les deux mains pour rincer doucement la mousse au-dessus de la direction des cheveux, puis séchez-la, évitez l'exposition au soleil.


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Was ist der Schwerpunkt bei der Auswahl einer Perücke?

Monday, 23 September 2019 07:31:47 Europe/London

Elegant Spitzefront Wellige Remy Echthaar Afroamerikaner Perücke

Das Wichtigste bei der Auswahl einer perücken ist die Kombination mit einer spontanen Frisur und die Auswahl der richtigen Größe.

Ich bin von Natur aus glattes Haar, das für mikrovolumiges Haar geeignet ist und wo ich es will. Beginnen Sie dann mit der Auswahl der Farbe.

Die Größe ist die Größe der Abdeckung, die größer als das erforderliche Teil ist.

Darüber hinaus können auch andere Formen und Materialien wie der Boden des Netzes ausgewählt werden. Egal was passiert, es ist der beste Weg, es zuerst zu versuchen.Bester Ort, um perücken auf zu kaufen

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Men's wigs cleaning and maintenance

Saturday, 21 September 2019 04:50:07 Europe/London


1. Men's wigs should be lighter. The wig sleeve should be combed before use. After putting on the wig, it can be combed a little. To comb the wig, it is better to use a relatively thin comb. When combing the wig, the method of oblique side combing should be adopted, and the straight combing is not possible, and the action is light.

2. Do not rub with your hands while washing. Hair clips that are often worn are usually washed once every two or three months. Before washing, comb the wig with a comb and then comb with a diluted conditioner solution while washing. Do not use both hands to twist, and can not wash the fake foam in the washing liquid. Use both hands to gently rinse the foam above the direction of the hair, then dry it, avoid exposure to the sun.2019 new wigs for sale save 8% off for all orders at:


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How to measure the size of the wig head

Friday, 20 September 2019 04:51:19 Europe/London

The head shape includes the following main parts.

1. From the forehead to the size of the lap of the occipital bone, where the occipital bone protrudes in the hindbrain, when measuring, locate it under the occipital bone.

2. The length from the forehead hair root to the position under the posterior occipital bone.

3. The root of the upper end of both ears bypasses the length of the top of the head.

4. The distance between the forehead and the two corners.

5. Wear a wigs at the distance between the two ears before the roots, and wear them in the mirror. Hold the two sides of the hair sleeves in both hands. When you start wearing them on the head, you should take a little bit forward. When the mirror observation has been pending, Then, hold the top with both hands, and the sleeve is moved backwards to the proper position.

You can buy cheap wigs from yneed and get Fast trade, Delivery Fast at


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Can the wig be worn directly on the head?

Thursday, 19 September 2019 05:56:54 Europe/London

Because I was selling wigs, after I contacted many customers, I found that everyone generally had a wrong perception of wigs. I thought that after I bought a wig, I would not have to worry about wearing it directly. If it is not good, it is the fault of the wig. . The wig said that I don't want to carry this pot! ! Hhh is not like this. The average mid-to-high-end wigs are all human hair, so the nature is not much different from our own hair. It is soft and soft. If you want to look good, you must take care of it. Use a splint to clamp a clip or roll a roll with a curling iron. The bangs can also be trimmed at will. Generally buy back a wig, and is a wig that has not been shaped, directly wearing soft on the head, no one will wear good-looking.

Miraculous Lace Front Remy Human Hair Wig

And the process of wearing a wig is also a technical activity, a process that makes perfect. The effect of wearing a wig and not wearing a fake is completely different. Here, I will teach you a few tips for wearing wigs. For example, after the wig is worn, the front part of the hairline and the part of the deafness on both sides are exposed to some of their own small fluff to cover the wig layer, which is very natural. After the wig is put on, touch the small ears on both sides of the wig. The small ears on both sides are just opposite the corners, which means your wigs is wearing. There are also small partners who say that the wig will look very big when worn. Generally, this kind of problem occurs because the hair in the hair net is not evenly spread, and the hair is evenly spread and scattered. It is also possible that the wig is too thick. In this case, it can only be said that the merchant is conscientious and full of materials. In this case, it is only necessary to go to the barbershop to thin the hair a little.

I would also like to tell you that you should try not to buy a wig that is split in the middle, because the wigs in the middle section are easy to reveal the delamination of the wig. If you wear it, you can use the velvet hair of your forehead to block it slightly. . If you must buy the middle part, it is recommended to buy a model with bud silk screen or pu glue. These two kinds of wigs similar to those used in martial arts dramas, pu glue should be relatively more realistic, and the current work is generally invisible.

There is also a kind of embryo hair wigs, which refers to a wig that has not been shaped before leaving the factory. Because the hair with the trimmed bangs and shape is reserved, it will be thicker. The freedom of this wig shape will be much higher. The desired shape can be trimmed at will, and it is best to wear the trimming when trimming, so that the face shape can be more suitable for your own hairstyle.


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Wear wigs notes

Wednesday, 18 September 2019 07:25:21 Europe/London

Natural Capless Straight Synthetic Wig

Wearing wigs generally does not cause allergies, but those with more sensitive physiques are better not to wear them. In addition, the wig will have a certain impact on the skin of the head. If a person with skin disease such as dermatitis or eczema wears a wig, it may aggravate the condition and wait until the skin disease is completely good. In addition, the summer weather is hot, wearing a wig is not good for perspiration, so the wearer should choose a good quality wig when choosing a wig, preferably with a breathable net, and should not be worn for a long time.

How do girls wear wigs naturally and beautifully? First of all, you should cover your hair with a headgear so that your hair is not exposed, especially the bangs. If you use a wig, pay attention to the color and the color of your own hair, do not be out of touch.

Wigs should be used to comb off the dust that sticks to the wig, and must be cleaned regularly. After cleaning the wigs, dry it with a dry towel, then dry it with a hair dryer or put it on the stand to dry it naturally. This is good for health and can extend the life of the wig. Keep the wigs clean and put them on the stand to avoid folding.

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Fashion wigs features

Tuesday, 17 September 2019 07:26:38 Europe/London

Synthetic Attractive Short Wavy Chic Wig

Fashion wigs have more requirements for hair styles, and are generally more suitable for white hair, or customers who often dye hair and often change their hair style.

Fashion wigs Many customers pursue novelty, changeable styles, more styles, suitable for different occasions, so hair style is the first choice.

Wearing a fashion wig, you have to fix your hair, so the net cap is usually more than 1-2cm larger than your head circumference.

Fashion wigs are suitable for different occasions, so wigs are not worn for too long. The requirements for craftsmanship are high for medical wigs. Therefore, the cost of the process is often cheaper than that of medical wigs. However, if it is worn for a long time, it is also recommended. Choose a hand-woven process that is more breathable.


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Choose the focus of the wig

Monday, 16 September 2019 07:30:36 Europe/London

Durable Lace Front Synthetic Straight Wig

The most important thing about choosing a wigs is to pair with a spontaneous hairstyle and choose the right size.

I am naturally straight hair suitable for micro-volume hair, and where I want it. Then start to choose the color.

The size is the size of the cover that is larger than the required part.

In addition, other wigs shapes and materials such as the bottom of the net can also be selected.


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Perücke verwandt

Thursday, 12 September 2019 04:44:24 Europe/London

Ganz Populäre Monofilament Gerade Echthaar Perücken

1. Kannst du eine Perücke mit langen Haaren tragen?

Bevor ich eine perücken trage, binde ich meine Haare zusammen und binde sie mit einer Haarnadel in einem flachen Winkel an die Kopfhaut. Dann ziehe ich die Perücke an, damit meine Haare lang oder kurz sind und keine Wirkung haben.

2. Wird es im Sommer sehr heiß sein, eine Perücke zu tragen?

Die Oberseite der Perücke ist ein atmungsaktiver Netzüberzug, so dass das Gefühl nicht zu heiß ist und das Tragen eines Sommers kein Problem darstellt.

3. Kann die perücken die Tür auch tagsüber tragen, sieht sie sehr falsch aus?

Das heutige Perückenhaar ist sehr realistisch und weich, und der Glanz und das Gefühl sind sehr gut. Es ist schwer zu erkennen, dass es eine Perücke trägt, wenn es aus nächster Nähe betrachtet wird.

4. Ist das Tragen einer Perücke sehr zeitaufwändig?

Das erste Mal, wenn Sie versuchen, eine Perücke zu tragen, müssen Sie möglicherweise versuchen, es herauszufinden, aber es ist eine qualifizierte Arbeit, genau wie das Tragen einer Kontaktlinse. Dies kann in zwei Minuten nach dem Fertigstellen erfolgen. Es ist nicht zeitaufwendiger als das Fertigstellen Ihres eigenen -8% für alle echthaar perücke bestellungen

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Perruque cheveux raides et cheveux bouclés

Wednesday, 11 September 2019 07:26:04 Europe/London

Cheveux raides: Il n’ya rien à dire sur les cheveux courts ordinaires, ils peuvent être peignés directement du haut vers le bas. Pour les cheveux longs, la méthode de peignage consiste à peigner du bas au tiers supérieur de la perruque, puis à partir de 1 / 2 peigne vers le bas, peigne enfin du haut, peigne directement du haut vers le bas. Si la perruque est un peu nouée, comment la peigner ne se peigne-t-elle pas, même si elle est peignée jusqu'au bout des cheveux deviendra poilue, et Un petit nombre de cheveux ont également été arrachés.

Les cheveux bouclés sont divisés en gros rouleaux et en petits tacos: les petits rouleaux de maïs ressemblent aux cheveux longs, mais les peignes avec des peignes légèrement plus grands

Grands rouleaux (rouleaux aériens, rouleaux romains, etc.): vous ne pouvez pas utiliser un peigne, vous devez utiliser vos mains pour le faire, suivre un aperçu des boucles et suivre vos mouvements avec vos doigts un peu (ceci est principalement Les cheveux lâches sont ré-enroulés dans le rouleau et le rouleau est renforcé pour restaurer sa boucle autant que possible)

Perruque Cheveux Humains Capless Ondulée

S'il n'y a vraiment aucun moyen de faire une perruque soignée, vous pouvez le faire: Tout d'abord, en fonction de la boucle originale de la boucle, séparez les rouleaux un par un, commencez par le côté, utilisez le peigne pour redresser complètement, puis pincez un peu l'extrémité de la perruque. Rouler (le PS doit aller directement vers la gauche ou la droite) et le rouler à la position désirée, le couper avec une pince à cheveux, puis traiter les poils suivants de la même manière.

Après tout le fixage, vous pouvez vaporiser la solution de soin pour perruque, puis appuyer pendant quelques jours sur le livre ou un autre objet lourd (ou mettre une serviette sur le dessus du rouleau, puis utiliser le fer à repasser pour le brûler ou utiliser le clip machine droit). Un moment) Laissez-le dans un état fixe pendant quelques jours, puis retirez l’épingle à perruques cheveux naturels, tenez la perruque autour de la tête, secouez-la un peu, n’oubliez pas de la peigner avec la main, secouez-la directement et le volume diminuera (cette La méthode est pour la perruque qui est la boucle originale, elle n’est pas très efficace pour les cheveux raides originaux, à moins que ce soit super long, alors cela peut être un peu d’effet.)

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Wie man Wowperucken Perücke benutzt und beibehält

Tuesday, 10 September 2019 07:20:35 Europe/London

Wowperucken Perücke hat viele Vorteile: eine ist sehr realistisch, der Dekorationseffekt ist sehr gut, die zweite ist, dass die Perücke leicht zu kämmen ist, die Frisur in kurzer Zeit ändern kann, keine Notwendigkeit, anderen zu helfen, die dritte ist, eine Vielzahl von verschiedenen Frisuren zu versuchen, passend zu verschiedenen Moden Daher wird das Tragen von Perücken immer beliebter. Wie benutzt und pflegt man die perücken?

Wellig Synthetische Brillante Spitzefront Perücke

1. Die Pflege sollte leicht sein. Die Perückenmanschette sollte vor dem Gebrauch gekämmt werden und kann nach dem Aufsetzen ein wenig gekämmt werden. Um die Perücke zu kämmen, ist es besser, einen relativ dünnen Kamm zu verwenden. Wenn die Perücke gekämmt wird, sollte die Methode des Schrägkämmens angewendet werden, und das gerade Kämmen ist nicht möglich, und die Wirkung ist gering.

2. Verwenden Sie keine Haarspangen. Um zu verhindern, dass der Wind die Perücke bläst, benutzen manche Leute gerne eine Haarspange, um die perücken zu halten. Der Clip sollte jedoch nicht zu hart verwendet werden. Ansonsten ist es leicht, die Perücke der Perücke zu zerschlagen. Daher ist es am besten, keine Haarspange zu verwenden. Sie können ein dekoratives Haarband verwenden, um das Haar an der Perücke zu befestigen.

3. Reiben Sie beim Waschen nicht mit den Händen. Oft getragene Haarspangen werden in der Regel alle zwei bis drei Monate gewaschen. Kämmen Sie die Perücke vor dem Waschen mit einem Kamm und anschließend mit einer verdünnten Pflegelösung. Verwenden Sie nicht beide Hände, um sich zu drehen, und können Sie den gefälschten Schaum nicht in der Waschflüssigkeit waschen. Spülen Sie den Schaum mit beiden Händen vorsichtig über der Haarrichtung ab, trocknen Sie ihn dann und vermeiden Sie Sonneneinstrahlung.


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Comment les hommes portent-ils des perruques?

Monday, 9 September 2019 07:32:48 Europe/London

Maintenant, avec l'augmentation de la pression de la vie, beaucoup d'hommes sont chauves tôt, regardant la tête de plus en plus mince, beaucoup de gens se tournent vers les perruques, alors comment les hommes portent-ils des perruques pour avoir une belle apparence? Cet article est une brève introduction pour vous.

Perruque Nouveau Style Ondulée Capless Synthétique

Placez le filet à cheveux dans le cou (la bouche avec l'élastique est en bas), puis tirez le filet vers le haut de la tête.La plupart des perruques hommes n'ont maintenant plus de mètres, car il y a des boutons dans les pinces à cheveux pour ajuster la taille, en fonction de leur tête. La taille de la perruque appropriée est ajustée à la taille du cheveu et le poil du dos est inséré dans le filet pour cheveux. Tournez la perruque de la perruque et porter une perruque à l'avant de la tête.

Mettez la perruque et ajustez la position, faites attention à la position de la frange. Lorsque vous portez la perruque, il existe un travail qui peut vous aider à ajouter des points: couper la perruque en fonction de votre style de visage. Le visage et le style de chacun sont très différents, et une coupe supplémentaire permet à la perruque de vous correspondre plus étroitement.

L'effet des perruque pour modifier le visage est très fort. Vous pouvez faire du bruit en aplatissant vos cheveux. Le visage est plus rond et permet de concentrer les cheveux au milieu de la tête. Le visage le plus long est symétriquement fixé des deux côtés. Ainsi, après avoir porté une perruque, l'effet est homogène.

Les hommes portent des perruques et sont plus confiants. Vous devez donc choisir la bonne façon de porter une perruque pour vous rendre plus attrayante!

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Mid-range wigs maintenance and care steps

Saturday, 7 September 2019 07:52:19 Europe/London

Regarding the maintenance and care of the "medium wig" product, it is recommended to maintain the care once every week. The water temperature is between 35 degrees and 40 degrees. When washing and washing, it is washed from the root to the hair. It can be used with plastic wide teeth. Comb combing, shampoo (recommended weak acid) must be washed once with conditioner, then blotted with absorbent towel, spray special nutrient solution (care solution) when half dry, probably spray 5-6 Dry it down.

In addition, if you want a fluffy effect, then gently grab it with your hand, comb it with a comb, and then wear it. Because the hair of a real person who leaves the human body will lose the supply of nutrients, it will cause wigs lice for a long time, and the principle of nutrient solution (care solution) is to provide nutrition, so nutrient solution (care solution) is a necessity.

Most Popular Wavy Human Hair Capless Wig

Detailed professional maintenance tutorial:

1. The water temperature is about 35 to 40 degrees. First squeeze the appropriate amount of shampoo into the basin and mix and dilute (if the glue is used, the old gel must be removed first).

2. Put the "Middle wig" product into the basin and gently wash for about 15 seconds; remember: don't wash! ! !

3. Use a comb to slowly wash, do not use force, remember to protect the hair roots and the bottom of the net.

4. Wash off the shampoo residue with water.

5. Gently apply conditioner.

6. Use a comb to comb slowly and let the conditioner cover evenly.

7. Continue to wash the conditioner with clean water between 35 and 40 degrees, and wash it off in 3 times.

8. Use a absorbent towel to dry, this time the "medium wig" product is in a dry state.

9. When the semi-dry is not dry, spray special nutrient solution (care solution).Spray evenly, not excessive. Dagger (professional sales hand-woven real person hair) suggest: basic 15 cm long real hair products, probably spray 5 times.

10. Comb in the opposite direction, which can make the wigs fluffy and stand up.

11. Place it on the special bracket for the “central wig” and wait for it to dry naturally.

12. If you are eager to wear, use a hair dryer to dry. But remember: first dry the bottom of the net.


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How to choose the right wigs

Wednesday, 4 September 2019 07:39:23 Europe/London

In today's society, with the increasing pressure of life, young people are getting more and more serious. After many people have lost their hair, they can only seek the help of wigs and find their self-confidence. There are many wigs on the market, so how to deal with them? Choose a wigs?

Glamorous Wavy Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

First, when picking a wig, pay attention to the details of the process, such as whether the seam is woven (simple simulation of the effect of weaving), whether it can be secondary modeling, whether it can be cleaned normally.

Second, not a real hair wig will be better than a silk wig, depending on the specific hairstyle. In general, the filaments have a good curl memory and are suitable as raw materials for curly hair. The smoothness and drape of the real hair will be better, so it is more appropriate to use BOB head and straight hair as the raw material.

Third, you should choose a wig according to your face shape, skin color, facial features and body characteristics, instead of blindly following the trend. In addition, before choosing a wigs, you must think about it. You want to choose a hairstyle that completely subverts your past style, or you can postpone your own temperament. The principle is different. The wig hairstyle you choose will be very different.

Fourth, high-quality human hair wigs can be used for secondary modeling and normal cleaning. The so-called secondary shape means that you can reshape with a mousse or an electric hair stick to make your hair style more changeable. Normal cleaning means that the wig can be cleaned with a wig care solution without affecting the shape of the wig.

Five, high-quality wigs are generally attached to the hair net. In order to ensure the wig effect, you must first wear the hair net and then wear a wig.

Choose a wig, choose only the right one, don't choose the expensive one, you have to find the right wig to look good!

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African american wigs maintenance notes

Tuesday, 3 September 2019 07:37:38 Europe/London

Wavy Long Full Lace Remy Hair African American Wig

The wigs is generally made of rayon, which is completely different from the real hair that grows on the scalp. It is easy to get contaminated with dust and stick together, which is not good for the health of the scalp. Therefore, the wig should be cleaned regularly or combed with a comb to remove the dust adhering to the wig. It is advisable to wear a wig for half a month.

When cleaning, firstly, soak the fake in a washbasin with a small amount of shampoo for 5-10 minutes, then gently rinse it, comb the dirt adhering to the wigs for black women with a comb with a thin comb, and avoid twisting hard. . After washing, pat the water drops with a dry towel, then comb with a comb to the original hair style, dry in a cool place, avoid exposure and use a hair dryer to dry.

The real hair growing on the scalp can get the nutrient supply of the human body, while the wig has no nutrient supply. To protect the normal luster of the wig, a little hair oil can be rubbed on the wig after each grooming. When the wig is not used for a long time, it should be put into the box or the plastic head after the cleaning, which can keep the original hair style and avoid the invasion of dust and bacteria. Do not fold or clip it in the clothes. 

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Wearing human hair wigs

Monday, 2 September 2019 05:09:31 Europe/London

Affordable Lace Front Remy Human Hair Wavy Wig

1. Wearing a wigs does not cause allergies, but those with more sensitive physiques are better not to wear them. In addition, the wig will have a certain impact on the skin of the head. If a person with skin disease such as dermatitis or eczema wears a wig, it may aggravate the condition and wait until the skin disease is completely good. Each wig of Maibo wigs undergoes a rigorous disinfection process before completion to ensure the health and beauty of each customer.

2. How do girls wear wigs naturally and beautifully? First, cover your hair with a headgear so that your hair is not exposed, especially bangs. If you use a wig, pay attention to the color and the color of your own hair, do not be out of touch.

3. Wigs should use a comb to comb the dust that sticks to the wigs, and it must be cleaned regularly. After cleaning the wig, dry it with a dry towel, then dry it with a hair dryer or put it on the stand to dry it naturally. This is good for health and can extend the life of the wig.

4. Keep the wigs clean and put them on the stand to avoid folding.2019 new wigs for sale save 8% off for all orders at:


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Choisissez la bonne perruque

Friday, 30 August 2019 04:18:24 Europe/London

Comment choisir la bonne perruque? Dans la société actuelle, avec la pression croissante de la vie, les jeunes deviennent de plus en plus sérieux. Après avoir perdu beaucoup de cheveux, ils ne peuvent que demander l'aide de perruques et retrouver leur confiance en soi. Il existe de nombreuses perruques sur le marché. Choisir une perruque?

Perruque Marquante Lisse Avec Raie Au Centre De Style Kim Kardashian

1. Lorsque vous choisissez une perruque, faites attention aux détails du processus, par exemple si la couture est tissée (comparée à l'effet du tissage), si elle peut être refaçonnée, nettoyée normalement.

2. Une perruque qui n'est pas faite avec de vrais cheveux sera meilleure qu'une perruque de soie, selon la coiffure choisie. En général, les filaments ont une bonne mémoire en boucle et conviennent comme matière première pour les cheveux bouclés. La douceur et le drapé des vrais cheveux seront meilleurs, il est donc préférable d’utiliser la tête BOB et les cheveux raides comme matière première.

3. Choisissez une perruque en fonction de la forme de votre visage, de la couleur de votre peau, des caractéristiques du visage et du corps, au lieu de suivre la tendance à l'aveuglette. En outre, avant de choisir une perruque, vous devez y penser. Vous voulez choisir une coiffure qui bouleverse complètement votre style passé, ou vous pouvez différer votre tempérament. Le principe est différent. La coiffure de perruque que vous choisirez sera très différente.

4. Les perruques de haute qualité peuvent être remodelées et nettoyées normalement. La forme dite secondaire signifie que vous pouvez remodeler avec une mousse ou un bâtonnet de cheveux électrique pour rendre votre coiffure plus variable. Un nettoyage normal signifie que la perruque peut être nettoyée avec une solution de soin de perruque sans affecter la forme de la perruque.

Perruque Naturelle Lisse Capless Cheveux Naturels

5. Les perruques de haute qualité sont généralement fournies avec le filet pour perruque cheveux naturels. Afin de garantir l’effet perruque, vous devez d’abord porter le filet à cheveux, puis une perruque. Choisissez une perruque, choisissez uniquement la bonne, ne choisissez pas celle qui est chère, vous devez trouver la bonne perruque pour bien paraître!

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Comment la perruque est-elle fixée sur la tête?

Thursday, 29 August 2019 04:55:02 Europe/London

En général, il existe deux méthodes de fixation des perruque: les clips et la colle.

Perruque Commode Ondulée Lace Front Synthétique

[Cas 1 - Sélectionnez Coiffure Freestyle]: Si le client a plus de cheveux des deux côtés du grand coin et que l’arrière mesure plus de 2 cm, le premier pince-poussoir est fixé et le clip est cousu autour du fond net, généralement quatre, collé au client. Les cheveux peuvent être fixés. Si la quantité de cheveux des deux côtés et à l'arrière du client est très rare, il convient de la coller et de la fixer autour du tout.

[Cas 2 - révélant la forme de la racine des cheveux ou du dos]: le front doit être collé (avec de la colle liquide), des deux côtés des grandes cornes et à l’arrière, en fonction de la quantité de perruque cheveux naturels, choisissez de la colle ou une pince.

Ewigsfr a préparé divers accessoires, tels que des pinces, de la colle en feuille, de la colle pour bobines, de la colle liquide, un liquide nourrissant (solution de soin), des soins capillaires, un support pour perruque, etc., peuvent répondre aux besoins de la clientèle en matière de coiffure!

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Wie man Perückenprodukte richtig behandelt

Wednesday, 28 August 2019 05:06:00 Europe/London

Perückenprodukte sind schließlich eine Art Konsumgüter, die man nicht dauerhaft verwenden kann, aber gute Pflegegewohnheiten können die Lebensdauer erheblich verlängern und Perückenprodukte richtig behandeln.

Erstens müssen Perückenprodukte regelmäßig gereinigt und gewartet werden. Da es sich um echtes menschliches Haar und biologische Eiweiß-Kopfhaut handelt, ist es für lange Zeit leicht von der Außenwelt zu korrodieren, z. B. durch Schweiß, Öl usw., und muss regelmäßig gereinigt werden.

Zweitens sind einige Haarpflegemittel wie Haarpflegemittel, Haarpflegemittel wie Haarpflegemittel für echtes Haar, gleichermaßen auf perücken produkte anwendbar.

Kappenlos Erschwingliche Echthaar Perücke

Drittens achten Sie auf die Abnutzung des täglichen Lebens. Genauso wie die alten Schuhe auf der Bergstraße leicht zu brechen sind, ist die Perücke betroffen, wenn Sie häufig Sport- und Outdoor-Aktivitäten ausführen. Sie können versuchen, einige Schutzmaßnahmen zu ergreifen, oder zwei Ersatzperücken verwenden, um die Lebensdauer der Perücke zu verlängern.

Menschen, die Haargele verwenden, müssen auf die tiefen Schichten achten. Versuchen Sie, das Haarspray nicht über Nacht mitzunehmen. Wählen Sie einige tiefe Shampoos für die Kopfhaut, um die Kopfhaut regelmäßig zu behandeln. Andernfalls können Haargelchemikalien die Haarfollikel beschädigen und Haarausfall verursachen. Wir schauen uns die Idolstars an, die Haargele in großen Dosen verwenden, um ihr Haar zu pflegen. Regelmäßige Wartung ist erforderlich. Und wählen Sie nicht die Art von Haargel von der Marke Cottage. Alkohol, chemischer Gehalt ist zu hoch, dies ist nicht behandelbar. Es kann Ihre Körperorgane schädigen.

Zusammenfassend kann gesagt werden, dass professionelle perücken produkte bei guten Pflegegewohnheiten 3 bis 5 Jahre oder sogar länger verwendet werden können. Wenn Sie alle Arten von Frisuren ändern möchten, wird mehr als eine Perücke verwendet, was der Pflege der Perücken förderlicher ist.

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La taille de la perruque peut-elle être ajustée?

Tuesday, 27 August 2019 04:48:11 Europe/London

Afin de rendre la perruque belle et confortable à porter, il est très important d'ajuster la taille. Dans le magasin Maibo, afin de porter la perruque de manière confortable et en forme, le réglage de la taille de la perruque sera effectué gratuitement Veuillez nous en parler plus en détail. (Veuillez consulter séparément pour l'ajustement de la taille du produit du mécanisme)

Perruque Glamoureuse Ondulée Lace Front Cheveux Naturels

En outre, les perruque peuvent être personnalisées en fonction de la taille du client, veuillez en utiliser davantage. Il existe également des moyens simples de réagir: les perruques de Maibo ont une simple ceinture de réglage ou un sens aigu de l'ajustement. Il existe également des produits avec des épingles à cheveux fixes. Si vous ne vous sentez toujours pas à l'aise, vous pouvez utiliser des épingles à cheveux pour les utiliser.

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Wowperucken Es gibt verschiedene Arten von Perücken

Monday, 26 August 2019 05:12:37 Europe/London

Die Perücke hat ein Haarstyling-Set, ein Halbhaarstyling-Set, ein kleines Haarteil, ein Haarbündel, eine Haarnadel und dergleichen. Als perücken für den Alltag kann sie neben der Deckung von Glatze auch als Wechselfrisur verwendet werden.
Haarstyling-Set: Der elastische Ärmel auf der Rückseite des Haarstylings kann eine Vielzahl von Kopfformen aufnehmen. Wird für großflächige Abdeckung oder Haarwechsel verwendet.

Prächtige Spitzefront Gerade Sympathische Echthaar Perücken

Halbes Haar Ärmel: kann einige Mängel ausgleichen, wie das Tragen der vorderen Hälfte, das Abdecken der vorderen Oberseite des spärlichen Haarausfalls, das Tragen der zweiten Hälfte kann das Haar locker machen oder verlängern. Der halblange Ärmel wird mit einer Haarspange getragen und mit eigenen Haaren befestigt. Die erste Hälfte der perücken kann auch auf beiden Seiten des Gürtels angepasst werden und unter den Haaren des Hinterkopfs gebunden werden. Die zweite Hälfte der Perücke kann auch mit der Haarspange an der Vorderkante der Haarspange befestigt werden. An, dann befestigen Sie es an Ihrem eigenen Haar. Die Farbe des Halbhaarsatzes ist die gleiche wie die Farbe des Haares.

Kleines Haarteil / Haarnadel: Es kann das Volumen der Haare stärken und kann auch in eine Vielzahl von ausgefallenen Formen gebracht werden, die an einem bestimmten Teil befestigt sind. Es ist sehr praktisch, die Frisur zu kämmen und zu ändern. Wenn es als Knall auf das Stirnhaar gekürzt wird, kann es auch auf dem Hinterkopf oder auf der Oberseite des Kopfes zu einem Brötchen verarbeitet werden. Es ist auch möglich, das gekräuselte Muster nach dem Kräuseln an einem geeigneten Abschnitt zu befestigen. Das kleine Haarteil ist leicht und wird normalerweise mit einer Haarspange befestigt.

Haarbündel: Haarbündel unterschiedlicher Länge können für unterschiedliche Zwecke verwendet werden, z. B. für Neuauflagen, Ausbrüche usw. Zum Beispiel können kurze Haare am Hinterkopf zu einem "Pferdeschwanz" zusammengebunden werden, lange Haarbündel können zu kurzen Haarkämmen gemischt werden. Haarbündel werden normalerweise in Ihr Haar geschnitten und befestigt.

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What is the difference between wigs fake and custom?

Saturday, 24 August 2019 03:19:40 Europe/London

Buy "real hair wigs set" is divided into buy spot and order custom, the quality and price are the same.

Lace Front Long Wavy Human Hair Wig

The spot is according to the common hair loss size and length, and the corresponding quantity is prepared in advance, and the customer enters the store to match the scene; the customization is to take the head mold, obtain the actual hair loss size of the customer, and then customize the order for the factory. Because the spot can quickly see the trimming effect, so the first spot; the spot can not match, you can only customize. In addition to the 30 days of the hook, the customization process should also add time for material selection, mold making, and round-trip logistics, usually about two months, and the time is long. If the hook is fast, then it will be rough and the effect will not be very good; if the hook is slow, it will be refined, and the wigs style will be good; it will take 30-year-olds to have good vision and serious workers to do well! Hooks "real hair wigs" and making crafts are almost no difference, they are carefully crafted!

It is also a skill to reserve stocks – how many of them are counted as satisfactory? What is the size of a large area and a small area? What is the regular area? How many centimeters is regular long wigs? ... These problems require years of experience to be able to properly prepare the spot! Daggers have prepared a variety of sizes of the spot, can match with high probability, and sincerely hope that customers can only get a trip! If you don't line up, in general, the spot can be trimmed for one hour to complete the image upgrade!


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How to choose a wig type?

Friday, 23 August 2019 05:04:32 Europe/London

Today, the hair wigs market is widely accepted, how do you choose a small amount of hair and then a small amount of hair? There are three main points:

Straight Band 3/4 Wig

1. The mechanism traces hair with thick hair, a thicker than stick to the class, and if so, the hair of the entire head is about four turns. This type of micro-ventilation is very good, the only difference is that the wigs has a sewing thread. If not, then the type is almost the same as hand-knitted. In this way, the current use of a single piece of European art is actually not felt, the price is not expensive or cheap, and the quality and price are more fancy. crowd.

2. The micro-hair of the gel is very thick because it is not very thick, so it is very comfortable to touch, but the hair of the whole head is gone, but it still needs better results when it is about 55 or so, there are many movies above the head, even when a great The feeling, but for those who want to feel slim and not ventilated is the best choice for hair in such a way.

3. The hand-knitted hair type must be the most comfortable and most prominent stealth effect, because the appearance can not see the sticky glue, only the hair can be seen, but the price is more and more, people are more concerned about fat ass. Most preferred.2019 new wigs for sale yneed will give you 8% off  for all orders code: S2019


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Will wigs have a sultry feeling?

Thursday, 22 August 2019 04:48:43 Europe/London

The whole hair is wrapped in a "full wig", only the "neck wig" is exposed on the back neck, and the "half-top wigs" is exposed in the temple and the back neck. Others include a "hair piece" for the amount of additional hair on the top of the head, and a variety of popular items such as "decorative hair piece" that can be used actively in casual or formal occasions.

Pretty Lace Front Wavy Remy Human Hair Wig

The type of hand-planted hair in the hair wigs is breathable and lightweight, and can be used stylishly and comfortably every day. Maibo's wigs are comfortable throughout the year, with a body temperature of around 25 degrees, and a mesh with temperature control or heat dissipation.

2019 new wigs for sale yneed will give you 8% off  for all orders code: S2019

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Some Wigs FAQ

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 04:51:48 Europe/London

Today's wigs are like fashion, although sometimes we don't follow, but fashion is always around us. The wig is the same, like a shadow, you may be attracted to a haircut on the street, in your praise, perhaps in their view, this has already become an open secret. If you want to have a variety of styles, instead of spending a lot of money on things that hurt your hair, buy a wig! Buying a wig usually encounters some problems. The following small series first gives everyone a general knowledge about wigs.

1. How to wear a wig?

First, comb the wig and turn the wig from the inside out to the side. Then, put a hair press on the head, and use a wig to proofread the head and put it on your head. After wearing it, you can hold the correction on the edge of the French net with both hands. Some wigs can be made into a head heart, a head center, a split head road, a partial head road, etc. depending on the shape, depending on the hair style, and can also be customized according to your hair combing habits.

2. What is the best position to wear a wig?

When choosing a wig, first make the human hair wigs the same size as the wearer's head circumference. Too little to have a sense of oppression, affecting the blood circulation of the head, causing headaches, dizziness, etc.; if it is too large, it lacks a sense of security. On the basis of the appropriate model, the forehead is wide and narrow, and it is worn in an appropriate position. Wide, long atrium, when wearing, the wig edge is pulled down slightly, with a certain amount of hair curtain to set off; narrow, short court, when wearing, the edge of the wig is slightly upward, but not suitable for upwards, Leave a small amount of curtains to set off.

Magnificent Beyonce Hairstyle Long Lace Front Wig

3. How to clean the wig?

Wigs are generally not easy to dirty, do not need to wash often, if you take them every day, about 2-3 months to wash, if not often take more than half a year to wash, before washing, first use a coarse tooth soft brush or a thin tooth comb Brush the dirt and dust from the top down, and wash the wig hair conditioner into warm water (water temperature 25 degrees -30 degrees). After soaking for 10 minutes, gently rinse the wig with your hand. Never leave the fake in the water, and avoid wigs falling off and breaking. Pay attention to the action, do not squeeze, and finally rinse the wig with water, gently wipe the moisture on the wig with a dry towel, hang it in a ventilated place to dry naturally, and then comb it after drying (specific wig label) There are oh) avoid exposure and blowing, the hair is not good. If you do not use it often, you must use a plastic bag to seal the collection.

4. Do you have trouble when wearing a wig?

If it is short hair, it is very simple, go straight to the top, wrap the whole head, then comb it and take care of it. If it is medium or medium hair, you can put your hair together and have more hair. Put a few bunches of clusters, then put them on the clips with the clips. You can use a little gel water and put the wigs on the wigs.

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How many types of wigs?

Tuesday, 20 August 2019 07:37:43 Europe/London

The wig has a hair styling set, a half hair styling set, a small hair piece, a hair bundle, a hairpin and the like. As a wig for daily life, it can be used as a change hairstyle in addition to covering baldness.

Hair styling set: The elastic sleeve at the back of the hair styling can accommodate a variety of head shapes. Used for large-area cover or hair change.

Half hair sleeve: can make up for some defects, such as wearing the front half, covering the front top of the sparse hair loss, wearing the second half can make the hair fluffy or lengthen. The half-length sleeve is worn with a hair clip and fixed with its own hair. The first half of the wigs can also be customized on both sides of the belt, tied under the hair of the back of the head. The second half of the wig can also be fixed with the hair clip on the front edge of the hair sleeve. On, then clip it on your own hair.

Wavy Synthetic Wig

The color of the half hair set is the same as the color of the hair.Small hair piece / hairpin: It can strengthen the volume of hair, and can also be made into a variety of fancy shapes fixed on a certain part, it is very convenient to comb and change the hair style. If it is clipped on the forehead hair wigs, as a bang, it can also be made into a bun on the back of the head or on the top of the head. It is also possible to clip the curled pattern to a suitable portion after being curled. The small hair piece is light in weight, and is usually fixed with a hair clip.

Hair bundles: Hair bundles of various lengths can be used for different purposes, such as reissues, bursts, etc. For example, short hair can be tied to the back of the head to make a "horse tail"; long hair bundles can be blended in short hair combs. Hair bundles are usually clipped in your hair and fastened.2019 new wigs for sale yneed will give you 8% off  for all orders code: S2019


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Hair care method to avoid

Monday, 19 August 2019 08:13:11 Europe/London

1: Stress will make you lose hair

Your hair may fall off at any time, about 20 to 150 drops per day. When the pressure is too high, the hair may be more than normal, but the pressure here refers to a major change in your life: divorce, Unemployed, or sick. The general pressure does not have much impact on the hair.

Long Wavy Romantic Synthetic Wig

2: Frequent replacement of shampoo brands can make your hair healthier

It seems to be like this, but the expert said: The hair can't distinguish the difference between the two shampoos, and we have to choose the shampoo that suits us according to our hair, not according to our own. Like to choose.

3: You must comb your hair at least 100 times a day

This is also a frequently heard statement. Experts tell us that combing hair is just for styling, and too much hard combing can cause excessive hair loss or even damage to hair follicles.

4: If you pull out the white hair, it will grow more white hair

I believe that many MMs have heard of this statement, and this is purely nonsense. However, it should be noted that the removal of white hair is also a bad problem, because it will damage the hair roots and damage the scalp, which is not conducive to the growth of hair.

2019 new wigs for black women for sale save 8% off for all orders at:

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Comment choisir une perruque satisfaisante

Friday, 16 August 2019 07:32:01 Europe/London

En fait, les matières premières des perruque sont difficiles à évaluer par les consommateurs ordinaires. Les fibres synthétiques de qualité supérieure, spécialement conçues pour la fabrication de perruques, ne doivent pas être remplacées par des fibres ordinaires. Les fibres utilisées dans les perruques de haute qualité doivent tenir compte de la surface, de l'intensité, de l'épaisseur, de la ténacité et de l'élasticité des cheveux ainsi que de la prévention de l'électricité statique. Ce n'est que lorsque cette perruque est choisie qu'elle est réaliste et à la mode.

Perruque Moderne Ondulée Capless Cheveux Naturels

Certaines perruques sont également très bonnes à la surface, et leur toucher et leur couleur sont satisfaisantes, mais une fois lavées ou collectées, elles seront déformées et fanées, ce qui constitue le problème le plus courant pour les consommateurs ordinaires. Si vous souhaitez choisir une perruque de bonne qualité, vous pouvez obtenir l’approbation de la marque ou l’acheter au comptoir du grand centre commercial. Vérifiez si la perruque que vous souhaitez acheter a un téléphone ou un revendeur, l’adresse du fabricant, s’il existe une norme de qualification, qu’il existe ou non une marque de lavage. Les produits peu clairs sont classés comme produits bas de gamme ou contrefaits, et il n’existe aucune garantie de qualité.

Du point de vue du coût des matières premières, le prix des perruque cheveux naturels de haute qualité est généralement de l'ordre de quatre à cinq cents yuans. Les perruques fabriquées à partir de matières premières nationales et importées devraient en général être vendues à environ 200 yuans. Alors décidez d'acheter.

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Chemiefaser Perücke

Thursday, 15 August 2019 07:22:19 Europe/London

Kappenlos Echthaar Perücke

1. Die perücken kann leicht geschüttelt werden und viele Formen müssen nur mit den Fingern gekämmt werden.

2. Wenden Sie für lange lockige Frisuren etwas Kraft an. Der Kamm kämmt dann das Haar und trennt es. Niemals mit einem Kamm kämmen.

3. Für wellenförmiges Haar können Sie einen Perückenkamm zum sanften Kämmen verwenden.

4. Wenn die Frisur gerade ist, können Sie mit einem Kamm von oben bis zum Ende des Haares kämmen, um einen geschmeidigen Effekt zu erzielen.

5. Verwenden Sie zur Behandlung jedes Mal, wenn Sie eine perücken tragen, einen Sprayconditioner. Trennen Sie die verwickelten Haare.

6. Legen Sie niemals eine Chemiefaserperücke unter ein beheiztes Stylingwerkzeug.

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Idées de couleur de cheveux tendance à essayer

Wednesday, 14 August 2019 05:04:53 Europe/London

Faites des essais avec un changement de couleur subtil ou plus spectaculaire pendant la saison chaude. Ces idées de coloration tendance vous offrent un aperçu des dernières tendances en matière de techniques de coloration des cheveux contemporaines. Les serrures traitées chimiquement peuvent sembler simples et sans vie si vous travaillez avec des produits de qualité médiocre ou si vous oubliez d'utiliser quelques formules protectrices de la couleur. Apprenez les bases du soin des cheveux et garantissez le succès de votre transformation en prenant rendez-vous dans votre perruque

Perruque Splendide Lace Front Ondulée Synthétique

Si vous avez le courage de teindre toutes vos serrures avec une nouvelle nuance, utilisez une formule de coloration permanente ou semi-permanente. D'autre part, si vous souhaitez voir la transition progressive d'un ton à l'autre, essayez les points forts. Associez les bonnes teintes à votre teint et à votre personnalité. Découvrez ci-dessous des exemples de coloration inspirés par des professionnels et donnez un coup de fouet instantané à vos cheveux.

La coloration complète des perruques femmes crie à l'attitude et au courage. Engagez-vous à long terme dans une nouvelle teinte si vous êtes prêt pour une transformation spectaculaire. Permettez à votre styliste de teindre toutes vos mèches avec une couleur de cheveux brillante ou d'apparence plus naturelle. Afin de réaliser la couleur de vos rêves, votre styliste combinera différentes nuances. Demandez son aide pour vous donner une idée sur où chercher les nuances les plus flatteuses.

Découvrez le répertoire étonnant de nuances de rouge, de blonde et de brune que tout le monde peut jouer, quel que soit l’âge et la texture des cheveux. Échangez votre teinte naturelle pour une teinte étonnante qui donne un éclat naturel et une définition à vos cheveux. Analysez votre teint et voyez laquelle de ces couleurs qui font tourner la tête convient à votre teint.

Les cheveux en technicolor ont également l’air superbe, en particulier lorsqu’ils sont créés par un coiffeur. En utilisant différentes techniques, les coloristes peuvent faire ressortir le meilleur de votre ton de base avec des reflets assortis ou contrastés. Pour avoir l'air vexé et expérimenté, essayez une multitude de nuances de pourpre, de rose et de rouge. Ces couleurs de perruque cheveux ajouteront un coup de fouet instantané à votre coiffure. Cependant, vous pouvez également garder la classe avec des nuances blondes ou brunes qui préservent l’aspect naturel de votre style. Vos alternatives pour devenir créatif sont littéralement infinies. Tout d’abord, sélectionnez votre nuance préférée et trouvez le meilleur coloriste professionnel pouvant vous donner un nouveau look mis à jour.

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Wie tragen Frauen Spitzenperücken?

Tuesday, 13 August 2019 05:05:17 Europe/London

Spitzenperücken sind in der Regel für Gruppen mit dünnem Haar gedacht und werden heutzutage von vielen Prominenten und normalen Verbrauchern bevorzugt, da sie von guter Qualität sind und nicht so leicht zu erkennen sind wie normale perücken. Wählen Sie eine Perücke, die Ihr vorhandenes Haar bedeckt. Sie müssen jedoch vorsichtig sein, wenn Sie es tragen, um eine Fehlausrichtung oder ein Verrutschen zu vermeiden. Natürlich gibt es viele Möglichkeiten, um die oben genannten Effekte zu erzielen. Schauen wir uns das an ...

Lady Gaga Preiswete Wellig Spitzefront Echthaar Perücke


1. Wenn Sie eine volle Spitzeperücke wählen und Ihr Haar nicht sehr klein ist, setzen Sie die Perückenkappe auf Ihren Kopf. Verwenden Sie nicht die vordere Spitzeperücke, da dies Ihr vorhandenes Haar unkoordiniert mit der Perücke aussehen lässt.

2. Tragen Sie die Klebstofflösung von Hand auf. Verwenden Sie kein Wattestäbchen, da die Baumwollfasern am Kleber haften bleiben. Tragen Sie den Kleber zuerst auf die Stirn in der Nähe des Haaransatzes auf. Tragen Sie Kleber entlang des Haaransatzes auf und lassen Sie den Kleber trocknen, bis Sie ihn berühren.

3. Legen Sie die perücken auf die Perückenstütze, glätten Sie das flauschige Haar mit etwas Wasser.Die Perücke sollte von der Stirn getragen werden, der Rand der Perücke und die Stirn sollten fest gedrückt werden, und dann sollte die Perücke entlang des Kopfes getragen werden. .

4. Schneiden Sie das überschüssige Klebeband ab.

5. Befestigen Sie die Perücke mit einem Haarschmuck. Kommen Sie nicht innerhalb von 24 Stunden nach dem Tragen der Perücke ans Wasser.

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Caractéristiques de la perruque de Yourswigsfr

Monday, 12 August 2019 07:22:28 Europe/London

Yourswigsfr est spécialisé dans la vente de perruque, avec une variété de styles et de styles de perruques, une diversité de couleurs, couvrant les différentes couleurs de perruques populaires à ce stade, conçu pour mieux répondre au style, à l'esthétique et aux Demande Les caractéristiques des magasins de perruques classiques ne sont pas seulement cela, mais la suivante est d'introduire plus pour tout le monde.

Perruque Splendide Ondulée Lace Front De Style

Tout d'abord, il y a une forte respirabilitéLe magasin de perruques de qualité garantie adopte la nouvelle technologie japonaise de production de perruques, qui est comparable à celle des perruques japonaises: elle est dotée d’un filet respirant fin 360 pour réduire au mieux les dommages causés par la perruque au cuir chevelu. Les performances respirantes sont meilleures pour les consommateurs qui portent longtemps.

Deuxièmement, le style est mis à jourUn bon style de perruque permet de mieux percevoir la beauté de la perruque. Le magasin de perruques accorde donc une grande attention au style de la perruque. Par conséquent, le style de perruque du magasin de perruque est très nouveau.

Troisièmement, le processus de port est plus facileLa facilité d'utilisation est également l'un des facteurs clés pour la majorité des porteurs de perruque: le magasin de perruques s'intègre parfaitement à ses besoins et améliore et met à niveau le processus de port de la perruque, simplifiant ainsi le processus de port de la perruque. La perruque du magasin est facile à porter.

Perruque Merveilleuse Ondulée Capless Synthétique

Ce qui précède est le résumé des faiblesses des perruques combinées aux perruque du magasin de perruques.A travers l’analyse d’intégration des trois caractéristiques, je pense que tout le monde comprend mieux les caractéristiques de la perruque. Le magasin de perruques est spécialisé dans la conception, la fabrication et la vente de perruques et, grâce à des techniques de production avancées et à l'utilisation de matières premières de haute qualité, il est préférable de proposer de meilleures perruques à la majorité des perruques.

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Wig material and wig health analysis

Saturday, 10 August 2019 04:45:59 Europe/London

There are many materials that can be used to make wigs. Different materials are used in different times and regions, and wigs for certain purposes also have specified materials. In ancient East Asia, wigs were made with people's real hair, and some were made of silk or mixed. The higher the true ratio, the more expensive and the more advanced. In ancient Egypt and ancient Europe, in addition to human hair wigs, horse hair (multiple ponytail and horsehair), wool and other animal hair and plant fiber are also commonly used as wig materials, which are also the most expensive to make by human hair. In addition to traditional natural materials, modern wigs are made of chemical fibers such as nylon, fiberglass, and rayon.

Because synthetic hair is subject to stereotypes, it can be brushed or sprayed with hair spray, which is easier to care for. Of course, some are mixed with real hair and artificial hair. Among the human hair, it is best to use undyed black hair, which can be dyed in different colors and easier to shape. Some high-end artificial hairs are no less than real hair in terms of appearance, feel, color, and sag, but some low-end wigs appear rough, distorted, and unbearable.

Wavy Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Since many people in developed areas have perm and dyed hair, the people who use them to make hair wigs are mostly found in developing regions such as China, India and Southeast Asia. In India, Hindus who visit the Tirupati Temple in Andhra Pradesh often donate their hair to show piety. In the temple, a total of 600 hairdressers are employed to cut hair for believers. Every few days, there are tons of hair. It is transported from the temple warehouse and sent to the factory in Chennai, another big city for processing, and the finished products are exported to the United States, France and other Western countries. The temple can thus export 90 tons of hair per year and earn more than Rs 300 crore. According to statistics in the 2000s, there is an adult hair source in the US hair products market from India.

The artificial hair is best in Japan's Kanekaon (kanekalon, also known as "KK material" in the industry), and the price is also the most expensive. Followed by the Korean fiber hair "K wire", "M wire".


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How to choose the wig that suits you

Friday, 9 August 2019 04:48:05 Europe/London

In today's fast-growing world, fashion is a sense of smell, renovation from the inside out, especially the young generation after the 80s, the pursuit of fashion is unstoppable. Recently, it has been discovered that a new transcendence, wig, and a new wigs can be made. But not every hairstyle, or every color is suitable, in order to match the best results, wear a unique personality, so parents must continue to look down. Although there are only a few points, I think it will benefit.

Human Hair Wavy Wig

Look from the face

Round face:You can choose some medium and long wigs styles that cover the ankles, so that the face can behave as long as possible, while making the plump face look petite.

Oval face:You can choose some Liu Haier's four or six or three-seven-slit wigs and the overall large wave-like wigs, so that the smooth lines will be placed on the lower jaw, which will make the whole face look vivid and streamlined.

Square face:This type of face must be careful. If you don't pay attention, you will expose your blunt facial defects. Therefore, you should try to choose some hairstyles with lower level and curly hair on both sides, which will make your face look softer. You are more gentle and charming.

Diamond face:Choosing a medium-length hair style is more suitable, especially if the forehead is a little fluffy and the jaw is full of hair, so the overall feeling will be very harmonious.

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Would you choose a wig comb?

Thursday, 8 August 2019 07:30:30 Europe/London

Many people do not pay attention to their maintenance after purchasing a wig, until the wig has irreparable damage, they regret it. Not paying attention to the maintenance of the wig, the end result is to buy new and keep buying. Here are some suggestions for wig maintenance.

Wavy Lace Front Wig

wigs for sale

Hair comb selection

1. Wide tooth comb

The reason why the wide-toothed comb is chosen is to avoid the comb being too dense and the ribbon to be removed during the carding. In order to avoid clutter in the wig, be sure to handle it after each wash.

2. Loop brush

This brush is a good choice. It is also relatively easy to buy, usually in a hairdressing store, and at a low price. This brush can help you take care of your hair more carefully and save you money in the long run.

Note: It is absolutely not possible to use a wigs uk comb with a small ball at the end, because it is easy to take the hair out of the hair extension and cause irreparable damage to the wig.

Even if you have the comb above, the hair of the wigs will inevitably become entangled. At this time, anti-wrap agents will be a good choice for you. It also has a hair care function while taking care of the hair. However, when you buy, you should see the ingredients. If the alcohol content is too high, don't buy it, because this product will make your wig dry.

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Medium Hairstyles With Bangs 2019

Wednesday, 7 August 2019 08:01:10 Europe/London

With a multitude of wigs styling options, relatively easy maintenance requirements, medium hairstyles are some of the most intensely requested hairstyles. However, sometimes a little edginess is needed. One of the simplest choices which can produce a strong change with relatively low amounts of effort is a fabulous bangs/fringe style. Sure, things like facial features and activity, having a little fun can often lead to interesting and lovable styles. From classy bobs to layered hairstyles, adding bangs can definitely change everything.

Remy Human Hair Straight Wig

wigs for sale

Blunt bangs is a great choice if you're comfortable bringing complete focus to your facial features and also want choices that ultimately will prove fairly easy to maintain. The choices tend to depend greatly on the level of comfort that one feels regarding daring styles as well as other factors. Wispy bangs styles are perhaps the most popular ones since they are easier to style and have a more delicate allure, which is a feminine touch most women appreciate.

Though most bangs styles are kept straight, either for style uniformity in the case of those with naturally straight long wigs or simply for creating a fun contrast for wavy/curly hair. However, bending the style rules once in while can definitely prove a fun option which can expand our visions as to what are the possibilities which we can experiment with. Of course, adding a touch of asymmetry can also work well if you're interested in the in a little edginess.

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Wig cleaning precautions

Tuesday, 6 August 2019 07:37:55 Europe/London

Capless Brown Popular Wavy Human Hair Wig

Wash wigs with warm water

When washing the wigs uk, first immerse the fake in warm water (15~30 degrees is better) for about 5 minutes. When the water temperature is too hot, the life of the wig is reduced.

Shampoo should be gentle

Use a small amount of soft shampoo with hand-washing. Do not use excessive force or soak for a long time.

Absolutely not available in the washing machine

The strong rotation of the washing machine may cause the hair wigs to fall off a lot or even scatter.

Cool Straight Bob Style Wig

Naturally dried

After cleaning, you can't use the washing machine to dry it, you can't use the hair dryer or put it in the sun to dry it. It is the most correct way to dry it with a dry towel and then dry it naturally.

Store wigs to be ventilated and breathable

Although wigs are not real hair wigs, they should also be considered for breathability during storage, otherwise residual moisture and shampoo can easily corrode wigs.

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What are the types of wigs?

Monday, 5 August 2019 07:38:31 Europe/London

As the fashion concept of most people in the country is becoming more mature and the concept of consumption is constantly changing, the wig of the wig store has been favored by more and more fashionable people as a new trend of the fashion industry. The real hair wigs of the wig store serves as the overhead fashion. Amateurs choose different types of wigs to provide more comprehensive capital for their own image. Next, let's take a look at the types of wigs in wig stores.

1. wig and wig

The wig of a wig shop can be divided into two types of wigs, wigs and wigs, depending on the area of ​​the material. The wig can be fully worn on the head. This type of wig is very convenient to wear because of its wide coverage on the head, and it is relatively strong when worn. The wig of the wig store is mainly based on the specified needs of the customer. Customized to varying degrees, partial wear makes it relatively breathable.

2. Woven hair and hand hook

Usually, the wig production category of wig stores mainly includes two kinds of woven and hand hooks. Hand-made hooks made by hand are very realistic in terms of performance; while the price of woven fabrics produced by professional equipment is relatively low, which is completely good for the fashion-conscious crowd. s Choice.

3. Chemical fiber and human hair

The human hair wigs can be divided into two types according to its own material: chemical fiber and human hair. The chemical fiber silk wig made of chemical fiber products has a moderate price, and the stereotype effect is longer than that of real human hair after wearing the head; the real hair of the wig store can be burned and dyed according to the preference. The way to change at any time.

Remy Human Hair Straight Lace Front Wig

At present, the single hair style can not meet the styling needs of the lover. The wig of the reputable wig store is not only for the professional customization of a few people with hair problems, but also for the fashion people to provide a variety of changes. The head shape, so the wig of the wig store provides great help for the beauty of the person to change the change.

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Worauf achten Sie bei der Auswahl einer Männerperücke?

Friday, 2 August 2019 07:47:22 Europe/London

Heutzutage ist das Tragen einer perücken kein Privileg mehr für Frauen, und die Jungen, die früher unter Haarstyling litten, tragen Frisuren, um ihr Selbstbewusstsein zu stärken. Insbesondere einige Mängel in den Haaren von Männern Perücken tragen, ist ein wichtiger Weg, um die äußere Bild erhalten, und die Wahl der professionellen Perücke auch etwas Geschick hat zu erweitern, und wählen Sie nur die am besten geeignete für ihre Produkte, um eine bessere Passform Mit Ihrem eigenen Temperament, um Neutralisierung zu erreichen, werden Sie in der folgenden kleinen Serie an die Überlegungen für die Auswahl einer Herrenperücke herangeführt.

Echthaar Gerade Vollspitze Perücke

1. Achten Sie auf die Frisur

Die Frisur ist auch einer der wichtigsten Faktoren für die Überlegungen von außen bei Männern: Der traditionelle Zentimeter war für die vielen Männer mit unterschiedlichem Temperament schwierig zu treffen. Jetzt hat sich der Markt von den Kunden begrüßt worden perücken Sportler in vielen verschiedenen Stilen erschien wie Haare ausgewachsenes Männchen, mit langen Pony und langes Haar ist schön Bogen nimmt auf einem natürlichen geiles Gefühl. Männer mit markanten Linien und Gesichtszügen können sich für eine Frisur mit scharfer Textur entscheiden, mit der die Silhouette des Mannes besser zur Geltung gebracht werden kann. Es gibt auch viele Unterschiede bei den Perücken, die von Männern mit unterschiedlichem Temperament gewählt werden. Daher sollten die Verbraucher nach ihrem eigenen Temperament wählen, um die am besten geeigneten Perückenprodukte auszuwählen.

2. Achten Sie auf die Stabilität des Tragens

In der Regel tragen Männer kurze Perücken und haben nicht die natürliche Schwerkraft von Frauenlocken. Daher ist es notwendig, beim Tragen besonders auf die Fixierung der Perücke zu achten. Stopf- und professionelle Haarperücke auf dem Markt ist eine Art von biologischer Kopfhaut mit Leim Paste Typ-Produkte gebildet wird, ist dieses Produkt typischerweise der Fall auch mit dem Wasser und Schweiß wird nicht die Ergebnisse ihrer Anwendung beeinflussen Und die Perücke auf diese feste Art kann einen längeren Grad an Festigkeit garantieren.

Das Obige sind die Vorsichtsmaßnahmen für die Auswahl der Männerperücken, die jeder kennt.Neben der Auswahl einer professionellen perücken müssen Sie auch auf das Material der Perücke achten.Normalerweise ist die Perücke aus professionellem Echthaar natürlicher und vielseitiger. Erfüllen Sie die Bedürfnisse vieler Männer mit höheren Anforderungen. Ich glaube, dass die Verbraucher durch die Einführung von Xiaobian die für sie am besten geeignete Perücke auswählen und ihr Leben und ihre Arbeit beim Tragen verbessern können.

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Was sind die Tabus für Perücken?

Thursday, 1 August 2019 07:56:56 Europe/London

Da das Tragen einer perücken hat viele Vorteile, wie sehr realistisch, die dekorative Wirkung ist sehr gut, und die Perücke ist leicht zu kämmen, kann die Frisur in kurzer Zeit ändern, keine Notwendigkeit, Menschen zu helfen, können Verbraucher eine Vielzahl von verschiedenen Frisuren kaufen, um Perücken zu kaufen, passend zu verschiedenen Moden Daher werden Perücken zunehmend von Menschen popularisiert. Es gibt also viele Punkte, wie man eine Perücke kauft, und der Autor wird die Tabus für die Verwendung von Perücken analysieren.

Echthaar Wellig Spitzefront Perücke

1. Kann nicht gewaltsam gekämmt werden. Die Perücke sollte vor dem Gebrauch gekämmt werden und nach dem Kämmen kann sie ein wenig gekämmt werden. Sparse Kamm Perücke Kamm allgemein als gut, ein Verfahren zu verwende schrägen Kamm Kämmen Perücken, nicht ein geraden Kamm, und die Wirkung auf Licht verwendet.

2. Verwenden Sie keine Haarspangen. Um zu verhindern, dass der Wind die Perücke bläst, benutzen manche Leute gerne eine Haarspange, um die Perücke zu halten. Der Clip sollte jedoch nicht zu hart verwendet werden. Ansonsten ist es leicht, die Perücke der echthaar perücken zu zerschlagen. Inländische Seniorenperücken empfehlen daher, dass Verbraucher keine Haarspangen verwenden und ein dekoratives Haarband verwenden, um das Haar an der Perücke zu befestigen.

3. Reiben Sie beim Waschen nicht mit den Händen. Häufig getragene Perücken werden in der Regel alle zwei bis drei Monate gewaschen. Kämmen Sie die Perücke vor dem Waschen mit einem Kamm und anschließend mit einer verdünnten Pflegelösung. Verwenden Sie nicht beide Hände, um sich zu drehen, und können Sie den gefälschten Schaum nicht in der Waschflüssigkeit waschen. Spülen Sie den Schaum mit beiden Händen vorsichtig über der Haarrichtung ab, trocknen Sie ihn dann und vermeiden Sie es, ihn der Sonne auszusetzen.

4. Nicht nach Belieben lagern. Tageslager Perücke am besten, einen Holztyp Kopf zu tun, der Waschkopf bleibt nach der Art Perücke, Haaröl überzog, mit einer Drahtbürste oder einem Kamm, der kammzinkenKamm nach außen. Bilden Sie eine Vielzahl von Frisuren entsprechend Ihren eigenen Hobbys. Natürlich sollten Perücken mit einem hervorragenden Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis regelmäßig ausgesucht werden, um den Zweck der Schönheit zu erreichen. Das Intervall zwischen dem Waschen der Perückenhaare und dem Blühen ist jedoch länger als das echte Haar, einmal im Sommer und einmal im Winter.

Verführerische Wellig Spitzefront Perücke

Die oben genannten sind einige Tabus für die Verwendung von Perücken, und perücken sind in der Regel an der Brille mit Echthaar oder Kunsthaar eingehakt. Da keine Regenerationskapazität vorhanden ist, sollte die Perücke sicher aufbewahrt werden. Wenn sie für einen bestimmten Zeitraum verwendet wird, ist sie mit Staub und Bakterien kontaminiert und sollte daher regelmäßig gewaschen werden. Mit Seifenwasser, Spülmittel oder Conditioner waschen. Bürsten Sie das Netz nicht, um die Haare nicht herauszuziehen. Spülen Sie die Kopfbedeckung nach dem Bürsten mit klarem Wasser ab und drehen Sie sie nicht mit der Hand, um die Kämmbarkeit nicht zu beeinträchtigen.

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Quelle est la raison de l'expansion rapide du marché de la perruque?

Wednesday, 31 July 2019 07:34:33 Europe/London

La perruque est devenue un nouveau style à la mode ces dernières années et a séduit de nombreux consommateurs, son concept unique en vogue sur le marché chinois, qui est progressivement devenu familier et accepté par les consommateurs. Le marché de la perruque s'est rapidement développé. En regardant le statu quo du développement de l'industrie, nous pouvons comprendre que le développement rapide des perruques a de nombreuses raisons, dont l'auteur analysera les raisons de cette expansion rapide de la consommation.

Perruque Emoustillante Ondulée Synthétique

1. L'avantage original de porter une perruque est mis en évidence

Le style de cheveux fait partie de la forme générale de la personne. Par conséquent, le désir d'obtenir une variété de formes nécessite également la coordination du style de cheveux. Une teinture excessive causera beaucoup de dommages aux cheveux. Par conséquent, de nombreux consommateurs choisiront la perruque de l'industrie qui sera changeante. Type de tête. Et de nos jours, les fabricants de perruques femmes de haute qualité en Chine, le processus de production raffiné rend la perruque plus confortable et la coiffure plus diversifiée, de sorte que les perruques ont également été très appréciées des consommateurs.

2. La promotion de l'effet d'usure étoiles

Dans le cadre de la promotion rapide de la technologie de l'information multimédia, de nombreux consommateurs ont été pris en compte. De nos jours, de nombreuses stars portent une variété de perruques pour répondre aux différents besoins en matière de style, ce qui permet à davantage de consommateurs d'être perçu et reconnu.

3. Promotion de la diversification des méthodes de vente

Analyse du marché chinois de la perruque au cours des dernières années, les entreprises de fabrication de perruques professionnelles vendront leurs produits via la plate-forme de vente en réseau pour obtenir des matières premières. Elles peuvent non seulement saisir en temps voulu la tendance des informations et des produits des acheteurs nationaux et étrangers, mais peuvent également promouvoir rapidement des produits sur le marché. Il attire l'attention des consommateurs et favorise l'expansion du marché.

Perruque Belle Apparence Ondulée Lace Front

Ce qui précède est une raison importante de l’expansion rapide du marché de la vente de perruques: ces dernières années, l’approvisionnement en matières premières en quantités suffisantes pour la fourniture de matières premières sur le marché chinois de la perruques est devenu plus fiable. Bons résultats. La perruque a un effet décoratif spécial, à la fois pratique et esthétique. C'est donc une tendance inévitable à rechercher sur le marché.

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Comment choisir le bloc de perruque invisible?

Tuesday, 30 July 2019 07:28:26 Europe/London

Selon les données du rapport médical sur la santé, la perte de cheveux chez les hommes est devenue un problème majeur affectant la confiance en soi des hommes depuis le XXIe siècle, en particulier la perte de cheveux de type m au front et la dispersion, la perte de cheveux "rasage fantôme" étant la plus difficile à guérir et la plus difficile à couvrir. Bien que certains médicaments chinois aient des effets sur la croissance des cheveux, il n'existe pas de traitement clair contre la perte de cheveux héréditaire. Par conséquent, de nombreuses personnes choisissent d'être invisibles et de parvenir rapidement à une prévention unique, mais il reste à déterminer comment choisir un bloc de perruques cheveux naturels réputé.

Perruque Épatante Ondulée Cheveux Humains Lace Front

1. Doit choisir en fonction de la forme de la tête

En général, lors de la sélection de mèches de cheveux masculins invisibles, la plupart d’entre elles sont sélectionnées de manière personnalisée, car l’espace autour de la tête est trop grand, ce qui affectera grandement l’effet de port de la mèche de cheveux et les parties qui tombent sont différentes lors de la personnalisation des carrés invisibles masculins. Les zones personnalisées sont différentes, le prix n'est pas le même, donc tout d'abord, en fonction du site de perte de cheveux, du tour de tête et d'autres paramètres associés permettant de déterminer le bloc capillaire.

2. Voir si c'est un vrai cheveu

Les poils masculins sur le marché sont principalement divisés en deux catégories: la première est celle des cheveux artificiels fabriqués de manière artificielle, qui peut être visuellement similaire aux cheveux réels, mais elle sera différente lorsque la main se sentira. La seconde est que les cheveux humains purs sont liés (ou liés) par des techniques spéciales, de sorte que le toucher, la douceur et la couleur des mains sont compatibles avec les cheveux réels et peuvent être teints à chaud. Xiaobian recommande vivement et choisit les perruque cheveux humains purs. Soie ou cheveux à haute teneur en cheveux.

3. Voir comment porter

Les cheveux invisibles et les ensembles de cheveux pour hommes sont collectivement désignés sous le nom de cheveux invisibles rentables. Si vous avez une perte de cheveux partielle, il est recommandé de choisir des cheveux masculins invisibles. Ils sont généralement portés avec de la colle et des pinces, mais pour la colle. Si vous êtes allergique ou avez une perte de cheveux sévère, veillez à choisir une pince à cheveux.

Le dernier point est la durabilité des cheveux. La perte de cheveux générale n’a pas de connaissances professionnelles. Il est donc nécessaire de déterminer si elle est durable. Retirez délicatement la mèche de perruque invisible masculine fabriquée de façon artisanale, qui ne se cassera pas et ne tombera pas lorsqu'elle est tirée doucement. Leur durée de vie est relativement plus longue. Il est recommandé de choisir ce type de perruque.

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Comment choisir correctement la perruque

Monday, 29 July 2019 07:33:59 Europe/London

Avec l'amélioration continue de la technologie de production et l'avancement continu de la technologie de production, la fonction perruque est devenue plus à la mode et plus pratique, et elle est devenue synonyme de mode. En outre, de nombreuses clientes qui recherchent la beauté aiment particulièrement les perruques d'apparence brillante et élégante, ainsi que de nombreux styles de produits pour répondre aux besoins de ces groupes de consommateurs. Cependant, face à un grand nombre de perruque, les consommateurs semblent souvent débordés, comment choisir le bon produit? Regardez le résumé suivant de la petite série:

Perruque Plaisante Ondulée Lace Front Synthétique

1. Regarde la couleur de la peau

La couleur de la peau est un facteur de référence très important dans le processus de sélection des perruques car différentes couleurs de peau conviennent à différentes couleurs de cheveux, il est donc très judicieux de choisir en fonction de la couleur de la peau. Si la couleur de la peau du consommateur est très blanche, il est généralement recommandé de choisir les cheveux brun clair ou bruns afin d'éviter les conséquences d'une mauvaise apparence en raison d'un mauvais choix de couleur. Mais la couleur de perruque cheveux naturels rouge brun, brun clair et marron est également un bon choix, car cette couleur de cheveux est plus douce et peut rendre le visage du consommateur rougeâtre et éclatant. Pour les peaux plus foncées, il est préférable d’utiliser le noir et le brun naturels pour la couleur des cheveux, tandis que pour les peaux jaunâtres, on utilisera les couleurs plus sombres comme le marron et le noir naturel, qui paraîtront beaucoup plus blanches.

2. Regarde le visage

Si vous ne considérez pas le type de visage, alors même un produit perruque de marque pourrait ne pas convenir au consommateur et finir par gaspiller de l'argent. Les consommateurs doivent comprendre que la forme du visage est l'un des facteurs importants affectant l'effet du port de la perruque.Vous devez comprendre les caractéristiques de votre visage et les acheter. Par exemple, en tant que consommateur à face arrondie, il est préférable de choisir la coiffure de la frontière de Sanqi afin d’exposer une partie du front. Ensuite, si le consommateur a un visage long, il est préférable de choisir une coiffure de perruque droite vers le bas, et cette coiffure peut rendre le visage plus long visuellement plus harmonieux.

En résumé, la clé pour choisir le bon produit pour vous n'est pas de choisir le produit de marque de perruque leader du secteur, mais de choisir en fonction de la couleur de la peau et du visage du consommateur. Et la variété de produits disponibles sur le marché de la perruque suffit à répondre aux divers besoins des consommateurs, avec différents types de visage et différentes couleurs de peau: il y aura toujours un produit à la mode et élégant adapté aux consommateurs.

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Ewigsna wig features

Saturday, 27 July 2019 07:42:20 Europe/London

As a professional wig selling store, wigs shop have various types and styles of wig styles, and the colors are diverse, covering various popular wig colors at the present stage, aiming to better satisfy consumers' wig styles and aesthetics. And special needs. The characteristics of regular wig stores are not only this, but the following is to introduce more for everyone.

Lace Front Wavy Synthetic Wig

1. The wig of the wig store has strong breathability

The quality-guaranteed wig store adopts the introduction of superb Japanese wig production technology, which is comparable to Japanese wigs in terms of breathability. It uses silk thin 360 breathable net to better reduce the damage caused by wig to scalp. Breathable performance is better for consumers who wear for a long time.

2. The wig style of the wig store is updated

A good wig style can better wig the beauty of the wig, so the formal wig store pays great attention to the style of the wig, introduces the hair design concept of the Japanese advanced designer, combines the current fashion trends and the characteristics of the Chinese people to make the key design of the hair wigs style. Therefore, the wig style of the wig store is very novel.

3. The wig of the wig store is easier to wear.

The ease of wearing is also one of the key factors for the majority of wig wearers. Therefore, the wig store fully integrates with the wearer's needs and improves and upgrades the wig's wearing process, thus simplifying the wig wearing process, so the wig The wig of the store is easy to wear.

The above is the summary of the shortcomings of the wigs combined with the wigs of the wig store. Through the integration analysis of the three characteristics, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the wig characteristics of the wig store. The wig store specializes in the design, production and wigs for sale . Through advanced production techniques and high-quality raw materials, it is better to bring better wigs to the majority of wigs.

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How to choose the best darning hair

Friday, 26 July 2019 07:39:14 Europe/London

What is darning hair? This is the first reaction after the average person first came into contact with the word. People who wear wigs have a feeling that wigs are like a hat, hot and airy, and feel uncomfortable. And after a long time, my hair will be affected. Many people wear hair wigs because of hair loss, which causes hair loss more serious. Nowadays, more and more people are adopting this technology.

Long Length Straight Capless Human Hair Wig

The darning hair is lighter and more breathable than the general hair set, and the fit is high. The unique darning hair is a bio-protein artificial scalp that looks extremely thin and light. The naked eye looks like its own skin. It has biological affinity and avoids the uncomfortable feeling of the wigs when used. Because of its excellent gas permeability, and the perfect darning hair does not cause irritation to the human scalp, the woven hair replacement product is completely harmless to the human body, and there is no problem for long-term use. The use of this darning compensates for the regret caused by baldness.

The darning hair can ensure that the original hair does not fall off and does not damage the hair keratin. In fact, the actual situation of each person is different, and the demand for daring is different. For example, for some men, their hair loss is very serious, or almost lost, then the use of the simulated scalp is strong and comfortable. While some men only have thin hair, then the hair styling must be used when the connection is fixed. The method is to ensure that the original hair is not affected; if some women have no problem with hair, but only temporarily change the hair style, then the darning hair can be fixed with some more convenient hidden buckles.

So in general, the choice of woven and replenishing technology must be decided according to the actual situation of each person. At the same time, this is also a big advantage of darning and real hair wigs, because woven wigs have no wigs compared to wigs. Harm. The choice of darning and haircuts should also be carefully considered, and choose some good woven styling, which is not only responsible for their technology but also for themselves.

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Wig manufacturing process

Thursday, 25 July 2019 07:37:54 Europe/London

The production of wigs may not be as complicated as you might think. The more detailed process is to bring the best quality wigs to consumers, so everyone knows that their production process may be their own. Wig selection provides a certain reference, the following small series will introduce the wig production process.

Classic Lace Front Long Wavy Human Hair Wig

1. Cutting the hair

The popular wig will definitely do a good job in cutting and cutting. The so-called cutting is actually to complete the neat cutting of the human hair wigs that needs to be done. The material used in a good wig must be excellent. Therefore, in the cutting and cutting, one must make the cutting meet the specifications to ensure good use, and the second is to reduce the waste generated to ensure that the material will not be cut out of waste.

2. Finishing hair and mixing colors

Finishing the hair is to sort the cut hair according to the length standard, and to arrange the neat hair to make it easier to make the wig. Usually, the color mixing step for the hair is needed in the finishing process. It is mainly to scientifically mix different types of hair to produce a more natural hair color. When you choose, you have to choose a wig that is neatly mixed with color to have a more realistic effect.

3. Do a good job of measuring the hair

Usually each type of wig has a fixed amount of hair. This requires a corresponding metering of the hair after finishing. After sorting, use a rubber holster to agree to tie it up and attach the corresponding label. Everyone's wig is preferred. There should be a classification of such formal standards to ensure that the quality of the wigs that are at hand is adequately superior.

Some people may need many different kinds of wigs for sale because of their own preferences or professional needs. At this time, after knowing the wig making process, the choice of different types of wigs may be helpful, and each process is good. Execution will affect the quality of the wig, so that everyone has an effective standard when considering the quality of the wig.

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How to choose the right wig according to skin type?

Wednesday, 24 July 2019 07:29:01 Europe/London

Many people can cause hair, hair, or dryness due to various factors, which seriously affects the overall image. Therefore, wigs as a necessary hairdressing tool can help you solve these problems, so that you can enjoy the beauty of a hair. However, since the wigs for different skin types are different, you need to choose carefully. Below, you can follow the safe and transparent human hair wigs production company Xiaobian together to find out.

Lace Front Remy Human Hair Wig

1. White skin tone

The wig manufacturer of good value for money tells you that although the white skin color is natural, if the color of the wig is not properly selected, it will make you look unhealthy, remember the reddish brown, light brown color. A very soft color will make your face rosy and angry, so it is best to choose a wigs of these colors to make your look more perfect.

2. Yellowish skin tone

The skin color is yellowish and can be selected from darker colors such as natural black and light brown. Due to the contrast of these dark wigs, the yellowish skin will appear whiter and much clearer. Similarly, the most taboo of yellowish skin is the wigs with colors close to the assignment, such as yellow, gold, etc., which easily magnify the shortcomings of the skin.

3. Natural skin tone

This kind of skin is the best, it looks healthy and shiny, and there is a lot of room for choosing hair wigs color, such as yellow, brown red, wine red, deep purple, deep coffee, etc.;

4. Black

The darkness of the skin is generally caused by the serious pigmentation of the skin, which makes the skin tone dull and dull when it is seen. Therefore, it is necessary to use some natural black and dark orange on the wig hair color to make the face bright.

The above is the value of the wigs for the different skin types that you have analyzed for your wig production company. I hope it will help you. In addition, the wig hair styles that are suitable for different face types are also very different, so Xiaobian recommends that you choose the skin and face type as the basis for your choice before purchasing a wig.

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What are the main points of purchasing wigs?

Tuesday, 23 July 2019 07:28:47 Europe/London

Nowadays, it is very popular to wear wigs. There are various wig products on the market to meet people's different needs. Some people are for fashion and some are for increasing the amount of hair or repairing hair loss, and can change hair style and take care of it at any time. It is also very convenient. However, you should know some basic purchasing techniques and methods when purchasing. Specifically, the purchase points of hair wigs include the following aspects.

New Style Synthetic Wavy Capless Wig

1. Distinguish the material of the wig

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of materials for making wigs, one is real hair and the other is made of chemical fiber. If you want a realistic effect, you can choose a real hair product, but you must know how to maintain and care to maintain hair quality to avoid dry deformation. However, the wig made of chemical fiber also has many advantages. For example, it does not lose nutrients like real hair and wither and is relatively convenient and cheap. Therefore, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The wig manufacturer can choose according to your own needs. Suitable product.

2. The size and size chosen should be appropriate

At the time of purchase, especially for the whole set of wigs, you should try it a few times, especially if you choose the right size and bring it to feel comfortable and will not affect the blood circulation of the head, but also should look at it. The effect of wearing, the size must ensure that the corners and the more obvious position match their own head shape. Often, trusted wig manufacturers should choose to choose a wig that is slightly larger than their head shape and should be clipped with a hair clip when worn to prevent it from falling out during sports or windy conditions.

3. Choose the right color

The choice of wig color should be determined according to your skin color. At the same time, you should also look at the type of wig, and some are added local wigs. At this time, you must be consistent with your original hair color to be more natural. If the wig is full, then try to choose the color that can set off your skin color. If the skin color is white, you can choose light color. Otherwise, you can choose black and brown.

The above is the several aspects of the main points of the wigs for sale, in addition, it should also be noted that in the process of using wigs should be often combed and maintained. The service agency of the wig emphasizes that especially the real hair products need to be supplemented frequently. The oil should be rubbed every few days, such as olive oil or hair care products to supplement the nutrition, so that it will not dry easily. It looks brighter and smoother and lasts longer.

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Straight hair of wig knowledge, combing method of curls

Monday, 22 July 2019 07:38:24 Europe/London

Straight hair: There is nothing to say about ordinary short hair. It is ok to comb directly from top to bottom. For long hair, the combing method is to comb down from the wig from the bottom to the upper third, combing and then from 1/ 2 comb down, finally comb down from the top, comb directly from the top down. If the real hair wigs is a little knotted, then how do you comb it will not comb, even if it is combed through the end of the hair will become hairy, and A small number of hairs were also pulled off.

Curly hair is divided into large rolls and small tacos: small corn rolls are the same as long wigs, but combs are combed with a slightly larger comb.

Large rolls (air rolls, Roman rolls, etc.): You can't use a comb to comb, you have to use your hands to make it, follow a glimpse of the curls and follow your movements with your fingers around a little bit (this is mainly The loose hair is re-wound into the roll and the roll is re-reinforced to restore its curl as much as possible)


Chic Lace Front Human Hair Wavy Wig


If there is really no way to make a neat wig, then you can do this. First, according to the original curl of the curl, separate the rolls one by one, start from the side, use the comb to completely straighten, and then pinch the end of the hair wigs a little bit. Roll up (PS should go straight up to the left or right direction) and roll it to the position you want, clip it with a hair clip, and then process the next few hairs in the same way.

After all the fixing, you can spray the wig care solution up, and then press the book or other heavy objects on the end for a few days (or put a towel on the top of the roll, then use the iron to burn it or use the straight machine clip) A moment) Let it stay in a fixed state for a few days, then remove the hairpin, hold the wig around the head, shake it a little, remember not to comb it with your hand, shake it directly and the volume will come down (this The method is for the wig that is the original curl, it is not very effective for the original straight hair, unless it is super long, then it may be a little effect.) 2019 new wigs for sale yneed will give you 8% off  for all orders code: S2019

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Warum Perücken auf dem Markt weit verbreitet sind

Friday, 19 July 2019 08:24:47 Europe/London

Perücken sind nicht nur der "Retter" vieler Menschen mit Haarausfall, sondern auch die Dekoration vieler schöner Frauen. In den letzten Jahren haben immer mehr Perückenhersteller eine breite Palette von optionalen Perückenprodukten für den Markt bereitgestellt und sie haben ein gutes Feedback und eine breite Anerkennung vom Markt erhalten. Dieser Artikel beschreibt die perücken, die auf dem Markt so beliebt sind, wie unten beschrieben.

1. Das Produkt kehrt ganz natürlich zur Natur zurück

Viele Menschen tragen Perücken Haarausfall wollen nicht identifiziert werden, aber die Schönheit der Frauen benutzen Perücken ihre Frisur Perücke Produkte auch natürlich realistisch genug, und einen guten Ruf und High-Fidelity-Produkte Perücke Haar glatt und glänzend erwarten kann, zu ändern, mit Menschen Der Unterschied zwischen echtem und kleinem Haar ist sehr gering. Einige der hochwertigsten Produkte werden sogar durch Tiefbearbeitung des Kaufs von echtem perücken echthaar hergestellt.

Seidenweiche Spitzefront Echthaar Perücke

2. Hoher Komfort und Sicherheit

Obwohl der Markt für Körper vieler Produkte Perücke Menschen tat nicht weh, aber empfindliche Kopfhaut spezielle Person unweigerlich Struktur Perücke roh Allergien und deshalb sehr wichtig für die Anforderungen Komfort Perücke Produkt. Professionelle Perückenprodukte haben einen hohen Tragekomfort und Materialien, sind aus hautfreundlichen und nicht allergischen Materialien hergestellt und auch Kunden mit Allergien haben keine Sorgen.

3. Das Produkt ist kostengünstig und einzigartig in seiner Form

Die Preispositionierung von Perückenprodukten ist auch einer der Gründe, warum sie vom Markt allgemein begrüßt wird, hauptsächlich wegen der großen Anzahl von Perücken. Perücke Perücke Stile aus dem gewöhnlichen High-End-Bereich kann der Kunde verschiedene Stile und verschiedene Preise nach ihren eigenen Vorlieben, so in einem kostengünstigen Preis zu kaufen besser geeignet, um ihren modischen Stil.

Zusammenfassend hat perücken Produkt in der Lage gewesen, vom Markt aufgenommen werden, zum Teil, weil der Markt der Nachfrage steigt und der Verbrauch ist höher und höher, auf der anderen Seite ist die hervorragende Qualität des Produktes selbst Perücke erhält Marktakzeptanz, Zukunft Mit der Hinzufügung von populäreren Elementen ist die Zukunft dieser Perückenprodukte noch sehr gut.

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Was muss ich bei der Verwendung einer Perücke beachten?

Thursday, 18 July 2019 08:29:23 Europe/London

Wir haben eine Vielzahl von Gründen, müssen wir mit Stealth modifiziert werden, um ihre eigenen Unzulänglichkeiten senden oder verbergen Ort, wie perücken oder weniger der Fall kahl wie Sie dieses Produkt verwenden können, ihre unmittelbaren Bedürfnisse zu erfüllen. Die meisten Menschen können Kontakt mittels der Veränderung der Frisur gemacht tragen und kann die richtige Frisur je nach Verschleiß wählen, so dass der Gesamteffekt schöner, sondern auch die Aufmerksamkeit der Verwendung von unsichtbaren Haare auf die folgenden Aspekte im Prozess zahlen Angelegenheiten.

1. Achten Sie darauf, die Perücke zu schützen

Obwohl ein besser unsichtbares Haar aus echtem Haar besteht, ist es zerbrechlich, da es keine Nahrungsquelle hat und daher so gut wie möglich geschützt werden muss. Beliebte unsichtbare Haarhersteller, wie die üblichen, können es nicht annähernd auf hohe Temperaturen bringen, da die allgemeine Perücke nicht gegen hohe Temperaturen beständig ist und nicht gefärbt werden kann, da sie sonst den Glanz der Perücke stark schädigen und rau werden und das Aussehen beeinträchtigen kann Daher ist die Pflege sorgfältiger als die des eigenen Haares, um es glatt und glänzend zu halten.


Spitzefront Echthaar Perücke


2. Achten Sie auf die Blitzwirkung

Wir müssen zuerst tun vor der Fertigstellung getragen in der Regel unsichtbar Haar ist leicht, nachdem sie mit einer guten Form getan werden kann, Kardieren und soll beachtet werden, dass der relativ spärlich Kamm die Haare zu kämmen, um nicht Draht Haken, bequeme Krempeln. Unsichtbare Haar perücken Fabrik Erinnerung, wenn Aktion muss leicht sein, um Situationen wie die Krawatte zu vermeiden, so dass, wenn Sie vermeiden nicht schlecht Haare ziehen haben ziehen und Wartung sorgfältig durchgeführt mit einem speziellen Haarpflegeprodukt gekämmt ausgeschaltet werden soll.

3. Achten Sie darauf, keine Haarspangen zu verwenden

Manchmal möglich, um den Wind wirres Haar zu verhindern, so sind wir auf die haarnadel verwendet, aber nach dem Tragen unsichtbar, wenn es wird nicht empfohlen, Haarspangen zu verwenden, da Erfahrungen aus der Vergangenheit, finde zufällig süchtig auf die Netto-Perücke Schaden Einstellen. Hersteller Beschreibung unsichtbar gemacht, wenn unvermeidbare Haarnadeln verwenden, dann sollten Sie sehr vorsichtig, wenn möglich, kann auch anstelle der Haare verwendet werden, dienen dazu, den Bügel und die ästhetische Wirkung zu bringen.

Dies sind die unsichtbaren Aspekte der Materie mit einer Notiz enthalten, aber auch in der Regel nicht versuchen, Wasser auf der Perücke Gel zu Spray oder gesendet Wellen, wird es sehr einfach sein, um eine perücken echthaar zu machen klebrig werden und nicht einfach zu verwalten. Und die Verwendung von Punkten gibt es zu beachten ist in der Regel unsichtbar Haar sollte eine spezielle nicht-ölige Perücke Wartungslösung verwenden sprühte, kann sehr gut seine statische Elektrizität zu verhindern und zu vermeiden glatte und glänzende Krawatte zu werden.

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Passen Sie das Ungleichgewicht des Kopfhautöls an

Wednesday, 17 July 2019 08:21:00 Europe/London

Tatsächlich sollte gesunde Kopfhaut trocken oder fettig sein und genau die richtige Menge Feuchtigkeit aufweisen. Der Ölhaushalt der Kopfhaut stellt ein Barometer für die Gesundheit der Kopfhaut dar. Die Schönheit der Haare hängt weitgehend vom gesunden Gleichgewicht der Kopfhaut ab, insbesondere von einem natürlichen Feuchtigkeitsfilm aus Talg und Schweißdrüsen. Ob es sich um eine trockene oder fettige Kopfhaut handelt, kann leicht zu Schuppenbildung führen. Daher müssen Sie ein speziell für die Kopfhaut entwickeltes Pflegeprodukt verwenden, und Sie können die folgenden beiden Methoden ausprobieren:

Schonende Pflege: Fettige Kopfhaut ist nicht nur ein Shampoo, auch fettiges Haar sollte schonend behandelt werden. Sie müssen den Feuchtigkeitsmangel in Ihrer Kopfhaut auffüllen, damit Ihre Kopfhaut den gleichen Wasser- und Ölhaushalt wie Ihre Haut erreicht.


Erstaunlich Gerade Echthaar Spitzefront Perücke


In der Tat ist die Ursache der Reizung der Kopfhaut kompliziert, aber die Schuldigen, der Pilz, sind auch die Quelle der Stimulation der Kopfhaut. Wenn die Empfindung für eine lange Zeit anhält, müssen Sie verstehen, dass dies wahrscheinlich ein Vorläufer für Schuppen ist. Sie können die folgenden 3 effektiven Methoden ausprobieren:

Vermeiden Sie irritierende Einflüsse: Einige Haarstylingprodukte enthalten irritierende Inhaltsstoffe, die das Kribbeln der Kopfhaut verstärken und die Anzahl alkoholhaltiger Haarprodukte minimieren können. Ernährungsregulierung: Vermeiden Sie übermäßige Mengen an irritierenden Lebensmitteln wie Kaffee, Tabak, Alkohol und scharfen Lebensmitteln, die die Hautreizung am Kopf verringern können.

Tatsächlich ist die Kopfhaut keine Kleinigkeit. Gesunde Kopfhaut sollte kein straffes Gefühl haben. Obwohl Haarstyling und andere Chemikalien auch dazu führen können, dass der Kopf fest und trocken wird, wird die nicht zu lindernde Straffung der Kopfhaut höchstwahrscheinlich durch Pilze verursacht. Daher ist das Anziehen der Kopfhaut ein weiteres Warnsignal für Schuppen. Es gibt zwei neue Möglichkeiten, die Kopfhautspannung abzulehnen: Reduzieren Sie die Zurückhaltung: Vermeiden Sie das Tragen eines Hutes oder eines engen Pferdeschwanzes, lassen Sie das Haar frei atmen, was das unangenehme Gefühl der Kopfhaut effektiv lindern kann.

Die perücken online bei uns: , ist eine gute Wahl für Sie.

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Wie lange kann eine Perücke benutzt werden?

Tuesday, 16 July 2019 07:45:16 Europe/London

Wie lange kann eine perücken verwendet werden? Dies ist eine Frage, für die jeder anfällig ist. Einige Leute denken, dass eine Perücke wie eine Barbie-Puppe sein sollte und ein Leben lang verwendet werden kann. Wenn Sie eine Perücke wie Barbie aus Plastik herstellen, haben Sie wirklich die Chance, sie ein Leben lang zu verwenden. Denn die Eigenschaften von Kunststoff sind für das Jahrtausend nicht schlecht! Wenn es kaputt ist, sollte es auch sein, dass das Bodennetz kaputt ist oder die Komponenten kaputt sind, nicht die Haare. Aber wir wollen keine Plastikhaare! Das ist zu falsch!

Was wir wollen, ist ein Haar, das natürlich aussieht und nahtlos mit unserem eigenen Haar verbunden werden kann. Es kann ein solches natürliches Haar sein. Es ist nichts weiter als das Verhältnis des echten Haares, der Technologie oder der Mischung aus beiden.

Das sogenannte "Altern" von Perücken bedeutet Verblassen und Haarausfall, was normal ist. Es ist wie eine gute Sache: Wenn die Wolle lange getragen wird, hebt sie den Ball oder der Teil, der oft reibt, nimmt den Ball auf. Dies ist normal. Solange Sie Ihr Leben durch tägliche Wartung erhalten

Wie lange kann eine Perücke verwendet werden?

Es kommt auf die Gewohnheiten und Pflegemethoden an! Wenn Sie es jeden Tag außer zum Schlafen benutzen, sind Sie und die perücken im Allgemeinen fast unzertrennlich. Bei normaler Wartung kann der Durchschnitt für etwa 1,5 bis 2 Jahre verwendet werden. Dann können Sie es nicht in 2 Jahren verwenden, bis Sie eine Perücke bekommen? ! Natürlich nicht! 2 Jahre ist nur ein Richtwert für die natürliche Alterungszeit. Ob die Perücke weiter verwendet werden kann, hängt vom Status und den Standards jeder Person ab!


Remy Echthaar Spitzefront Perücke


Die normale Wartung beinhaltet:

1. Legen Sie es auf einen speziellen Haarrahmen, wenn es nicht getragen wird (werfen Sie es nicht weg, um eine Verformung des Bodennetzes zu vermeiden).

2. Beim Reinigen, Tragen oder Entfernen des Klebers muss nicht am Bodennetz gezogen werden (um eine Verformung des Bodennetzes zu vermeiden)

3. Etwa 5 bis 7 Tage lang einmal täglich waschen (nicht täglich waschen, um Reibung oder Verlust zu vermeiden, aber nicht waschen)

4. Nach dem Waschen sorgt die feuchtigkeitsspendende Essenz dafür, dass das echthaar perücken geschmeidig wird.

5. Wenn das Haar beim Stylen oder Reinigen geknotet wird, wählen Sie den Knoten sorgfältig aus und öffnen Sie ihn nicht mit einem Kamm.

Wenn es sich um Ihr eigenes Haar handelt, fällt es ebenfalls ab und die Kopfhaut tut weh. Wenn es sich um eine Perücke handelt, wird sie natürlich fallen gelassen, und das Bodennetz wird verletzt, was zu Verformungen oder Beschädigungen führt. Immerhin sind bequeme und atmungsaktive Perücken im Bodennetz meist sehr dünn!

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Mehrere Schritte zum Aufblasen einer Perücke

Monday, 15 July 2019 07:51:59 Europe/London

1: Sprühen Sie einen Einweg-Conditioner auf nasses HaarKurz nach mit glattem Haar-Conditioner oder Haarspray Waschen ist sicherlich besser als trocken vor dem Gebrauch, zusätzlich zu umfassenderen Schutz perücken vor Schäden heiße Luft, auf einem bereits von Natur aus trockenen Haar-Conditioner gemalt, Haare fühlen klebrig machen Nicht so geschmeidig.

2: Trocknen Sie die Pony zuerstWenn Sie den Pony aufblasen, haben Sie eine bessere Kontrolle über die Menge der Haare vor der Stirn und über die Verteilung der Haare an anderen Stellen. Die Menschen fühlen sich schwer, immer Pony zu blasen, Pony in der Tat Gnade jeder nass Ihre sein, ob Sie es wollen nach links vorgespannt sein oder auf der rechten Seite, kann eine beliebige Form ausgeblasen werden. Nach dem Trocknen Pony, können Sie andere Haare verlieren nach unten, Spray setzen ein wenig Wasser, aber nicht zu viel, sonst wird das Haar in einigen Orten und in einigen Orten und sehr trocken sehr nass sein. Bewegen Sie den Haartrockner vor und zurück, um sicherzustellen, dass Ihr Haar leicht feucht ist.

3: Essenz, Nähröl oder Schutzöl auftragenWenn Sie Ihr Haar immer zum Stylen blasen möchten, braucht Ihr Haar den Schutz der Essenz mehr als sonst. Es funktioniert am besten, wenn das Haar trocken und noch feucht ist. Denken Sie daran, nur in der Mitte der Haare bis zur Spitze

4: Weht hinterherBlasen eine wenig Zeit, ihr Haar zieht, kann ein leichtes Ziehen die perücken glatt machen (wenn Sie nicht unaufgefordert Band sind, ziehen Sie nicht Haar). Am besten verwenden Borstenpinsel, die aus Naturborsten aus Bürsten, kann effektiv Haar seidig helfen, es kann fest die Haare greifen, ohne sich selbst zu belasten. Wenn Sie den Rücken pusten, wird Ihr Kopf zur Seite gedreht, so dass Ihr Arm Sie stark machen kann, und es kann helfen, bis zu den Wurzeln zu pusten. Es kann mit einer Spitze angewendet werden. Das Auftragen auf die Haarwurzel kann die Poren der Kopfhaut verstopfen oder Schuppen verursachen.


Wellig Seidenweiche Spitzefront Echthaar Perücke


5: Weht die SeiteTeilen Sie die Haare nach dem Trocknen in zwei Teile und klemmen Sie sie zusammen. Das seitliche Blasen erfordert einen Kamm, um das Haar zu halten und glatter zu machen. Da Sie von hinten angefangen haben, wurden die beiden Haare natürlich getrocknet und sollten leicht nass sein. Da sich die echthaar perücken natürlich kräuseln, sobald sie trocken sind, sollten Sie sie vor dem Blasen so lange sprühen, bis Sie die gewünschte Kräuselung erreicht haben. Achten Sie darauf, dass Sie die Haare nicht verknoten, sondern vorsichtig aufkämmen. (Wenn Sie kein Self-Volume sind, ist dieser Schritt viel einfacher.)

6: Umgang mit fein zerteilten Haaren (dieser Schritt kann entfallen, wenn es sich nicht um ein sich selbst wickelndes Volumen handelt)Nachdem das gesamte Haar getrocknet ist, gehen Sie zurück und kümmern Sie sich um das gefloatete Haar. Setzen Sie den Fön auf die Luftdüse und blasen Sie das gebrochene Haar darunter. Die langen, dicken Haare auf der Außenseite bedecken diese geschredderten Haare und lassen sie fallen! Diese Methode ist viel besser als ein paar Haargels auf das Haar aufzutragen. Nachdem sich das Haar langsam abgekühlt hatte, war das flatternde gebrochene Haar gefügiger. Entfernen Sie zum Schluss die Luftdüse des Haartrockners und pusten Sie Ihr Haar lässig durch, und Sie erhalten eine natürlichere und schönere Frisur.

Wie? Sie nicht zu mir beschweren, „ein Haar weht sollte nun 6, eine Zeitverschwendung Schritt!“, Wirklich diese Schritte nur, damit Sie die grundlegenden Elemente der Haarschlag wissen, Schritt für Schritt nach unten zusätzlich das Haar nicht zu beschädigen, können Sie mehr als üblich Warum willst du dein Haar trocken föhnen?

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How long does the wig turn yellow after using it?

Saturday, 13 July 2019 08:00:40 Europe/London

The hair is cut short, very ugly, and it is going to be over the Spring Festival. After returning home, there must be relatives and friends to introduce the object. How to get out of this image, this image is annoying. I heard from my colleagues that I can buy a wig. I don’t know what kind of human hair wigs is good-looking and looks temperament.


Bob Style Lace Front Synthetic Wavy Wig


We specialize in customizing all kinds of ladies' wigs, wigs, wigs, wigs and so on. A professional design team must create a different kind of you, what kind of blind date, class reunion, and friends and relatives can become the focus of the audience.
Friends who have used wigs know that after a period of time, the wig will turn yellow and become dry. Many friends will ask: Why does the wig turn yellow and dry? After turning yellow, how to deal with it will change back to the way, for this problem, senior hair consultants to help answer.

Only the wigs made by all real people will turn yellow and dry, and the wigs of chemical fiber will not change color. Because the wig leaves the body without a nutrient source, the shampoo is alkaline, and the sun is the cause of the hair wigs turning yellow. It is recommended that friends wearing wigs do not clean the wig frequently, and try not to expose to the sun. Hair color adjusts the color to black, and then the hair mask can be restored to the original appearance.


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The difference between weaving, wig, and replacement

Friday, 12 July 2019 07:50:16 Europe/London

Weaving is a technology created on the basis of wigs. According to the size of the customer's hair loss area, a piece of hair piece is made, and then the hair around the hair loss part is prepared with the thread. Now the material has also been improved obviously. % real human hair and non-toxic scalp net bottom, it has greatly improved in realistic ventilation than wig. The disadvantages are: inconvenient to wear, cleaning and nursing to do the weaving method, the fixing method is uncomfortable, damage Peripheral hair follicles have a short life span and are easy to see flaws.

Lace Front Wavy Remy Human Hair Wig

Wigs are the first method to change the shape of human hair by covering. The material is made of chemical fiber and toxic nylon mesh. It is made of industrialized production line. An ordinary worker can produce about 150. Low cost, low price, because the hair of the chemical fiber has no elasticity and endurance, the gloss is too bright, and the visual illusion can be seen at a glance, the air permeability is also poor, it feels itchy and stuffy, and it is easy to make The human hair wigs scalp is allergic to Shanghai scalp and hair follicles.

Seamless hair extension, reissue is a technology that is improved on the basis of weaving, and is also the most widely used technology. It is tailored according to the size and size of the customer's hair loss, and the artificial scalp is designed at the distribution site. The concealed locking technology is fixed, which is simple and convenient in terms of installation and removal. It also has the advantages of weaving. The disadvantage is that the sense of flow is not strong, the hair style has many limitations, and there is a high quality pursuit of perfection and dynamic fashion. People with hairstyles will not accept it.

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How to deal with men's wigs

Tuesday, 9 July 2019 08:03:06 Europe/London

As men become more and more common, there are more and more men wearing wigs. However, most wearers do not know much about the treatment of men wigs, and the phenomenon of wig damage is endless! Therefore, learning men's wigs has become a must-have for many people to learn.

So, what kind of content does the men's wig take care of, and how should the men's wig be taken care of? Below, we will introduce you to the methods of men's wigs, hoping that everyone can properly treat their wigs.


Cool Short Straight Synthetic Mens Wig


Men's wigs mainly include wig cleaning and wig care. Especially the cleaning of wigs is the most important. Specifically, the cleaning of men's wigs mainly includes the following steps:

1: Before washing, comb the wig with a special steel comb to comb the dirt and dust.

2: Soak the wig in the appropriate amount of warm water (20 degrees - 30 degrees) for about ten minutes, do not rub your hands to avoid hair loss.

3: After washing, add conditioner to soak for 5 minutes, then rinse with fine water.

4: Do not wring out after washing. Put the wig on the dry towel and dry it.

5: Hang in the shade and dry naturally, avoid direct sunlight, and do not blow dry with a hair dryer.


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Quatre habitudes de faire mal aux cheveux

Monday, 8 July 2019 07:59:52 Europe/London

L’écrivaine new-yorkaise Sarah Theeboom a découvert que sa vieille amie n’avait pas besoin de shampoing. Ses cheveux sont devenus lisses et brillants. Elle a donc cessé de le faire pendant six ans et maintenant, ses perruque cheveux sont complètement abîmés. Ces dernières années, la vague de cessation et de shampooing est devenue très populaire: Kim Kardashian, Adele, Jessica Simpson, etc. ont révélé qu'ils se lavent les cheveux depuis plusieurs jours, voire plusieurs mois.

Les experts disent que la fréquence correcte de shampooing est au moins le lendemain. Il n'est pas conseillé d'arrêter complètement le shampooing. Pour les personnes souffrant d’huile partielle et de pellicules, utilisez un shampooing de haute qualité pour les soins topiques. Vous pouvez choisir un shampooing anti-pelliculaire pour les cheveux gras. Faites attention aux méthodes de nettoyage et de shampoing personnels.En général, un shampoing peut être effectué tous les deux ou trois ou trois jours pour maintenir le cuir chevelu propre. Il peut également inhiber la sécrétion d’huile du cuir chevelu. ExubérantVous voulez avoir de bons cheveux, non seulement pour maîtriser la fréquence correcte du shampooing, mais également pour comprendre le comportement de quatre types de cheveux abîmés. Ces quatre types d'habitudes de blessure ne font pas!


Perruque Marquante Lisse Lace Front Cheveux Naturels


Shampooing appliqué directement sur les cheveux

En fait, la fonction du shampooing est principalement de nettoyer, le shampooing est appliqué sur le cuir chevelu, la racine et la nuque, l’effet est meilleur, car seuls ces endroits seront contaminés. Pour réduire la quantité de shampooing utilisé dans les pointes des perruque cheveux, les pointes des cheveux peuvent sécher et se fendre.

Trop peigner les cheveux pendant le bain

La méthode de peignage est assez importante. Si la méthode de peignage des cheveux après le bain n'est pas correcte, cela peut endommager les racines et les pointes des cheveux. Commencez par peigner les racines avec un peigne, peignez délicatement les parties nouées, puis abaissez-les un peu jusqu'à la fin de la queue. N'oubliez pas de continuer.

Laissez le revitalisant sur vos cheveux et lavez-le après 5 minutes

Si vous faites cela, c'est juste une perte de temps, en fait, cela ne fait aucune différence pour le soin des cheveux. Les revitalisants capillaires sont généralement efficaces immédiatement, même si vous appliquez le revitalisant lorsque vous commencez tout juste à prendre un bain, vos cheveux n'absorberont pas davantage.

Sécher les cheveux avec une serviette

Lorsque vous vous frottez les cheveux, un arrachage accidentel des cheveux endommagera les racines et les pointes des cheveux. Le meilleur moyen est de tapoter les cheveux et de les laisser sécher rapidement. Cette méthode peut prendre beaucoup de temps, mais elle peut minimiser les dommages causés aux cheveux et l’effet est bien sûr meilleur.


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Synthetische Perücken abdunkeln

Friday, 5 July 2019 08:53:17 Europe/London

Obwohl eine echthaarperücken Ihr Haar auf die gleiche Weise färben kann, sind die meisten gefärbten Behandlungen nicht für Perücken geeignet. Kunststoffdrähte absorbieren keine Pigmente und können durch übliche Farbstoffe wie Peroxide und Ammoniak leicht beschädigt werden. Synthetische Perücken können jedoch mit einer frischen, wasserbasierten Perückenhaaroberfläche, auf der eine vorübergehende Farbwäsche abgeschieden wird, in einige Farbtöne geändert werden.


• Verwenden Sie ein synthetisches Perückenshampoo, um die Perücke zu reinigen. Spülen Sie das Shampoo mit Wasser aus und trocknen Sie das Haar, um überschüssiges Wasser aufzunehmen. Der nasse Urlaub wird auf der Perücke ausgestellt.

• Teilen Sie die Perücke in ungefähr fünf oder sechs Teile. Verwenden Sie die Profilklemme, um diese Profile zu drehen und zu sichern.

• Tragen Sie die mit dem Produkt gelieferten Gummihandschuhe. Wenn Ihr Produkt keine Handschuhe trägt, tragen Sie Make-up-Handschuhe und kaufen Sie sie separat.

• Lassen Sie eine Haarsträhne von der Perücke fallen. Platzieren Sie die Applikatorspitze der Farbspülflasche in der Nähe des Haares nahe der Wurzel, drücken Sie die Flasche vorsichtig zusammen und platzieren Sie die Spülung auf dem Haar. Spülen Sie Ihre Haare mit den Fingern von Ihrem Haar zu Ihrem Haar. Stellen Sie das Produkt nicht auf die Basis der Perücke und ziehen Sie nicht an den Strängen.

• Wenden Sie die Spülung jeweils einmal an, bis die Perücke vollständig bedeckt ist.

• Kämmen Sie die Haare der Perücke mit einem breitzahnigen Kamm, um sicherzustellen, dass die Spülung gleichmäßig über die gesamte Perücke verteilt ist, und tragen Sie jeden Faden vollständig auf.

• Spülen Sie trockenes Haar weiter aus. Gestalten Sie Ihre Perücke wie gewohnt, ohne die Farblösung spülen zu müssen.

Tipps und Warnungen

Da synthetisches Haar nicht wie natürliches Haarkeratin die Farbe beibehält, ist das Ergebnis möglicherweise heller als die auf dem Farbstoffprodukt angegebene Farbe. Legen Sie die Farben mithilfe mehrerer Anwendungen nach und nach fest. Das Ergebnis der endgültigen Farbe hängt von der Anfangsfarbe der perücken ab. Wässriges Spülen bereichert und verdunkelt vorhandene Farbtöne, maskiert jedoch nicht vollständig die ursprüngliche Farbe. Wenn Ihre Perücke durch Regen oder übermäßiges Schwitzen nass wird, können Sie eine vorübergehende Farbspülung durchführen, um die Farbe zu reinigen.

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Die Entwicklung von Perücken

Thursday, 4 July 2019 07:42:12 Europe/London

Der Brauch, zur Tarnung oder Verschönerung auf perücken zurückzugreifen, ist keine moderne Erfindung. Im alten Ägypten war die zweite Frisur bei Männern und Frauen beliebt. Immerhin gibt es bereits eine wahre Schönheitsverehrung und eine florierende Schönheitsindustrie. Neben den bekannten Augenringen spielt das Haar eine besondere Rolle. Vor allem in der Öffentlichkeit tragen wohlhabende Ägypter Perücken mit langen Locken senkrecht zur Brust. Sie sind nicht nur Juwelen, sondern vor allem Symbole der Identität und der erotischen Eigenschaften der Damen der Pharaonen.

3000 v. Chr

Zu dieser Zeit (ab ca. 3000 v. Chr.) Entwickelte sich der Beruf des Perückenmachers - immerhin erfordert die Herstellung und Pflege dieser aufwändigen Kopfbedeckungen handwerkliches Können. Komplexe Web- und Webtechniken ermöglichen es, Tonperlen oder andere Juwelen zu Perücken zu weben. Alte ägyptische Perücken werden aus Menschenhaar hergestellt, jedoch manchmal mit Tierhaaren oder Pflanzenfasern "gedehnt". Bienenwachs behält die Form der Perücke.

In Griechenland

Im antiken Griechenland und im Römischen Reich war das Tragen von Perücken ein Feld von Frauen. Im alten Griechenland musste eine Frau, die sich in der Öffentlichkeit in einem Chaos befand, eine Geldstrafe zahlen. Kein Wunder, dass Frauen sehr schnell Perücken benutzen, schließlich sind sie immer perfekt. Die griechische Perücke, die aus langen Spirallocken besteht, besteht hauptsächlich aus blondem nordischem Sklavenhaar. Helles Haar gilt als ideales Statussymbol und Gold ist wie die Farbe der Götter. Die ärmeren Leute stellten Wollperücken her. Römerinnen sind fasziniert von den blonden Haaren ihrer germanischen Sklaven. Diese werden geschnitten und zu Perücken verarbeitet.

Mittelalter bis zur frühen Neuzeit

Im Mittelalter und in der frühen Neuzeit wurden Perücken durch Decken und andere Kopfbedeckungen ersetzt. Nach der Pestepidemie und dem Ende des Krieges spiegelt sich die erneute Begeisterung für das Leben jedoch in immer luxuriöseren Frisuren wider. In der Renaissance wurden seine Haare erneut enthüllt und im frühen Barockstil von 1650 trat die Perücke auch in die Haarmode ein. Ideal für langes lockiges Haar - auch für Männer. Frankreichs 13. König Louis machte eine lockige Perücke, als seine eigenen Haare früh ausfielen. Er verteidigte die Mode der lockigen Perücken. 1655 wurde in Paris der erste Swingman-Verein gegründet. Als Ludwig XIV. Wegen seiner spärlichen Haare an der Perücke ankam, hörte der Europäische Gerichtshof nicht auf. Zuvor wurde die Perücke nur von Höflingen oder Glatzköpfen getragen, und seitdem gelten der höfische Flaschenöffner und kleine Ringperücken als wichtige Ausdrucksformen des Landes. Die Perücke hieß damals Allongeperücken. Ab der Mitte der Trennung fallen hier süße Locken von den Schultern zur Brust. Diese Locken sind auf die kürzlich entwickelte Papillotier-Technologie zurückzuführen. Wer es sich leisten kann, Echthaarperücken, arme Tiere aus Tierhaaren aus Pferdehaar oder auch Pflanzenfasern wie Hanf oder Leinen zu kaufen. Die Allonge Perücke hat alle natürlichen Haarfarben, aber es ist ein graues oder weißes Puder. Im Jahr 1673 wurde die Allonge Perücke als nationale Perücke ernannt. Barocke Damen tragen normalerweise eine Kapuze, die als Brunnen bezeichnet wird, aber nicht für den Hof, sondern für den Alltag.

18. Jahrhundert

Im frühen 18. Jahrhundert breitete sich dieser Trend auch auf die Bourgeoisie aus. Männer tragen wunderschöne Perücken, Locken, Taschen und Pferdeschwänze. Sogar die französische Armee trägt eine kleinere Perücke im Nacken. In Deutschland tragen Soldaten und Reisende auch kürzere Perücken, sogenannte Perücken. In Preußen wurde von 1698 bis 1717 eine Perückensteuer erhoben. Arme Leute wie Bauern und Handwerker können es sich nicht leisten, sie tragen keine Perücken. In jedem Fall ist das Modepuder der Perücke verboten oder es wird erneut eine hohe Steuer erhoben. Seit etwa 1730 sind Perücken aus der Mode verschwunden. Nur edle Adlige tragen sie noch.

In der zweiten Hälfte des 18. Jahrhunderts dominierte die Frisur der Frauen. Dies wird durch die Verwendung eines elastischen Untergrunds aus Wolle und Metall erreicht, der Ihr eigenes Haar bedeckt. Diese Frisur macht die Damen des Unternehmens bis zu sechs Zoll. Vor der Französischen Revolution (1789-1799) verschwanden die Perücken jedoch fast vollständig aus dem Alltag. Es wird nur von Männern als Teil der offiziellen Kleidung, zum Beispiel in der Justizverwaltung, getragen. Bis zum heutigen Tag nahmen die Richter in Großbritannien und Australien auch ihre Perücken mit.

Aktuelle Zeit

Die allgemeine Perücke wurde seitdem nur für medizinische Haarkosmetik verwendet, nicht aus modischen Gründen. Die Struktur sieht zu künstlich aus. In den 1960er Jahren erlebten perücken eine kurzlebige Wiederbelebung - stellen Sie sich einen Haarturm vor, der mit Ihren eigenen Haaren kaum zugänglich war. Mit der Verbesserung der Qualität und dem immer natürlicheren Aussehen sind Perücken, insbesondere hochwertiges Menschenhaar, heute wieder gestiegen.

Wenn Sie über die Grenzen Europas hinausgehen, finden Sie japanische Perücken seit den 1960er Jahren. Die sogenannte Katsura wird von Geishas getragen. Es dauerte bis zur Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts, bis Geisha aus ihren eigenen Haaren komplexe Frisuren fertigte und aus dem Griff eine eingebürgerte Katsura-Perücke wurde. Dieser besteht aus Naturhaar und wird täglich von Profi-Geisha benutzt, von dem Profi-Perückenmacher zweimal im Monat auffrisiert.

Im orthodoxen Judentum tragen verheiratete Frauen und verwitwete oder geschiedene Frauen ebenfalls Perücken. Das religiöse Gesetz verlangt von ihnen, dass sie ihre Haare verstecken. Aus modischen Gründen ersetzte eine Perücke namens Shayl das Kopftuch und wurde eingebürgert, um seine Haare zu verbergen.

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Waschanleitung für unsere Echthaarperücken

Wednesday, 3 July 2019 07:30:41 Europe/London

Sie müssen sich nicht nur regelmäßig um Ihr Haar kümmern, auch das zweite Haar, ob perücken oder Toupet, muss regelmäßig gepflegt werden. Zusätzlich zum alltäglichen Styling müssen Perücken regelmäßig gereinigt werden, auch wenn das sorgfältige Bürsten oder Kämmen Teil der Pflege von Perücken und Perücken ist.

Perücken müssen regelmäßig gereinigt werden. Dies ist nicht sehr notwendig, wie das Waschen Ihrer eigenen Haare, aber die längste ist nicht mehr als 10 Tage, einmal in der Woche ist besser, sollte die Perücke gewaschen werden. Während verschiedene Shampoos und Conditioner in Ihrem eigenen Haar verwendet werden können, ist die Auswahl an Perückenpflege begrenzt. Um das Haar nicht zu beschädigen, sollte nur das für die Perücke geeignete Pflegeprodukt verwendet werden. Dies kann von Perückenherstellern, teilweise in Friseursalons, bezogen werden. Je nachdem, ob eine Perücke oder eine Kunsthaarperücke erworben wurde, wurde die Pflege auf unterschiedliche Weise durchgeführt, damit die Perücke so lange wie möglich hält, und es sieht so aus, als wäre der Kopf hell und voll.

Waschanleitung für Echthaarperücken

1. Entfernen Sie vorsichtig die Klebstoffreste und befestigen Sie eine echte Perücke am Kopf des Kopfes. Bürsten Sie vorsichtig Ihre Haare.
2. Entsprechend dem speziellen Shampoo des Herstellers mit Mischungsanweisungen des warmen Wassers, und lösen Sie es leicht von der Oberseite des Kopfes zur Spitzenbürste.

3. Spülen Sie das Haar vorsichtig mit warmem Wasser aus und spülen Sie es immer vom Kopf bis zur Haarspitze aus.

4. Mischen Sie den Conditioner oder die Haarmaske gemäß den Anweisungen des Betreibers und verteilen Sie sie erneut auf dem Haar.

5. Spülen Sie die Echthaarperücke vorsichtig mit warmem Wasser aus oder lassen Sie das Pflegemittel gemäß den Anweisungen des Herstellers in Ihrem Haar.

6. Öffnen Sie die Perücke aus Ihrem Haar und wickeln Sie sie in ein Handtuch - wringen Sie sie nicht aus und wischen Sie sie nicht ab! Verwenden Sie nur ein leichtes Handtuch, um überschüssiges Wasser zu entfernen.

Wischen Sie die Perücke an der Perücke langsam in der Luft. Dann sollten beim Waschen der Perücke einige Dinge vermieden werden, da sonst die Kunstfasern beschädigt werden. Putzen Sie Ihre Perücke niemals, wenn sie nass ist, sondern lassen Sie sie immer vollständig trocknen! Bitte blasen Sie die Perücke nicht mit einem Fön! Sie können eine Perücke Online bestellen.

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Wählen Sie Synthetische Perücke oder Echthaarperücke

Tuesday, 2 July 2019 08:02:13 Europe/London

Echthaarperücken sind meist sehr teuer. Sie bestehen ausschließlich aus Echthaar und sind daher auch von hoher Qualität. In einigen Fällen werden die Kosten für eine Echthaarperücke von der Krankenkasse übernommen. Ist dies jedoch nicht der Fall, muss diese auf eine 4-stellige Menge angepasst werden.

Sie möchten eine synthetische peruecken aus echthaarperücken, die bereits ab 3 Ziffern erhältlich ist. Sie mögen echte blonde Langhaarperücken, die bis zu 3.000 Euro kosten können. Einige goldfarbene Haarperücken kosten ab 1.000 Euro. Es gibt einige Möglichkeiten für billige Modelle online, aber es besteht das Risiko, dass sie nicht für normale Modelle geeignet sind. Lassen Sie daher den Kunden, da eine Perückenbenachrichtigung gilt, zunächst versuchen, viele Online-Händler, wie z. B. Perücken online, nach Hause zu schicken.


Echthaar Hübsche Wellig Perücke


Normalerweise werden Echthaarperücken aus gespendetem Haar hergestellt. Menschen mit dicken Mähnen möchten ein paar gute Dinge oder präzisere kurze Perücke tun und dann ihre perücken in den Prozess schneiden. Die erste Haarschicht wird normalerweise entfernt, um eine perücken herzustellen, damit das Haar nicht fett wird. Dann ist da noch.

Dies kann entweder manuell oder maschinell erfolgen. Ziehen Sie das Haar an einem Baumwollgürtel oder einem anderen Material, befestigen oder nähen Sie es. Gleiches gilt für Herrenperücken.Dies sind die gleichen, aber oft kurze Perücke. Männliche Perücken sind beim Tragen genauso selten wie Frauen. Für menschliches perücken gibt es auch eine Mischung aus Echthaar und synthetische peruecken. Diese sind billiger, aber die Qualität ist nicht unbedingt schlechter.

Sie werden den richtigen Körper und die anderen Menschen in der richtigen Sitzposition nicht bemerken. Beispielsweise ist Kunsthaar auffällig, aber synthetische peruecken sind aufgrund des richtigen Prozesses und der richtigen Farbe nicht mehr auffällig. Normalerweise wird diese Perücke für Karneval oder andere Feierlichkeiten verwendet. Dann werden Sie sofort feststellen, dass es sich um eine Perücke handelt.


Synthetik Kappenlos Wellig Perücke


Sie sind in Euro in verschiedenen Farben und Formen erhältlich. Geeignete synthetische peruecken sind ebenfalls von geringer Qualität, sehen aber realistischer aus. Insbesondere wird Gold für qualitative synthetische peruecken verwendet. Diese Produkte sind sehr hitzebeständig und gehen nicht in die Sauna über. Auch Männer benutzen zunehmend Perücken, weil sie nicht auffallen.Das Sortiment an synthetische peruecken für Männer ist größer als das Sortiment an echthaar perücken. Da Männer kurzes perücken mögen, ist synthetisches Haar für diese Art von Frisur einfacher zu verwenden.

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Wowperucken Echthaarperücke kann angepasst werden

Monday, 1 July 2019 08:24:54 Europe/London

Neben dem perfekten Look und der bequemen Passform unterstreicht die Perücke auch den Charme des Benutzers. Der Träger fühlt nicht, dass das zweite Haar ein starrer Hut ist, und der Dritte fühlt gewöhnlich nicht, dass es sich um eine echte Haarperücke handelt. Überzeugen Sie einige Ihrer Modelle auch in Perücken online.

Außerdem können perücken aus echtem Haar (wie natürlich gewachsenes Haar) frei voneinander getrennt werden, und hochwertige Monofilamente spielen eine wichtige Rolle. Das Styling kann wie gewohnt entweder mit Wasserwellen, mit einem Thermowickler oder mit einem Lockenstab oder durch Glätten des Bügeleisens durchgeführt werden. Föhnen inklusive.


Spitzefront Echthaar Blond Perücken


In Form eines stilvollen Schnitts sollte jedoch berücksichtigt werden, dass sich die Haare der Perücke nicht regenerieren. Theoretisch können Sie sogar Ihr zweites Haar mit verschiedenen Haarfarben anpassen. Idealerweise wird das Bad in Folie eingelegt und die Perücke unter strikter Einhaltung der Gebrauchsanweisung behandelt. Sie können auch Perms implementieren, für die Sie beide verantwortlich sind.

Echthaarperücken sollten immer als extrem empfindliches Haar angesehen werden. Besonders provokative Formen sollten Sie jedoch vermeiden. Daher können die Farbe und die ideale Form der echthaarperücken vor der endgültigen Auswahl bestimmt werden. Ein weiterer positiver Aspekt ist, dass die aus Menschen gefertigten Perücken eine wesentlich längere Haltbarkeit oder Langlebigkeit aufweisen und durch spezielle Pflegeserien deutlich verlängert werden können.

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Die Bedeutung von Wasser für das Haar

Saturday, 29 June 2019 07:52:54 Europe/London

Der Haarschaft besteht aus einem Viertel des Wassers. Daher müssen Sie jeden Tag viel trinken, um ausreichende Feuchtigkeit zu gewährleisten, um Haarausfall vorzubeugen und Ihr Haar gesund zu halten. Um Schlacken und Giftstoffe schonend und schnell aus dem Körper zu entfernen, sollten Sie täglich mindestens zwei Liter Wasser trinken.

Echthaar Kappenlos Perücke

Darüber hinaus sind grundlegende Kräutertees perfekt. Diese können die Säureneutralisation, Mineralisierung, Sedimentauflösung oder Entgiftung fördern und so dem Haarausfall wirksam entgegenwirken. Es ist sehr wichtig, genügend statisches Wasser zu haben, um die Schadstoffe im Körper so schnell wie möglich auszuscheiden.

Von Alkohol wird jedoch dringend abgeraten, da er das Haarwachstum verlangsamt. Daher sollte der Konsum auf jeden Fall eingeschränkt und noch besser vollständig konsumfrei sein. Gleiches gilt für Nikotin, da Rauchen auch Haarausfall verursachen kann. Der Grund ist, den Blutfluss zur Kopfhaut zu reduzieren. Das Ergebnis ist ein schlechtes Haarwachstum.

Ewigsde bieten verschiedene Arten von perücken an

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Tägliches Styling sollte aufpassen

Friday, 28 June 2019 07:49:36 Europe/London

Übermäßige Alltagsstile sehen toll aus, können jedoch Ihr Haar für lange Zeit schädigen. Übermäßige chemische Reaktionen oder Missbrauch führen häufig zu Ausdünnung oder sogar Haarausfall.

Vermeiden Sie häufiges Bleichen und Färben sowie dauerhaftes Dauerwellen oder Glätten. Dies verändert die natürliche Struktur des Haares.

Trocknen Sie Ihr Haar so oft wie möglich auf natürliche Weise, da zu viel Wärme Ihr Haar verbrennt. Feuchtes Haar ist besonders empfindlich.

Der uralte Mythos, dass man hundert Mal am Tag nach schönen Haaren putzt, ist nicht nur falsch, sondern auch schädlich und der schnellste Weg, um viele Haare zu verlieren. Wenn Sie das Haarwachstum fördern möchten, verwenden Sie nur Kämme und Bürsten, nur trockenes Haar.

Verwenden Sie kein Zahnfleisch für Ihr Haar. Fixieren Sie das Haar stattdessen mit einer Heftklammer oder Nadel. Daher besteht keine Gefahr, dass einzelne Haare an der Oberfläche haften bleiben und dann kräftig herausziehen.Vermeiden Sie nervöse Frisuren wie Maiskolben oder enge Pferdeschwänze für Ihre Haarfollikel.

Achten Sie auf hochwertige Haarpflegeprodukte. Selbst wenn Sie fettiges Haar haben, sollten Sie Shampoo und Conditioner drei- oder viermal pro Woche nicht verwenden. Andernfalls verlieren Ihre Haare zu viel Feuchtigkeit.

Wenn Sie diesen Rat befolgen, können Sie schnell und einfach Ihr Haarwachstum fördern und schnell gesundes, langes und schönes Haar wiederherstellen.

Der beste Ort zu kaufen um perücken :

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Clip in/on Extensions-Echthaarverlängerung

Thursday, 27 June 2019 07:44:17 Europe/London

Wenn sich menschliches Haar ausdehnt und häufig bei etwa 90 Grad an Ihr Haar geschweißt wird, haben Sie sich heute für eine mildere Methode als das Haar entschieden und sind flexibler als das Haar. Wenn Sie sich für eine bestimmte Frisur entscheiden, können Sie die perücken echthaar nach der Verlängerung berechnen, um den Längenunterschied zwischen Ihrem eigenen Haar und der Verlängerung auszugleichen.

Das Anwenden von Clip Extensions ist eine der schnellsten und kostengünstigsten Methoden, um Ihr Haar zu erweitern. Die Clipverlängerung ist einfach zu installieren und zu entfernen, da das am breiten Streifen befestigte Haar einfach mit einer Haarspange gesichert werden kann. Clip-In-Erweiterungen können in Sets verwendet werden. Die Breite variiert hier zwischen 4 und 20 cm.

Spitzefront Kunsthaar Perücke

Ein Nachteil von Clip In Extensions besteht darin, dass sie vor dem Zubettgehen entfernt werden müssen, da die Clips einen leichten Schlaf verhindern können. Durch die einfache Bedienung des Clips kann die Haarlänge bei Bedarf dauerhaft geändert werden. Clipverlängerungen sind für Ihr eigenes Haar völlig ungefährlich, da sie eine weiche Hülle haben, die das Haar vor Beschädigung (Zusammendrücken des Clips) schützt.

Auf diese Weise werden Haarbrüche vermieden und Ihre eigene perücken bleibt erhalten. Die Verbindung der Clip In Extensions beginnt am unteren Hinterkopf, am zuvor sauberen Haar, und dann werden die einzelnen Strähnen nach und nach nach oben verbunden. Die Seiten sind die gleichen, bis Sie die gewünschten Ergebnisse erhalten. Fixierte Clips sind sehr einfach und dauern nur wenige Minuten.

Es ist genauso einfach, einen Clip nachts zu entfernen. Die Verwendung von Clip In Extensions erfordert jedoch eine spontane Länge von ungefähr zehn Zentimetern. Darüber hinaus ist das natürliche Haar, das diese Personen senden und empfangen, weder beschädigt noch zu dünn. Mit dieser Art der Haarverlängerung bleiben Sie in Ihrem Haarstil und -stil flexibel.

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Wenn Sie eine Echthaar Extensions kaufen was sollten Sie wissen

Wednesday, 26 June 2019 07:58:00 Europe/London

Bei Verwendung mit echthaarperücken sieht die Haarverlängerung nur ordentlich und natürlich aus. Die manuelle Verlängerung erfordert eine andere Pflege und ist für den Langzeitgebrauch völlig ungeeignet, da Kunsthaar leichter zu lösen, schnell zu filzen und nicht zu glänzen ist. Der einzige Vorteil von Kunsthaar ist der Preis.

Die Haarverlängerung von Menschen ist auch von unterschiedlichen Preisschwankungen betroffen, die durch die Länge der Haare und die Herkunft der Haare verursacht werden.

Unterschiedlicher Preis

Europäische Haarverlängerungen sind normalerweise doppelt so groß wie asiatisches Haar. Zum Beispiel ist einer der Vorteile von echtem Haar, dass Sie wie Ihr eigenes Haar färben und formen können. Eine sorgfältige Unterscheidung Ihrer Haare ist nicht erkennbar.

Die Haarlieferung ist die beste Grundlage für eine professionelle Haarlieferung, da sie den höchsten Qualitätsstandards entspricht. Eine sorgfältige Prüfung des Zustands der Haarstruktur stellt sicher, dass sich die perücken der Person auch nach längerem Tragen noch weich und seidig anfühlt.

Bevor Sie sich entscheiden, es zu senden, sollten Sie ihm eine Reihe von Ratschlägen oder Ratschlägen im Geschäft geben, da es einige Unterschiede gibt, auch wenn es gesendet und empfangen wird.

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Les avantages des perruques naturelles

Tuesday, 25 June 2019 07:39:06 Europe/London

La plupart des perruques cheveux naturels sur le marché sont fabriqués à partir de cheveux asiatiques. La plupart d'entre eux viennent de Chine, bien que les cheveux asiatiques de haute qualité proviennent de femmes en Inde ou au Brésil. Les cheveux asiatiques sont intrinsèquement denses, droits, de couleur généralement très foncée.

Fameuse Lisse Lace Front Perruque

Les avantages des perruque naturelles:

• Les perruques naturelles durent plus longtemps que les cheveux synthétiques

• Les perruques naturelles sont élastiques, ont l’air naturel et sont agréables au toucher

• Les perruques naturelles peuvent être façonnées et teintes comme vos propres cheveux

• Les perruques naturelles peuvent respirer pour que votre cuir chevelu ne transpire pas

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Comment choisir la perruque qui convient à votre visage

Monday, 24 June 2019 07:36:17 Europe/London

Pour trouver un perruque parfaitement ajusté à votre visage, vous pouvez suivre les principes de la beauté (utiliser un coiffeur pour créer et créer des coiffures appropriées et différentes caractéristiques du visage, l'objectif étant de ralentir les défauts et de mettre en valeur les actifs) Règles de base.Avant tout, il va déterminer la forme de votre visage. Votre visage convient-il à un triangle? Dans un carré? Ou est-ce juste un ovale?

Ⅰ. Votre visage est rectangulaire
Plus long que large, un visage rectangulaire a besoin, pour être affiné et ovalisé, d'une coiffure toute en volume. Les perruques en ligne aux cheveux longs avec une frange de côté sont particulièrement adaptées. Vous pouvez également opter pour une coupe courte dont la longueur des cheveux s'arrête au niveau de la bouche, un carrée volumineux par exemple.

Ⅱ. Votre visage est triangulaire
Votre visage s'inscrit dans une forme triangulaire ? C'est le cas des visages dont le menton est pointu et prononcé. Pour corriger la forme prononcé de votre menton, préférez les coiffures qui couvrent la nuque. Les coupes courtes sont à éviter !

Ⅲ. Votre visage est ovale
Un visage ovale est parfaitement équilibré. Il n'y a donc pas de corrections à apporter. Vous avez l'embarras du choix !

Ⅳ. Votre visage est rond
Si votre visage est rond, préférez une perruque dont la longueur des cheveux se situe légèrement sous le menton. En libérant le bas du visage et en apportant du volume sur le haut de la tête, vous apporterez une impression de longueur verticale.

Ⅴ. Votre visage est carré
Un visage carré est un visage large qui se caractérise la plupart du temps par une forte mâchoire. Si votre visage est carré, évitez les perruques trop volumineuses sur les côtés et préférez des coiffures enveloppantes et arrondies afin de recréer une forme ovale. Les perruque cheveux naturels bouclées au front dégagé vous iront à merveille !

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Comment garder vos perruque forts et lisses

Friday, 21 June 2019 08:07:13 Europe/London

Comme vous souhaitez vous maquiller le visage et la plupart du temps, lorsque vous devez aller à l'extérieur pour quelque raison que ce soit, vous voulez toujours que votre maquillage soit entièrement coiffé, alors vous devriez choisir exactement la meilleure extension de cheveux. L'extension de cheveux est l'illustration efficace à travers vous veut évidemment faire cela.

Aujourd'hui, avec le processus technologique nouveau et avancé, tout change et vous ne vous fatiguez pas du tout. Si vous êtes intéressé par une extension de cheveux, il existe différents endroits tels que des salons où vous pouvez obtenir cette extension de perruque cheveux de manière magnifique. . Visiter des salons vraiment désespéré pour tout le monde où chacun voudrait aller dans un institut de beauté. De nos jours, que les femmes ou les hommes soient tous extrêmement désireux d'obtenir une extension de cheveux, cela donne un aspect très glamour et élégant à tous.

perruques cheveux naturels

Il y a beaucoup de coiffures où l'on peut obtenir la coiffure parfaitement avec différents styles et couleurs, ils peuvent en faire leurs cheveux ainsi que décorer leurs cheveux de manière aussi éclatante. C’est la bonne façon d’obtenir la bonne procédure d’extension de cheveux car les experts capillaires professionnels et compétents dans le domaine des cheveux fonctionnent également. Pour rendre vos cheveux beaux sans aucun dommage, vous pouvez utiliser les meilleures extensions de cheveux long Island qui fournissent à vos cheveux le meilleur traitement là où ils s'affaiblissent exactement.

Le traitement capillaire que vous obtiendrez est le bon processus, car les experts capillaires professionnels le font très soigneusement en utilisant leurs différentes techniques. En outre, vous ne rencontrerez aucun problème et vous obtiendrez de très longs poils. Vous avez juste besoin d'un traitement capillaire efficace et aucune chance de casser un seul cheveu de votre cuir chevelu.

Une autre chose importante à faire est que vous devez traiter régulièrement vos perruque cheveux naturels chez vous et, selon les experts en cheveux, vous devez suivre le processus étape par étape, car cela vous aidera à allonger vos cheveux et vous donnera toujours du temps. et les cheveux forts. Le shampooing et les huiles qui seront conseillés en fonction de la nature de vos cheveux et si vous utilisez les produits capillaires complets conformément aux exigences de vos cheveux, vos cheveux seront ainsi parfaitement et considérablement poussés. Donc, maintenant, pas pour les cheveux endommagés, car vos cheveux resteront lisses et forts à mesure que vous nous contactez bientôt.

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Volume, style et beauté à vos perruque

Thursday, 20 June 2019 07:44:06 Europe/London

Si vous cherchez à faire revivre la beauté perdue, le style et le volume de vos cheveux de manière abordable, voici la solution: vous devriez utiliser une extension de cheveux au Canada. Ils ont tout ce dont vous avez besoin avec trois ensembles différents (Standard, Deluxe et Ensembles ultimes) de clips dans les extensions de perruque cheveux humains.

La différence entre ces trois ensembles est le poids respectif de 110 grammes, 150 grammes et 200 grammes. Si vos cheveux sont normaux et que vous cherchez seulement à ajouter du volume et de l’épaisseur, l’ensemble 110gr est le meilleur pour vous. Si vos cheveux sont épais et que vous recherchez du volume et de la longueur, le set de 150 grammes est idéal. Maintenant, le dernier ensemble de 200 grammes est idéal si vos cheveux sont mèches sans volume car ils fournissent plus de cheveux et de morceaux que les précédents. La qualité proposée est Premium Grade A et Premium Remy et les deux sont 100% cheveux humains au prix le plus abordable.

Les extensions de cheveux remy sont des cheveux généralement indiens et peu probable des cheveux synthétiques les clips de cheveux humains peuvent être traités comme vos cheveux naturels. Le clip en extension de cheveux peut être lavé, séché au brushing, repassé à plat, frisé et peint comme vous le faites avec le vôtre. Mais il existe certaines restrictions, par exemple, il est préférable d’obscurcir que d’éclaircir les cheveux avec des extensions de cheveux. Lorsque vous lavez vos rallonges, il est recommandé d’utiliser un shampooing et un revitalisant de bonne qualité et de les laisser sécher à l’air et non au brushing.

Fixer le clip sur l’extension de perruque cheveux naturels est très facile et ne prend pas plus de 10 minutes à appliquer. Il y a quelques petites pinces qui se fixent dans vos cheveux naturels. Le We utilise des pinces en silicone de haute qualité qui n’endommagent pas vos cheveux, ne glissent pas et sont extrêmement sécuritaires. Comme ils sont adaptés, vous ne verrez pas les clips. Ce site Web explique comment placer le clip sur les extensions de cheveux. Les extensions de cheveux peuvent avec un soin particulier et un lavage minimal peuvent durer jusqu’à un an et l’ensemble régulier fourni par Nous peut durer jusqu’à six mois. Le lavage excessif et l'usure peuvent / vont raccourcir leur vie.

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Les extensions de cheveux brésiliens, tous les accessoires de maquillage, les perruques de perruque cheveux de stars et peuvent commander tous les types de cheveux brésiliens vierges à des prix abordables. 

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Styles de tissage de cheveux et croissance naturelle des cheveux

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 08:25:05 Europe/London

Lorsque vous recherchez des styles de tissage de perruque cheveux pour modifier votre apparence, familiarisez-vous avec les processus impliqués et leur incidence potentielle sur la repousse naturelle des cheveux.

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Types d'extensions de cheveux

Monday, 17 June 2019 09:44:51 Europe/London

Les extensions de  perruque cheveux sont restées une tendance populaire, encore plus maintenant par rapport aux années précédentes. Les gens obtiennent des extensions de cheveux pour un certain nombre de raisons, et comme tant de personnes ont des demandes différentes, il est important de connaître les types d’extensions de cheveux disponibles. Cela vous permet de choisir toutes vos options et de trouver celle qui vous convient le mieux. Voyons donc quelques-uns des principaux types d’extensions de cheveux. Ce type d’extension donne exactement ce qu’il ressemble.

Ils viennent dans de petites trames qui peuvent être facilement attachées aux cheveux existants. Cependant, il a également été noté que le type de taille de bande le plus populaire est d'environ un pied et demi de long, et que des languettes de bande pré-coupées sont également attachées. La taille peut aller jusqu'à huit mètres selon vos préférences et ils peuvent être retirés et réutilisés en utilisant un solvant et du ruban adhésif double face, respectivement. Ce type d’extension est également connu par certains sous le nom d’extension de micro-anneau, mais il s’agit en réalité d’une différence en ce sens que l’on se fait en attachant de petits morceaux de cheveux pré-empaquetés avec des perles, boucles / anneaux - d'où son nom.

perruques cheveux naturels
Une fois que les cheveux sont tirés à travers l’anneau, ils sont compressés pour que tout soit correctement maintenu en place. Étant donné que chaque mèche de cheveux possède une perle et une boucle pré-connectées, le processus de demande peut être effectué rapidement. Ceux-ci peuvent être trouvés dans à peu près n'importe quel salon d'extensions de cheveux, mais ils ne sont pas si populaires maintenant en raison de l'augmentation de la variété. Néanmoins, cette perruque cheveux naturels est faite de trames de cheveux avec des clips attachés à l'intérieur.

Ils ont une approche systématique qui permet à un clip de tendre jusqu'à 2 pouces de cheveux ou quatre clips avec huit pouces de cheveux. Il est facile à installer et très abordable - donc, si vous partez pour une nuit en ville ou pour vos activités quotidiennes, les clips d’insertion peuvent s'avérer utiles. C’est l’une des extensions de cheveux les plus populaires du moment, c’est une petite corne horizontale dans la tête du client. La trame ou le mèche de cheveux est ensuite cousue à l’aide d’une aiguille en C. Compte tenu du fait que des colles ou d'autres produits chimiques sont impliqués dans le processus, il a une chance de tenir encore plus longtemps par rapport aux autres extensions.

L'extension de fusion à chaud est en fait des faisceaux de cheveux pré-emboutis pouvant être connectés aux cheveux existants à l'aide d'un outil chauffant. Il est dérivé du polymère de kératine à base de protéine qui est clair, donc ne vous inquiétez pas pour qu'il corresponde à la couleur de vos cheveux. Si vos cheveux naturels sont faibles et que vous avez besoin d’extensions pour les cheveux fins, vous devriez faire attention à l’utilisation de la fusion à chaud, car ils ont tendance à causer des dommages au fil du temps.

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High Quality Synthetic Wigs

Saturday, 10 February 2018 10:44:46 Europe/London

Today, I can opt to wear a different hairstyle for the day without going to the parlor and go through arduous hours of styling and blow drying. I can achieve this by wearing wigs, which comes in two hair types, human-hair and synthetic for self-explanatory reasons.

Synthetic lace front wigs interestingly are made of fibers that are sewn into hair pieces of different lengths - short, long, shoulder length, etc. and styles- curly, wavy or straight and comes in common hair colors. Unlike human hair, there is less shortage of supply for lace front synthetic wigs, that's why they are cheaper.

  • Perruque Plaisante Ondulée Lace Front Synthétique

And before I worry about a synthetic wig looking exactly like a cheap synthetic lace front wig, I soon realize that it does look natural which I think can be attributed to modern technology which is be able produce hair that's almost exactly like human hair. Depending on the manufacturer, kind synthetic material, brand and craftsmanship, synthetic hair wigs come in many varieties and options.

And although they are generally affordable, one can still be less expensive than the other because of its massive supply. I even know someone who collects this sort of wigs. Because of its vast choices, collecting them in different styles wouldn't be that much of a luxury at all. It's also best to note that a hairpiece of this kind is pre-styled unlike human hair wigs that can be cut, restyled and blow dried. With this wig, I definitely have to buy wholesale if I want more styles.

Synthetic wigsare available in high quality and low quality synthetic fiber. I think that it all depends on budget and use. For example those synthetic wigs everyone uses during the Halloween season are made of low quality synthetic fiber. However I would never use these nor suggest them to my friends for use to fashionable events.

What can be attractive and lovable at Halloween parties and trick or treating may be disastrous when worn at more formal parties and events. Know the occasion before choosing the synthetic wig. For those chic parties I would opt for synthetic lace front wigs with bangs. Spending an extra buck or two will definitely be worth it.

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Communicate With Your Colorist

Monday, 5 February 2018 11:01:23 Europe/London

It’s beautiful texture compliments your features perfectly but your hairstylist recommends adding a little color to the wig. Adding a root to your wig makes your wigs look very natural. A root is a darker color that starts at the base of the hair. For those who like a conservative look we recommend a shadow root to mimic the natural progression that hair takes after it has been colored. This isn’t a wild look; it works well even for the most conservation styles. Roots can be as long as chin length- but that a more trendy look.

But what about adding highlights? Highlights add dimension and emphasis a beautiful cut, even going up or down half a level will give the human hair wig a component that a mono color won’t give. We love the mono-color looks too; there are those that look beautiful in mono colored wigs as well.

So what happens if you ask for honey blonde, golden blonde, caramel highlights or sun kissed color?

There are so many times a day were we describe something one way while someone else refers to the same thing in a different way. For example, a shirt can be described as a blouse or a top. A cookie can be referred to as a treat or snack. There are many things that one person says that to another might be mean something completely different.

When communicating a style or a color to your hairstylist asking for “honey blond highlights” or “golden highlights” are not an effective method to getting the right results. Your interpretation and a stylist’s interpretation can be completely different. Using the term “streaky” or “highlights that pop” mean different things to different people, and you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Follow these guidelines for clear communication between you and your colorist.

Bring Pictures
If you are flexible about the results one photo may be enough to help the colorist understand the overall look you are trying to achieve. If you are particular you’ll want a few photos to help the colorist understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Bring a Color Swatch
A color swatch will be so much more effective than a picture. A picture will show the style you are looking for but a color swatch will leave no guesswork. Even better, bring a synthetic wig sample with the exact colors and look you want.

Final Touchups
After the color is finished don’t be scared if it’s not yet perfect. Like tailoring a garment you may need a final fitting. It’s similar with color; you may need some final touchups. This will give the wig a perfect finished look.

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Tips for Wig Styling

Monday, 29 January 2018 11:16:02 Europe/London

The moment your new wig has just been delivered and you have taken it out of the box. Here are a few tips to help you look more natural in your wigs.

  • Perruque Classique Full Lace Avec Frange

Make sure you use styling products that are formulated for your type of wig, whether it is synthetic or human hair. For example, products for human hair wigs should be sulfate-free to keep the color looking vibrant for longer. However, it is falling out of favor because it has been found in human breast tumors, possibly because of their ability to mimic estrogen.

If you have a synthetic wig, eventually it may turn a little dry and frizzy. A quick spray mist of an oil sheen spray product should restore it to its former glory.

  • Perruque Enivrante Ondulée Lace Front Synthétique

Have your cut customized by your regular stylist. You can send all the photographs and measurements that you like, and Patti's Pearls will make an awesome job of getting your wig just right. Still, it might not feel right until you take it to someone who knows the shape of your head and your lifestyle to give your new wig that "lived-in" look.

It is a good idea to have two wigs ready to wear at any one time. For one thing, you will always have something to wear while you are washing one wig. Secondly, rotating your wigs will help them your wigs last longer.

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Choose Wig Material

Tuesday, 23 January 2018 10:21:46 Europe/London

The wig hair is made from different material will affect the appearance and care of the wig. Different materials also come with different price points and longevity. Before selecting a wig, you should know more about the material.

Human hair: Because they are made from real human hair, these wigs can be styled, washed and worn just like natural hair. This gives the most realistic appearance of any wig, but also means you’ll need to style it every time it gets wet and condition it regularly. You can also bleach or dye natural hair wigs for a different look. Look for natural hair wigs that are labeled “Remy,” which indicates that the hair on the wig runs the same direction (from root to tip) as natural hair growth, which preserves the cuticle and makes the hair lay smoothly on the head without tangling badly. These wigs can last up to a year when worn daily, but are the most expensive wigs.

Synthetic hair: Synthetic wigs are made from synthetic materials like nylon or the synthetic materials. Even though they are not human hair, well-made synthetic wigs are often very similar to their natural counterparts. They also have the advantage of holding their style longer. However, synthetic hair wigs cannot be exposed to extreme heat or they will melt, which means no curling irons or straightening irons to achieve your desired style.

  • Perruque Exceptionnelle Ondulée Lace Front Synthétique

Heat friendly: Heat friendly synthetic wigs are made of synthetic fibers but can withstand high heats. This allows you to style the wig using a curling or straightening iron. These wigs are a bit more difficult to style than human hair wigs and generally last three months when worn every day.

Natural blend: It also called human hair blends, these wigs combine human hair with a heat friendly synthetic fiber. These wigs can generally withstand high temperatures, which mean you can curl or straighten them. They are more affordable than natural hair wigs.

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Things About Selecting A Wig

Monday, 5 June 2017 11:47:30 Europe/London

The craftsmanship in wigs is better than ever and so it's pretty easy to get an amazing natural look that is comfortable and completely secure.
There are three simple but important things to know before buying your wig:

1. HAIRSTYLE- Are you willing to take a risk and change up your look? Go completely short or take a long shot! Maybe you want your look closer to your biological hair style. If this is going to be your first wig, we recommend you stick as close to your current style or style you feel most comfortable in. Remember… A wig is a perfect hairstyle.

Sweet Talk synthetic wig by Gabor After the honeymoon period in your first wig… We encourage you to think outside the box and try different styles and colors that you feel may suit you or you have always wanted to try. Wigs make this easy! Have fun with the advantage of being able to put on a perfect hairstyle in a minute!Even when wearing a wig that is extremely similar to your biological hair… You are going to feel like you look different.... because you do. You will have PERFECT hair! Our suggestion is to stay as close to what you are familiar with until you get comfortable in your new wig! Play it safe;-)

2. COLOR- The most exciting aspect of wearing wigs is that you don't have to commit to any chemical damage or long term look as you can change colors as often as you change your mind! However, if this is your first wig we do suggest to play it safe and go with the color you are most familiar and comfortable with. (are you noticing a theme here?;) Because wigs are always going to look foreign on your head even if it is the best quality money can buy... you will feel like you don't look like you! But you will warm up to perfect hair pretty quickly. This is why we suggest staying with a style and color close to what you already know. But for the more adventurous spirit, go for it... have the hair you have always wanted to try!

For the most natural look we always suggest going for a rooted color or a hair color with highlights and depth. This gives a bit more of a natural look and feel over solid colors.

Remember, different lighting (outside, inside) will reflect a difference in color so make sure to check your wig in both when deciding your favorite color.

3. LIFESTYLE– your lifestyle, schedule, and ability to style hair should be taken into consideration when buying a wig online . How much time do you have to spend or are willing to spend on styling your hair? What climate will you be in? And of course… budget!

Someone with little time or ability to style their hair every day may want to consider staying with a synthetic hair wig as they are light weight and already pre-styled. So, no matter the weather, you never lose your style! Of course, there is nothing exactly like human hair wigs. But they do have to be styled each time and are pricey.

The answer to these questions will determine whether your best options are synthetic hair or human hair wigs. They are both amazing and have their advantages over the other… But the most important thing is to figure out which works best for you.
Style, color, and lifestyle… figure these things out and you can now head in the right direction towards your perfect match!

When shopping with us, we suggest you start with choosing the synthetic wigs or human hair wigs category. Then choose the style you were interested in. Once you pick the style you will have lots of color options to choose from. If you need help along the way please see our advice and how to section or call us ... we love to help!

Wigs are easy to wear and quite addicting once you realize how convenient they are!

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Perfect Wigs For Mother's Day

Tuesday, 9 May 2017 12:22:41 Europe/London

Using Yourwigs exclusive coloring technique, which achieve gloriously natural hues without dyes will give you unlimited options for coloring or highlighting your wigs. Wavy, straight or come-hither curled, Kate is a long layered, pre-permed Remy human hair that wig epitomizes feminine style with the added security and versatility of a lace front.

Headliner lace front human hair wig is a beautifully tapered page below-the-shoulder style. The Sheer Indulgence cap construction features a monofilament top which gives the appearance of your own natural scalp. 100% hand tied sides and back give the most natural look and movement available. Lace along the front mimics a natural hairline and allows for styling away from the face. Made with fine human hair Headliner offers endless styling versatility and looks incredibly natural.

Charlotte (Wavy) by Amore is a long, face framing style with textured layers and soft body. This version of Charlotte comes with wavy hair. It’s made with 100% Remy human hair of the highest quality. The lace front and monofilament cap construction create the illusion of a natural hairline and natural hair growth where the hair is parted. You will look great and feel great in this beautiful style!

The Ellie Synthetic Monofilament Wig by Revlon is a classy shoulder length style with long layers featuring a monofilament top, made with a monofilament top construction for a natural look and feel. Unparalleled in comfort and natural look, the Revlon wig collection provides a wide selection of wig styles while maintaining high quality standards. These wigs are ideal for the woman experiencing hair loss, or issues related to a chronic sensitive scalp. Progressive Color Technology for african american wigs. The color is darker at the roots gradually lightens as it reaches the ends. It looks more natural and look like natural hair.

Featuring a monofilament cap construction this synthetic hair wig allows styling versatility and a natural looking part. The layers can be tossed in or out with ease to change up the style. Striking mid-length wig with layers that can be worn smooth and sleek or feathered and flipped.

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Secret About Men's Wigs

Friday, 28 April 2017 09:45:38 Europe/London

Wigs for men are not nearly as popular as women’s wigs but we are seeing them more and more. The trick is to NOT know they are wearing wigs. Men don’t seem to want to let anyone know they are wearing a wig or a hairpiece, so the good ones are virtually undetectable...Good news for them! Unfortunately, the wigs that are noticeable on men are not the good ones! If you can easily tell a man is wearing a wig, it only serves to highlight the fact that wigs are fake looking and therefore is not a good option for men.

Wigs that Look Totally Natural! They exist! The wearable hair options get better and better all the time. Synthetic hair fiber is virtually indistinguishable from human hair wigs in so many ways. Plus… synthetic hair does not lose its style or shape. This gives you a very low effort great style!

Vanity can drive us all to do things to save or improve our look. Women wearing wigs is totally acceptable and even gaining in popularity in the recent years. But there is some question about whether men should don a perfect hair style when theirs lacks a bit… or a lot!

For men, because the hair styles are short for the most part, it is important to have it customized to fit your face and needs. The good news is you will only have to get one haircut! Lace front wigs will give you the most natural looking front hairline. This is important as this is the tell-tale sign of fake hair (if the hairline is not on a lace front material). You also want to look for a monofilament top or part. Mono top means the wig cap has a natural scalp look due to the hairs being hand tied into the cap, giving the best and most natural movement you can get in a wig.

Celebrities are wearing wigs or hairpieces without anyone knowing (Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, and Brett Michaels to name a few). Mens wigs are showing up more and more as the effects of our environment give our natural hair a beating. It’s a personal preference, but if you don’t want to go without hair, you don’t have to!

For all you guys out there… Feeling confident is key. Whether that means wearing a wig is up to you. The days of looking like your are wearing a squirrel tail on your head are gone. Wigs for men and women are beautifully crafted and undetectable as anything but your own hair if you wear them correctly.

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What Wigs Are Best For Seniors?

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 11:04:20 Europe/London

Wigs are a great solution to get perfect hair for any woman. With the growing population of seniors, the demand for wigs and hairpieces is definitely on the rise! But women classified as Seniors are not going over that hill without a fight. More women over the age of 60 are looking at least 10-15 years younger because of the increasing focus on taking care of the body and mind. Great hair is also a huge part in looking and feeling younger. Wigs for seniors are basically any wig!

We are seeing a trend toward the more fashion forward wigs and hairpieces for senior women. The wig trend for younger women of all ages celebrity or not is also gaining momentum, so it is not wonder that older women are on the bandwagon. Many celebs are talking about their wig habit quite openly..actually, almost shouting it from the rooftops as their wigs and hairpieces are a big part in why their hair looks flawless! This definitely makes the trend spread more quickly.

The days of going shorter and more matronly just because you’re are maturing… gone! Fine wine gets better with age. We can too!

One good rule of thumb is to pick out your favorite facial feature and find a style to highlight it. You don’t have to get an “old lady” cut or length just because you are over 60. You won’t find wigs for senior because you can choose any wig you like! I mean…. Have you seen how amazing Raquel Welch looks in all her wigs? Okay… there is only one Raquel, but we can look as good by following her lead on some simple things to keep in mind:

Keep it Simple! – feel comfortable in your style. Don’t succumb to the “rules” of aging that you feel you have to adhere to. If you like your hair a bit longer… go for it! Stay simple and true to yourself. You know what works for you. Don’t go crazy, though! Leave that to Lady Gaga. Upgrade your own style

Go for a Natural Looking Hairline - Say it with me….."Lace front!" it is so important to have a natural hairline. This is huge for your confidence in wearing wigs.

Lace fronts come in human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. They make all the difference if the hairline of the wig is going to be visible at all. Rule of thumb: if the hairline shows…make sure it’s lace front.

Don’t go too Bulky at the Crown – Lots of women think height at the crown gives a fuller look...however, it has a tendency to scream wig! Fullness should be even on the top and not give a bouffant look at the crown.

Don’t Think age appropriate means ‘Short’ – Short wigs can be fun and gorgeous on many women…but make sure a short style works for your face shape and style. A short mens wig on the wrong face shape can add years to your look. Not exactly the look we are going for!

Color is Key! – Although Grey is the new black as the grey color trend for younger women sweeps the globe, don’t feel like you have to go grey just because you are a ‘woman of a certain age’. You can pull of most any color at almost any age. This is a fact! I get that you can embrace your silver locks with style if you are a confident woman… go for it! But for those of us who don’t want to go gently in to that silvery night…. Play with color that makes you feel younger!

So wigs for seniors are not old lady wigs. They are all the top brands and the latest styles that everyone else is wearing. Break free from the stereotype in your mind that just holds you back! Look for a hairstyle that you feel compliments your face shape and matches your lifestyle. Whether you go with a gray wig or finally go for it with that vibrant red you have always wanted to try..the key is confidence! There are no rules anymore. Own it and wear it with style!

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High Quality Monofilament Wigs

Tuesday, 25 April 2017 11:43:41 Europe/London

When shopping for a wig, you have probably seen monofilament wigs among your choices. Most people don't know what this wig feature means exactly. It usually is found on higher quality wigs so we all know it is a good thing. So you know by the price that it must be an upgrade feature...but do you know exactly what it is? Monofilament refers to the wig cap and how it is made. It offers the most realistic appearance of scalp and hair movement possible. Because of the versatility of styling, you have freedom to part your hair or style it in almost any way!

Monofilament wigs are made by tying or sewing hair in sections into the top portion of the cap which is made from a very fine, sheer material known as a monofilament.

Synthetic hairs wigs or human hair wigs are generally hand-tied and knotted individually into the sheer material. It is sewn in to the material in the same fashion as carpet fibers. They stick straight up and fall naturally depending on the length of the fiber. The hair is tied in just like this... just like the hair naturally grows out of your own head. This allows each of the tied hairs to be parted and brushed in any direction and gives the wig an amazingly natural look. It will move just like natural hair moves.

Because of this time intensive process…Mono-filament wigs are considered to be a high quality wig product and are more expensive than a standard wefted cap but the benefit of wearing a wig that few will note as a wig is well worth it!

Another benefit of a mono-filament wig is that the hand-knotting makes the wig more durable and less likely to break off or slide out from the african american wigs… that is if you treat it right! Keep in mind, the sheer material is designed to be fine and give a natural appearance but is not as sturdy as the rest of the wig so treat it gently.

Monofilament is a great advantage for a more natural part, and for allowing you the versatility to change your part and style around at will. But as you now know... the process of making a monofilament wig does increase the price. Did you know it takes up to 40 hours to make one monofilament hand tied cap?! Anything that labor intensive should be appreciated. So make sure to only get what you need in order to make the most of your investment.

If you only need the part to look realistic and are happy where the part is placed...then a monofilament part is for you! If you are going for a shorter style that only shows the crown of the style...a monofilament crown may be all you need. But if you want a wig that gives you total freedom to change the part around... is less dense all over for a more natural look and gives you a natural looking scalp no matter where you part your wig... you definitely need to go for a full monofilament top.

So now you know how a monofilament is made and why it is so much better for achieving the most natural look with wigs. There is nothing better than feeling confident in your style!

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Spring Style With Wigs

Friday, 21 April 2017 12:05:19 Europe/London

Spring comes with fresh new looks and a sunny disposition! The changing seasons come with opportunities to update your look or get a new cute cut…a little commitment phobic…me too;)

So get your new looks or try them out first with wigs! Wigs are the perfect way to completely change your look with the changing of the seasons (or your mind)! The trending spring and summer looks are easier than ever with these wigs. Not everyone can keep up with the changing trends or get the look we want with the hair we have… Make it easy with wigs, hairpieces, or hair extensions!

We checked in with some of the top celebrity stylists following or creating the trends for 2017. There are some tried and true favorites staying strong but with a new twist and there are some new looks to play with. The biggest movement running throughout all the new looks and fresh trends this season is keeping it au natural! Whatever you do… make sure there is a subtlety in how you address you color and cut. Going a little messier (not bed head!) with a textured and layered look that gives your style a more relaxed but chic look is key. No stark colors or architectural straight clean lines this year. Of course, we think it’s sort of ironic when we are told to go with a natural look but have to color or cut to do with human hair wigs! But a girlz gotta do what she must to look natural, even if it does take work to get there;) So have a blast and look up-to-date in whatever you are wearing this season!

Brown is the new black! Keeping in line with the natural trend in hair… Stark or jet black is officially out this year! Sorry girls… we know this is a go-to color for many of you. But… you can still stay shadowy and sexy in rich ULTRA BROWNS! Rich and so sultry… Ultra-Browns have taken over the black hair craze in Hollywood and the runways. Go anywhere from dark cappuccino colors to medium chocolate browns to stay on trend. Of course you can add depth to it with Carmel highlights or give a sun kissed ombre or rooted look to your style. If you get lost or confused as to which color to go with. Just remember… if is sounds like a yummy chocolate dessert… it’s probably the right color for staying on trend!

Waves are BIG this year. You will see them in all shapes and sizes as the wave craze is solid. Wavy hair looks good on everyone. You just have to find your perfect match. This spring we are seeing the range from the ‘barely there’ wave (think Rachel Zoe or Blake Lively) to the Deep Beach Waves like JLo or Emma Stone at the Oscars this year! Whether you go subtle on your waves or kick up the curl.. remember to leave the tips out of the curling iron… we don’t want to conjure up a Shirley Temple feel! Waves will keep you looking on trend as the slightly messy ‘I just woke up this way and still look fabulous’ look is totally in!

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Picture Perfect With Human Hair Wigs

Tuesday, 18 April 2017 12:21:44 Europe/London

Have you ever seen your favorite celebrity or even seen someone on the street with the most beautiful hair and wonder how they did it? Or do you ever think, how could they get their wigs to do that and stay so perfectly like that? Well I have the answer for you! You may not know just how simple and easy it is to get that “picture perfect” hair going. Recently, hair extensions have become the new look for ladies around the globe. When it comes to extensions, you should know what you’re getting into before you make a purchase. However, majority of people don’t realize that there’s a lot more to having extensions rather than just how good they make you feel or look.

There’s a process to things like this, especially when you’ll be wearing them out and about for the majority of the day. What most people don’t know is the difference in the hair with extensions, such as Remy hair. In short, what Remy hair consists of is all human hair wigs that has been pieced together from hair donors all across the world (mainly India, Asia and some parts of Europe) that has not had any type of hair treatment/damage done to it. Unlike other industries that don’t state that they use harsh chemicals to strip the cuticles that lie in the hair strands. Yet, just like the difference in hair, there is also going to be a difference price range when it comes to quality.

Depending on where you buy, as well as the brand, the price will vary in multiple ways. Typically, when the quality of the hair is to high standards than of course the price will be more on the expensive side. As a customer, you always want to do some research before you go through with purchasing wigs online especially when you’re fairly new to the hair world.

The hair itself isn’t like the hair on your scalp, always take extra care since the natural oils in the extensions aren’t as healthy as your actual hair. Buying extensions also expands your styling options! There are so many ways you can style your hair and do more than you could before you bought them. So, before you make this hair changing purchase make sure to have all of your facts in order.

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The Miracle of Synthetic Wigs

Tuesday, 18 April 2017 11:55:13 Europe/London

Rain or shine…synthetic hair is the best way to ensure your hairstyle never frizzes or falls. There are many advantages to being able to put your style on in seconds. Synthetic wigs give you the freedom to have any style you want for a very affordable price and minimal effort. Weather proofing your look is simple with synthetic wigs.

Easy, Easy, Easy - synthetic hair is so easy to take care of and have amazing style memory. This means the style or curl pattern is baked right in. You never have to restyle it - bonus! All you have to do is wash it and shake it out…viola! It returns to its original style.

Versatility - as synthetic hair is much more easy to style and care for…you now have the flexibility to buy different styles and colors to try.

Vibrant Hues - synthetic wigs have the most vibrant hues because the synthetic fiber holds color much more efficiently than human hair. It can take deeper and more striking colors easily. The best fading! So go for that amazing red that will keep you at your hairdresser only every couple of weeks…now you can have that deep rich red from the salon look any time you would like!

Cost Effective - the cost of synthetic is so much more affordable than human hair. You can get three or more great quality synthetic wigs for the price of one high-end human hair wigs. Of course, a wig lover always wants a good human hair wig at her fingertips…but for all weather hair and lots of options…nothing beats great synthetic wigs!

Naturally Beautiful - with a good quality synthetic wig you get the look of human hair at a fraction of the cost. It is very hard to tell the difference between the human hair wig and a quality synthetic hair wig. This makes it such a wise and easy choice all the way around.

Now there are also some challenges with synthetic wigs but if you keep a couple of things in mind…you will never go back, once you go synthetic!

Shine - a drawback to some synthetic fiber (usually the lower quality synthetic) is that there may be an unnatural shine to the hair. This is easily remedied by washing the african american wigs and once it is dry, you can spray on a hair powder or dry shampoo which leaves a light powder coating and will give a more natural look to the hair.

Shorter life span - synthetic wigs live a shorter life than a high-end human hair wig. However, just because the life is shorter doesn’t mean it can't live a great life while it lasts! Synthetic makes life so much easier and the color doesn’t fade. Depending on the frequency of wear, your synthetic wig should last 3-6 months tops, but it's totally worth it!

Style stays - synthetic wigs and toppers can’t be heat treated. The style you buy is the style you keep. Want a different style? Buy a different wig! However, there is heat friendly synthetic fiber that does allow you to change the style.

Color stays - you can not re-color or change the color of synthetic wigs. However, this is not a bad thing. The color doesn’t fade either…this is a common problem with human hair. The upside is - sun will not fade it!

Rain, snow, fog, or humidity... nothing messes up great hair day with synthetic wigs. Take advantage of the versatility and affordability you get wearing synthetic hair. Look like you spent hours on your hair...flawless with little effort!

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Save Time And Money With Beautiful Wigs

Friday, 14 April 2017 10:28:08 Europe/London

It's amazing how much time us women spend primping, styling, fussing, and even un-styling our hair! Before I found wigs I spent an hour every day trying to style my hair. The amount of time, effort, and frustration that was spent on my own hair was exhausting. Who has that kind of time EVERY day? I don't have that much time, and I bet you don't either!

What if I told you that you could spend less than 5 minutes per day to have fabulous hair and save money? On average women spend $1,130 a year on styling products, haircuts, and color. Wig wearers on average spend only $243 a year on a new wig and products. In under 5 minutes, you can brush out your wig, pop it on, add a little Keep It There Hair Spray, and you're out the door! Time and money well spent.

Wigs have empowered me and given back to my life in so many ways- including my time and my pocket book. Talk about never having a bad hair day! Being able to put my wig on and have it looking fabulous within minutes verses spending hours in front of a mirror styling and primping is priceless!

I no longer fret rainy days, cold weather, or going on vacation where it could be humid and hot. My human hair wigs keep their style and their shape in rainy weather and humid hot days where as my hair would take extra prep time and much effort. If your wig happens to get wet, that's OK, just don't brush your wig while it's wet, wait until it's dry to do any brushing.

Wigs will not only help you look your most absolute fabulous best, they will save you time and money. In addition, wigs are so convenient especially when travelling or during bad weather. Find your perfect wigs online or top piece and you too can be gone with the wind fabulous!

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Wig Styling Tips

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 12:04:12 Europe/London

The moment you have been eagerly anticipating has arrived. Your new wigs has just been delivered and you have taken it out of the box. Now what? Here are a few tips to help you look dazzling without a lot of effort or skill.

Wig Styling Tips

Make sure you use styling products that are formulated for your type of wig, whether it is synthetic wig or human hair wigs. For example, products for human hair wigs should be sulfate-free to keep the color looking vibrant for longer. You may come across products that are labelled "paraben-free." Paraben is cheap, common type of preservative that is used in many products from shampoo to toothpaste. However, it is falling out of favor because it has been found in human breast tumors, possibly because of their ability to mimic estrogen.

If you have a synthetic wig, eventually it may turn a little dry and frizzy. A quick spray mist of an oil sheen spray product should restore it to its former glory.

Have your cut customized by your regular stylist. You can send all the photographs and measurements that you like, and Patti's Pearls will make an awesome job of getting your wig just right. Still, it might not feel right until you take it to someone who knows the shape of your head and your lifestyle to give your new wig that "lived-in" look.

It is a good idea to have two wigs ready to wear at any one time. For one thing, you will always have something to wear while you are washing one african american wigs. Secondly, rotating your wigs will help them your wigs last longer.

Keep your wig out of the kitchen! This is especially true if you have a synthetic wig. Hot ovens and boiling liquids are the enemy here. The damage may even be irreparable. Either wear a scarf or let someone else do the cooking!

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7 Ways to Secure Your Wig

Monday, 10 April 2017 12:30:42 Europe/London

Most clients don't wear anything under their wig and it feels completely secure. However, we know that many of you want a bit of added security when you wear your wig. Here are 8 great ways to make your wig feel extra secure.

This is our most popular way to secure your wigs. Perfect whether you have hair of your own or not.
Wear it under any wig, scarf or hat to keep it completely secure. We use a double-sided crushed velvet material, so one side grips to your hair or skin, and the other side adheres to your wig or head covering. Our band is very comfortable to wear and features an adjustable Velcro closure in the back.

Perfect whether you have hair of your own or not.
Use our Nylon Wig Cap under your wig to:
*Keep your wig from moving or slipping
*Hold your own hair in place
*Keep your african american wigs clean, or collect your hair while it is falling out

Our Mesh Wig Cap is especially good for women with long hair. Use under your wig to:
*Keep it from moving or slipping
*Hold your own hair in place

Perfect whether you have hair of your own or not.
The Wig Grip Cap combines our very popular Wig Grip Band with a soft, cotton wig cap. It's the perfect product for women who are experiencing hair loss or have a sensitive head. Wear this Wig Grip Cap under any hat, turban or scarf to keep it from moving around, and keep your head protected if it's sensitive. It's also perfect for around the house or to sleep in; the Wig Grip will keep it from sliding around while you sleep.

You must have hair of your own to use these.
Sew into the inside of your wig and then clip into your own hair to keep your wig secure and in place.
These are available for purchase on their own or in a dozen pack. For an additional charge, we can also sew them into a wig for you!

Best to use in areas you do not have hair.
Use to secure your human hair wigs if you feel that it is moving around and you have no hair. Place the tape anywhere inside the wig that you choose, or cut a piece in half if you don't need a full piece.

Best to use in areas you do not have hair.
It Stays Glue is perfect for women who don't have any hair and needed a gentle, added security with their wig. It's a gentle roll-on body adhesive that washes off with water and won't leave any stain. It's very pliable and moves with your skin. Uses: support wigs, toupees, hose, socks, nylons, panty hose, shoulder straps, orthopedic and surgical devices, etc.

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Things you don’t know about the shunfa wigs

Friday, 7 April 2017 10:04:53 Europe/London

Is the hair root is the root of the hair, the hair is slightly hair slightly, head and tail is not reversed, not chaos, this is the best raw material for the production of wigs. Hair elastic
No staining method of identification is the natural color, the root is black, the tail is slightly dull yellow, or split. After the stain is also more flexible.

Personal view

SHUNFA refers to the hair layer with scales, and scales are basically the best materials for human hair wigs. SHUNFA is divided into two types: hair and braid. And generally refers to cut off the head, head layer upside down yellow hair, Obe Xiana.

Pour root is the root lodging machine the bubble Pao Fa with hair follicles a head and slightly separated from and to achieve scale toward the same, the effect SHUNFA.

Of course they are different, the same origin and the general texture than the bubble to hard, root lodging itself is metabolism or the external force and loss of hair, so in the use of time, braid and hair than the inverted root hair more durable.

How to distinguish between global and SHUNFA

If single from appearance to identify bubble hair and SHUNFA, simply do not use the, so the identification method, personally do not agree. To sum up a sentence: “ a look at the two touch three feeling”.

“A look at the appearance”, Shun Fat with the appearance of the scales, and generally not too acid treatment, also need not baked, appearance sometimes appear slightly some dull, bubble hair after a plurality of processing, the appearance of shiny.
“Two touch, touch the end from the beginning, very smooth, touch from the tail end, some rough, usually shunfa. After the bubble hair to remove the scales, no matter how you feel, basically does not tie a knot will appear smooth, which is why bubble hair the reason why the popular reasons, to find a girlfriend first impression is very good of, often can lasting walked over to a is not much. Haha “Three sense” feel its softness, feel its elasticity, feel its moisture and humidity. (this will slowly hone your skills Oh!)

SHUNFA treatment

The process of bubble SHUNFA and almost, most only eliminates the need for acid treatment procedures. Here is not a repeat.

Range of use

Because of the influence of factors in the prices of raw materials, pure SHUNFA products and their target price gap is very big, so demand is not very high, after all, rich people never accounted for the is one of the few, so the use range is not wide, and according to the needs of customers, we can only understand to give them a psychological comfort. If you meet a totally understand wig experts, but also to shun fa, the client basically decided not to be too much and the curtain, made mainly.

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Hair Treatment During Pregnancy

Saturday, 1 April 2017 12:36:55 Europe/London

Questions related to hair treatments during pregnancy are common. Most treatments involve chemicals and dyes which leave women wondering if they are safe.

Different Types of Hair Treatments Include:
Coloring- This includes permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary dyes.

Curling- Permanent waves are created by using two solutions on the hair. The first of these is a waving solution, and the second is a solution for neutralization/fixation.
Bleaching- This treatment uses hydrogen peroxide.
Relaxers- These are also known as perms. They contain either lye (sodium hydroxide) or no lye (potassium, lithium, or guanidine hydroxide) which are used to permanently straighten the hair.
Are Hair Dyes and Treatment Chemicals Safe While Pregnant?

Although fairly limited, most research indicates the chemicals found in both semi-permanent and permanent dyes are not highly toxic and are safe to use during pregnancy. In addition, only small amounts of hair dye may be absorbed by the skin, leaving little that would be able to reach the fetus.

As such, this small amount is not considered harmful to the fetus. The same is considered true while breastfeeding. Although no data is available on women receiving hair treatments while breastfeeding, it is known that little of the chemicals would actually be absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, the chance of them entering the milk and posing a risk to an infant would be unlikely.

However, if you are hesitant to use regular hair dyes during pregnancy, there are some safer alternatives to consider. For example, having highlights put in your hair decreases any risk as the dye is only placed on strands of your hair and does not touch the scalp.

Thus, the skin does not absorb the chemicals into the bloodstream. Another alternative is pure vegetable dyes including henna. If you are still concerned about using hair dyes during pregnancy, you may want to talk to your doctor. Some physicians recommend waiting at least until the second or third trimester, if not until after pregnancy, to dye your hair.

What Precautions Should I Take When Chemically Treating My Hair?

Consider waiting until the second trimesterto treat your hair.
Make sure the treatment is done in a well-ventilated area.
Do not leave the chemicals on your hair any longer than indicated by the directions.
Rinse your scalp thoroughly with water after treatment.
Wear gloves when applying treatment.
Carefully follow the directions on the package.
Do a patch test for allergic reactions before completing the process.
Never dye or bleach eyebrows or eyelashes. This could cause swelling or increase risk of infection in the eye area.
Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that pregnancy, in itself, can naturally change the hair’s texture. Pregnancy may also cause your hair to react differently to perming or coloring. If this is the case, you may want to wait until after pregnancy to treat your hair.

What if I Work as a Cosmetologist and Am Pregnant?

For cosmetologists, the risks during pregnancy come from the amount of exposure to hair treatment chemicals, which is affected by the number of hours worked, as well as, working conditions. One study indicates a greater risk for miscarriage in women who apply large numbers of bleaches and permanent hair dyes, work more than 40 hours per week, and/or work in salons that offer nail sculpturing services.

Proper working conditions, such as wearing protective gloves, not eating or drinking in the work area, and making sure your work area is well-ventilated are also important to limit exposure to hair treatment chemicals.

Overall, hair treatments are generally considered safe to use during pregnancy. However, you may also consider getting highlights or using pure vegetable dyes. Regardless, your safest option is to wait at least until after the first trimester, if not until after pregnancy.

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How to Properly Take Care of a Full Lace Wig

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 11:08:55 Europe/London

If you haven’t checked out the full wigs that are made from Indian human hair on our site, you definitely need to! A lace wig is made by hand and is tied on a lace base one strand at a time. As our site mentions, you can enjoy tangle free Indian Remy hair by purchasing a high quality Full Lace Wig. Wigs will give you complete hair coverage and features silky straight Indian hair that you’ll love.

Since a full lace wig looks great while being worn, it’s important to learn how to take proper care of it so that it will stay in great condition. Thankfully full lace wigs are rather easy to take care of. You can gently wash your lace wig if you’ve used hair products on it, such as hair spray (which we don’t recommend by the way). You also can store your wig on a wig head with T-pins to keep it in ready-to-put-on shape before heading out with your full lace wig on.

Here are some more tips that are a bit more detailed so that you will learn how to take care of your full lace wig:

Keep it Away from Extreme Heat
Like all hair, exposing any hair locks to extreme heat will only damage the ends and dry out your cuticles. So if you place your wig on a wig head, be sure to keep it away from heat. Obviously don’t place your wig near a fire, heat vent, or anywhere else where it may be damaged from heat over time. Also, when you are wearing your wig don’t expose your locks to heat for a long time either. This means don’t sit close to a fire and definitely do not use a hair dryer on your human hair wigs. It will dry out your hair and cause damage that’s hard to repair.

Gently Comb it Out
Like all hair extensions, full lace wigs are very much the same. Except with full lace wigs you need to be extra careful when combing out the hair on the wig. Even though the hair is pretty secure in the lace base, it’s still important to be cautious. In order to prevent any hair from getting loose, you’ll want to start brushing the hair from the ends to the top, without getting too close to the lace base.

Use a Spray Bottle with Luke Warm Water to Wash it
Since your wig isn’t attached to your head, you’ll need to wash it while it is on the mannequin head. We recommend adding a tablespoon of shampoo to a small spray bottle and filling it with lukewarm water. After you’re done making your mixture you can place your actual wig in cool water and while you’re doing this, you will need to spray the wig with the shampoo and warm water combination. Next distribute the shampoo throughout the wig and use a wide-tooth comb to work through your hair.

After the shampoo is evenly dispersed through your wig, it’s time to rinse it. Rinse your hair under the cool water and get ready to apply conditioner to the wig next. Now it’s time to add a tablespoon of conditioner to a new spray bottle or you can rinse out the shampoo out of the spray bottle and use that instead if that’s easier. In the same way you worked through your wig with the shampoo, you’ll need to do this with the conditioner.

Once you’re done with washing your synthetic wigs, human hair wigs or mens wigs with both shampoo and conditioner, gently rinse it out again for a third time under cool water. Use a towel and gently dry the hair, and afterwords you’ll want to let it to dry naturally after you’ve gotten most of the water out. Don’t rub the hair strands against one another – pat dry the hair to prevent any hair breakage from happening.

We hope these tips have helped you understand how to care for your full lace wig. If you take care of it properly it will last you a long time! So be gentle and loving with your perfect locks!

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Methods of Caring Wigs

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 09:25:02 Europe/London

Although human hair have many advantage compare with synthetic wigs, such as feeling and breathability.
Meanwhile, Synthetic wigs offer a lot of advantages over natural ones including the ease of synthetic wig care. They tend to be far quicker and easier to dry than natural hair wigs, plus they tend to hold their style and shape better. Because they have a preset style, you’ll spend less time restyling and shaping them. They also tend to be lighter and cooler to wear in the warm summer months. Because they’re made of synthetic fibers, you don’t have to worry about them changing color in the sun. Combine that with the decreased cost and easy availability of synthetic wigs and you can see why so many women choose them over natural hair ones.

If you want your african american wigs to last a long time, it’s important that you practice good synthetic wig care. Here’s how to wash your wig safely :

You’ll need to purchase a synthetic wig shampoo designed specifically for synthetic wigs. Never use a regular shampoo on a synthetic wig.

Brush your wig lightly with a wire brush before washing. Never brush your wigs with a regular hairbrush as it can damage the fibers.

3.Add a teaspoonful of wig shampoo to a bowl of cool water. Never use hot water on a synthetic wig.

Place the wig into the water for one minute until it’s saturated with the shampoo/water combination. Do use it lightly in the basin for an additional minute.
Remove your wig from the basin and gently squeeze excess water from your wig. Never twist or wring your wag to avoid damage.
Gently blot your human hair wigs dry with a towel.
Place wig back on its form to dry completely before styling. Never style a wet wig!
You can periodically condition your wig by applying hair conditioner periodically after washing and before the final rinse.
Always store your wig on it’s wig stand when not being worn. This will help to maintain it’s form and style.

How often should you wash your synthetic wig?
It’s generally recommended that synthetic wigs be washed after every 15-20 wearings. If you wash too frequently, you risk shortening the life of your wig. If you keep your own hair clean underneath the wig, you can reduce the frequency with which your wig needs washing which may further help to prolong the life of your wig. Be sure to take your wig in to be styled by a professional at regular intervals.

By following these guidelines for synthetic wig care, you should be able to enjoy your synthetic wig for a long time!

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How much hair weave you need?

Friday, 24 March 2017 11:05:23 Europe/London

Weave are attached to your head by sewing them to a tiny braid made out of your own hair. The track (known to hairdressers as a corn-row) runs horizontally around the back of your head. The tracks are done in the middle of your scalp underneath your hairline so you can’t see them.

The crown area of your own hair covers the top track making the wigs seem invisible. The number and size of tracks matches the number and size of wefts. The wefts and tracks ideally should be made in different sizes in order to match exactly the way your hair would look if you had grown it that way yourself.

Normally, Weft hair are applied in rows across your head with adhesive or sewed to braids. Some hairdressers prefer shrinkies/shrink-links and micro ring or fusion for pre bonded hair, the hair comes already separated into individual strands ready for application with glue on the tips.

How much hair you need in your human hair wigs depends on how many tracks you have. For example: If I had hair to my chin and I wanted hair to my bra line (about 18″ long) I might need 5 or 6 tracks/wefts depending upon my current haircut. If I had hair to my shoulders that was thin and stringy and I wanted it thicker and more luscious but the same length I might need 2 or 3 (or more) tracks/wefts. For hair weft under 18 inches, one packet is enough for full head. Over 18 inches, you should need more the one. If a hairdresser is doing your hair it is advisable to check with them as to how much you require for the hairstyle.

For the pre blonded hair, you should need 150-200 strands.Once again this depends on the style. For other methods eg strand by strand you will need to consult with your hair dresser. Once the tracks are done, the wefts are sewn to them and then your own crown area hair is blended with and combed over the extensions.

Sure, the Extensions should not be applied any lower than the base of your scalp (about even with the middle of your ears) and so your hair under this point covers the extensions while you wear it in pigtails, ponytails, french twists, french braids etc。 With proper care, Hair Extensions should last four months.

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Install Lace Frontal

Thursday, 23 March 2017 11:10:16 Europe/London

Understanding the proper application of a lace frontal is essential to aesthetics and safety. Otherwise, the process may lead to hair loss and skin and/or wig damage. Unlike traditional wigs a lace frontal, commonly referred to as a “lace front wig,” features a mesh of Swiss or French lace constructed along its front perimeter. The hair along the perimeter of the wig is hand-tied onto the lace, allowing it to emulate a natural hairline. In addition, specially made adhesives are applied directly beneath the hairline of the wigs in order to secure the lace frontal closure along the scalp.

1. Secure your hair so it lies flat underneath the wig. This can be achieved by two methods: Cornrow braid your hair. Take the tooth end of your rat tail comb and part your hair into vertical sections one by one. Part in a straight line beginning from the middle of your hairline on back to the nape of your neck (how small you want your braids is determined by the width or amount of hair in between each part). Take three sections of hair left in between these parts and braid the hair into a cornrow. Repeat the process until all your hair is securely braided. Place the wig cap over your hair. Tightly gather your loose hair. Comb or brush the hair back flat and away from your face. Pin the hair as you see fit. Place the wig cap over your hair. Tuck any loose strands of hair underneath the wig cap.

2. Wet a gauze pad generously with rubbing alcohol. Rub it along your hairline wherever adhesive will be applied so as to cleanse away dirt, oil and debris that may be on your skin. Allow the skin to air dry completely.

3. Apply scalp protectant as directed along your hairline wherever hair adhesive will be applied on the skin. Allow it to air dry completely.

4. Trace lightly where you would like the lace front wig to rest, using a makeup pencil, as you do not want the edge of the human hair wigs to lie directly over the hair at the hairline. To reasonably recreate the appearance of a natural hairline, trace no further than 1/2 inch away from your actual hairline.

5. Trim off any excess lace left around the hairline of the lace front wig carefully, using scissors. Cut all the lace off directly up to the hairline of the lace frontal.

6. Apply a thin coat of adhesive bond along the edge of the wig cap (this prevents wig cap from slipping backward while underneath the mens wigs), in between the actual and traced hairlines, and along the nape of the neck. Do not apply the lace front on wet glue or it won’t secure properly. Allow “soft bond” adhesives to set or get “tacky” to the touch. However, “hard bond” adhesives do not require drying time as they dry immediately upon application. To use adhesive tape cut the tape to the desired length. Firmly press the tape directly beneath the hairline of the lace front wig along your forehead and the nape of your neck. Allow small gaps in between the strips of tape so moisture can escape. Allow the tape to set for 5 to 10 minutes. Peel off the back of the tape to expose the adhesive.

7. Position the lace front wigs human hair on your head starting from the back and it lifting forward over your head. Keep the wig slightly elevated over the scalp so the wig won’t slide down onto the adhesive once you’ve reached your forehead. Line up the perimeter edge of the wig over the desired hairline or tape. Glue users press down along the entire perimeter of the lace frontal so as to secure it in place. Tape users press and hold the entire perimeter of the lace frontal for up to one minute.

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Hot Hair Topper

Wednesday, 22 March 2017 11:47:24 Europe/London

Yourwigs is manufacturer of real human hair enhancement & restoration solutions for hair loss like wigs, hair toppers, hair extensions and hair replacement systems for women, men and children. We produce premium quality products at competitive prices with delivery on time.

Every mono topper made by Yourwigs is gorgeous flexibility remy human hair. It gives you the option to style with heat tools and treat just like your own hair.

Meanwhile, Yourwigs has 13 different sizes hair pieces can be chosen, so no matter you are suffer hair loss from hairline or the top of head you can always find wigs online that perfect for you. Today, let’s we talk about one of the top sellers: P25001- Claire Remy Human Hair Topper:

1. Claire topper’s base size is 5.5″x5.5″, it almost cover the whole top of head. The hand-tied named lace front& mono crown and size is 3.75”X2.5”.

2. Creates the illusions of natural hair growth and allows you to part the hair. The hair can be pick out from the aperture of weft all around, seamless joint will be more natural.

3. It has 7 different colors can be chosen, you can choose one that you love, but if not, you can choose the “natural black” and “O-613 White Blonde” first and then DYE the color you want. In addition, other colors are not recommended to change the color on themself, if necessary, try it from light to dark.

4. It’s made from Virgin remy 100 human hair so it can be styled again, no matter you want to cut it off or make it curly just like you nature hair. The finest elite-quality Remy human hair wig is stronger, healthier and less likely to tangle because the cuticle is still intact. It gives you the option to style with heat tools and treat just like your own hair.

5. The density is 130% and is perfect for most people, if you want a heavier density, you can pick the 150% option.

NEVER go out with thin hair again!!! Comes with Clips installed..its a no brainer!!!!

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Method of Fiber Wig Care

Friday, 17 March 2017 10:03:55 Europe/London

Although human hair have many advantage compare with synthetic wigs, such as feeling and breathability. Meanwhile, Synthetic wigs offer a lot of advantages over natural ones including the ease of synthetic wig care. They tend to be far quicker and easier to dry than human hair wigs, plus they tend to hold their style and shape better. Because they have a preset style, you’ll spend less time restyling and shaping them. They also tend to be lighter and cooler to wear in the warm summer months. Because they’re made of synthetic fibers, you don’t have to worry about them changing color in the sun. Combine that with the decreased cost and easy availability of synthetic wigs and you can see why so many women choose them over natural hair ones.

If you want your wig to last a long time, it’s important that you practice good synthetic wig care. Here’s how to wash your wig safely :

You’ll need to purchase a synthetic wig shampoo designed specifically for synthetic wigs. Never use a regular shampoo on a synthetic wig.

Brush your wig lightly with a wire brush before washing. Never brush your wig with a regular hairbrush as it can damage the fibers.

Add a teaspoonful of wig shampoo to a bowl of cool water. Never use hot water on a synthetic wig.

Place the wig into the water for one minute until it’s saturated with the shampoo/water combination. Do use it lightly in the basin for an additional minute.
Remove your african american wig from the basin and gently squeeze excess water from your wig. Never twist or wring your wig to avoid damage.
Gently blot your wig dry with a towel.
Place wig back on its form to dry completely before styling. Never style a wet wig!
You can periodically condition your wig by applying hair conditioner periodically after washing and before the final rinse.
Always store your wig on it’s wig stand when not being worn. This will help to maintain it’s form and style.
How often should you wash your synthetic wig?

It’s generally recommended that synthetic wigs be washed after every 15-20 wearings. If you wash too frequently, you risk shortening the life of your wigs. If you keep your own hair clean underneath the wig, you can reduce the frequency with which your wig needs washing which may further help to prolong the life of your wig. Be sure to take your wig in to be styled by a professional at regular intervals.

By following these guidelines for synthetic wig care, you should be able to enjoy your synthetic wig for a long time!

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Wig Cap Constructions

Friday, 17 March 2017 09:47:35 Europe/London

To choose a wig is to choose a lifestyle. When you look at a wig, you are not only looking at the hairs attached, you want to understand how they are made, with what kind of magic technologies can those hairs look so real. Here at UniWigs, we offer the highest quality wig products. We also make every effort to be informative and considerate. This is a detailed catalogue for our customers to understand what type of foundations (also referred to as caps) our wigs are attached to. Based on different materials used on a cap, we divide our wig constructions into the following categories. It is common to combine more than one material on a single cap.
Historically, a wig is used for adding the volume of hair or to disguise baldness. For a long period of time, the foundation of a wig is made of net or mesh with hair wefts1 sewn on it. This is the oldest and most economic way to manufacture a wig. Therefore such wigs are the most durable and affordable.

1. Summary: The most classic cap, added a net layer to the crown in order to maintain the shape of the wig.
2. Material: Flower net front, ultra-thin wefts, memory mesh base.
3. Crafts: Open wefts sewn on cap base, with a net layer overlapping the crown.
4. Features: Durable, stable, affordable.

1. Summary: It is called capless because it’s super light weight, almost undetectable.
2. Material: Memory mesh, ultra-thin wefts.
3. Crafts: Ultra thin wefts sewn on memory mesh, with open space in between the wefts.
4. Features: Lighter weight, airy, affordable.
Hand-tied Caps
As time goes by, classic weft-sewn human hair wigs no longer meet wig wearers’ needs. They seek for more comfort and more natural looking. That’s where hand-tied2(also refers to as hand-knotted) caps come to sight. This type of cap involves a great amount of manpower hours, yet it offers a highly natural look, lighter weight, and super comfort.
Depending on different materials hairs are hand-knotted into, there are three types of construction fabrics used on UniWigs products: lace, monofilament, and silk. Each approach has its own features and meets various needs. And they are usually combined with each other or other materials due to high manpower demands and cost, such as wefts or stretchy mesh.
Lace base snuggles with scalp perfectly, it is soft, breathable, and can be freely combined with any other materials. Soft , snuggly, breathable, free parting, different colors available. 3-4 strands of hair knotted at each cross. Monofilament: Parting in any directions desired, the base is invisible, natural-looking. Fixed shape, perfectly fit the shape of your crown, natural looking, free parting, transparent skin tone available. 1-2 strands of hair knotted at each cross. Silk: Our highest end cap structure, most complicated crafts and looks most natural among all wigs online, invisible knots, looks just like your own skin. Just like each strand of bio hair growing from your own scalp.

Glue or Glueless
When we put on a wig, it is expected that the wig WILL securely stay in place. No moving around, no falling off. We do not want to encounter any of those awkward moments where our little secret is revealed. For this purpose, skin-safe adhesives or hair pins are the easiest options. We also offer more efficient options with none or less adhesive. With our uniquely designed, tight and invisible combs and clips sewn on temples and back, and adjustable straps fastened around nape, you can keep a peaceful mind that your wig will always stay where it is.

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How to Wash Wigs?

Wednesday, 15 March 2017 04:41:53 Europe/London

Who doesn’t want to protect their investment? Fortunately there are numerous products out there that can help you to maintain your synthetic or human hair wigs. Timely cleaning with the proper method can help extend the life of your wig up to 6 months. Required things:

1. Clean Wash Basin
2. Baking Soda (1 Tsp.)
3. Synthetic Wig Shampoo (1-2 cupful)
4. Wide Tooth Wig
5. Hair Pick
6. Towel
7. Wig Head Stand
8. Synthetic Wig Conditioner Spray

1. Fill the basin with cool tap water; add baking soda, wig shampoo and mix properly.
2. Gently brush and remove knots & tangles before soaking in water.
3. Leave the wigs in the basin for about a minute then take it out and put on a dry towel and
4. Clean it with your fingers.
5. Again put it in the basin for another 15-20 minutes.
6. Now without twisting the wig, gently rinse it under tap and squeeze extra water from all the areas.
7. Apply the conditioner on it from top to roots and let it for dry for another 30-40 minutes on a wig stand or towel.

Tips and warnings
1. Brushing isn’t preferable while it is wet, because it can damage the fibers permanently.
2. Only use the specially made for wigs products, regular human hair products can cause damages.
3. Don’t use hot water; cold tap water is preferable for washing.
4. Using heated tools is not recommended.

Latest deal on human wigs and synthetic wigs and even mens wigs too!

You can go through our website where you will be able to see so many different types of synthetic or human wigs at very reasonable prices with amazing discounts. We are currently offering 25% OFF so Shop today!

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About Human Hair Wigs

Friday, 10 March 2017 09:41:23 Europe/London

There’s no greater feeling than when we know we're having an amazing hair day! Wigs make every day a great hair day. But just how much should you spend for great hair? Here are a couple of important points to keep in mind when making your decision:

1. Not all human hair wigs are created equal.

Premium features like lace-front and human hair can make all the difference in how natural your hair looks and feels. But just because one feature is more expensive than another doesn’t make it the right choice for you. Of course if you're going to buy human hair wigs, do you want to be able to buy the best quality you can afford. But keep the style you were looking for in mind. If you were going for bangs or a covered for head… You don't need lace front necessarily. This saves you a bit of money. If you were going for african american wigs the highest quality human hair also may not be necessary. So keep your wants and needs in mind before you go out and pay the highest dollar.

2. Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Did you know that a good quality cap can take up to 30 hours to make! The meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each hand-made design ensures wearing your favorite, cute style feels like wearing nothing at all. Learn more about Wig Cap Construction.

3. Not having to spend hours in the salon chair…Priceless.

Think about the time drain of your last salon visit. Remember the anxiety of hoping they get the cut right? The awkwardness of convincing yourself that “It’s just a haircut” when they didn’t? Now, sometimes it comes out great… But it's a gamble. With a great wig you get perfect hair every time!

4. You don't have to break the bank to look beautiful!

Higher-end wigs are all about giving you the perfect salon look without a trip to the salon. You get just the style you want. But, sometimes budget doesn't cover exactly what we want. Don't worry… You don't have to compromise. Synthetic fiber these days is pretty amazing and very hard to distinguish from human hair if the wig is a good quality fiber. And because the denier and texture of quality synthetic hair looks and feels so much like human hair, human hair wigs are not your only option. Checkout out the difference between synthetic vs human hair to find out which is really the best choice for you.

Having a great hair day is like a perfectly timed, witty comeback. You feel like you can take on the world. Give yourself permission to look and feel amazing...You’re totally worth it!

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3 Tips for a Completely Natural Look With Wigs

Friday, 10 March 2017 05:45:58 Europe/London

Look completely natural in your wig with these professional tricks used on celebrities everywhere. You're wig can look so perfect you'll actually want to tell everyone "it's a wig!"

Although human hair wigs are amazing... you don't have to have the most expensive wig to have a natural look. Don't break the bank thinking the most expensive wig is always the best.

Go with your budget, needs, and personal taste and then use some professional tricks of the trade to maximize your investment. Wigs are a game changer for every woman. Now we just have to learn to use them to our advantage! Use these tips to make you feel completely confident you look your best.

The most important wig tips are not about what brand to buy or what style to wear. You will get the best and most natural results when you focus on how you are wearing your wig and what features you don't skimp on! See all you need to know (below) to take it up a notch and make your wig look flawless:

Tip #1. Rooted Colors

Rooted colors give your wig dimension and a very natural look as it gives the illusion of the hair growth from your scalp. Rooted colors are also a product of a high-end salon visit. This also helps give the illusion of natural hair. However, if you just can't get used to the idea of the rooted look or If you cant find a rooted color for your wig, make sure you pick a color that has a blend of two or more colors to give you dimension. Highlighted color has relatively the same affect as rooted. Solid colors and wigs have a tendency to look less natural.

Tip #2 Lace Front and Monofilament Top are Key!

Having good quality human hair or synthetic hair and the right color is important but the right wig cap is key. You don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive wigs online to achieve a natural look.

Lace front is a feature which gives you a virtually natural hairline which is seamless and looks like the hairs along the hairline are growing right out of your head.

Monofilament tops feature the same benefit of lace front in that they also give the illusion of hair growing out of your scalp where the hair is parted. Because each hair is sewn in just like natural hair grows...It's a much more natural look.

TIP #3 Product and Heat From Your Hands

These simple tools can improve the look of any wig. Product is important to condition the hair (make sure to keep the conditioner mostly at the ends). Also... our favorite trick for tempering the glossy look some wigs may have is to use spray powder or dry shampoo lightly on the hair to bring the gloss to a natural shine.

Use the heat from your hands to tame the flyaway hair and to help the hair at the hairline stand up off your head. Warm your hands together to create heat. Then place your hand on top of the wig. The heat will help with any unnecessary flyaways and will help create lift where you need it.

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Synthetic vs Human Hair

Tuesday, 7 March 2017 11:41:43 Europe/London

You’ve heard the phrase, “You get what you pay for.” And if you’ve spent any amount of time with wigs, you've noticed that the ones made of human hair are generally more expensive than the ones made of synthetic fiber. But does that necessarily mean human hair wigs are better than synthetic fiber wigs? How are you supposed to know which is the better choice for you?

You’ve heard that old add-age “you get what you pay for”… this doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive option is always what is best for you.

Advantages of Human Hair
Hands down, human hair looks and feels the most natural because…well…it is natural hair. There is nothing exactly like the feel, weight, and movement of a good quality human hair wigs. (however, quality being the operative word is important to factor in as poor quality human hair is not worth the money in the long run at all!) Remy human hair is considered a premium option because it is generally easier to style and tangles much less due to all the follicles being kept in the same direction during construction. Read our blog on Remy Human Hair for all you need to know about Remy hair! Human hair is remarkably soft with a shine and movement not easily duplicated by synthetic hair. Its versatility allows you to style it like your own hair with curls or bone straight with a durability that can last over a year!

Disadvantages Of Human Hair
So as we all know, human hair wigs and extensions are definitely not inexpensive! Good quality hair (which is the only human hair worth buying) is pricey. But is it also takes much more time to style and care for. Since it is natural hair, you have to style it each time you wear it just like you would your own natural hair. The style doesn’t really hold like a synthetic wig would. If you have a busy lifestyle or a tight budget, this may not be the choice for you. And just like natural hair, human hair will react to weather conditions and will go flat or frizz if weather dictates;

Synthetic Hair
Advantages of Synthetic Hair
Synthetic hair has come a long way in the past 10 years. Because of the inconsistencies in the human hair market, the focus has been on perfecting synthetic hair fiber to look and behave just like human hair. And the results have been amazing. The look is pretty indistinguishable from human hair wigs and the feel is pretty darn close! The fact that most synthetic wigs can be worn right out of the box with minimal or no styling requirements makes it a more attractive choice. And, unlike human hair, synthetic hair will hold its style regardless of the climate. The curl pattern or style is basically baked right in to the wig and will not change no matter how terrible the weather is! Bonus!

Disadvantages of Synthetic Hair
The only disadvantage we can come up with is what we feel is its biggest advantage… you don’t have to take time to style because the style or curl pattern is set right in and stays that way! However, this means you can’t change it and so you don’t have the versatility of human hair. Kind of a plus in my book. As the prices are much more reasonable, it is easy to afford a straight and a wavy version and not have to put much styling effort in to either one. (but we had to find some kind of disadvantage so this is the closest we could find;)

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Amazing African American Wigs

Friday, 3 March 2017 10:19:05 Europe/London

African American wig styles are in more demand now as our schedules get tighter. In the black community, great hair means sleeker and well-kept (aka never nappy). But the time you need to put in sitting in a salon chair is a big demand on a busy schedule (which we all have!).

However, you don’t always have to spend the time in the chair. A wig is the best option as it is a quick way to get a perfect hair style that only looks like you spent hours at the salon. Will look just like your hair… even better! Besides the convenience factor, wigs allows great flexibility in allowing you to change your hairstyle overnight! This is a good option for women who prefer having new looks every day or week.

African American wigs have improved in quality and range of choices in the past few years. Brands like Vivica Fox, Motown Tress, and Forever Young have grown as the demand for quality products has increased by women of color. But the many traditional brands are expanding their lines to include hair that is a bit more textured... and who says you have to stay with textured hair anyway? We can have any hair we want... if the wig fits... wear it!

Here are some great trends in the African American market we are seeing diversity at its most beautiful as these wigs for black women and women of color are right on trend:

Long sexy hair will never go out of style (pun intended;) These days long hair is not just for the young vixen anymore! Women of all ages and color can rock long locks. Just make sure to add some layers in and you will always look fresh and young in your long hair style.

Long hair style wigs are hot sellers all year round. You’ll be turning head and looking hot… just make sure you stay cool… look for a wig that is open wefted which means COOL!

Many black women complain about excessive heat when wearing wigs. This usually happens when you wear a lesser quality wig… yes… cheap wigs are hot (and not the kind of hot you want to be!) But like this Bori wig by Motown Tress you can choose a open wefted cap also called traditional or basic wig cap. This means each of the wefts of hair are connected but not completely sewn together in order to leave space to stretch and breathe between each weft. This allows air circulation with-in the wig… cool head… cool style! Actually you might even forget that you’re wearing a synthetic wig.

Every girl needs curls. No exception! But make sure you are getting the right look from your curls. Most black women love curly hair however, the best curls are not a hairstyle that is easy to achieve or maintain. So the best option is to buy a curly wig like the one featured in the photo above.

Don’t forget to keep your Curls looking soft and conditioned. Its super important to use great products for synthetic hair wigs as the fiber is not like human hair wigs at all and needs products formulated especially for keeping synthetic hair looking natural and well-conditioned. A great soft curly wig will give you a fresh and new look. Keep your curls in check… by placing it on a wig stand when not in use – this will preserve its style!

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Tips for a Completely Natural Look With Wigs

Friday, 3 March 2017 09:09:47 Europe/London

Look completely natural in your wig with these professional tricks used on celebrities everywhere. You're wig can look so perfect you'll actually want to tell everyone "it's a wig!"

Although human hair wigs are amazing... you don't have to have the most expensive wig to have a natural look. Don't break the bank thinking the most expensive wig is always the best.

Go with your budget, needs, and personal taste and then use some professional tricks of the trade to maximize your investment. Wigs are a game changer for every woman. Now we just have to learn to use them to our advantage! Use these tips to make you feel completely confident you look your best.

The most important wig tips are not about what brand to buy or what style to wear. You will get the best and most natural results when you focus on how you are wearing your wigs and what features you don't skimp on! See all you need to know (below) to take it up a notch and make your wig look flawless:

Rooted colors give your wig dimension and a very natural look as it gives the illusion of the hair growth from your scalp. Rooted colors are also a product of a high-end salon visit. This also helps give the illusion of natural hair. However, if you just can't get used to the idea of the rooted look or If you cant find a rooted color for your wig, make sure you pick a color that has a blend of two or more colors to give you dimension. Highlighted color has relatively the same affect as rooted. Solid colors and wigs have a tendency to look less natural.

Having good quality human hair or synthetic hair and the right color is important when purchasing wigs online. You don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive wig to achieve a natural look.

Lace front is a feature which gives you a virtually natural hairline which is seamless and looks like the hairs along the hairline are growing right out of your head.

Monofilament tops feature the same benefit of lace front in that they also give the illusion of hair growing out of your scalp where the hair is parted. Because each hair is sewn in just like natural hair grows...It's a much more natural look.

These simple tools can improve the look of any wig. Product is important to condition the hair (make sure to keep the conditioner mostly at the ends). Also... our favorite trick for tempering the glossy look some wigs may have is to use spray powder or dry shampoo lightly on the hair to bring the gloss to a natural shine.

Use the heat from your hands to tame the flyaway hair and to help the hair at the hairline stand up off your head. Warm your hands together to create heat. Then place your hand on top of the wig. The heat will help with any unnecessary flyaways and will help create lift where you need it.

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Hottest Short Hair Styles

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 10:30:11 Europe/London

Hair above the shoulder is always sexy and totally cool! It is so easy to take a great short style and give your look an edgy and modern style. You can just as easily take that same short haircut and make it chic and sophisticated…. Its all up to you!

Short wigs have been and always will be a favorite for women all around the world. But if you are wearing wigs. It is a safe bet for almost anyone as styling is super simple and the low maintenance short haircuts make these wigs pretty irresistible. So before you get to a salon and commence chopping… make sure you take the easy route and take advantage of the versatility and freedom from commitment that wigs give you!

It doesn't matter if you are wearing a human hair wig or you a partial to synthetic wigs. Short wigs are cool and easy to manage in both human hair and synthetic hair... so pick your style first and then figure out what your budget is as you will surely find a great short wig in any budget!

With wigs, celebrities of all kinds are flocking to the chameleon look they get from changing up their hair to match their mood or outfit! It isn’t enough to have the best make up, outfits, trainers or flawless bodies... even with all that... and fame....the look is not complete until the hair is just right.

However, all the working out in the world wont make your hair better… Only one thing will give you flawless hair… alternative hair!

The Bob!

The bob hair cut is timeless and never seems to go out of style. This season, the sideswept bang is everything! If you want to be ahead of the curve and still keep your bob style… or try one for the first time, wear your bob with a sideswept bang and you will have envy worthy hair! The bob is usually sleek and sophisticated and is still on the “yes” list for this season… but adding a wave in to your look is our absolute favorite right now. Celebrities are crazy for this short and sassy beach wave look. Try it! Our favorite bob hair styles are sure to be everywhere!

Short textured cuts are always a great way to wear short hair and add body to your style. Woman of all ages can rock a short textured hair cut. Layers on any style give your hair cut an updated look so keep this in mind when going for new wig online. Here are some of our favorite short layered wig styles for this coming season.

Pixie haircuts are a trendy and takes a certain kind of woman to rock this cut! Because this style is textured and tight… you have to make sure the cut is impeccable . Every layer is visible on a short hair cut like this. This is the best thing about a wig…. it is always a perfect cut! The pixie best highlights textured layers, but layers on all lengths add movement and body to any style. You can sleek your pixie for a smooth Sharon Stone kind of look… or add product and make the most of those layers. Some of our favorites below give you the confidence to go either way.

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Remy Human Hair

Friday, 24 February 2017 10:31:01 Europe/London

Human Hair hair wig is the result of the gathering process only. This means, when the hair is gathered, it is then kept in bundles with all the hair going in the same direction. This means the cuticle is all going in the same direction in the bundle. The cuticle is the outer layer of each strand of hair and the protection. They lay over the hair strand like shingles on a roof which are all traveling in the same direction. To keep all the hair together and in the same direction through the gathering and then the processing of the hair (which means cleaning, dying, and then making the wigs with these bundles) is very costly. This is the primary reason remy human hair wigs and hair extensions are generally more expensive. Keep in mind, the quality of the hair is the biggest factor in the price… but if it is remy hair, no matter the quality... there is a ‘service charge’ of sorts added to the wig or hair piece.

These are some of our favorite human hair wigs within our production crew because the hair has been so easy to work with, holds up beautifully, and feels phenomenal!

There is a grading system of human hair… A,B, or C grade hair is generally found in the market. A grade is of course the best quality… but if it is remy, no matter the quality, there is an added cost to the wig. No-matter what grade of hair your wig or extensions are... it is of course, better to have Remy as there is less tangling overall.

Nothing moves like great quality hair and when it is Remy Hair…The integrity of the hair is better because you have the entire hair shaft in tact and it is of course stronger and will move more fluidly... not so flyaway! You have an even smoother look to your style.

Now the high end grade A hair which is truly Remy…is amazing and is sought after for a very good reason. It is the cream of the crop! But beware... some low end brands will mix in remy hair with low quality hair and say it is remy and you will of course get taken for a ride. Same goes with the quality of hair. This is why it is important to stick with the established and trusted wig brands as you know their product can be counted on for accuracy.

So everyone is looking for Remy grade A hair for a good reason, but it is very pricey and so not everywhere! So...Keep in mind, you may not always need the highest quality hair or remy hair for that matter. You may choose to save a little on cost and sacrifice a bit on the quality if you are not going to be wearing your african american wigs every day. This doesn't mean the lesser grade hair or the non remy hair is not good and wont look beautiful. It definitely will look great and in some cases, you will not be able to tell the difference enough to justify the cost. It simply may not last as long. But the important thing is you get to decide... It is all up to you and your needs.

So is Remy Human Hair really better? Yes…but remember, it is only better if the origin and grade of human hair is already top quality. You have the information you need to figure out what will work for you. You will look beautiful if you take good care of the hair you decide to purchase and if you feel confident. It's a bit like buying a piece of jewelry which is made with a cubic many cases it will still sparkle like a true diamond..but will not last you the same and will not have the durability in the long run. but you sure did save the money and still get to sparkle for now.

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Care Tips For Day Hair

Thursday, 23 February 2017 11:29:02 Europe/London

Feeling annoyed by your dry hair? Dry hair looks brittle and feels “frizzy”. There are many causes of dry hair. Find the respective reasons of your dry hair below.

Inactive oil glands can cause dry hair. If you have dry hair as a result of dry skin, consider washing your hair fewer times each week as to protect the existing oil glands. In addition, pay attention to the type of shampoo and conditioner you use to make sure it replenishes your scalp with essential oils. Check out those products labeled as “hydrating” or “moisturizing.”

Be sure to take care with heat and chemicals, especially if you have dry hair. Nowadays electric hair straighteners (flat irons) are popular among girls. But notice: they do cause serious damage to hair. When used on high heat, hair dryers can damage hair, too.

Decreasing your use of these hot devices (or at least using a less hot setting) will help to keep your hair healthier.

Tips: if you really love different styles of hair with different colors, try hair extensions or wigs. Check out Yourwigs human hair wigs and african american wigs.

Harsh chemicals in hair color, permanents, and relaxers can strip the hair of vital oils. Watch out for bleaches and peroxides, because they can make your hair brittle and cause split ends.

Finally, take an extra care of your wigs in the summer sun. Sunshine and ultraviolet rays can both cause dry hair. The easiest solution is to wear a hat or simply avoid getting too much sun (your skin will thank you, too).

You can also protect your hair by wearing a swim cap when you go into the pool and then wash your hair in fresh water after swimming. If you swim frequently, consider using a shampoo designed to remove chlorine from hair.

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Capless Wigs

Wednesday, 22 February 2017 10:22:39 Europe/London

Mentioning capless wigs, many may mistake them with half wigs. Today, we are going to discuss the differences between them.

First, Let’s discuss capless wigs

A capless wig is very similar to a standard cap design which consists of a “cap” and “hair”. However, instead of the closed lace layer at the crown, it just has vertical lace strips with open spaces between the wefts. The open-wefting in the crown, back, and sides allows for maximum ventilation. This makes the cap lighter in weight and cooler than a standard cap.

Capless Construction?

This lightweight cap construction is open all through out for maximum coolness and comfort.

Here are three of the advantages.
1 Ultra-thin weft offers the most natural appearance and ultimate comfort.
2 Wide velvet comfort band allows added security and prevents friction.
3 Adjustable straps allow you to loosen or tighter the cap up to a half inch.

So what about half wigs?

Half wigs are used by many women on an everyday basis. They are often also used in the entertainment industry in live theatrical stage shows as well as in the movies to make an actress’s hair appear longer or give her more of a “fuller period” hairstyle. These human hair wigs are mass-produced and available for purchase everywhere from cheaper wig outlets to premium and expensive salons. The term half wig can also be interchanged with the term “fall”.

Half wigs do exactly what the name suggests: a mens wig that covers half of your hair. It is important for a half wig to blend in with your natural hair color, as some of it will be exposed. Some half wigs contain clips placed in the hair, while others have false hair on a headband (and the half wig is subsequently worn like a regular headband). The natural hair may be left alone (in the case of the headband wing), or can be styled over it to disguise the clips that may be in place.

Now you know the difference. Any questions?

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Why Choose Hand-made Products?

Thursday, 16 February 2017 10:38:59 Europe/London

Today’s world is dominated by machines and almost everything is mass-produced. The majority of products in today’s market can greatly improve our quality of life and bring much more convenience in our day-to-day activities. Actually, it’s really a question, if they both disappear one day,can we live without it? But, why do we still prefer choosing something that is hand-made over machine made?

Hand-made Rolls Royce, originated in 1906, has been one of the worldsmost prestigious luxury car manufactures.

Rolls Royce is indeed an outstanding car manufacture, which owns top of the range advanced technology and more importantly, hand makes every accessory in each cars interior. Although this results in a lower quantity when it comes to production in comparison to other car manufactures in the market, however it does guarantee the rarity and quality of the product itself. Which is what makes Roll Royce a world class car manufacture?

Now you can understand why hand-made products still hold a valuable position in the market.

With regards to wigs, it is very similar to that of cars. Machine-made wigs are often produced in large quantities, in many standard colors and styles, which can meet common needs, and most customers can afford.

Hand-made human hair wigs can be customized and are made by skillful wig makers. The makers have to go through many complicated processes to finish a hand-made wig, which naturally takes them a great amount of time, patience, and energy. Hand-made wigs fit more securely on the head, making them appear more natural than machine made wigs.

Generally, most customers prefer mens wigswigs because of their high quality level, and durability. Not to mention the unique styles, and comfort of hand-made wigs which are indeed worththeir higher price tag.

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How To Keep Your Lace Wig From Tangling?

Tuesday, 14 February 2017 11:23:47 Europe/London

Once you bought an expensive human hair wigs and you are very excited about wearing it. But after just 10 days of wearing your beautiful front lace wig, it begins to tangle, which alarms you & crushes your confidence. You feel so upset, After all, it should not like you went out and bought a cheap synthetic wig at the beauty supply store. You decided to invest in a high quality human hair lace wig because it looks realistic & more natural than a synthetic wig. In addition, buying a good quality human hair wigs would last longer & actually save your money in the long term. So you ask yourself: “Why is my expensive Virgin Indian or Virgin Brazilian human hair wigs tangling?” Well, there could be a number of reasons why your lace unit starts to tangle or matte. Below are some dos and don’ts in the care & maintenance of your front lace wig along with some solutions to detangle your hair before the tangles start to consume your life & cause you grief. By following the guidelines below, you can prevent your lace wig from tangle or at the very least, keep the tangles to a minimum. I hope this guide helps you maintain beautiful healthy & smooth, tangle-free hair.

Guide to avoid tangle or prevent your human hair wigs from tangling:
1. Do not wash your human hair wigs with shampoos that contain harsh chemicals or a high ph-balance. Use salon brand moisturizing shampoos that are infused with vitamins & herbs and that have a low-ph balance. Normal healthy hair has a ph-balance of 4.5 – 5.5, so buy a shampoo that’s within that range or a little below it. Some shampoos have a very high ph-balance, which will damage the hair and leave it dry & dull looking.
2. Do not wash your human hair wigs while it’s on your head. Take the wigs off your head, add a little shampoo to a sink of luke-warm water. While holding the top of the cap with one hand, immerse the wig in the water, and gently glide your fingers through the hair, from root to tip to cleanse it. Next, add conditioner to the hair and rinse under a faucet of cool running water. Allow most the water to run off the hair into the sink, and then lightly wrap your lace wig with a thick towel to drain off excess water.
3. Do not lay your wet wig on a flat surface to dry. After washing, place the full lace wig or front lace wig on a wig stand or styrofoam head, and add a light hair moisturizer or leave-in conditioner and finger comb the product throughout the hair. Allow the hair to dry before styling & attaching to your head.
Do not wash your wig too often and frequently. You should wash your human hair wigs no more than 2 times a week to preserve the strength & health of the hair. Washing too frequently will sap all the life and nutrients out the hair, leaving it dull, brittle, and dry.
4. Do not use a regular comb or brush to style or detangle your mens wigs. Use a wide-toothed comb, or a shower comb, or a vent brush to style your lace wig. Do not pull or tug on the hair.
5. Do not brush the front lace wig or full lace wig while it’s wet. Avoid brushing wet hair because the strands will break-off from the base of the cap and leave bald spots on your lace unit. Hair is in its weakest state when wet.
6. Do not use shampoos & hair conditioners in full strength to avoid heavy build-ups. Use an empty container that has a spray pump to make your own diluted shampoo or conditioner, and then apply to hair.
7. Do not use products that contain alcohol. Alcohol will dry hair out and damage the delicate structure of the cuticles.
8. Do not use overuse hair products. Adding too much hair products to your front lace wig of full lace wig will lead to a messy, clunky build-up. Excessive use of oils, mousse, gels, and other hair products will cause the hair to tangle, matte, and make the hair look unclean, limp & dull.
9. Do not hold on to dry brittle ends. Pay special attention that you add a little extra leave-in conditioner to the ends of the hair. Sometimes you cannot save the ends, and it’s best to clip or trim the ends off. Cut off the dry, split ends before they split all the way up and cause horrific tangles.
10. Do not blow-dry your wig hair. After washing your hair, allow it to air-dry so the hair will stay smooth & manageable. Blow-drying the hair will make it frizz and feel hard & stiff.

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How To Cut Extra Lace

Monday, 13 February 2017 09:51:47 Europe/London

Creating a lace front wig is a long, meticulous process that can take several hours to several days. Once the wig is complete, the excess lace that hangs over the forehead must be trimmed back into the wigs for the most natural look. This is a delicate process that takes a steady hand, a good pair of scissors and a lot of patience. Since a lace front wig does not reach all the way around to the nape of the neck, this process will be shorter and a little easier than a full wig.


1.Find the center of the front of the lace wig and slide the thin hair clip vertically to mark the position. There should be two even lace pieces on each side of the clip.

2. Clip the hair on either side of the center-marking clip back using the two large hair clips. This will keep any stray hairs from being cut.

3. Cut away about a quarter-inch of the lace all around the front and sides of the human hair wigs. Do this using long, fluid scissor strokes to avoid jagged edges. It is best to cut away small portions of lace instead of all of it at once, since cutting away too much lace will ruin the wig.

4. Remove the center-marking clip. Keep the hair clipped back, adjusting the clips as necessary.

5. Cut the lace back towards the beginning of the hairline in the front. The lace that is on the forehead will be the most visible, so it should be cut back all the way to the hairline. Pull the lace tight with your fingers while cutting to ensure even, smooth strokes.

6. Trim the sides of the lace front wig so that only about an eighth-inch of lace protrudes out from under the hairline. It is not necessary to cut the lace all the way back on the sides, since this part is not as visible as the forehead area.

7. Double check the trimmed lace to ensure that there are no jagged edges. Make sure the lace is cut completely even, especially around the forehead area.

The excess lace is your what is known as “Your box is your guarantee’. Should your new wig not have the excess lace on, please do not accept it as it might not be new. You are only to cut off the extra lace once you have made sure the the unit fits your head perfectly and that there are no bald patches and tears in your unit. Only whilst it still has the lace on can it be returned. You cut off the excess lace as close to the hairline as possible taking effort not to cut off any of the babyhairs, if you get one or two that is fine, but be very careful.

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First Things First

Friday, 10 February 2017 08:48:31 Europe/London

Find a professional hair stylist and cosmetologist that you trust and can communicate with. Consult with several different people until you are comfortable. Don’t leave yourself without options. There are many wig companies and many professional hair stylists. Don’t be talked into a purchase that you are not comfortable with. Sometimes it is helpful to take this first step with the help of a friend. They can be lifesavers.

If possible, gather old pictures of yourself and different hairstyles that you like. Take them with you to the consultant. If you want a new look, search magazines and hairstyle books. With the help of your professional hair stylist there may be a hairpiece that will look like the desired style you want, or one that can be cut and styled to suit you.

Be sure to find a person that will treat you with dignity and honor. You need this person to care about how you are going to feel and how you look when you leave. You want someone you will feel comfortable going back to.

Buyer Beware! Do your research! When considering your purchase wigs online, you may want to think about purchasing two hairpieces
Like shoes, one hairpiece will get worn out faster. It is also helpful to have a backup in case one is dirty.
When you are considering human vs. synthetic hair, keep a few things in mind. Decide what you want. If you want easy, wash-n-go hair, consider purchasing a synthetic wig. Synthetic wigs are made of a plastic type fiber.
They typically will last about six months. They are easy to wash and will go back to their original style when washed, fluffed and dried.

If you decide that you want human hair wigs, understand what that means. Human hair is real hair. You have more styling options, but like real hair, if your hairpiece does not have a curl or permanent wave and you get rained on, it will go flat and you will need to restyle it.

After you decide the type of hairpiece that you are going to purchase or order, you may be asked if you want to have your wig precut or prestyled. DON’T DO IT! Remember that every person’s head and face shape is unique, and a wig should be cut and styled to fit you exactly. Wait for the wigs to come to you. Then carefully examine it before you do anything to it. Make sure the hair color is the color you ordered. Look at the construction of the hairpiece. Is it what you ordered? Make sure you are satisfied with your purchase before doing anything to it. And educate yourself about return policies. You want a company that will take care of you and guarantee their product.

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Don't Believe These Six Things When You Buy A Wig

Tuesday, 7 February 2017 08:39:22 Europe/London

Every woman should keep a wig. But if you are new to wigs, you should pay attention to the sellers’ words about the wigs. Many wigs sellers are tend to exaggerate their products. Therefore, you must sharpen your eyes to tell if their words are true or false. Here are six things you should be careful to believe.

When they say our wigs are all human hair wigs, This is always a good reason for their high price. It is true that human hair wig would be much higher than synthetic wig. But you should have the ability to judge if their words are true. In fact, it is not so hard. Expose a strand of hair to flame. If the hair is natural, it will immediately catch fire and burn nearly instantly, curling into a ball. It smells like a barbecue and the ashes can be twisted into powder Synthetic hair, on the other hand, will slowly melt rather than burn, and it smells like plastic and the ashes will stay as a caking.

When they say our wigs suits all the shapes of face, If you are still keep sane, you should definitely know there is no one wig could suit every shapes of face. You need to try it on by yourself and see the answer clearly. If you buy wigs online, you also should affirm its effect by others’ pictures. Buyers show could be a great help for your choice.

When they say our wigs is easily shape, This is true, certainly. But, this is true to them, the sellers, who commit themselves to the wigs for many years, not for you, a newer to wigs. For you, it may be hard to shape, even it is a hair extension. So, you should ask them carefully how to shape this wig and try it there. Please buy it when you are sure you could shape it well.

When they say our wigs don’t need any special care, They say so because in their eyes, wigs need care, but the care is just not special. When you know nothing about wigs, you should learn how to care the wigs you want. And you should know the different ways to care human hair and synthetic hair. When you are familiar with wigs, you also could say, yes, the wigs don’t need any special care.

When they say our wigs could be maintained for a long time, Different wigs have different lifetime. It mainly depends on its material, as well as the way you care for it. So, you need to learn how to maintain your first wig.

When they say our wigs is and will be on fashion all the time, It may be true. But you need to find the answer by yourself. You can catch up with the fashion if you want to, with the help of magazine and web. It would be helpful if you know some great wigs brand such like Uniwigs. Their new wigs are the proof of fashion. But you also need to choose the one best for yourself. What you need is the best for you, the unique for you. Not simple fashion.

A high-quality wig is very necessary for your daily life. Please polish you eyes and find the unique one for yourself.

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Monday, 6 February 2017 10:21:54 Europe/London

Who says that hair loss occurs only on the natural hair? Actually hair loss does happen on the hair wigs as well. This is caused by bacteria and friction that the hair wig encounters every day. Either of the two or when combined together will affect hair loss in the hair wig however, this can be prevented so that the hair wig will last longer.

Hair replacement wig easily rubs off due to friction caused by the absence of Sebum which is natural oil that protects and lubricates the hair follicles from friction.Hair fall is caused by sleeping on a coarse material pillow case. Constant rubbing with the coarse fabric will cause hair breakage. The best way to avoid this is to use a satin fabric for your pillow case.Combing and brushing too often will cause hair fall, to avoid this, using of Spray Luster Mist which is a lubricating agent will keep the hair moist and reduces the friction between the hair and the comb.Bacteria cause the african american wigs hair loss. The most vulnerable part of the hair wig are the knots because they hold and retain moisture, any build up will naturally break and weaken the hair shafts of the hair.

You can use Brandywine shampoos because it is made specifically for hair wigs, both synthetic and human hair wigs. Use a knot sealer as often as possible whenever you use hair styling products. We can not avoid using styling products to help the hair look good however, with constant use this tends to weaken the knots and will cause hair fall. The knot sealer slows down and stops hair loss while locking the hair knots to the base of the hair wig.

Hair wig is the best non surgical hair loss solution, this is the most natural method of giving back our hair however, but hair loss in the hair replacement wig can be avoided is we only adhere to the proper caring of the hair replacement wig.

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How To Install Lace Frontal?

Saturday, 21 January 2017 10:10:36 Europe/London

1. Secure your hair so it lies flat underneath the wigs. This can be achieved by two methods: Cornrow braid your hair. Take the tooth end of your rat tail comb and part your hair into vertical sections one by one. Part in a straight line beginning from the middle of your hairline on back to the nape of your neck (how small you want your braids is determined by the width or amount of hair in between each part). Take three sections of hair left in between these parts and braid the hair into a cornrow. Repeat the process until all your hair is securely braided. Place the wig cap over your hair. Tightly gather your loose hair. Comb or brush the hair back flat and away from your face. Pin the hair as you see fit. Place the wig cap over your hair. Tuck any loose strands of hair underneath the wig cap.

2. Wet a gauze pad generously with rubbing alcohol. Rub it along your hairline wherever adhesive will be applied so as to cleanse away dirt, oil and debris that may be on your skin. Allow the skin to air dry completely.

3. Apply scalp protectant as directed along your hairline wherever hair adhesive will be applied on the skin. Allow it to air dry completely.

4. Trace lightly where you would like the lace front wig to rest, using a makeup pencil, as you do not want the edge of the human hair lace front wigs to lie directly over the hair at the hairline. To reasonably recreate the appearance of a natural hairline, trace no further than 1/2 inch away from your actual hairline.

5. Trim off any excess lace left around the hairline of the lace front mens wigs carefully, using scissors. Cut all the lace off directly up to the hairline of the lace frontal.

6. Apply a thin coat of adhesive bond along the edge of the wig cap (this prevents wig cap from slipping backward while underneath the wigs), in between the actual and traced hairlines, and along the nape of the neck. Do not apply the lace front on wet glue or it won’t secure properly. Allow “soft bond” adhesives to set or get “tacky” to the touch. However, “hard bond” adhesives do not require drying time as they dry immediately upon application. To use adhesive tape cut the tape to the desired length. Firmly press the tape directly beneath the hairline of the lace front wig along your forehead and the nape of your neck. Allow small gaps in between the strips of tape so moisture can escape. Allow the tape to set for 5 to 10 minutes. Peel off the back of the tape to expose the adhesive.

7. Position the lace front human hair wigs on your head starting from the back and it lifting forward over your head. Keep the wig slightly elevated over the scalp so the wigs won’t slide down onto the adhesive once you’ve reached your forehead. Line up the perimeter edge of the wig over the desired hairline or tape. Glue users press down along the entire perimeter of the lace frontal so as to secure it in place. Tape users press and hold the entire perimeter of the lace frontal for up to one minute.

8. Tie the scarf securely around your hairline to allow the wig to thoroughly bond to the adhesive on your skin. If the lace front is made of human or heat resistant hair you may sit under a dryer as long as needed to assist the bonding process — this is optional. Do not wash or vigorously manipulate the lace front wig for 24 hours.

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Favorite Human Hair Wigs

Thursday, 19 January 2017 09:59:14 Europe/London

The best way to choose a favorite human hair wig is to own a whole wardrobe of them to begin with! Naturally, you will want one that is close to your own hair in color, cut and style. But what about your other, "secret" identities? The wigs you wear for stalking your favorite rock star, the one you wear out for the evening for a bit of playful "meet the stranger" role play with your husband, the one you wear when you don't want your teenage kids to see you in the audience for the school talent show because they'll freak out and mess up their performance.

Here are a few suggestions for human hair wig so that you can have a favorite wig for each of your alter egos.

This carefree, short wigs in glazed hazelnut is your perfect everyday, PTA, take-the-kids-to-the-dentist style. Suitable for round, diamond, heart, pear, square or oval face shapes. Keep a couple of spares, one a shade darker (chestnut brown) and one a shade lighter (strawberry blonde). Rotate them every few weeks so it looks like you visit the hairdresser on a regular basis to change your color once in a while.

This is your mysterious, faux "other woman" style. This one is sleek and seductive in honey. Try a taste of the dark side with the same style in ebony or expresso. Suitable for diamond, heart, pear, oblong, oval, round or square face shapes.

This mid-length african american wigs in glazed hazelnut is great for when you are feeling glamorous. Add a little subtle fire to your life with chestnut brown. Suitable for oval, round, square, pear, heart and diamond-shaped visages.

Here are a few suggestions for human hair wigs so that you can have a favorite wig for each of your alter egos.

This sleek, wavy, long style is for days when you just feel like swishing your hair around just for the luxurious feel of it. What better opportunity to experiment with long hair without having to wait for it to grow? This style is so versatile for ponytails and upsweeps.

This short little number completes your collection of mystery looks. Great for playing tennis, a day at the beach or a day out with the kids. Available in the entire color spectrum from dark, hot fudge to pale, summer blonde.

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How to Deal With Dirty Bangs

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 11:31:02 Europe/London

It’s not unusual for the bangs on your wig to get a little bit greasy and grubby while the rest of the hair looks fine. This can be for a number of reasons.

The bangs are closest to your forehead, where they can pick up oils from your skin. This is also the part of your head that gets the most attention when you are fussing with it to get it to look just right. If you have small children or grandchildren, they may rub their sticky little fingers through this part of your head when they are giving you one of their lovely little cuddles.

So, you’ve decided this is the natural hair wigs you want to wear today. You haven’t got time to wash the whole thing and, even if you had the time, you don’t want to wash it unnecessarily. One way to avoid having this problem to begin with is to have a wig with detachable bangs. If that is not an option, here’s what you can do.

Normal Wash

One way to get a quick result is to perform your normal washing routine with shampoo, taking care only to get the bangs wet. This takes less time than washing the whole piece. Your bangs will dry quickly.

Dry Shampoo

If it is a human hair wig, any dry shampoo will work. You can either spray it on your hands and work it through the hair or you can spray it directly onto the bangs. No dry shampoo? With real hair, you can get away with using baby powder. If you have a mens wig you may want to give the product a test run before you need to use it in anger in a hurry. This is because some people have had mixed results with dry shampoo. Kloraine and Batiste are good recommendations.

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How to Care for your Wig

Monday, 16 January 2017 10:41:15 Europe/London

When you’re buying a quality wig, whether it is natural or synthetic, you naturally want to use the best products to take care of it. Make sure you use the right product for your fiber type. The wig care products for human hair wigs might not work, or even damage a synthetic fiber wig.

Be very careful with heat styling. With human hair, it’s not a problem. Style it just as you would your own natural hair. This is not so with synthetic fibers. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions. In some cases, you may use heat, but only on the lowest setting.


Never wash a synthetic wig in the same shampoo that you would use for natural hair. Natural hair shampoos are too strong for synthetic wigs. Wig shampoo and other wig care products can be found in wig salons or on the internet. Wash your wigs after wearing it for 15 or 20 times. Keeping your own hair clean, with human hair shampoo, will reduce the frequency that you need to wash your wig.


Use the right type of spray for your wig type.Jon Renau and other reputable manufactures make hair sprays suitable for synthetic hair. If you use normal hair spray on synthetic wigs, it will build up, causing the hair to look chalky or powdery. Do not put hairspray directly on the top of your wig where it will weigh the fibers down. Spray it on your hands or your hairbrush and then style your wig. This way the hairspray gets straight to the roots, where it belongs, to give you the lift you are looking for.


african american wigs have a tendency to develop tangles, especially those that are shoulder length or longer. Again, you will need a special detangler for synthetic hair. Spritz the product on a couple of times a week and gently comb through with a wide tooth comb. Be careful to comb through starting at the bottom of the hair.

Keeping your wig in place

Sure-Grip is a silicon comfort band to keep your wig in place. Apply it directly to your skin. But, the Sure-Grip will only hold your wig in place if you are completely bald. If you have any hair, the Sure-Grip will slide. It Stays is a body adhesive that is used by Amoena a breast prosthesis company and is perfectly safe to use on your wig,your hair and your skin. The It Stays comes off your head, your own hair, and the wig with cold water. It does not pull your own hair out. And, it does not harm the wig. Once your wig is in place, it will stay put even in the strongest wind.

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The Basics of Wigs

Thursday, 12 January 2017 08:33:57 Europe/London

Benefits of Wearing a Wig

Whether you're just ready for a change or needing coverage while your hair regrows, wigs are a practical and fun choice:

Change your look: rather than commit to cutting your hair or changing your color, wigs are a fun way to instantly have a new look. In mere minutes you can change your hair color, length and style!

Save time: no need to spend half an hour on your hair every morning - slip on a wigs, and your "do" looks great!

Cover up: if your hair is thinning, breaking or falling out, your wig disguises your "bad hair days" by helping you always look your best. Plus, wigs keep you warmer in winter!

How to Select a Wig

First, choose the type of wig fiber you want: synthetic or human hair. In making this decision, consider the length of time you will use it. Human hair wigs last much longer, but are more expensive. Here are the pros and cons of both:

Synthetic fiber: A good choice if your budget is limited, your time/ability to care for your wig is minimal, and your hair loss is temporary. Synthetic wigs have fiber memory, helping them retain their style much better, even when washed. Cons: the "hair" in some synthetic wigs is a little stiffer than human hair, although this has greatly improved in the last few years. Occasionally, synthetic wigs are itchy. And you cannot color the hair.

Human hair: Just like your hair, it can be colored, permed, or straightened. You can use electric curlers or a curling iron. You will also need to shampoo, dry, style and condition your wig regularly. Again, human hair wigs are more expensive - but they last longer.

Next, determine the cut (style), color, custom measurements, cap and cost for your wig - we call it the 5C's:

Choose your color. Every wig style comes in a plethora of color choices, and you can click on each for a close-up view of each color selection. For help, visit our color guide. You can also send us a swatch that you want us to duplicate.

Get it customized. Every wig is customized to fit your head specifically; just follow our video instructions for measuring your head.

Choose your cap. You have six selections of caps to help you find the one that feels great while supporting your wig style.

Keep your cost low. At Wigs by Patti, we cut, style and size your wig to your specific head size - and all this customization is complimentary.

Shop for your wigs online today, and look your best right away! View the helps and send e-mail to answer other questions.

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12 Common Misconceptions about Wigs

Wednesday, 11 January 2017 09:03:51 Europe/London

Wigs often get a bad rap because there are a lot of myths floating around, such as they are uncomfortable or look fake. But, a lot of the rumors you hear about wigs simply aren’t true. By believing the misconceptions, you’re missing out on a great way to give your look a boost. We’ve taken the most common myths about wigs and deciphered the truth for you make the choice that’s right for you.

1. Wigs look fake.
Yes, there are some wigs that you can clearly tell aren’t natural hair, but not all wigs. By purchasing quality wigs that are made with high end materials, including human hair, and choosing one that fits well, it will look as natural as your own hair.

2. Wigs are hot and itchy.
Yes, low quality wigs can be hot and itchy, but quality wigs are now made with Monofilament material, which is very comfortable and specifically made to reduce scalp irritation.

3. Human hair wigs are better.
Not necessarily. Although many prefer human hair wigs because they look more natural, synthetic wigs have come a long way over the years, and look more natural than ever before. Plus, they require less maintenance and often last longer. You can even use heating tools on synthetic wigs now without causing damage.

4. Wigs decrease hair growth.
In no way will wearing a wig decrease or hinder your hair from growing. If you’re already concerned about thinning hair, a wig will actually make you feel more confident, without being the cause of further hair loss.

5. Wigs don’t move like natural hair.
Again, this depends on the quality of wig you purchase. Cheap wigs often come with a set style, which makes the wig look fake because there’s little movement due to the rigid appearance. However, quality wigs move and flow just as natural as your own hair.

6. Wigs fall off easily.
Wigs will remain securely on your head as long as you take the proper steps, such as having your head measured. Wigs also include straps, clips, silicone strips, or lace to help keep your wig in place.

7. Wigs come in limited hair styles.
Wigs come in a variety of colors, lengths, and even with styles. You’re not stuck with your human hair wig, synthetic hair wig, kids wigs, african american wigs. You can have a wig made to the exact hair, colour you’d like.

8. You can’t use a curling iron.
Many wigs, including synthetic, are now able to withstand the heat of home styling tools. So, there’s no need to throw out your hair strengtheners or curling irons.

9. Wigs are hot.
This also depends on the quality of the wig. By purchasing a luxury wig, the gauze-like material and monofilament used make the wigs much cooler to wear and more comfortable.

10. Wigs are too bulky.
Unless you’re specifically looking for a bulky wig, not they are not bulky when you purchase a great wig. Wigs are often available in a number of thicknesses, so you’re able to choose just how thick you’d like your wig to be

11. Wigs are easily damaged.
Wigs do require a little extra care than your natural hair, but by following the proper care tips, your wig will last for many years. Real hair wigs do tend to require a little more care than synthetic, so keep that in mind when choosing a wig.

12. Wigs aren’t worth the money.
Although it’s a personal choice, the cost of a wig is worth the investment when it comes to how you feel about yourself. A wig is great for boosting your self esteem and adding a new, hot look to your fashion.

Wigs are an awesome way to hold your head up high to walk with confidence!

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Hair Weaves

Tuesday, 10 January 2017 06:11:26 Europe/London

Looking good has never been easy. Today, getting the makeup, hair and clothes that make you feel good is a lot easier than it used to be. You may spend a few hours in your stylist’s chair to get those long flowing locks, a few hours going from store to store or searching through our inventory for the perfect human hair wigs , but getting those looks used to be a lot harder.

So how did weave come to be?

Our story begins around 5400 years ago. The first documented proof of hair weaves were worn by the Egyptians around 3400 B.C.E. Their weaves were quite different from the modern iteration; they were often glued into existing hair using resin or beeswax. Braids were created from a combination of human hair and sheep’s wool. Blue, gold, red and classic black were the most common colors in those days for hair. Cleopatra famously wore weave and wigs in peacock blue, adding to her reputation as one of the most beautiful women of her time.

Weaves and wigs continued to be worn by the Egyptians for centuries, but in the 1700’s Western European and Americans began experimenting with the styles. White powdered wigs quickly came into vogue when King Louis began wearing them to maintain a distinguished appearance. In the decades that followed, men and women wore wigs for their most formal appearances.

At the turn of the twentieth century, women began experimenting with a weave they called ‘switch’ similar to modern clip-on extensions. They grew in popularity because they were easy to remove whenever the wearer pleased, a major improvement over previous styles. In the 1940s, before the U.S. entered into WWII, longer hair for women was back in, prompting a major demand for longer hair extensions.

The 1950’s saw the invention of the modern weaving technique and with it, modern weaving hair.

In 1951, Christina Jenkins received her patent for a hair weaving process she invented. She was married to a jazz musician named Herman Duke Jenkins, and together they formed a company called Christina’s Hair-Weev. In the years that followed, the method of installing hair with a flawless look and feel spread across the globe. Famously, Christina was paid handsomely to visit countries and teach stylists her methods to installing mens wigs

In the 21st century finding and wearing synthetic hair wigs or weave is much easier than it used to be. With Elevate Styles, it’s even easier.

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Glamorous African American Wigs

Friday, 6 January 2017 10:27:22 Europe/London

African American wigs can look very glamorous and fresh at the end of that creative hairstyle done by you. Enjoy a new style of your own creation and don’t be afraid to try something new!!!

Wavy Hairstyle

  • Natural Lace Front Long Human Hair Wig

Thinking about doing something crazy to your hair? Why not thinking of making craziness into a lot of fun with a sweet and sassy african american wigs. This style can make African American Woman feel more sexy and attractive. Waves are simple to add color and deal with, they will be the perfect hairstyle to just wear and run out the door. The simplest hairstyles will make you look nice and fresh!

Long Curly Hairstyle

  • Glossy Smart Long Curly Human Real African American Wig

Get inspired with curl styles! Do not be afraid to try new hairstyles with your own curly hair. Curls can sometimes be hard to style, but you can always come up with something that was not expected such as like straight hair, ponytails, and different braid styles. Try some of these easy and fun long curly wigs to rock your voluminous locks, and you’re sure to turn some heads on your next party or business event!

Fabulous Hairstyles

  • Boycuts Straight Short African American Wig

Do you need a specific hair length to achieve the perfect look? No, regardless of the hair length whether it’s synthetic wig, or human hair wigs can always achieve a fabulous hair style. In the case of this round-up it’s all about the beauty, functionality and eliminates hair extensions. Come on ¡¡, and try a Round-Up hairstyle and achieve that glamorous look you’ve always wanted!

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Wigs’ History

Wednesday, 4 January 2017 10:36:17 Europe/London

The word wig is short for periwig and first appeared in the English language around 1675.

Based on an ivory carving of a woman’s head found in southwestern France, anthropologists speculate that wigs may have been used as long as 100,000 years ago. Wigs were quite popular among ancient Egyptians, who cut their hair short or shaved their heads in the interests of cleanliness and comfort (i.e., relief from the desert heat). While the poor wore felt caps to protect their heads from the sun, those who could afford them wore human hair wigs sheep’s wool, or palmleaf fiber mounted on a porous fabric. An Egyptian clay figure that dates to about 2500 B.C. wears a removable wig of black clay.

The British Museum holds a beautifully made wig at least 3,000 years old that was found in the Temple of Isis at Thebes; its hundreds of tiny curls still retain their carefully arranged shape.

Wigs were popular in ancient Greece, both for personal use and in the theater (the color and style of wigs disclosed the nature of individual characters). In Imperial Rome, fashionable women wore blond or redhaired wigs made from the heads of Germanic captives, and Caesar used a wig and a laurel wreath to hide his baldness. Both Hannibal and Nero wore wigs as disguises. A portrait bust of Plautilla (ca. 210 A.D. ) was made without hair so wigs of current fashion could always adorn this image of Emperor Caracalla’s wife.

During the Plague of 1665, mens wigs in such short supply that there were persistent rumors of the hair of disease victims being used to manufacture wigs. This shortage of hair was partially remedied by using wool or the hair of goats or horses to make lower grades of wigs (in fact, horsehair proved useful since it retained curls effectively). For several decades around 1700, men were warned to be watchful as they walked the streets of London, lest their wigs be snatched right off their heads by daring thieves.

The enormous popularity of wigs in England declined markedly during the reign of George III, except for individuals who continued to wear them as a symbols of their professions (e.g., judges, doctors, and clergymen). In fact, so many wigmakers were facing financial ruin that they marched through London in February 1765 to present George III with a petition for relief. Bystanders were infuriated, noticing that few of the wigmakers were wearing wigs although they wanted to protect their jobs by forcing others to wear them. A riot ensued, during which the wigmakers were forcibly shorn.

During the late eighteenth century, Louis XVI wore wigs to hide his baldness, and wigs were very fashionable throughout France. The modern technique of ventilating (attaching hairs to a net foundation) was invented in this environment. By 1784, springs were being sewn into French wigs to make them fit securely. In 1805, a Frenchman invented the fleshcolored hair net for use in wigmaking.

A series of other improvements followed rapidly, including knotting techniques, fitting methods, and the use of silk net foundations. These matters were so important that a major lawsuit arose, and one inventor committed suicide after selling his patent cheaply and watching others become rich using his technique. One of the manufacturing processes that was tried at this time was based on the use of pig or sheep bladders to simulate bald heads on actors.

In the mid 1800s, some wigs and toupees were made by implanting hairs in such bladders using an embroidery needle. In the late nineteenth century, children and apprentices of wigmakers amused themselves by playing the “wig game,” in which each participant accumulated points by throwing an old wig up to touch the ceiling and catching it on the head as it fell.

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What is a wig?

Wednesday, 4 January 2017 08:43:40 Europe/London

A wig is an alternative hair system made from real human hair or artificial synthetic fiber hair that is worn for covering excessive hair loss due to a certain medical reason like medications or an underlying medical condition, or a gradual progress of baldness, or fashion / cosmetic / convenience reasons, including cultural tradition and religious observance.

People who have lost all or part of their own hair due to illness or natural baldness wear wigs to disguise baldness; a wig may be used as a less intrusive and less expensive alternative to medical therapies for restoring hair. Those who have receding hair lines, especially of an older age, are not comfortable exposing to the public. The wig achieves the desired effect allowing a person to cover the hair loss, while maintaining the attractive appearance. The person can be proud of the looks without compromising the privacy. And even if wig looks so real as to be mistaken for natural hair, no one would be looking at the real appearance.

For strictly cosmetic reasons(or perhaps to alter their appearance), people might wear a wig to achieve a longer or fuller hairstyle or a different color more conveniently. 1) Wearing a human hair wig can save a lot of time and make people look good without having to do much for daily use with busy lives and schedules, or for business meetings while doing a lot of traveling. 2) It is easy to try different hairstyles by wearing wigs. You can change your hair color at will, you can wear your hair short, you can wear your hair long, you can try different textures, and so much more. You’re never stuck with a certain hairstyle if you ever feel bored with a look. 3) Wigs are great for protecting your natural hair. Your natural hair will be damaged by manipulating with heat, coloring bleaching, or just too much stress in general. By wearing mens wigs, the damages will be avoided. 4) Wearing wigs regularly can save you a lot of money in the long run. Instead of having to visit the salon multiple times a month to style your hair, you can substitute that with a wig that is already the style you want. The key is to take good care of the wig so that it lasts a very long time.

Wigs may also be used as an article of apparel, or to fulfill a religious obligation. Actors often wear costume wigs in order to portray characters. A costume wig is an integral part of the look for any actor, or just someone going to a Halloween party. Wigs can go a long way towards changing a person’s appearance and helping him or her get into character. Synthetic wigs are going to be the least expensive to purchase. However, they are more durable than natural wigs and easier to care for, but they should not be exposed to high temperatures.

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Brown Wig Colors Available With Different shades

Friday, 30 December 2016 09:57:13 Europe/London

Brown, the color of earth, wood, stone, wholesomeness, reliability, elegance, security, healing, home, grounding, foundations, stability, warmth, and honesty, is a natural, neutral color that is typically associated with the seasons of fall and winter. Brown provides feelings of organization, history, and connection, as well as cozy feelings of relaxation and warmth.

Shades of Brown is believed to help create a wholesome feeling, a connection with the earth, and a sense of orderliness and convention. Brown is a stable and grounded color that is believed to help you feel like you fit in and belong. Buy a brown wigs online to suit your winter style.

A playfully textured bob with soft, face-framing layers, this Smart Lace style mimics natural growth with a lace front hairline and monofilament top and crown. This beautiful bob is showing two tones of color blended in together, brown and a medium red

Coffee Latte is a unique color describes as a Dark Brown with Honey Brown Highlights. Jolie by Noriko wigs is a modern bob, perfectly layered with texture and volume. Jolie is a striking cut and looks great from every angle. The monofilament top adds movement and creates the illusion of natural hair growth at the crown. Part the hair on either side or down the middle to suit your preference.

FT Missy is a new collection form West bay. Missy is a very beautiful shoulder length wigs with bangs. This style has full bangs that you can style in the front or on the side. She is comfy and easy to wear for every day or dress-up; FS4/27 a base color of a Dark Brown Highlighted with a Strawberry Blonde.

Muse is a personal favorite of Raquel Welch! This style is classic, chic, and elegant. The layered bang and bob cut make it stylish and on trend for any season. This “shake and go” wig can be styled smooth and sleek out of the box, or messy and tousled. Color shown for Muse is R829S, Glazed Hazelnut – Medium brown with ginger highlighting on top

With sultry, face-framing layers The Gabrielle Monofilament Wig by Wig Pro is sure to turn heads. This wig also offers a monofilament cap, or Mono Top, which provides the most natural looking and versatile appearance on the critical crown area. The entire wig is hand tied with stretch lace, giving it a more realistic and natural look as well as added comfort. Color showing for the beautiful Danielle (4/33) – Ginger Brown base color of a Dark Brown blended in with a nice Dark Auburn.

This gorgeous, human hair wigs features a double monofilament cap design, and offers a sleek, layered style that will have you feeling beautiful the moment you put it on. The beauty of these long, sleek lines and cascading layers looks supremely natural thanks to a hand-tied. Sandra’s color shown is (6F27) Brown w/Light Red-Golden Blonde Highlights & Tips.

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10 common mistakes women make while wearing a Lace Front Wig!

Wednesday, 28 December 2016 06:04:21 Europe/London

If you have never worn a lace wig before and you don’t take the time to learn about how to properly wear your wig, you will make numerous mistakes. By taking the time to learn about the most common mistakes that women make when first wearing the wig, you will ensure that you have a positive experience the first time you wear your lace wig. Not to mention that taking the time to learn about the different mistakes will extend the life of your wig because you will learn the proper care techniques required to maintain your wigs.

Lace Front Wigs are not just for people who have no hair. Many people who still have their own hair wear them to help enhance their own looks. Celebrities like Beyonce, as well as everyday people, wear lace front wigs in addition to their normal hair to create some sensational hairstyles. While majority of mistakes are made by woman who have never worn a lace wig before, they are not the only ones to make some of the embarrassing mistakes that you will read about here. Many celebrities have been caught by the spotlight making some of these mistakes that you want to learn how to avoid.

Most of the women that have never purchased and worn a Lace Front will make mistakes on how to wear properly, if the steps on how to apply and wear are not followed properly.

1.In order to wear a Lace Front Wig or any other kind of wig, you will first need to wrap up your own hair completely close to the scalp, otherwise the wig will be noticeable.

2.Lace Front needs to be cut, but not to close to the hairline because the hair will start to come off: Lace Front needs to be cut 1 ½- 2’’ inches from the hairline.

3.After the Lace Front has been cut off incorrectly the hair will dry and turn brittle. The hair will start to stand out because it will no longer look like your own natural hair. It is recommended that you treat your wigs just like you treat your own hair, so keep them in excellent conditions; you need to condition the hair on your regular basis.

4.When the hairline is cut incorrectly, it does not look like a natural hairline. Try to avoid the bad look on your wig. If you do not know how to cut the Lace Front or how to put it on go to a Professional hairstylist that knows.

5.Many Fist time users apply the wrong glue to their Lace Front. Please be advised that the right glue needs to be applied, and make sure that is dried completely it can take up to 15 minutes for the procedure to be completed.

6.Wrong colors are chosen when you decide to get a different tone of color. Our advice is to choose a color that best matches your skin; otherwise the people will be able to notice that you are wearing a mens wig.

7.Density of the wigs can sometimes be an issue too. Choosing the correct percentage of density of your wig will avoid you from further problems. Getting a wig that has too much density will make you feel really bad from your head. It will be obvious that you are wearing a Lace Front. At the time of purchase, please make sure that you have in mind how much density is that you want your wig to have.

8.Customers that have never worn a wig do not know that if the nylon mesh underneath is not the same color as the cap construction from the wig. It will be noticeable other people around will know is not your own hair. Recommendations for first time users, please wear a Nylon Mesh that is the same color of your cap from the wig.

9.Styling wigs seems to be a problem these days. Lace Front wig is not always stylable and heat resistant. Some synthetic wigs are not heat friendly and are not able to style. When a wig is heat resistant you are able to style the hair just the way you want it. Try to avoid damaging your hairpiece and take it to a professional.

10.Customers do not store their human hair wigs correctly. Wigs are to be washed 6-8 wears and store in head stands. Sometimes Wigs can look easy to be applied. But reality is that once you have the actual piece ready to be worn it starts to give you a lot of trouble. As a company with many years of experience our suggestion to you is not wash the wig daily. If you need help applying the wig you go to someone that knows how to do it, Otherwise they will ruin your wig.

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Issues with Improper usage of Wigs

Tuesday, 27 December 2016 10:33:27 Europe/London

Wig is a product that has been created by man to make us look beautiful. It could make a person look better even if you have less hair or no hair due to some bad disease or bad lifestyle. It can also be considered as an effective investment in fashion. But using these wigs in the improper manner can cause some problems. These problems occur due to low quality of wigs and also due to improper usage of wigs.

The common problems that people face wearing wigs are


Headache is a common problem that people face while wearing wigs, most of the people think that the problem is wearing a wig. They don’t understand that wearing a head scarf or a bandanna for a long time will also cause headaches. It is due to the pressure that the band exhibits on the head. If you are constantly facing a problem with headache try losing out your wig this might help you solve your headache problem.

Excessive Hair loss:

Normally people complaint that wearing a wig will cause excessive hair loss, this might be true but it happens because of your own mistake as hair loss will occur if you don’t keep your scalp and wig hygienic. You’re prone to suffer hair loss and scalp infection, even if your hair is not exposed to dust and dirt it is advisable to clean them regularly even in winter. These are some of the steps to follow in wearing a wig.

Wash it with water and condition them well.
Always dry your hairs before wearing the human hair wigs.
Before wearing the wig comb your hairs and detangle them and position them in a manner that they are not jammed on the inside of the wig
Expose your natural hair to fresh air frequently so that your scalp can stay dry.

Hair diseases:

Dandruff, scalp infection, hair breakages, dry hairs, itchy scalp are some of the common problems that a wig user will face, this is mainly due to the quality of your wig. If the mens wigs is made of low quality material and stuff then you are likely to face all the mentioned problems. Wigs made of low quality will not allow your hair and scalp to breath this may not let the sweat to dry and lead to an unhealthy scalp that will cause scalp infection and hair problems. Hence buying a good quality wig is advisable as your wig represents you.

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Facing Hair Loss Challenges

Wednesday, 21 December 2016 10:54:23 Europe/London

A good hair day can make one feel confident, happy and capable. That good-hair high can give one a boost of confidence that will assist in social situations or career related success. The opposite rings true as well, a bad hair day can leave you feeling down and cheerless. The influence of one’s hair is powerful. We identify people based on their hairstyle and hair color. Rockers are known to have specific hairstyles, and fashionistas have theirs. There are hairstyles and hair colors that are appropriate for teachers and other professionals. You may be dubious trusting a qualified professional with blue hair rather than one without.

We are taught that “it’s what’s inside that matters” and that is true, but most accept that having an attractive appearance positively impacts our lives. In fact, a survey from Tresemme showed that nearly 25% of women don’t want to leave their house on a bad hair day. So shop wigs online is very important for who want to in a good appearance.

In a Harvard study, women who felt that they looked more youthful after a haircut or color change showed a decline in blood pressure, suggesting that a simple hair change can make your body feel younger. It also shows that the way we look impacts how we feel and how we feel shapes the way we look.

We use our hair to convey to others who we are or to shape our identity. Romans adorned their hair with golden and ivory pins to relay status and wealth. In the 1900s women traded longer locks for bold short haircuts to make brazen declarations of their feelings on women’s liberation.

Those facing hair loss feel stunted by their changing appearance. Hair loss can occur from various factors including cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania, lupus, thyroid issues, and certain medications. These conditions are stressful enough without adding hair loss to the equation.

The impact of hair loss can cause feelings of despair, depression and feelings of unattractiveness. Since hair loss itself is not life threatening often consulted doctors won’t address the psychological aspects of hair loss. Hair loss sufferers can feel overlooked and unimportant and have little knowledge of where to turn for help. Some feel acute anxiety related to their changing appearance and often feel overwhelmed when searching for acceptable solutions.

At Ewigs it is our goal that each person who wears our wigs feels confident and beautiful. We make our wigs so those facing the burden of hair loss feel secure and self assured. We create wigs the boost the quality of life, whether it be socially or psychologically. There is this lovely moment we experience in our showroom when someone facing hair loss for the first time finds the perfect human hair wigs that make them smile, when the person and the wig click in a way where they seem perfect for each other. There is nothing like seeing the happiness on their face, the immediate confidence, and the tears of joy. We feel privileged to be part of moments like this.If you are facing hair loss and don’t know where to turn for help send e-mail to our knowledgeable staff at Ewigs

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Myths About Wigs

Tuesday, 20 December 2016 10:11:38 Europe/London

We encounter many concerned customers who have misconceptions of wigs. The industry has made leaps and overcome hurdles in terms of comfort, durability and how natural a wig can look. At Freeda we are constantly updating our wigs based on customers’ requests and feedback. Our research team constantly experiments with new techniques, fabrics, and workmanship in order to achieve a natural looking wigs that is comfortable and durable. Yet, despite all these improvements myths about wigs and wig wearing still exist. Here are some of the common ones:

Myth: Wigs are for medical patients and those suffering from hair loss:
This couldn’t be further from the truth. Aside for those wearing wigs for religious reasons, wigs are much more common than you think. Wigs are an accessory just like hats, bracelets, or scarves.

  • Impressive Keira Knightley Wavy Lace 
Front Remy Human Hair Wig
  • Classic Keira Knightley Wavy Lace 
Front Remy Human Hair Wig
  • Here are some examples of celebrities in hairstyles that you may have never guessed to be a wig.

    Keira Knightley has talked publicly about wearing a wig. In fact she says …”So for the past five years I’ve used wigs, which is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to my hair”.

    Myth: A wig will never look as good as your hair
    Not only is this completely false, the opposite is true. As seen above, when celebrities will be photographed and need to look their best, they rely on wigs which look as natural as and more beautiful than their hair. Olivia Palermo’s gorgeous tresses are beautiful full wigs. Gwyneth Palrow always looks beautiful on the red carpet, thanks to the wig she wears. Her natural hair is thin and damaged, but her wigs make her look like a star.

    Myth: Wigs require lots of maintenance
    People are under the impression that a wig requires a lot of maintenance. There is certain maintenance that is required, but it’s a lot less than people imagine. A wig does not need to get washed once a day, once a week or even once a month. We recommend washing the human hair wigs between four and six times a year. Other maintenance is required such as filling in missing hair or tightening the elastics about once every year and half. In fact, we hear the opposite benefit. Our customers rave about the time they save, how they can just throw their wig on and be ready to walk out the door.

    If any part of purchasing a wig online feels intimidating to you, or if you have endless questions or don’t know where to start, please send e-mail to us We gladly communicate by email us well. We have a seven day policy with a full refund and ship all over the world for comfort and ease while shopping for the perfect wig.

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    How To Protect Your Hair and Scalp?

    Tuesday, 20 December 2016 08:46:31 Europe/London

    People, who have thin hair or suffer from eczema dermatitis, can use wigs to look comfortable in their social circle. Today, wigs are very different from the heavy and uncomfortable wigs from the past. They are comfortable, lightweight, realistic, and painless to wear. Even though modern wigs have several advantages, you could face some problems when you wear them.

    The Science of Getting a Wig
    So what are the points you should keep in mind when getting a wig? When you shop for a wig, you will find many varieties of wigs available in the marketplace. Some are expensive while others are relatively cheap. Most expensive wigs are high quality wigs that reduce the risk of allergies and diseases, and will remain beautiful for several years to come. So decide on the amount you want to spend when you go shopping wigs online. If you plan to use the wig occasionally, you can get away with an inexpensive wig. However, if you plan to use the wig regularly, you should get a good quality wig.

    The way you plan to style your hair will also decide the wig you should buy. Synthetic-hair wigs cannot be permed, colored, or curled. So, if you plan to curl or style your hair, then avoid getting an inexpensive wig. Human hair wigs are a bit expensive, but they can be easily cut and curled.Once you get a wig, you must learn to use it properly. Some of the things you can do to take care of your scalp and hair are:

    Rinse the Wig Thoroughly
    Make sure you rinse your wig thoroughly after washing it. If the wig is not rinsed thoroughly, it can leave conditioner or shampoo residue, which can cause scalp irritation.

    Plan a Refresher
    If you plan to wear the wig for the whole day, you must plan to refresh the scalp several times. You could carry organic witch-hazel with you and every few hours, go to a private place, remove your wig, take a wet cloth with witch hazel, and apply it on your scalp. This will prevent oil build up and make you comfortable. You could also carry an organic soothing gel to soothe the skin on your scalp and face.

    Consider Using a Cotton Liner
    You could use a cotton liner under your wig, which will help in absorbing heat and moisture and make you feel more comfortable. These cotton liners are inexpensive and can be easily bought from a wig shop or online store.

    Care for your Wig
    Frequent use of wigs can increase wear and tear, which damage the strands of hair and can also cause itching. This problem can be avoided by taking care of the wig according to the manufacturer’s instruction.

    Use Zinc Lotion
    If you notice redness, bumps, and skin irritation after wearing the wig, you could try some organic zinc lotion. The antibacterial properties of zinc prevent irritation and skin infection.

    Final Thoughts
    You must be extremely careful when getting or using a wig. If you have sensitive skin, you should get a good quality wig that reduces the risk of skin irritation. People, who suffer from allergies or skin problems, must consult their dermatologist before getting a wig.

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    Hair Care Tips For This Winter

    Thursday, 15 December 2016 10:40:38 Europe/London

    Winters are not only harsh for your skin but also for your hairs. If not cared properly, your tresses can become dry and brittle. They will start looking dull. You can even experience excessive hair fall. During cold weather, your hairs require as much attention as your skin does. Here are some winter care tips that must follow if you want your hairs to stay healthy and lustrous.

    Cover your hairs whenever possible. Do not leave them open during winters. This will make them dry out. You should retain their moisture as much as possible and, to do this, you have to keep them covered. Mufflers, caps, scarps, hooded jackets, sweaters; you have numerous options to choose from. Use them to shield your hairs from the chilling weather. Save the ‘free flowing’ hairstyles for special occasions. Apart from using hair accessories, you can also use wigs to protect your hairs from the cold weather.

    Do not use hot water for washing your hairs. Hot water can cause dryness. Prefer normal water instead.

    When you are at home, tie your hairs into a bun and cover it with a satin cap. This way, you will be able to retain their moisture for a longer duration. You should also use satin scarf or bonnet at night. Many experts also suggest that you should switch your cotton pillow covers with the satin ones.

    Even if you are using a human hair wigs, make sure you clean and moisturize your hairs regularly. Use a heavy, leave-on moisturizer instead of your regular one. Hairs tend to become drier during winters and a medium level conditioner may not be able to deal with the moisture loss.

    Avoid hair care or styling products that have alcohol, as they will dry out your hairs. Instead, prefer the ones that have cocoa butter, olive oil, etc.

    Make sure you dry your hairs completely before going out. If they are not completely dry, the cold air outside will freeze the moisture in them, thereby making them more brittle and dry.

    A humidifier is not only recommended for your skin but also for your hairs too. When you use heaters, the air inside becomes very dry and this makes your skin and hairs dry out. A humidifier will prevent this.

    Do not use woollen hats directly on your hairs. Wool, when rubbed on your hairs, can cause friction and can even damage your hairs severely. First cover them with a satin cap and them put on a woollen hat or cap.

    Winter season makes your hairs fragile and more prone to damages. Treat your hairs carefully. If you have not yet invested in a good quality african american wigs, check out our amazing range of readily available full-lace human hair wigs. We have high quality products available at heavily discounted prices, making them affordable to everyone.

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    How To Care For And Protect Your Wigs

    Wednesday, 14 December 2016 11:18:11 Europe/London

    Wigs are worn for various reasons such as for a new style without cutting your real hair, an instant solution to a bad hair or simply as a trend. For whatever reason you have decided to begin wearing a wig, human hair wigs are the most natural and long-lasting to make wigs from, although they are the hardest to take care of since every time they get wet they tend to lose the style just like your hair does. Some can be fairly expensive so protecting your investment is vital. Here are some of the guidelines on how to care for human wigs:

    To prevent constant cleaning of human hair wigs, maintain cleanliness in your hair and scalp
    Use a wide tooth comb or a pick to get rid of all the tangles from the wig
    Turn the wig inside out before shampooing
    Never wash your Human Hair Wigs in HOT water, only lukewarm.
    Use your sink basin or large bowl to wash your wig in, just big enough to fit in with your wig.
    Fill the container with cool or cold water and combine with one cap full (which amounts to about one teaspoon) of wigs shampoo. A shampoo for chemically treated hair will work best. Purchase one that is fortified with vitamins and has other ingredients that are best for human hair.
    It is essential to use cool water on curly wigs, as warm water will reduce the curls of wigs.
    When you are done soaking your wig, empty the container that your wig is in then rinse it off with cool or cold water.
    When finished, carefully press the excess water out of wig by placing the wig between thumb and fingers. Carefully glide your hand down your wig squeezing it and opening your hand in an outline as you work your hand and water downward and out of the wig. Go over this procedure until you reach the end of the hair. Don’t tug on the hair or reverse the direction that you are going while extracting the water from your wig.
    Once that step is complete apply a leave-in conditioner or a detangler. This will keep your hair soft for the most of the day. Find one that can be used daily and won’t leave your african american wigs with a heavy build up. A leave on conditioner and detangler is a good way to nurture and detangle hair at the same time, without weighing your hair down and giving it a natural shine.
    After that step you can roller set you wig as an alternative. Place it under a dryer on a wig setting. A hot curling iron or flat iron may be used as well on human hair wigs. Another way is to place your wig out on a towel and pat out excess water to further help in the drying process. Leave your wig in a ventilated area to dry overnight. You can also position your wig on a slender object such as a can of hairspray or something similar to that shape. This will help your wig to air dry. Doing so will also help you to retain the shape of your wig.

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    Monofilament Wigs

    Wednesday, 14 December 2016 10:03:33 Europe/London

    What are monofilament wigs? We get that question from new customers a lot. The term itself requires some explanation, but more importantly, the main advantage to a monofilament wig is the natural appearance it provides. The Wig Experts will break down the details for you. Keep reading or watch the video below.

    Among the various wig options available on the market, monofilament wigs are distinct due to their unique traits and benefits. Mono-Part, Mono-Top and Mono-Crown all refer to types of monofilament wig cap constructions. Whether you’ve experienced complete or partial hair loss, these wigs are considered the best choice due to their light weight, comfort and styling options. This is extremely important if your hair loss is caused by medical illness and your scalp is more sensitive to weight and temperature. Women with these concerns find the monofilament construction and quality in these wigs the ideal solution.

    The biggest misconception about monofilament is that it only identifies the way the cap is constructed. Actually, monofilament refers to the materials from which it’s made. The monofilament materials are available in French or Swiss lace and come in wide ranges of texture, referring to either fine monofilament or welded monofilament. The construction of a monofilament wig consists of a thin mesh nylon fabric that resembles a natural scalp. This fine material is exceptionally preferable because it allows proper ventilation, leaving less heat trapped underneath the wig, reducing friction on the scalp. The manufacturer ultimately decides on the type of monofilament material to be used based on durability and preference. Many wig caps offer a combination of monofilament and other materials to enhance the overall product features.

    Monofilament construction is the most natural because the hair, either individually or in a tiny bundle of just a few, is usually always hand sewn in to the thin nylon fabric. Each hair therefore, comes directly up out of the sheer nylon instead of laying flat as you see in non monofilament wigs. This makes it look like the human hair wig is actually growing right out of your own scalp! These wigs give the illusion of natural hair growth since the sheerness of the fabric at the scalp blends in with the actual color of your complexion. For that reason, this construction makes the wig virtually undetectable. The monofilament construction ensures that even if the wig hair is styled and parted in a different direction, the wig’s construction will not be revealed. Combining the thinness of the fabric and the sheer color will make you forget you are wearing a wig at all!

    Because the monofilament construction gives the appearance of natural hair growth from the scalp, many refer to monofilament wigs as “skin wigs”. There are basically two different methods of monofilament construction, hand-tied and machine-sewn. More than 95% of monofilament wigs are hand-tied. Machine made monofilament wigs are generally found in the African American wigs. In a hand-tied construction, each hair is individually sewn onto an area of the wig cap’s base, depending where the appearance of natural growth is needed. Another advantage of hand-tying each hair is that it tightly secures the hair strands to the material, reducing the amount of shedding. This technique gives the most realistic looking wig styles because it allows the movement of the hair to begin at the scalp. Machine-sewn monofilament wigs have the same benefits as a hand-tied, but instead of single hairs, small groups of hair are tied together. This reduces the amount of movement achieved by a hand-tied wig, but will also make the wigs online less expensive to create.

    Monofilament wigs are in high demand, which in turn makes them readily available from most of our top brands in all the latest and most desired hair styles. The wide variety of styles available expand from short to long, straight to wavy or curly, and more. You are sure to find your favorite color and style among the many monofilament wigs available at!

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    Human Hair Wigs Issues

    Tuesday, 13 December 2016 10:00:19 Europe/London

    Human hair wigs are completely versatile and provide endless possibilities for styling. Although they are more expensive than the synthetic varieties, lace wigs allow for a more natural appearance, whether it’s for daily use or for stage plays. However, when it comes to caring for the wig, just because it’s real hair wigs does not mean you treat it like the hair on your head.

    1.Keep it Away from Extreme Heat<
    Exposing any hair locks to extreme heat will only damage the ends and dry out the cuticles. So if you plan to wear a wig, be sure to keep far from the heat. Especially keep your wig not close to a fire, heat vent, or anywhere else where it may be damaged from heat over time.

    2.Gently Comb it Out
    You need to be careful when combing out the African American wigs. Even though the hair seems pretty secure in the lace base, it’s still important to be cautious. Comb from the tip up while holding the hair above so that you will avoid pulling at the knots.Plus:A wide tooth comb or wig brush (cushion brush) is suggested.

    3.Do not scratch scalp through lace wig
    If your scalp inches, you had better not scratch though lace cap as this causes wig shedding .Instead, pat your head with your hand or remove your unit and treat your scalp with anti-itch shampoo and then moisturize your scalp.

    5.Avoid using care products with high Alcohol content
    These products can damage the hair causing breakage and/or shedding.

    6.Do not blow dry or sit under a dryer with heat
    If you must blow dry, make sure it is on a cool setting as blow dryer heat damages /split the knots causing shedding.

    7.Braid wig up while sleeping
    In this way, wigs can be protected from tangling.You should gently comb your unit out each night before wrapping it up in the scarf.

    Also it is very important that you wrap a silk or satin scarf or bonnet around your head, this will help to prevent friction which will cause breakage and/or shedding.

    8. Wash a human hair wig infrequently
    Wear human hair wigs for about six times between each washing. However, if it starts looking oily or dirty, then decrease the wearing time between washing times.

    Comb your wig out before placing it in the sink.
    Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add wig shampoo. Do not use cold water.
    Do not swish the hair that causing mattering or tangling.
    Gently scrub the inside of the cap.
    Let the hair wig soak in the shampoo and water solution for 10-20 minutes.
    Gently ring the water off in a downward motion.

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    How To Make Your Curls Hold

    Friday, 9 December 2016 10:04:22 Europe/London


  • Medium Capless Human Hair African American Wig With Bangs
  • Medium Curly Remy Hair Lace Front African American Wig
  • Your hair’s natural oils give your hair texture and make your strands more moldable. So if you plan on curling your wig hair, don’t wash it for a day or two.


    Before you bust out the curling iron, make sure to apply a heat protector to your hair so you don’t damage it.spray your hair with hairspray before you curl, let it sit for a second to dry (so it doesn’t sizzle), and then curl it.


    Having the right tools makes all the difference. To begin, make sure you’ve selected an iron with the right size barrel. For hair that doesn’t hold a curl well, I recommend a ?-inch barrel. The curls will be tight without looking ringlet-y, and will loosen as the day goes on. If your hair holds a curl better than mine does, choose a 1-inch iron for african aerican wigs . Also, if your hair always falls flat, consider investing in a professional grade curling iron.


    Once you release your hair from the iron, simply pin the curl to your head until it sets. Once your entire head is pinned, mist it with hairspray. Then, carefully unpin your curls and comb through them with your fingers.


    Once all of your human hair wigs is curled,spray it one last time with hairspray and then blow dry it on low for a few seconds. Any other tips do you wanna know?Just feel free to leave your comment below.

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    Our Favorite Human Hair Wigs

    Thursday, 8 December 2016 10:07:58 Europe/London

    The Wig Experts Present... Our Favorite Human Hair Wigs. Human hair has many desirable benefits. It offers the most natural look and feel, superior styling versatility and lasts much longer than synthetic hair. We chose these human hair wigs because they truly represent the best of the best. Our top pick? Long Lace Front Wavy Real Hair Wig. It's a breathtaking style with luxurious length, loose curls and softly waved layers. So which one is your favorite? Please write a review to tell us what you think. We love these human hair wigs, and we think you will too!

    Long Lace Front Wavy Real Hair Wigs is a long, breathtaking style with 100% fine human hair. It offers loose curls and softly waved layers in a luxurious length that cascades below mid-back. This style features a lace front that creates a natural looking hairline and offers off-the-face styling. The monofilament top creates the appearance of natural hair growth and allows you to change the part. The Memory Cap provides a custom-like, comfort fit. It also features velvet ear tabs and a velvet extended nape. And the 100% human hair wigs online offers the most natural look and feel. It allows you to style with heat tools to create a variety of styling options. Wear it curly, waved or straight.

    • Amazing Wavy Capless Human Hair Wig
    • Impressive Long Lace Front Wavy Human Hair Wig
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    Daily Wear Hair Wig Attachment Tips

    Thursday, 8 December 2016 05:53:16 Europe/London

    Daily Wear Hair Wig Attachment Tips

    If you take your hair wigs off everyday or every few days, but never leave it on for more than 1 week at a time, the tips below are for you. Or, try our extended wear attachment tips if you like to keep your hair replacement wig on for more than a week at a time.

    1. Always clean and prepare your scalp properly before attaching the human hair wigs or synthetic wigs.

    2. Use clear white-liner tape on the polyurethane surfaces and for best results, change the tape every time you put the wig back on.

    3. If you don't want to remove and replace the toupee tape every time, you can re-activate it with a thin coat of liquid hairpiece adhesive right before you place the unit back on your head.

    4. Follow our quick step instructions for applying hairpiece tape to your wig and attaching the unit to your head.

    Wearing a full lace or lace front hair wig?
    The key to daily wear with lace material is to always keep the toupee tape attached to the unit (not your scalp) when taking your hair wig off.

    1. We DO NOT recommend using clear white-liner toupee tape for attaching to lace surfaces. Because of the mesh material there isn't enough surface space to stick to and the clear white-liner tape will not have enough tack to provide a strong bond.

    2. Instead of clear white-liner tape, we recommend This Side to Base tape and Breathable Lace Front Support tape for attaching lace bases.

    3. Because these tapes have so much more tack than the clear white-liner tape, you need to be sure to properly remove the hair wig so that it doesn't tear.

    4. When removing a lace hair wig for daily wear, peel the back up first, then the front using your thumbnail under the hairpiece attachment tape and your index finger on top of the wig. Peel the tape and your wig off your head.

    5. When removing a african american hair wig for cleaning, we highly recommend dabbing or spraying adhesive remover down through the top of the hair before you attempt removal. This will help release the hairpiece tape from the lace material. HOWEVER, do not attempt this if you are just removing your wig and don't plan to clean it.

    6. Airborne dust will attach itself to the adhesive in the front edge of lace units and may become visible over time. Immediately after a shower is the easiest time to clean this area because the adhesive is pliable. Spray a liberal amount of Adjust A-Bond on the tip of a double folded tissue. Hold your hair wig back with one hand and wipe the edge of the lace using the saturated tissue with the other hand. This trick will help keep your lace front edge invisible at all times.

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    Keeping Your Hair Wig Soft

    Monday, 5 December 2016 11:36:24 Europe/London

    Hair softness is all about the sebum, or lack thereof anyway. Each and every one of your natural, growing hairs is constantly being coated with a very fine layer of sebum. This is why your hair feels oily after several days of not washing (not that you’d go that long without washing your hair… right?)

    When you order a hair replacement system with Human Hair Wigs (as opposed to synthetic) there is always a small amount of sebum remaining on the hair strands. But constant wear and cleaning will eventually remove all traces leaving the hair in your system dry and brittle.

    What can be done to keep the hair softer for longer?
    Maintaining a soft head of hair is a problem we all face. It’s one of those unfortunate and inevitable realities that come along with wearing a hair replacement system. But there are a few tips you might find helpful.
    Keeping your hair replacement system from feeling like straw is just as much about what you don’t do as it is about what you do, do.

    Don't Do's (or at least try not do to):
    • Excessive shampooing
    • Constant swimming and exposure to chlorine
    • Blow drying your hair

    Do Do's (if possible):
    • More conditioning, try leave-in conditioners
    • Use hair products that contain sunscreen
    • Air dry your hair

    In a perfect world your hair Wigs would stay soft forever

    But alas, we don’t live in a perfect world. Maybe one day we’ll be able to engineer a hair system that doesn’t have softness issues. Until then all hair wearers will struggle with keeping their hair as soft as it was the first day.

    If you order your hair replacement online (factory-direct from a company like Hair Direct) one comfort might be that ordering wigs online is easy and affordable, check out our prices and cost savings plan that could put you in a new hair system whenever your hair starts to lose it’s original softness.

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    Simple Steps for Safely Removing Your Hair Replacement System

    Monday, 5 December 2016 09:23:19 Europe/London

    Taking your hair Wigs off can be tricky and a little dangerous if you don’t know the right procedure. The material is quite delicate and you could risk tearing or damaging the unit. This is especially true for those of us who are still in the the stone ages of hair replacement and buy from one of those clubs or expensive retail salons.

    What You Will Need
    Adhesive Remover (Spray or Dab-on) • Makeup Pads or Paper Towels

    Step One
    Applying adhesive remover
    To begin, find your spray-on or dab-on adhesive remover and apply it directly on the area of your hair system that is secured to your scalp.
    Allow the solvent to soak in and break down the bond for a few minutes before continuing to the next step.

    Step Two
    In order to avoid damaging your front hairline, we recommend always removing your men wigs from back to front. Start by using the tips of your finger to feel around for the very back edge of the unit.
    Now spray your makeup pad with Adjust A-Bond or isopropyl alcohol until it's soaked.
    Quick Tip:
    If you wear a full cap hair system we recommend peeling up the sideburns first before starting at the back.

    Step Three
    Peel up back of hair system until removed
    Once you’ve located the back edge, gently scrap across it with your fingernail. All you need to do is peel up enough of the base so you can grab onto it tight with your fingers.
    While peeling your hair system off from the back, use your Adjust A-Bond-soaked makeup pad between the bottom of the base and your scalp. This will help break down the adhesive and make the unit easier to peel off.

    Whatever method you choose, simply continue a few inches at a time until your Human Hair Wigs is completely off. Warning If you wear a polyurethane or skin hair system base be careful not to pull too hard as you could stretch the material.

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    Look For Cheap Lace Wigs

    Friday, 11 November 2016 10:34:47 Europe/London

    No matter what you may be looking for, if you want to be sure you get the best deal on the market, then you have to spend the time and do all the research that needs to be done in order to be sure of the result.

    For instance, everyone is on the look out for cheap lace wigs and people spend a lot of money on them, but if they do not choose the right source, they will waste their money for no quality. It may seem like they will get to solve the issues they are facing with a lot less money, but a cheap lace wig that does not last means you have to buy another.

    If you buy a cheap lace wig every time you want to go out because the old one is no longer usable, then you can be sure you will spend a lot more than you have to. If you would take the time and do a little research in order to find a source you can trust so you can buy cheap lace wigs from them, then it would last a lot longer than any other option.

    If you find a source you can trust, then it means you find a source for cheap lace wigs that offer quality. Even if they have a much lower price than the rest of the wigs you can find on the market, this does not mean you will get any less, but you will be able to get the same result as others do, but spend a lot less money on your own cheap lace wig.

    But where can you find the best quality in cheap lace wigs? What is the source you can trust in order to offer you the perks of all the others for a much lower price? The local market is not one you can rely on since you are forced to deal with the items they offer, but if you want to see the real competition, you can turn to the web and look at wigs.

    This is the place where you can find what others think about a cheap lace wig and where they have found the quality they needed and you will have a much easier time finding it.

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    Lace front wigs Vs Full lace wigs

    Tuesday, 15 March 2016 08:17:21 Europe/London

    Wigs have become one of the top styling choices for women today. And I’m not talking about the wigs grandma used to wear. Wigs today have been revamped and constructed in a way that is natural looking and where you can style it with the latest colors and trends. It used to be that only the stars wore these coveted wigs. Now, they are available to every woman. And if you’re the type of woman that likes to change her look up and keep it fresh, then a lace front wig or full lace wig is the best option for you. But, before you go out there and go wig shopping, there is a slight difference between the two and you will want to understand what they are so that you can choose wisely.

    A lace front wig uses a fine thin lace that extends about 1 inch outward from the front base of the unit. This creates the look of natural hair growth along the hairline which gives a realistic appearance and allows for styling away from the face. The lace front wig can also be parted in the middle and on the sides. The rest of the wig is made with a net that still makes the wig feel comfortable. Lace front wigs are applied with an adhesive strip. They can be custom ordered or ready. They also can’t be worn in high up dos or ponytails.

    Full lace wigs base have lace around the unit and require the lace to be cut around the unit. It can be parted anywhere on the scalp, has more versatility and can be styled in up dos, ponytails and braids. Full lace wigs are breathable and light. They also give the appearance of hair growing right from the scalp.

    The most popular types of lace to use are French lace and Swiss lace. The French lace is known to be more durable and the Swiss lace is finer. It requires a lot more attention to maintain, but this may vary depending on the manufacturer.

    Lace front wigs and full lace wigs are available in different textures and the best quality wigs are made with 100% virgin remy hair. Wigs made with 100% virgin remy hair can be colored, cut, relaxed, or texturized to fit your perfect style.

    When you decide to purchase your lace front wig or full lace wig, it’s best to have it applied by a professional.

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    How to care for a synthetic wig?

    Friday, 11 March 2016 08:05:15 Europe/London

    If you have a heat friendly synthetic hair wig:

    Synthetic hair wigs are styled using water and a comb. If your hair is not long, you can backcomb it at the roots, spray some water over it and lay it down in strands; making the hairdo look elegant and charming. If you’d like, you may use hair spray for even better management. If you have long hair, you can make a high hairdo, pony tail or braids. Curly hair can be styled by means of gel or wax with each strand twisted into a separate lock.

    You can brush and style only dry wigs. Curly and wavy hair should be styled with fingers. If curls are small and dense, they cannot be combed. Medium sized curls can be combed through by using a wide tooth wig comb or brush, whereas wavy wigs may be smoothed out by an ordinary comb.

    Before styling you can sprinkle hair with little amount of water. You can use hair varnish of weak fixation for a wig styling. Give the desirable hairstyle shape for a wig with the help of your hands and fingers. Synthetic hair wigs keep the initial hair shape quite well even after hair washing.

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    Thursday, 10 March 2016 08:31:48 Europe/London

    To style a human hair wig, you can use many various tools and appliances: hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, hot rollers, hair spray, gel, foam, wax, dyes and so on. A variety of styles depend on the imagination and ingenuity of the hairdresser.

    You can brush and style only dry wigs. You should brush a wig gently and gradually from hair ends to hair roots, do not touching a wig cap. Curly and wavy hair should be styled with fingers or a special rare comb. If curls are small and dense, they cannot be combed. Medium sized curls can be combed through by using a wide tooth wig comb or brush, whereas wavy wigs may be smoothed out by an ordinary comb.

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    The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Wigs

    Wednesday, 9 March 2016 08:09:42 Europe/London

    Here is a list of wig do’s and don’ts for every wiggy to follow:

    Don’t wear a wig straight from the package.

    Do take it to a hairstylist to have it cut into a shape and style that suits your face (yes, even the $20 synthetic ones from the beauty supply).

    Do get the most natural looking wig as possible in a modern style.

    Don’t go for outrageous colors and be very careful with retro styles—unless you’re Nicki Minaj or a former Supreme.

    Do go for a natural looking hairline.

    Don’t do the crescent moon hairline. At all. Let your forehead be great.

    Don’t go too bulky at the crown. It’s like wearing a shirt that says “Hey, I’m wearing a wig”

    Do go age-appropriate. Sure, short wigs are fun but can make your average 21 year old look 57.

    Do leave the lace fronts to the professionals. Even celebs with their glam squads get lace front wigs wrong, so leave it alone if you’re not 100% sure of what you’re doing. It’s okay. We can’t win them all.

    For the love of your edges, don’t be a frequent user of wig glue.

    Do try a half-wig. They’re easier to pull off since some of your own hair is exposed, just make sure the texture matches your natural hair.

    Do brush out the curls on a curly wig with a paddle brush for a more realistic look.

    Do help keep your wig’s shape by keeping it on a wig head.

    Do keep your natural hair smooth and flat underneath and covered with a wig cap.

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    Are wigs bad for your hair?

    Tuesday, 8 March 2016 08:20:10 Europe/London

    You will want to make sure you aren't allergic to any of the material used in the wig you are going to be wearing of course.

    Dandruff, hair breakage and etc. are caused by hypoxia (lack of oxygen in head skin and hair root tissues). So you should buy a wig that is made of quality materials, let the skin and hair breathe, not to wear the wig twenty four hours if there is no medical necessity (baldness).

    While there are many different types of wigs styles and both synthetic and human hair selections, most of them will cause the same health problems if proper care isn't followed.

    It is recommended to use natural human hair wigs, but synthetic wigs also can be made of quality materials that are even useful for health and stimulate hair growth (for example: seaweed).

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    No more “bad hair days!”

    Monday, 7 March 2016 08:00:56 Europe/London

    While losing one’s hair may be frightening, many women enjoy trying styles and colors in a wig that they would never have dared to try with their own hair. Some women buy more than one wig and change wigs to suit their mood, their outfit, or the occasion.
    Wigs always look good; there are no more bad hair days. In fact, many women continue to wear their wig(s) after their hair grows back, especially when they don’t have time to get their hair done.
    Give yourself permission to try new colors and styles. You may well bring a smile to your face and to the faces of those who love you. (And you may get some compliments, too!)

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    How do I style my wig?

    Friday, 4 March 2016 08:35:52 Europe/London

    1) Before styling, always tuck all of the hair behind your ears.

    2) Bring forward only as much hair as is needed to make the wig look natural.If needed, have a hair dresser trim the bangs and thin the wig to make it look more natural.

    3) Shorter wigs—use a brush sparingly; your fingers will work better. Use Wig Styling Crème for hold, if desired.

    4) Long, straight wigs—spray lightly with Wig Conditioner and brush with a Wig Brush, starting with the ends first, before styling.

    5) For touch-ups, lift hair with a Hair Pick, included in our Wig Styling Kit. The Kit also includes a Wig Brush, a Collapsible Wig Stand for drying wigs and other useful items.

    6) For a more natural look, don’t try to have every hair in place.

    7) Use scarf bands and other hair accessories as you would with your own hair.

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    Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair

    Wednesday, 8 July 2015 07:41:07 Europe/London

    Owing to different raw material have been used, the price of human hair is much higher than that of synthetic hair, so people may have different choices depending on their economic budget and needs.

    Human hair can be styled, such as perm, dye or bleach it, whereas for synthetic hair, appliances shouldn’t be used including dryers or flat irons, it cannot be styled to look many different ways like its human hair counterparts.

    Human hair looks and feels natural, you can treat it like your own hair, whereas synthetic hair has an unnatural feel, and its colour may be more shiny, the fibers may be very obviously artificial, as with doll hair.

    Depending on what hair do your trying to achieve, both of them have advantages and limitations, you can choose to have both on hand as they each have their pros and cons.

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    How To Washing A Wig

    Wednesday, 8 July 2015 07:32:55 Europe/London

    The procedure for washing a wig made of either synthetic or human hair is a relatively simple one, but don’t overlook the details. 

    First, using a wig brush, a wide-tooth comb, or simply one’s fingers, gently brush out the wig’s fibers. You have to be sure that there's no knots anywhere and the water temperature is appropriate.  

    Second, start by letting water run through the hair until it's all soaked, put a small amount shampoo in your hands, you can mix it with a little bit water. Lightly pat and massage it onto the hair.

    Third, use the flow of water when washing out the shampoo, not a brush. The water should flow in the direction of the wig’s hair, from root to tip. Be patient because it will take a couple of minutes to wash the shampoo out.

    Fourth, we suggest let it dry naturally especially synthetic hair wig, it must always be air-dried in an upright position on top of a tall, slender object. Wig stands are the best drying mechanism.

    Hope this is helpful for you.

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